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Starting Sunday Januar y 2016

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Learn about Lance & Kristen Mosher and their good work in New Zealand

Finding Salvation



Why We Are Members at


New goals for evangelism in 2016



by Melvin Otey

Winter 2015 - Issue 02 Scan the code below to visit us online





Members should always be looking for ways to get involved at Dalraida



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elders encourage us to read and study God’s Word in 2016

BIBLE STUDY can be easy and comfortable for you, your friends or your family.


the upcoming events this Winter and mark your calendars!

LISTEN ONLINE to audio lessons from Bible classes and special Sundays..


Dalraida is essential for the body to work as Go wants.

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more about the Moshers and their WINTER work in2015 New|Zealand.

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GOALS IN 2016 for personal evangelism


DYG has been busy and serving


L2L ---



FINDING SALVATION in Jesus is the utmost important choice one can make.


a night of fun and fellowship during the painting party in October.


been involved in several events this Fall to reach out to others..


several reasons they are members and work with Dalraida.

EVANGELISM GOALS for the new year should be to start teaching those in Montgomery.

FAMILY STUDY guides will

help us to apply what they are learning in Bible classes together.

APOLOGETICS PRESS has a new app that can be used to have info at your fingertips.



Guides encourage study together

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will hopefully encourage greater fellowship at Dalraida.


us some short reports of some ministry areas.

2016 SERVICE starts with

members letting us know what they want to do at Dalraida.


ministry has several events and studies scheduled..

MISSION WORK is important

at Dalraida. Check out some of the updates from the mission field.


about different apps that kids may have on their smart phones.

LADS-TO-LEADERS at Dalraida seeks to encourage service and leadership.


This magazine is published in an effort to help the Christians at Dalraida stay organized, informed and involved. One of the best ways to encourage involvement is to make sure the communication among the family at Dalraida is as good as possible.


These new groups will encourage greater fellowship at Dalraida

Our hope is that by putting all the information together in one place for members (and anyone else interested) for quick reference and reading, that members and others will benefit from it as they plan their busy lives. This also encourages the leaders at Dalraida to think ahead and do a better job at planning and scheduling events for the next quarter. The members are the beneficiaries of this because we can all now plan to be involved more in activities and ministires at Dalraida. Members have no excuse not to get involved more! Read the articles, mark down the events, and plan to be more involved in the next quarter.


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KIDSING CARDS help your kids learn Bible facts. Download them now and work with your kids!

MISSIONS SPOTLIGHT Learn about the Moshers in NZ


Billy Camp

DOUG’S CORNER encourage


us to evaluate how the holidays can make us stronger Christians..


Holidays provide opportunities


Bill Johnson Bob McKee Steve Phillips Jim Russell Dean Sanders John Kachelman III

quarter will edify and strengthen you. Check out our lineup!.

Suggestions for parents



BIBLE CLASSES this winter


The body works so much better when all the members are present and working together! (1 Cor. 12).



Joe Blazer Billy Camp David Campbell Scott & Kelly Lockwood Micah Long Bill Pemberton Buddy Renahan Josh Sipper Doug Smith Paul Sullivan Will Tucker Carmel Weed Kelly Witcher





a message from the

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Tim. 3:16-17, ESV). All Christians need to revisit this great text regularly and thoughtfully. In a sense, when we read and study the Scripture, God is breathing upon us. This reminds us that when God made Adam from the dust, he was first just a clump of flesh and bones. But God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and he became a living soul (Gen. 2:7). We can imagine God picking up the lifeless creature he had formed –- as we might a doll -- and breathing upon it, causing it to come alive. After his resurrection, Jesus breathed on the Apostles and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (Jn. 20:21). Now, we know this was not the baptism of the Spirit, because that occurred on Pentecost. But there was something special in the act of his breathing on them. The point is that there is a profound quality about the “breath” of God or Jesus which engages the sincere student of God’s word. God’s word is wrapped in his law, or commandments. In a day when grace and love are shouted from every pulpit, commandments often sit on a lonely back pew. But keeping his commandments is the way we demonstrate our love for God (Jn. 14:15; I Jn. 2:4). Jesus told the young ruler that if he wanted to enter life he should “keep the commandments” (Matt. 19:17). And David exclaimed, “Oh, how I love your law!” (Ps. 119:97). Law is not ordinarily something we think of as loveable, but in the case of God’s law, the Scriptures are replete with such references. Imbibing God’s doctrines increases our faith (Rm. 10:17). It is no trivial reference when Paul states that from a youth Timothy had known the Holy Scriptures which were able to make him “wise unto salvation”. Jesus said his words were “spirit and life” (Jn. 6:63). And when he asked the Apostles, “Will you also go away?”, Peter replied, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (Jn. 6:68). Quite clearly, our hope of eternal life rests on our knowledge of God’s word.




God’s Word

Reading allows Him to breathe on us

In this context the question naturally arises about the study habits of Christians today. Apparently, we do meager studying apart from classes at church, because nobody has the time. But is it really a matter of not having time or simply misplaced priorities? A stately hymn contains the line, “Rise up, oh, men of God, have done with lesser things.” Could it be that we are allowing lesser things to divert our attention from nobler things? Are we in danger of becoming “rich in things and poor in soul” as another hymn suggests? It has to get our attention when the average teenager spends almost nine hours a day with social media. This is an astounding statistic. Young people devote more time to electronic fancies than to sleep, school or parents. Not much opportunity for Bible study there. And a casual visit to a restaurant or grocery store shows that adults are being caught up in the same addiction. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” If that is true, what does it say about our “selfie” generation? Unless we can lay aside our smart phones and televisions sets for adequate spiritual sustenance, we can never be confident of a membership in years to come that is grounded in the sound doctrine with which Paul was so gravely concerned (2 Tim. 4: 1-4). Let every Christian make a commitment to devote an hour a day to Bible reading, study and prayer, over and above whatever time we are now spending. In return, our faith will be strengthened and we will be fortified against religious error, able to teach, reprove and instruct – and equipped for every good work. Because through His word, God will breathe on us.

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LUNCH WTIH SANTA After am services

YP CHRISTMAS PARTY 6 pm @ Long’s House

DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room

All children and families are invited to stay after morning services for lunch with Santa! Bring soup, salads, and desserts. Any questions, see Stacey Davidson.

All YP’s are invited to Micah & Alyssa’s house for a Christmas party. Bring a dirty Santa gift (under $15) and wear your Tacky Christmas Sweaters (optional).

The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible study. Bring $2 for supper.



PANCAKES & PAJAMAS LADIES CHRISTMAS PARTY 6:30 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ

L2L TRAINING 12:30-4:00 in Fellowship Hall

All ladies are invited to wear your favorite pj’s (optional) and come eat pancakes, drink hot chocolate, and bring an ornament to swap to celebrate the holiday season. Sign up NOW! Cost is $2 each. See Monica Kachelman, Nancy Stowe or Darlene Gregory for more info.

DECEMBER 11 BB/HT/ST | CHRISTMAS PARTY 6 pm in Fellowship Hall The Baby Boomers, Hilltoppers and Silver Threads will be combining fellowship activities starting with this Christmas Party. Each person is asked to bring a wrapped gift (valued about $10) to play “Dirty Santa.” We will also choose our new name as we “blend” our groups for future events. Cost for the dinner is $10. per person. Sign up in any foyer and give your money to Larry and Nancy Stowe or George and Kay Pudzis by December 9.

DECEMBER 12 DYG | CALLAWAY GARDENS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS 2:00 pm The DYG will enjoy a fun-filled evening at Callaway Gardens as we see over 8 million Christmas lights while riding the Jolly Trolley. Cost is $18 + 1 meal.

PRIMETIMER FAMILY CHRISTMAS 6 pm in Fellowship Hall All Primetimer families are invited to attend the family Christmas party.




DECEMBER 27-30 DYG | EXPOSURE YOUTH CAMP After am services

All participants in L2L need to plan to come, work and practice at the building. Please come at the assigned time or see Carmel Weed or one of hte coaches with any questions.

The DYG will travel to Huntsville for the annual Exposure Youth Camp with teens from around the southeast. See Will for more details.

JANUARY 3 SEEDS & LITES 4:15 in Fellowship Hall

DYG | AREA-WIDE 5 pm @ Wetumpka The DYG will join area congregations at Wetumpka Church of Christ for a time of worship and fellowship.

The girls will plan the kitchen showers and the boys will plan the men’s snack (both are scheduled for Jan 17).

DYG | BONFIRE & DEVO 6 pm @ Stowes

DECEMBER 15 ER TEDDY BEAR WORKDAY & HOLIDAY PARTY 9 am - Noon All who are involved in the ER Teddy Bear ministry are encouraged to come for a workday and holiday party celebration.

The DYG will go to the Stowe’s after pm services and enjoy a bonfire and devo together. Watch for info about what to bring.

KEEP UPWITH DYG EVENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Download the DYG App for your Apple or Android device TODAY!




SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH Jan 10 - No SLB (Stewardship Sunday) Jan 17 - Group 1 Jan 24 - Group 2 Jan 31 - Group 3 Feb 7 - Group 4 Feb 14 - No SLB (Fortifying the Family Day) Feb 21 - Group 5 Feb 28 - Group 6



PT | PLANNING FELLOWSHIP After pm services

STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY After am services

All Primetimer families are encouraged to stay after evening services for a fingerfood fellowship to plan events for 2016. Bring fingerfoods and your calendars!

Our annual special Sunday where we focus on our duties and obligations as stewards of God’s things. Plan to be here and enjoy this outstanding day together, espcially the congregational luncheon at 11:30 and our afternoon service at 1 pm.

SEEDS & LITES 4:15 in Fellowship Hall The girls will host the kitchen shower and the boys will hangout and host their dads and invited guests for a special snack.


JANUARY 17 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 1 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.


L2L TRAINING 12:30-4:00 in Fellowship Hall

All workers interested in the ER Teddy Bear work are encouraged to come help cut out bears. Come enjoy fellowship as you work on this service project!

All participants in L2L need to plan to come, work and practice at the building. Please come at the assigned time or see Carmel Weed or one of hte coaches with any questions.


JANUARY 17 SEEDS & LITES 4:15 in Fellowship Hall The girls will host the kitchen shower and the boys will hangout and host their dads and invited guests for a special snack.

JANUARY 20 DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.

JANUARY 21 BB/HT | DINNER @ CATFISH HOUSE 7 pm The newly combined group will go to Dinner at the Catfish House. Bus(es) will leave the building at 6:30 pm to arrive at the Catfish House at 7:00. Please sign-up in a foyer so we can make reservations and indicate if you will be riding the bus.

YP | WIDOWS/WIDOWERS FELLOWSHIP 6 pm in Fellowship Hall The YP will host the widows/widowers for a Mexican Dominoes Potluck Dinner. More details to come. See Michael Summers with questions.

JANUARY 9 DYG | LASER TAG 3:30 pm @ Pelham Game Zone The DYG will travel and enjoy a fun time together playing laser tag. This groupbuilding exercise will be fun as the teens spend time together.









SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

The DYG will travel for a day of service at Rainbow Omega. Watch for more details and to sign-up to go and help!

Group 3 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

Group 5 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.


L2L TRAINING 12:30-4:00 in Fellowship Hall



Group 2 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

The Primetimers will enjoy another night of fun and fellowship together as they celebrate each other.




SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

All workers interested in the ER Teddy Bear work are encouraged to come help cut out bears. Come enjoy fellowship as you work on this service project!

Group 4 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

JANUARY 27 DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.

JANUARY 30 LADIES PRAYER BREAKFAST 9 am in Fellowship Hall All ladies are encouraged to come and enjoy a prayer breakfast together. See Darlene Gregory, Monica Kachelman or Nancy Stowe with any questions.




SEEDS & LITES 4:15 in Fellowship Hall The boys and girls will make & take crafts for some of the elderly members of the congregation.

FEBRUARY 14 FORTIFYING THE FAMILY SUNDAY 9 am, 10 am and 1 pm We will have our special Sunday with guest speaker Melvin Otey who will deliver three lessons challenging us to build up our families for the Lord. We will have a congregational lunch at 11:30.

All participants in L2L need to plan to come, work and practice at the building. Please come at the assigned time or see Carmel Weed or one of hte coaches with any questions.

SEEDS & LITES 4:15 in Fellowship Hall The boys and girls will take their crafts to some of the elderly members of the congregation and share a time of visiting and encouragement with them.

BB/HT | MOVIE & FELLOWSHIP After pm services Stay for a Valentine Fellowship and Movie in the fellowship hall after the evening services. Jan and Ralph Welch and Patsy and James Thebo will furnish more details as the day draws near.

FEBRUARY 28 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 6 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

Bible Classes & Podcasts Available Online

Since 2005, we have recorded auditorium classes and special series and made them available online for anyone to download or subscribe to listen. Check out some of the available classes and podcasts below or find more online at!

Check out all of our special series at




INVOLVEMENT IMPORTANCE The Church is the body of Christ and all parts must work together...without a member, the body is not at 100%!




MEMBER INVOLVEMENT how can i get involved?

How Can I Get

Involved? by Kelly Witcher


ave you ever felt that you aren’t really part of the Dalraida church family? Have you ever asked yourself why you aren’t getting asked to participate in services or ministries? Do you wish you could have a bigger impact on the works and decisions of the church? I certainly have asked these types of questions in the past.

In order to encourage greater involvement at Dalraida, let me explain how the Dalraida family is organized and provide helpful links and info about who to contact if you are interested in a specific ministry or work of Dalraida.

ORGANIZED FOR INVOLVEMENT First of all, the church at Dalraida is divided into several




demographic groups to help members create lasting friendships with others in their similar age groups or life-stage. These groups are currently used for Bible classes and also fellowship activities. We are currently divided into the following groups (and keep in mind that these age groupings are very flexible): • NEW GROUP NAME (COMING DEC 2015): those older than 55 years old, or those with no school-aged children living at home • PRIMETIMERS: those between 30-55 years old, or those that have school-aged children at home • YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: those 22-30 years old or those who are generally post-college age, young marrieds and those with no children or pre-school children • COLLEGE AGE: those between 18-22 years old or in graduate school

Not everyone is suited to serve in every capacity, but everyone does have a place to serve.

LEADERSHIP IN INVOLVEMENT The elders have placed different deacons over the various functions and ministries of the church so that members have known points of contact for areas of interest. These men have been asked to serve so that the work at Dalraida is organized and so that people can engage in service in the local congregation. You can find a list of all the deacons and their assigned works at Dalraida on our church website: Take a look at these areas and see all the many places where you can serve. Choose one (or two or three!) area and contact that deacon and let him know you want to help. Don’t wait on him to come to you, go to him!


Figure out how best to use your strengths or grow new skills and join in the work of the Dalraida church of Christ! SERVICE IN INVOLVEMENT Additionally, the church is always looking for its members to step up to assist in the different service areas. As 1 Corinthians 12:12-30 so aptly says


Just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves or free—and all were made to drink of one Spirit ... Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. And God has appointed in the church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, helping, administrating, and various kinds of tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all possess gifts of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret?



Since there are many diverse service areas, you should be able to find a service area or two that interests you. Of course, the best (and often a more meaningful) avenue for finding out details about the ministries is to talk to the deacons or points of contact. Each one understands that your request for information does not obligate you to serve with them, but after discussing their ministry, they may ask if you are interested in helping. Details of most of the ministries can also be found in the “Connect” booklet, pictured below (this is handed out to all new members as well). Another thing you’ll find in the “Connect” booklet is a “Spiritual Gifts Inventory” which is designed to help you identify service areas that you may be more inclined to enjoy. Once you’ve identified the areas you’d like to work in, log into the iServe app online ( to update your profile to show

DO YOU? Our new app allows you to sign-up to serve in various ways at Dalraida. Have you logged on and told us where you want to work? Go to on any device and sign-in to update your information TODAY! See John Kachelman or Nick Revels with any questions.

your interest areas. The different ministry leaders use this database to identify willing participants and helpers. If you do not have a pamphlet for each Christian in your household, please see me and I’ll get you a copy. If you haven’t plugged your interests into iServe, then please do so; and if you’re having trouble getting into the website, contact John Kachelman or me and we’ll help you out. In the coming weeks, I will be setting up the New Members and Visitors Ministry with the goal of helping visitors understand the Dalraida congregation more clearly and new members find an appropriate place to fit into the workings of Christ’s church. I will need a lot of help identifying and engaging visitors as well as the new members as they begin their involvement here. While Dalraida is well known to be a very welcoming church, I believe this ministry to be a critical step in helping people feel even more comfortable and welcome at Dalraida and confident in their understanding of all that we are. Part of this ministry is helping people become involved in the various areas. This service is also available for established members who want to become more involved, but are (Romans 12:6) having trouble deciding how.

We have different gifts, according to the grace this is given us.

Figure out how best to use your strengths or grow new skills and join in the work of the Dalraida church of Christ! We need every man and woman to help in one area or another, so if you’re having a tough time figuring out a place to serve, contact one of the elders or ministry leaders and we’ll try to find the right fit for you! As Hebrews 10:24 states, our job is this regard is “to stir up one another to love and good works!” SCAN TO LOG IN TO YOUR iSERVE ACCOUNT AND CHOOSE TO GET INVOLVED!

Kelly Witcher is the deacon over New Members & Visitors Ministry. He may be contacted at





A look at one of our misison points and the work that Dalraida families contribute to every month

Lance & Kristen Mosher

The Moshers began working after graduating college in New Zealand to help spread the Gospel to those seeking answers to their spiritual questions. For nearly forty years there has been an organized effort to teach the Gospel and establish solid foundations in the rugged islands of New Zealand. The country is divided into two main islands, each having it’s own distinct characteristics. In 2012, Lance and Kristen Mosher committed to reach the lost souls of this part of the world. They are currently based in the city of Porirua which is in the southern portion of the North Island just north of Wellington. Lance and Kristen have a son, Silas, who was born in 2014. Dalraida, as a supporting congregation, is extremely proud of this work in New Zealand. The Moshers work with several other missionary families to not only spread the Gospel and baptize believers, but to strengthen the Christians there with pure New Testament doctrines. Fruits of their labor are already being seen as local members have stepped up to take more leadership roles in the Church. “We thank God regularly for you all at Dalraida. We consider you just as much a part of this work as we are. Thank you for your love, encouragement, and support. We pray you are fruitful wherever God places you. Keep serving Him.” -- Lance & Kristen Lance and Kristen were married in 2008. Lance received his bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 2009 and then his Masters in Ministry from Freed-Hardeman in 2011. In 2013, Lance wrote Transformed: A Spiritual Journey, which portrays the story of his conversion into the Truth. He uses his own experiences while proclaiming the Word in New Zealand. He is often asked to speak at various Gospel Meetings and debates across the country during the year. SCAN FOR MORE INFO ON DALRAIDA MISSIONS




Finding Salvation in Jesus

Everyone should take a moment and reflect back on whether they have done what God wants.

The Way of Salvation is Jesus



Fra Waltnok n

Are You A Christian?

esus said, “I am the way, and the truth and the life; no one

“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed

comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6). God’s

away; behold, new things have come” (II Corinthians 5:17).

Son came into the world to show us the only way back to

• The Bible says salvation from sin is only in Christ (Acts 4:12).

God. The apostles boldly proclaimed that He’s the exclusive way to salvation from sin and death: “there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

The most important commitment you’ll ever make is deciding to become a true Christian. • What “steps” are revealed in the Gospel to pass from death to life in Jesus Christ the Savior? • Have you done what the Bible teaches to insure you’re right

God wants you to be saved with Him forever. A true Christian will “glorify God in this name” (I Peter 4:6). Are you a faithful, heavenbound follower of Christ?

with God? • Have you obeyed, in penitent faith, the original gospel of Christ? Jesus is “the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him” (Hebrews 5:9).

We must trust God’s way by following His revelation. “For without faith, it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God

what’s right! Beware that man’s subjective opinions lead astray

must believe that He is and a rewarder of those of diligently seek

(Judges 21:25; Proverbs 14:12; Matthew 15:13ff)

Him” (Hebrews 11:6). This faith is a submissive response to the terms of God’s grace in the gospel (Acts 15:11).

God’s Word is the objective standard, and it’s always right! Acceptable faith only comes “by hearing the word of Christ”

A Christian is someone who has, in faith, “obeyed the gospel of

(Romans 10:17). The “seed of the kingdom” is Christ’s “word,”

our Lord” (II Thessalonians 1:8; cf. Romans 1:5; 10:16; 16:26).

which tells the good news of His saving work for us (Luke 8:11).

Saving faith is a trusting, active response to God’s grace, as the

The gospel seed, sown in a human heart, produced simply

believer Abraham demonstrated: “we follow in the steps of faith”

Christians in the first century (Acts 11:26). A seed reproduces

(Romans 4:12).).

after its own kind. It produces the same today. A Christian, who

Follow the Original Gospel Standard

is added to Christ’s one true church, is simply someone who has “obeyed the truth” (I Peter 1:22; cf. Acts 2:37-47).

How do get into Christ to receive the gift of eternal life? Some think, just be a good person and follow the golden rule or the ten

Only the truth of Christ, not human traditions or pious feelings,

commandments. Others think you just need a one time decision

reveals the divinely authorized steps into Christ. The Hebrews

to “accept Christ and say the

writer, in reviewing how one becomes a Christian, lists these

sinner’s prayer.” Others think,

ordained steps into Christ in Hebrews 10:22-23 as (1) faith in

if you’re sprinkled as an infant,

Him, (2) repentance of an evil conscience, (3) confession of Christ-

then you’re a Christian. Others

centered hope, and (4) cleansing of baptism.

say, “Joining the church of your choice makes you a Christian.”

Faith in Christ

Yet, others point to Scripture

The first step to become a Christian is to wholeheartedly believe

that teaches a penitent believer

in Jesus as the Son of God (Matthew 16:16; John 6:69). He was

in Christ must be “baptized

sent from heaven as the only Savior from sin (John 8:24). “He who

(immersed) into Christ”

has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does

(Galatians 3:26-27; cf. Romans

not have life” (I John 5:12).

6:3; Mark 16:16), and that “baptism now saves us” (I Peter

He is the divine Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament and

3:21). It’s not who’s right but

confirmed in the New Testament by His perfect life, with His




profound, heavenly teaching, His loving, redemptive sacrifice of

all He said and did are divinely true. You’ll confess Him to others

Himself, and miraculous resurrection from the dead (John 12:32,

as the life-changing Savior (Matthew 10:32; Mark 5:19-20).

Acts 2:22-36). Study the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to learn how wonderful Jesus is, in order to entrust your life to

Baptism into Christ for Forgiveness


Faith’s immersion in water is the occasion of being united with Christ and cleansed by His saving blood (Romans 6:3-5, 17-18;

To be saved, we must realize we have a desperate spiritual need,

Galatians 3:26-27; Revelation 1:5). Baptism’s purpose is “for the

that “all have sinned” and we cannot trust ourselves to save

forgiveness of sins” (Acts 2:38; 22:16; I Peter 3:21). The old man

ourselves (Romans 3:8-23). Without Christ, sinners are on a

of sin is “buried” in that watery grave and a new person is “raised

death march to a devil’s hell (Romans 6:23). Instead of trusting

up” to a new life in Christ (Colossians 2:11-14; II Corinthians

in yourself, you place your complete trust and confidence in


the crucified and risen Christ (John 20:30-31; Acts 16:34; Mark 16:16). He is the only Savior of souls and builder of lives. This first

Baptism isn’t a church ordinance to join a denomination. It is a

step of faith gives us “the right to become a child of God” (John

command of Christ that is the converting step that produces a


Christian, by applying His redeeming blood and returns us to God

Repentance from Past Sin

(Revelation 1:5; Acts 22:16; 3:19). This is when a person is added to Christ’s one body, the church (I Corinthians 12:13; Acts 2:47).

When you turn to Christ, you must turn away from your sin. Sin is wanting our way above all else. It’s a rebellious deviation from

Baptism is the gospel re-enacted. We “obeyed from the heart that

God’s will (I John 3:4; James 4:16). Jesus said, “Except you repent,

form of doctrine to which you were committed” (Romans 6:17).

you will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3). Repentance is a change of

Romans 6:2-4 shows this gospel “form” re-enacted as:

mind toward sin and self (Acts 2:38; 3:19). • Jesus’ “death” for sin on the cross means we must “die” to sin. Sin’s not trivial, for it crucified Jesus! True repentance produces the “fruit of repentance” (Matthew 3:8), which is a changed life.

• Jesus was “buried” due to being killed for sin, and we must be

Sins such as selfishness, hatred, envy, evil speaking, lying, sexual

“buried with Him by baptism” to end the old life and contact

promiscuity, adultery, materialism, etc. can no longer be continued

His shed blood.

impenitently (Colossians 3:5-10; Ephesians 4:17-24; I Corinthians 6:19-20; Galatians 5:19-21; II Peter 1:4). Real repentance is being sorry enough in your heart over your sin that you stop living in sin

• He was “raised” to a new life, and by baptism we’re “raised ... to walk in newness of life” (Romans 6:4).

and change the course of your life, looking to God’s help (Romans 2:4-12).

Baptism marks the beginning of a new life, in following Christ in

Confession of Christ’s Deity The next step is the good confession that Jesus is the divine Lord and Christ, the Son of the living God. “If you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, you will be saved ... For with the mouth,

thought, word and deed. Being a transformed Christian prepares you to live and to die with hope in Christ. Article formatted for publication. Original accessible at

confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9; cf. Matthew 16:16; I Timothy 6:12). This is a declaration of loyalty to Him, that

INTERESTED IN A BIBLE STUDY? Let us know by contacting the church office at or (334) 272-2561. If you would prefer studying at home on your own using any digital device sign-up at





r. e h et ing! g to uild p i sh the b h low s at l e d f room n a th un s’ ba f ed adie y o nj the l e nd r in a rty res (o a g p ictu n inti he p a a p in t d ha work s ie rt ad eir a l the f th r e eo b o ct som O In out ck e Ch








n Halloween weekend our teens travelled to Guntersville, Alabama for our Fall Retreat. The Dalraida, Northport, and Highland youth groups retreated together as we stepped away from all the lesser things in this world and came together for a weekend of spiritual growth and renewal. We stayed at the beautiful Camp Neyati, a summer Bible camp located on the banks of Lake Guntersville that is supported by the local churches of Christ in north Alabama. We took twenty-four Dalraida members with us and had a wonderful time there. Our weekend centered around the theme, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Based upon this theme, our Bible classes and studies all came from the book of I John as we studied how an individual can transform from a life in darkness to a life in the light of Christ. We enjoyed a great time of fellowship, canoeing, great food, meeting new Christian friends, games, team building, and Bible study. We are especially grateful for the weekend we shared together and for the wonderful memories we made with our new Christian friends. Thanks to all the chaperones who went and were a tremendous help during the weekend. Also a huge thank you goes to our DYG teens who decided to step away from the busy world and retreat to a weekend dedicated to God’s word. Hope to go again next year!

THANKSGIVING LUNCHEON On Sunday, November 15th the DYG families put on their aprons and served a delicious Thanksgiving Luncheon to our dear Hilltoppers and Silverthreads groups. What a privilege it was to serve our Hilltoppers and Silverthreads groups as we dined on delicious turkey, gravy, dressing, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and so much more. Our parents and teens did an excellent job serving this wonderful meal to our sweetest members. Special thanks to the Bedgoods who prepared such a delicious meal for everyone. We had over 100 Dalraida members present for the Thanksgiving Luncheon. Our teens thoroughly enjoyed getting to serve, fellowship, laugh, and gain some mentorship from their elders. We want our Hilltoppers and Silverthreads groups to know that we love them dearly and we admire so much the advice and guidance that you continually give us. You are making a difference in our lives and we thank you so much.




DALRAIDA COAT GIVEAWAY On Saturday, November 14, Dalraida hosted the Dalraida Coat Giveaway in the parking lot. About 30 of our Dalraida members bundled up and came out to give away free coats, coffee, and doughnuts to our neighbors within our community. Our goal was to not only provide a warm coat to those in need, but also to get to know some of our neighbors and speak with them about the church here at Dalraida. We had approximately 30 of our neighbors come to the Dalraida Coat Giveaway and over 70 coats given away. Overall it was a wonderful day of service and getting to know our neighbors. At the end of the day the remaining

coats were taken to Compassion 21 and are currently being distributed to many more in need. Special thanks to all of our members who came and braved the cold weather to serve our neighbors in the community. I am especially grateful to all of you who donated coats and/ or helped work the Coat Giveaway. I am happy to announce that almost 150 jackets were collected and will be given out to the Montgomery area citizens. Galatians 6:9-10, “ And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.�

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by Scott & Kelly Lockwood

Why We ARe members at dalraida Church of Christ Ever think about why you are a part of something? These are a few reasons we found a home with Dalraida and why we choose to be a part of this work. alraida Church of Christ stands as a beacon of hope and promise within a deteriorating society. It portrays the “called out” of God’s people amidst a sea of under-delivering churches across America. We should know, we have been part of the work of no less than 15 disparate groups around the world, all attempting to model themselves after the True Shepherd’s flock. Most congregations have sadly come up short. It has been too easy to become discouraged in the past, trying to explain to our children what the Lord’s church should be like even though we were not always able to show them in those around us. Much like the example set in the home, a church body will write their own story much louder in action than in word. Too many times that story has been mediocre at best.


Dalraida stands in stark contrast. We knew that the minute we stepped through the doors.

“We realized that Dalraida does care. And not only about us either.” A CARING CONGREGATION


We are used to being the “new kids” in a congregation. We are used to no one knowing what to make of a family of gypsies that hyperventilate when asked, “Where are you from?” The answer to that simple question was always too long and drawn out for our WINTER 2015


travelling bunch; the inquisitor usually did not really care to hear the whole story. But here, when asked, so many people seemed to be very interested. They listened. Then they came back later and they had remembered our story. They remembered our names. I can’t do that. I don’t know anyone’s name. When someone remembers mine, I am shocked. Could it be that these people really care? That soon became a rhetorical question. We realized that Dalraida does care. And not only about us either.

A MISSION-MINDED CONGREGATION Dalraida takes the great commission seriously. Real serious. To the tune of money spent, time invested, people encouraged, and missionaries trained and supported. I have always wanted to be part of a congregation of the Lord’s body that wanted to evangelize. Could a New Testament church actually exist that wanted to save souls down the street as well as in garden spots like Guatemala? Foreign mission work is not everyone’s cup of tea -- at least not in our family. We have mixed reviews about travelling to foreign lands. But for those that are interested, we have found a training ground of experienced, missionminded Christians that will support us in our feeble and awkward first efforts. This has been extremely exciting for us to learn about while we have been here. With the Lord’s care, strength, and courage, we can train up one or two women of faith that will go forth and spread the gospel in faraway places. If any congregation can get us on the mission track it will be Dalraida. For those of us that look at passports as a

bad doctor’s report, there are many efforts going on around in the local community and in nearby towns. What a great way to train up young people.

A GROUNDED YOUTH PROGRAM Our girls have been members of youth groups before. Youth groups can be as poisonous as poor leaders allow them to be. When the youth culture becomes noxious in a congregation there will be tears shed for years because of the long term fallout. The Lord’s church does not have a corner on that market of risk, and even denominations across the country have continued to learn the lesson again and again the hard way. Youth groups have great potential… potential to do great things or potential to ruin lives. The difference is in Bible-based leadership. Love, understanding, maturity, encouragement, and (yes) the dreaded discipline all have to be part of a cultivated culture of godliness. That godliness must be anchored in Christ and His word or it is a futile effort. That is why Dalraida’s youth minister Will Tucker means so much. We have only seen eight or so youth directors or youth ministers. Dalraida, you have no idea what a great man we have in that department, and the Tucker family is a huge reason why we are at Dalraida Church of Christ. We view Will as if he is a part of our parental team. Where our short-comings are, Will has filled in. When we can’t be there, he is. Sometimes our young adults want to hear it from someone else besides dad or mom. They want to know if some rules or ideas are just eccentricities or are they rooted in God’s family as a whole. We never doubt Will’s answer. Along with Gif, Dalraida has the most dynamic duo as a youth ministry team than any other in the country. Although there are times that we wish we could support them more as a family or feel as though we have let them down, they have never let us down. (And to top it off, how many congregations have a “billboard Billy” working with the college age adults?)


“We have never dreamt that there could be so many serious minded men and women of the Book.” Why come worship with us at Dalraida? To hear the Jerusalem gospel, that’s why. There will never be enough programs. There will never be enough activities. There will never be enough encouragement to a family to make it all worthwhile. The only thing that can be the bedrock upon which the Church stands in any local area is that Christ is loved, worshiped, and preached according to His Holy Writ! When asked by his grandson about taking the fastest, prettiest horses out of the barn to plow the fields, the

L Ab earn

out mor elderly farmer chuckled and replied, Dal e r a id V isit w “I need the furrows straight, and a w to le w.da I need them plowed until there prog arn mo lraida . ra o r done. That takes a strong, solid, Dow ms and e about rg ou n b how load les ible cla r steady workhorse.” Doug Smith sons sses you . and the elders are just that. our can be or learn cong a They are steady work horses rega part of tion . when it comes to the gospel being preached. They know what needs to be taught and they support that. They know what needs to be weeded out of our furrowed fields, and they pull consistently and necessarily at the noxious weed seedlings that invariably sprout up.

In Alabama, we are in the middle of the Bible belt. Instead of a glorious milky way blazed across a sky of darkness, the Bible belt is looking more cloudy and less discernible every day. That is not only sad, it is frightening. The diagnosis is scurvy. A scurvy brought on by a lack of the Jerusalem gospel preached, taught, practiced, and studied. Not here. We have never dreamt that there could be so many serious minded men and women of the Book. How uplifting and exhilarating that has been for us. It has made us rethink our own feeble efforts at study and meditation upon His precepts. We need Dalraida.

SUPPORT IN PARENTING We are homeschoolers. Not because we want to be weird, make our own bread, and wear jean skirts. But we made a tough choice to attempt to stave off the influences of a rancid society. A society that all too often has the inside track on influence with our kids. That choice was not easy. Adults can feel peer pressure too you know. That peer pressure sometimes made us want to get back in our gypsy van and leave for the next town. Not here though. We have felt incredible understanding and support from members who may not even know why anyone would want to homeschool. That friendship has been very appreciated.

CHRISTIAN CHALLENGES Personally we have loved Dalraida because it has challenged us. Challenged us from the moment we walked in and were asked by Rob Baker to partake of this or that event. To go to camp and try something that was completely out of our comfort zone. We have been challenged. Challenged to be the kind of family that God wants us to be; the kind that you all expect us to be. Challenged to make God’s word a part of our lives daily. Challenged to work like the John Kachelman’s of the congregation. Challenged us to put our time where we say our priorities are like Dr. Edwards. Challenged to set our horizons higher. Challenged us to be about what Jesus wants us to do. Dalraida will hopefully and prayerfully be a part of our family fabric for years to come. And therefore, it will be integral in the shaping of our girls and their future. Thank you Dalraida for making us welcome and giving us a home! Scott & Kelly Lockwood have been at Dalraida since 2013 with their three daughters, Ashlyn, Alex and Ainsley. Scott is a Colonel with the US. Air Force and serves as Commandant of the Officer Training School at Maxwell Air Force Base.




The progression Jesus gives in the Great Commission does not begin at “the end of the earth”...

Goals for Evangelism in 2016

Getting Back to Jerusalem


esus tasked His disciples with continuing His ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-19). Their instructions were clear: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15 NKJV) and “make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). The early church received this directive as it was given, i.e., literally, and worked to accomplish the task without the aid of modern technology at a time when people had shorter life expectancies. Notably, Jesus gave His disciples a blueprint to systematically accomplish the work. Just before His ascension, He told the apostles, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). First century Christians worked to preach the gospel to the entire world (Col. 1:23). Of course, each individual did not travel the world preaching the gospel; reaching all nations was a shared responsibility. Paul, Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, Titus and others launched out into areas where the gospel had never been heard and established new congregations. In doing so, they were supported by




Written by Melvin L. Otey

congregations in other places. Those congregations did their part to reach the far corners of the earth by supporting missionaries, financially and otherwise (Phil. 4:15-17). The church at Dalraida has a wonderful record of robust financial support for missionaries who make the necessary sacrifices to personally take the gospel to “the end of the earth.” This financial support is sorely needed, and the good it does in building up the Lord’s church in other areas cannot accurately be measured on this side of eternity. It is important to remember, however, that the progression Jesus gives in the Great Commission does not begin at “the end of the earth.” The apostles were instructed to be Christ’s witnesses at Jerusalem first. While there were certainly other reasons for beginning

Christians...should first and foremost bear witness in “Jerusalem”


Invite somone to services each week


Make a list of your “Jerusalem”

at Jerusalem (see, e.g., Micah 4:2; Rom. 1:16), this was pragmatic because the disciples were already in the city (Acts 1:4), likely along with their families and friends since Pentecost was rapidly approaching. Naturally, they did begin in Jerusalem, so the church began there (Acts 2), and Christians initially focused their efforts on spreading the gospel there (see, e.g., Acts 5:42). Remember, “And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ” (Acts 5:42). Because of this everyday emphasis in Jerusalem, the church at Jerusalem grew numerically and spiritually, rapidly and steadily (see Acts 2:41-47, 4:4, 4:31-32, 5:12-15). This kind of everyday evangelism will stimulate dynamic growth for the congregation at Dalraida today. What an exciting year 2016 will be if members focus their personal soul winning work in their “Jerusalem” -- the immediate and familiar surroundings where they live, worship and work (cf. Mk. 5:19). This approach is just as practical today as it was 2,000 years ago. First, people are uniquely positioned to reach those they see frequently. Second, Christians are more familiar with people in their “Jerusalem” than they are with others. They know, or most easily can know, the particular needs, mindsets and challenges of those who are closest to them. Third, reaching those who are closest is vital training for ultimately reaching those who are further away. Christians at each local congregation,

those in need of Christ 3 Nurture

a group study at home 4 Start

Consider taking a few new steps to reach out and evangelize those around you: (1) start inviting at least one person a week to Bible class and/or worship; (2) Make a list of those in your “Jerusalem” that you know need to know the truth; (3) nurture those relationships; and (4) start home Bible studies and invite one person to come with you.

including Dalraida, must do their part in reaching every creature in all nations with the gospel, but they should first and foremost bear witness in “Jerusalem.” Disciples today must work to fulfill the Great Commission with the same commitment and fervor saints displayed in former times. They got the job done in their day. Now, we must get the job done in ours, and that means renewing our emphasis on everyday evangelism right here in Montgomery, our “Jerusalem.” What specific steps can you take to become more effective in sharing the gospel with others? Won’t you commit to taking them in 2016? When did you last teach someone the saving gospel of Christ? Won’t you commit to doing so in 2016? Here is a great goal for evangelism in 2016: every member everyday! Let’s get back to sharing the gospel in “Jerusalem,” every member everyday. Melvin Otey is an Associate Professor of Law at Jones School of Law (Faulkner University). Prior to this, he worked for the U.S. Department of Justice as a trial lawyer while also preaching for the Georgia Avenue congregation in Washinton, D.C. He and his wife, Jania, have two sons and they worship in Montgomery, AL. Melvin can be contacted at











amilies should make it a goal to sit down and study the Bible together every week - every night if possible! This instills an incredible respect for God’s Word and allows the family to grow stronger together. For this quarter, the children will be studying the early life and ministry of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. We have made these suggested Family Bible Study plans to help guide you through the same stories and studies that your child will have in Bible class. These suggested guides give you discussion questions that draw from the lessons and principles of the stories so that you can discuss together and grow together. DECEMBER 14-18




Read Together: Luke 17:11-19

Read Together: John 2:1-11

Memory Verse: Psalm 136:1

Memory Verse: John 2:11

Questions for the Family 1. How many lepers came back and thanked Jesus for healing him?

Questions for the Family: 1. What is a miracle?

2. How often do we receive a blessing from God and forget to thank him?

2. Why did Jesus perform miracles? 3. Can miracles be performed today by people? Why or why not? (Check out I Corinthians 13:8-10 & Acts 8:17-21) Prayer Focus: Pray that we can rely upon the truth of the Bible as our guide to salvation.

3. How do you think God feels when we forget to thank him for the blessings he has given up? Challenge: Each family member make a list of blessings the God has given you. Take one list a day and lead your family in a prayer thanking God for the blessings written down. Prayer Focus: Pray a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the overflowing of blessings we have.





Read Together: Matthew 8:23-27

Read Together: John 11:1-46

Memory Verse: Hebrews 13:6

Memory Verse: John 11:25

Questions for the Family:

Questions for the Family:

1. What did the disciples do when the storm approached?

1. How did Jesus feel upon hearing the news of his friend’s death?

2. How should we respond to the storms that take place in our lives?

2. How should we respond when someone looses a loved one?

3. Why is it important to call upon the LORD when the storms of life approach? (See: Psalm 34:19 & 2 Corinthians 1:10)

3. In John 11: 20-27, Jesus tells Martha that he, “…is the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.” What did Jesus mean by this statement?

Prayer Focus: Pray that we will have courage and will rely upon God during the storms of life.




Prayer Focus: Pray that we have understanding and will bring peace to those who have lost loved ones are are hurting in this world.







JESUS FEEDS THE MULTITUDE Read Together: Matthew 14:13-21 Memory Verse: James 1:27 Questions for the Family:


JESUS HEALS A WOMAN & JAIRUS’ DAUGHTER Read Together: Mark 5:21-43

1. How could only 5 loaves and 2 fish feed a crowd of 5,000 people? 2. How did Jesus test his disciples’ faith in the story?

Memory Verse: I Peter 5:7

3. Does the Lord test our faith today? (See: I Peter 1:6-7)

Questions for the Family:

4. What other characters in the Bible had their faith tested? How did they respond?

1. How great was the faith of the woman who touched Jesus’ garment? 2. In verse 40 there are those in the crowd who laugh at Jesus and his power. Why do some people laugh when we profess the name of Jesus?

Prayer Focus: Pray that when our faith is tested that we will trust in God and remember our teaching of God’s word.

3. Does our faith in Jesus reflect that of the woman and Jairus? What are some ways we can strengthen our faith in Christ? Prayer Focus: Pray that we will study and come to understand the power of God and His word.


JESUS CLEANSES THE TEMPLE Read Together: Matthew 21:12-17 Memory Verse: Matthew 21:13 Questions for the Family: 1. Why was Jesus angry and who was he angry at? 2. How do you think God feels when we assemble to worship Him and we decide not to participate/focus in worship? 3. How can we focus solely upon God during worship? Prayer Focus: Pray that we can focus our minds upon worshipping our God to the fullest.


WOMAN AT THE WELL Read Together: John 4:1-42 Memory Verse: John 4:24 Questions for the Family 1. In John 4:4 the Bible says that Jesus, “had to pass through Samaria”. Why do you think that Jesus, being a Jew, would need or desire to go through Samaria? 2. What is the “living water” that Jesus spoke about? 3. How can we come in contact with the living water of Jesus? Prayer Focus: Pray that we have the courage to deliver the living water of Jesus to our neighbors around us.










THE PRODIGAL SON Read Together: Luke 15:11-32 Memory Verse: Ephesians 4:32 Questions for the Family


1. Who are the main characters in the story and what roles did they play?

Read Together: Luke 19:1-10

2. Why did the son want to leave his father?

Memory Verse: Ephesians 4:28

3. How did the Father react when the son came home?


Questions for the Family

4. How did the other brother react when the son return?

1. In order to see Jesus what did Zacchaeus have to do? What does this say about Zacchaeus’ faith in Jesus?

5. Which character should we be in the story? The Father or the other brother and why?

2. Why did the people grumble against Jesus going to Zacchaeus’ house?

Prayer Focus: Pray that we can be forgiving as the Father and improve upon unity within our family.

3. How did Jesus respond to the grumbling of the people? Challenge: There are people in this world who may not seem the most popular or important according to the world. Our challenge as Christians is found in Mark 16:15-16. Let us have the attitude of Christ according to Luke 19:10. Prayer Focus: Pray that we focus on taking the gospel to all people in the world and help us not to be judgmental concerning lost souls.


THE GOOD SAMARITAN Read Together: Luke 10:25-37 Memory Verse: Mark 12:31 Questions for the Family 1. Who are the main characters in the story and what roles did they play? 2. Why is the Samaritan considered to be the better character? 3. What can we learn from the good Samaritan?


THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS Read Together: Matthew 25:14-30 Memory Verse: Matthew 25:21 Questions for the Family 1. What is the overall meaning of the parable of the talents? 2. Why did the one talent servant bury his in the ground?

4. What can we learn from the priest and Levite?

3. If God has entrusted us with his word then what should we be doing with it as his servants? (See: Matthew 28:18-20 & Mark 16:15-16)

Prayer Focus: Pray that when we see someone in need that we have the opportunity to do good.

4. What happens when we bury the word of God within us and do not share it?




Prayer Focus: Pray that we will find opportunities to share the gospel of Christ and souls will be added to the family of God.

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BUNCH Making Sunday lunch together more than just sharing a meal by David Campbell


ur Sunday Lunch Bunch is an attempt to answer the need and desire for closer fellowship and aid what the church is already doing within our congregation.


ellowship is one of the most powerful benefits of membership in the Lord’s Church. Most of my fondest memories are of a fellowship meal or in a Bible class

setting, and I don’t think this is an accident. God knew how much we would need each other and benefit in so many ways from being together. Consider Hebrews 10:25 “not forsaking the assembling of oursel ves together...” or Acts 2:4447 “And all that believed were together, and had all things common...” We often think that worship is the onl y reason for our coming together on the first day of the week. Of course, it is a ma jor part and is vital, but fellowship is what should naturally happen when we “assemble.” After all “ekklesia” (which we often translate “church”) is better translated “assembly” or “gathering.” The New Testament teaches more on how we treat one another than on the actual worship service. When are these “one another instructions” to come in handy other than our “assembling of ourselves together.” Although all of the functions of the church can take place in our auditorium setting, most would agree that our large numbers can often be less conducive to fellowship and hospitality. In fact, there are some members that may arrive just before worship begins and shoot out almost as soon as the last “amen” is sounded. This can seriously hamper fellowship among us brethren. Our Sunday Lunch Bunch is an attempt to answer the need and desire for closer fellowship and aid what the church is already doing within our congregation. Each “lunch bunch” will consist of a team leader and an even mixture of the congregation divided into 6 teams. Team leaders motivate/ encourage the teams to be involved and keep a focus on the purpose of these get-togethers. Lunch bunch Teams rotate every week excepting our regularly scheduled congregational fellowship meals, June, July and


December. Involvement is encouraged but of course is WINTER 2015


voluntary. Members are welcome to participate as often

ENCOURAGEMENT. Our widows and widowers will also

as they wish. Widows and widowers are our “guests” each

be encouraged to come each week as our “guests” to

week and teams will take turns “hosting” the college group

each luncheon. This is another way we can minister

once a month.

to a part of our number that can always use some extra encouragement. Not only will they receive

Consider some of the benefits that can come from our

encouragement from our fellowship, everyone will gain

Sunday Lunch Bunch:

encouragement from these special individuals as well (just ask them to tell you some of their life stories!).

CONNECTION. This will help provide a connection or a sense of family to new members or members who have

TOGETHERNESS. In larger congregations such as ours,

yet to feel connected or that they belong. This is so vital

getting to know each other and one another’s needs

to our Christian life. It is the “family of God” after all.

can be a challenge. Sunday Lunch Bunch can help

There are many friendships at Dalraida that are over a

in this arena too if we will take the opportunity to sit

half a century old. Where did they start? Probably most

across from someone new and get to know them. This

of them started or were nurtured while sharing a meal

is another way we can show love by our interest in our

across the table.

brethren and their lives.

INVOLVEMENT. Involvement is also part of our

EVANGELISM. Being together with visitors and brethren

Christianity. Many are so busy that involvement is

should present opportunities for evangelism. People

difficult. Fortunately, Sunday lunch after morning

are more open to discuss spiritual matters or engage in

services is already on everybody’s “to do list.” Everyone

Bible study with people that have gotten to know them

can be involved in this ministry. Simple involvement

a bit.

with this work will then increase your involvement in other areas (just check out the rest of the benefits listed

So many other benefits could be listed but these should


get us in the right direction concerning this ministry. Participants are encouraged to think of any way to take full

HOSPITALITY. This time will show Christian hospitality

advantage of this ministry. Taking a few plates to sick or

towards our visitors. We see more than a few Christians

shut ins for example. Get involved with your Sunday lunch

“just a passin’ through,” those looking for a church home

bunch! Your involvement is needed for its success!!

or, more important yet, those looking for the Truth and Jesus! (Romans 12:13 and 1 Peter 4:9). These will be

David Campbell is the deacon over Sunday Lunch Bunch and can be contacted at

invited to lunch as our guests each Sunday.




There will be six different groups that will be led by the following men:

Jan 10 - No SLB (Stewardship Sunday)

Group 1 - David Campbell

Jan 24 - Group 2

Group 2 - Josh Sipper

Jan 31 - Group 3

Before January, we will hand out a list so families know which SLB Group they are assigned. Also, you will be contacted by your team leader as well.

Group 3 - Philip Randolph

Feb 7 - Group 4

Group 4 - Mike Moody

Feb 14 - No SLB (Fortifying the Family Day)

Group 5 - Carmel Weed Group 6 - Michael Summers

Jan 17 - Group 1

If you have any questions, please contact David Campbell

Feb 21 - Group 5 Feb 28 - Group 6





Here are some briefs from some of our deacons about the good things that we have been involved in this year in their areas of work. Read about these areas and continue to look for ways that you can help out with the needs of these works at Dalraida. If you are interested in these or other works at Dalraida, please contact the church office or the assigned deacon.


Bill Pemberton

building & grounds / disaster relief / transitions ministry

As deacon of church building maintenance problems, I will have to say that Freddie and Richard (our custodian) have done a great job with all the problems which arise. We do need to think about painting some classrooms if someone agrees on color. I can get a professional or we can have a paint party. I also help with the disaster relief committee and try to help anyone who has lost their job. The church sent $4,000 for South Carolina flood relief and others sent individually. If you know of job openings or may be struggling with employment, see me. If you have a job opening, I can help connect you to those looking for employment. We always need to help those who are less fortunate!


Joe Blazer

church fellowships

I serve as the deacon that oversees churchwide fellowships. This involves making sure the fellowship room is set up, supplies are ordered and in place, making sure any outside food orders are placed and picked up before lunch. Our groups have always been very helpful in making sure church-wide luncheons/activities go smoothly and are successful. We had several special Sundays at Dalraida in 2015: Stewardship Sunday, Fortify the Family, Missions Emphasis Day and most recently Super Sunday. Each had a luncheon where members supplied plenty of food and more than 400 people were quickly fed. We are blessed to have willing members who prepare and bring food! Thank you for helping with luncheons/activities and keep up your support in this area!





Buddy Renahan

Lord’s Supper carriers

If members of the Church are in the hospital, nursing home, rehab or a shut-in at home, we can help coordinate and serve the Lord’s Supper to them on Sundays. This can continue as long as the individual is able to be aware of the meaning of what they are partaking of. Each Sunday of the month has a team of 3 to 4 men of the church that volunteer to do this once a month (the elders provide this service on the 5th Sunday). We need 4 more men willing to do this to provide back-up for men who are absent on their week. I also want to encourage our volunteers to remember their week and approach their team leader to get their assignments/information before services each Sunday morning rather than waiting for the team leader to track them down.


Josh Sipper

orphan & fatherless ministry

Our ministry is going strong! Over the last year, we have participated in events, giving, and service to help children without homes. We helped Mt. Dora’s Children’s Home at their annual fundraiser ($25,000 total was given by area congregations), we filled coin cans, and our youth spent two weeks this summer helping them in Mt. Dora. We also donated and delivered two truckloads of supplies to homeless children at Mary Ellen’s Hearth in Montgomery. Finally, during the 1st Sunday of our Childhaven Thanksgiving Appeal, we collected over $2,500 for the orphans at Childhaven. Thank you so much for your love for others! Mark your calendars for the 2016 Montgomery Area Mt. Dora Benefit Dinner on Feb. 4 at 6 pm. at Faulkner. See me for free tickets or more info!



016 2 n i WILL YOU? DO MORE FOR THE LORD’S CHURCH IN 2016... What can you do? What are your talents? What are you interested in helping with? There are so many opportunities at Dalraida for members! Since we all need to do more than just come to worship services, make it your goal in 2016 to find some new areas of work to get involved! Check out the list below for some ideas... MISSIONS

•• Hosting visiting missionaries in home •• Go on mission trips in the United States or in a foreign country •• Keep in contact with missionaries


•• Help with small projects or maintenance •• Help with workday •• Drive a bus •• Assist in security during services


•• Teach a children’s class •• Assist a children’s class teacher •• Teach adult class •• Help with VBS •• Staff nursery during services


•• Help with Widows ministry •• Help with Orphans ministry •• Help with Prison Ministry •• Work in food & clothing center

•• Visit sick & shut-in •• Make ER Teddy Bears •• Help with food to sick & bereaved •• Help with major disaster relief


•• Operate A/V computer for services •• Operate sound equipment for services •• Help with member database services •• Help with announcement slideshows


•• Plan/host activity for Huddle Group (up to 3rd Grade) •• Plan/host activity for Jr. Youth Group (3rd-6th Grades) •• Plan/host activity for Youth Group (7th-12th Grades) •• Chaperone Youth Group activity (7th-12th Grades) •• Host activity for College Group •• Host a college student for lunch (“Stuff-A-Student” sponsor)

Get started right in 2016! Update your involvement information TODAY by (1) filling out a paper form in one of the foyers OR (2) login to the new iServe app and tell us where you want to work. This will allow the leaders to know where to connect you in the work at Dalraida! You can turn in the paper forms to any elder or deacon.


•• Drive bus for event •• Plan/coordinate event for my age group •• Attend event for my age group •• Mentor younger man/woman •• Help plan/coordinate men’s ministry activities •• Help plan/coordinate women’s ministry activities


•• Visit absent members •• Help greet visitors •• Follow-up and contact visitors •• Visit visitors •• Visit shut-ins •• Help coordinate/plan a special Sunday (Friends & Family Day, etc.) •• Lead prayer •• Read scripture •• Lead singing •• Preside over Lord’s Supper

You can update your information online NOW at

See John Kachelman or Nick Revels with any questions about using the iServe app on your mobile device or home computer.







Dalraida College Ministry

We know the winter months are filled with holidays, family, and sleep. Although you may have a busy schedule we want you to be a part of our college ministry over the break. You can join us for classes, movies nights, and times of fellowship. The biggest thing to look forward to is our winter retreat which will be JANUARY 22-24. We will go to North Carolina to hang out in the mountains for a weekend. The price for the full weekend is $40 (includes housing, food, 32 and transportation). WINTER 2015


If you are home for the winter break make sure to find ways to get invovled. Dalraida has lots of great activities happening for the college group and also the whole church. This new year we are going to focus on evangelism. Our goal will be to reach out to those outside of the church and teach the lost. Join us as we evangelize together. We are going to start the Spring semester off with a winter retreat in the mountains. It will be a great time to have some fun, relax, and encourage one another for a new semester.


Christian Evidences

How can you know what you believe is truth or not? Join us on Sunday mornings as we study the evidences for what we believe to determine if it is truth or not.


Life Lessons

Ever wondered how you are to deal with those pesky problems that pop up in life? Wonder if it gets any better? Join us as we take a look at how the Bible helps us get through these times and learn from them!

Aruba Mission Trip March 19-26, 2016

Help Dalraida build up the Lord’s church in San Nicholaas, Aruba. You can join our mission team as we continue to work with the church, encourage members, and reach out to the community. More details to come...






Mission Works

during the last few months

Dalraida supports more than 15 mission works on a monthly basis. These works are all aimed at spreading the saving Gospel around the world in many different ways. Take a look at some of the wonderful things that have happened in some of these works supported by Dalraida these past three months. 01 Porirua,

New Zealand

02 Ica, Peru

03 Colin McKee, Indonesia

Fifteen people (including the Moshers and little Silas) meet together for Bible study in the Mosher’s living room.

The public school has allowed Christian ladies to use EB Global’s curriculum to six different grades of children. With 50 lessons focused on Jesus, they have plenty to use!

Colin begins work on a radio program that will be broadcast via short-wave and online. Hopefully some remote areas of the country will be reached!

04 Iringa,

05 Wellington,

06 Mangalali,

Sound Bible materials like the books “The Elders Which are Among Us” and “Ascertaining Bible Authority” have been translated into Swahili.

Russell Blackwell from Alabama teaches the Wellington church the “Safety Chain of Scriptures” evangelism method.

The Evans work to evangelize in the poverty-stricken village of Mangalali. They are working to plant a congregation here.

07 Ivano-Frankivsk,

08 Iringa,

09 Aukland,

John Kachelman Jr. was able to visit with Ivan Skoleba and the congregation on Oct. 18.

In September, Adam Evans helped teach a seminar for Christians regarding Biblical Leadership and the Lord’s Church.

When Heather Kindley (red sweater) was baptized Oct. 7, the members gathered in this home that had a swimming pool.

10 Warangal,

11 Krivy Rog,

12 Porirua,

Hundreds come to hear Ricky Gootam teach the Word of God at a Gospel meeting in October in Warangal.

Children in Krivy Rog learn about Jesus and the Church during Bible classes taught by Pavel Nicholaevich on Sundays and during the week.

The kids at the weekly Bible club that John & Erin Jones host every Monday after school.


New Zealand








New Zealand

New Zealand






Learn Mor Onlin e e! dalrai d amiss














Suggestions for Parents




f your kids do not already have a smart phone, chances are they are probably going to ask you for one next week. It seems like kids are getting cell phones at a younger and younger age, and while that can be a good thing for multiple reasons, there are also a lot of dangers to it. One of those is the applications (or apps) that can be downloaded onto the phone. You are probably all aware of the more popular ones (Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, etc.), but there are some other ones out there that parents need to be aware. YIK YAK


Yik Yak is an app that allows you

Tinder is self described as “the

to submit short posts that are

fun way to connect with new

completely anonymous. While

and interesting people around

this was originally made for

you.” Basically how Tinder works

college students to spread the

is that it shows a list of people

word about parties on their university’s campus, it

in your area, and you swipe one way if you like

has infiltrated the middle and high schools as well.

someone’s looks, swipe the other way if you don’t. If

The format works by an upvote/downvote system.

you do decide you like someone, it starts an instant

If your post has the most upvotes, it will appear at

message with the person.

the top. First off, this app if not for kids. The app is 17+ People will put offensive and vulgar things on here

on the app store. It is a dating app solely based on

to try to become popular. It also has turned into

looks. It lets you communicate with total strangers

a way of bullying people as well, which can be

without there being any record of it outside of the

incredibly destructive to a child’s psyche. The most


dangerous part of this app is that it is anonymous. Even when you sign up, the only thing you are

Bottom line: there is no reason why your child

required to give is your location. When people have

should have this application on their phone.

the internet to hide behind, they are more likely to say hurtful things than they are to someone’s face. Now imagine being able to say whatever you want and no one will know it was you that said it. That is the danger of Yik Yak.






You have probably heard of Snapchat,

Instagram is another app that,

but it is definitely worth mentioning

when used correctly, is not a

anyway. Snapchat is an app that

bad app. Just like other social

allows you to send and receive

media apps, it allows you to

pictures from friends that disappear

follow people that you know as they share pictures

after 10 seconds. It has been shown that users are

throughout their day.

more likely to take pictures they normally would not because they think that they will disappear forever

Organizations and individuals use instagram on

after 10 seconds.

a regular basis to keep people updated and post pictures of events and activities (Will even has one

You can obviously see the danger in the mentality

set up for the youth group). In fact it has become one

of sending temporary, auto-deleting pictures. It

of the most popular social media apps.

can obviously encourage behavior that users would usually not be involved with. Aside from kids being

Unlike Snapchat, you can go through and see all

encouraged to be more promiscuous, there is good

the pictures that someone has posted. The most

evidence that Snapchat’s pictures do not delete

important thing about Instagram is to do a check

permanently. Snapchat is not an inherently bad app

of who your kids follow. While they could just be

for kids, but I would encourage extreme caution. This

following friends and family along with the occasional

is the kind of app that would require you to check

celebrity, there are definitely accounts out there

and see who your children are sending “snaps” to if

that are not appropriate for anyone to follow, much

they do use it.

less your children. An audit of your child’s Instagram follows is not a bad idea at all.

So far we have talked about the negatives with smart phones. I would like to end by talking about two things that can be helpful for parents with children that have iPhones. FIND MY FRIENDS

Create an iCloud Family Account

Find My Friends is an app that comes

Creating an iCloud Family account, and having your kids

preinstalled on new iPhones, but

individual accounts connected as supervised users, allows

might need to be downloaded onto

you to approve all app purchases or downloads before

older ones. This app allows you to see

they are made. This way you can know at all times which

the current location of anyone that

apps your kids have and don’t have. This can also keep

adds you to their friends. This can be a great tool to keep

someone from spending money on applications that they

up with your family when they are out and about. This also

shouldn’t buy. Also, you can set up the child’s account as

allows everyone to have an accountability to each other

a minor and limit the type of apps they can view and place

and have access to knowing where their family members

additional restrictions on the accounts for use on their

are. Specifically, if something does happen, you will be


able to track them down as long as they keep their phone on their person.


Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Cell phones give kids an easier way to access the world than ever before. Being aware of these dangers can be a great step in staying involved in your kids social media presence.




Lads to Leaders @ Dalraida

Carmel Weed breaks down how Dalraida is involved in L2L and some of the details about the L2L Convention that is held each Spring. Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes (L2L) has been around for 45 years training our young men and women of their roles in the church today. We are currently in our 3rd year of L2L here at Dalraida and have approximately 30 young folks participating from K–12 grade. With a great eldership and parent involvement, this program adds to the quiver our young folks will have to use as they maintain and defend their Christian faith. The addition of L2L with our other youth programs (Huddle Groups, Seeds and Lites and Youth Group) helps train our young leaders for the future. Below is a very quick synopsis of the L2L Program here at Dalraida.

WHAT EVENTS ARE THERE? L2L divides events into two categories: Year-Round Events are divided into four categories: Bible, Service, Leadership and Curriculum. Year-round events are carried out at the home congregation on a convention-to-convention basis. There are year-round events for both students and adults. In fact, 10 of the year-round events are for all ages. This encourages participation between the youth, adults and senior adults and helps the congregation to bond. Year-round events are awarded during the Friday evening awards ceremony at the annual convention. Convention & Pre-convention Events take place as part of the yearly convention held on Easter weekend in different locations including: Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee; and Orlando, Florida. The convention is simply an avenue for students who have practiced and trained all year to show their developing skills and talents.

WHAT HAPPENS AT CONVENTION? On Friday and Saturday at convention each year, various events will take place. The program provides the information regarding the events of each day. Friday night’s awards ceremony is primarily for year-round and preconvention events. Saturday night’s awards ceremony is primarily for awarding students who participate in convention events. On Sunday

morning a worship service held with baptized, Christian men leading the worship service.


Pre-convention events are completed at the home congregation before convention and are awarded during the Friday and/or Saturday evening ceremonies. The convention program lists the various events to be awarded at each ceremony. Pre-convention and convention events help students hone their skills in such areas as Speech, Song Leading, Debate, Bible Bowl, Bulletin Board and many more.

BIBLE-FOCUSED EVENTS The very purpose of L2L is to instill the Word of God into youth and adults so that they will naturally stand firm in the faith. Events of participation that foster Bible knowledge are: Bible Bowl Team & Test, Debate, Pearls Study Series, Oral Bible Reading, Year-Round Bible Reading, GIFTS, GUARD, Read the Word, Centurion of Scripture and Know the Books.

SERVICE-FOCUSED EVENTS L2L promotes the ability to serve the congregation and the community and to build teamwork skills through the following areas of participation: Good Samaritan, Year-Round Puppeteering, Year-Round Bulletin Board and Year-Round PowerPoint.

LEADERSHIP-FOCUSED EVENTS Leadership is promoted in L2L by the majority of events offered. The following are specific events in which participants will be able to develop their leadership skills: Teach to Teach, Year-Round Speech, Year-Round Song Leading, Year-Round Songs of Praise and Keepers. We are growing each year and doing our best to make this a yearround program that provides avenues for our young leaders to grow and mature in their abilities and their application to the Lord’s Church. We typically meet once a month at the church building so come out and see what we have to offer!




Jan 11, 2016 - Convention Registration Deadline

Dalraida will participate in the following core events:

Our L2L kids will meet the following days for practice and to work on projects: Dec 13, Jan 17, Feb 21, Mar 13, Mar 19

Feb 22, 2016 - Hotel Registration Deadline

COST There is no cost if you do not attend convention. $125/family if they want to attend convention, This helps with registration and rooms. The elders have agreed to pay the remainder if you have a child participating in two (2) Core events.




• Song Leading (boys & girls) • Speech (boys & girls) • Debate • Bible Bowl • Oral Bible Reading • Art • Scrapbook For more info the specific guidelines and rules for the core events, please visit

SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS Each meeting date will follow this schedule: 12:30 - Song Leading 1:20 - Break 1:30 - Speech 2:00 - Break 2:15 - Bible Bowl 3:15 - Break 3:30 - K5-2nd Grade (Song Leading, Oral Bible Reading, & Speech) 4:00 - Seeds & Lites

KIDSING CARDS Take time to help your kids learn Bible facts...and let them gain a sense of accomplishment when they get their trophey!

! w o N d s a o d l r n a w Do g C ible

n i B S n d r i a K Le t a nt em por We m i lp th e ! o a h s d n a re D a l r a i st to ns i ids r b e l l e s s o e ve r a l t at u s o u u do to e r f h a ve s e a b o u t to ond r wa n t h e w i d a we r n m o o u ra ge a a c n lear At Dalr kids le o is en ing r d . u d d e i o r w o K S p ’s W to hel things in our d o s s e G ra m f th fact p ro g O n e o n B i b l e ning . r e ve d s Go d to l e a r u i re o ngs he k t h e m ra m . b e f o h e re t s i n g s o c t s e g o m ys w a pr and a till ed f s a ti n g i n Su n d t p e w s e m o r i z e l p i n s y i S d o on er m Ki s h s . Th e e fr i ce s v fact s e r v e r o n t h n d go o s a n d o u r k i d m e nt g h f g at h Do u g a e s e s o n e a r t s o o m p l i s g ! c h h h c i t T i a e n . r n f w in th se o ther nity r lea toge s Word n a sen hey fo ortu ings p p ’ p i o h G o d v e n g a e t a t ro rful rn t e nde ids lea g o n y a w e c k a n th the nt s whe ese o help r p t also nt s o rd ! T h i s u r p a re b l e . sW ’ d i o o G fo r t t h e B t arn u o l e c a rd s a t abo d l i t h c c a f r yo u Sing . ra g e t h e K i d k i d s u kids o s of En c n l o a d a . o r g / e g a d ork r all D o w . d a l ra i s fo s a n d w e y o u r w d r w a w c rd av ing t ca d, h K i dS s i c fa c n a c a r f o a y lear ers! rn b riet a v a e m l e a e n yo u t h e e l d e r h h of W gt re a T h e h e l p i n c a rd s . o r o n e t r r g e a rd ou St o ha to D u p t s ay i t d chil

s t c a F






ible classes are one of the best ways to be encouraged to open God’s Word and study every week. Dalraida’s classes are planned to have challenging topics with Biblecentered teaching and thought-provoking discussion. Our hope is that you will dig deeper into God’s Word during the week as you prepare for our classes together.


unday morning bible classes

is of greater interest to you! The

are generally separated into

elders at Dalraida want all members

age groups so we can encourage

to be invovled in a does

each other because of common

not matter which one! All classes

experiences and issues we are

will be studying God’s Word and

dealing with. However, since our

they will help your faith grow and

experiences transpose ages or

mature as God wants!

groups, there is no reason why you can’t attend any class! Please look at the classes and topics belows and attend any class if that topic

Join us for class on

Sundays @ 9 am




Jesus Works Josh Sipper

Philippians Philip Randolph

Learning From the Words of Jesus Bill Johnson

When Jesus walked the Earth, He understood the full range of not only society, but the occupations of basically every person at every level of society. In this study, we will look at Jesus’ work among humanity and how we can learn from His infinite talent, knowledge, and wisdom.

With so many distractions and disappointments in our world, Paul provides excellent instruction on how to be joyful. The Christian principles in his letter to the Philippians help teach what is important. Our pursuit of joy can lead to success when we follow God’s instructions.

Throughout the four Gospels, Jesus personally gives many sermons and lessons to the multitudes and His disciples. These “red letter” parts of Gospels give us insight into Christ and direction for our lives. This class will examine these teachings of Christ and discuss how they can be applied in life..




audio & podcast available

Terry Edwards

with Robert




ednesday nights are times for the


Dalraida family to gather together,

study God’s Word, and fellowship. The elders plan classes which will encourage us to grow stronger spiritually in the faith. We have classes for all ages -- children through adult!

Join us for class on

Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

Decisions of Discipleship taught by Nancy Stowe




John enjoyed a unique relationship with John enjoyed a unique relationship with the Lord. From his perspective, we can the Lord. From his perspective, we can see how a relationship with God can see how a relationship with God can transform us inside and out. Terry will transform us inside and out. Terry will continue to examine John’s writings to examine John’s writings to uncover his uncover his journey of faith that reveals journey of faith that reveals a unique a unique perspective of Christ that can perspective of Christ that can influence influence our lives as well. our lives as well.

Peter’s two epistles provide some The preacher of Ecclesiastes gives valuable lessons for the 1st Century incredible wisdom to those who will church that still apply today. His listen. The book provides some of admonitions and warnings can still be the most excellent wisdom literature heeded. His desire for true doctrine available to those who will listen, and should still be embraced. Coniser these it makes everyone question their own lessons and how we can still look to lives to determine whether they are Peter for guidance today. living how God desires.

The Journey of Faith (cont.) The Journey of Faith Terry Edwards Terry Edwards

1 & 2 Peter Ecclesiastes David Campbell Bob McKee







here are two huge holidays coming up which have the

yet for many it will be a season of grumbling and

potential to be very helpful to us as Christians if we have


the right approach and focus. Because of our culture

13. Christmas should be a season for children, yet many will

and the emphasis on materialism it becomes difficult to have the focus and Godly attitudes we need to maintain as the Lord’s

be abused and neglected. 14. Christmas should be a season of joy and singing, yet for

disciples. Satan does a great job in convincing us to focus on the secular and the temporary rather than on those things which

some it will be a time of weeping and hurt. 15. Christmas should be a season of safety, yet more will be

are eternal.

killed accidently than at any other time of the year.

Christmas and New Years Day are holidays which can help us

We can take the paradox of Christmas and make Christmas a

as Christians consider those things which are eternal if we will

wonderful season of the year. Let’s make it a wonderful holiday

contemplate some very important principles. First consider:

season. Second consider:

The Paradox of Christmas:

Beginning The New Year Right


Christmas should be a season of sober reflection, yet

As a new year begins in a few more weeks, I encourage you to

more alcohol is consumed around Christmas than any

make the following resolutions as a follower of Jesus Christ:

other time of the year. 2.


Christmas should be a season of peace, and yet there is war and killing in many parts of the world. There are conflicts in the heart and home.

3. 4. 5.

involved in some other equally important work. 2.

purposing to give generously as I have been prospered

for many it is a time of gathering and keeping.

realizing that when I give, I am giving to God. I resolve to

Christmas should be a season of moderation, yet for

discuss our financial plans with my entire family and to

many it is a time of indulgence.

pray about what the Lord would have us to do financially

Christmas should be a time good will toward men, yet

for Him in 2016. 3.

at Dalraida realizing that I am important and needed to

many it is the loneliest time of the year. More suicides

build up the Lord’s Kingdom. 4.



I resolve to do more personal Bible study (my goal to read the Bible through) and spend more time in prayer

Christmas should be a season for families, and yet many are divided and there is hostility.


I resolve to become more involved in the Lord’s work

Christmas should be a season of togetherness, yet for take place around Christmas than any other time of the


I resolve to join the other families at Dalraida in

Christmas should be a season for sharing and giving, yet

we find hate, vengeance, and greed. 6.

I resolve to attend every worship service and Bible class at Dalraida in 2016 unless I am ill, helping with the ill, or

in 2016. 5.

I resolve to become more involved in the evangelistic

Christmas should be a time for modest feasting, yet for

outreach of the Dalraida congregation in 2016. I will

many it will be a time of hunger.

resolve to make every effort to become more qualified to

Christmas should be a time of remembering, yet many will drink to forget.

10. Christmas should be a season of ease and simplicity,

lead others to Christ. 6.

I resolve to bring at least one friend with me to Bible class or worship service in 2016.

yet for many it has become a time of frustration and complication. 11. Christmas should be a season of worship and praise as with every season, yet many will simply thank their lucky stars or their own abilities. 12. Christmas should be a season of counting our blessings,




God being my helper, I will do my best to fulfill the commitments I make to my Lord. Signed________________________________________________ Ecclesiastes 5:4 “When you vow a vow to God, do not delay paying it, for he has no pleasure in fools. Pay what you vow.”

READ YOUR BIBLE IN 2016 Top 10 reasons to advertise


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Read Your

BIBLE everyday in 2016

There is no other magazine which captivates such a diverse audience

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DALRAIDA CHURCH OF CHRIST 3740 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, Alabama 36109 (334) 272 2561




Working to show love to one another and our community

Dalraida Families | Winter 2015  

Winter 2015 issue of Dalraida Families, a quarterly magazine for members, friends and family of Dalraida church of Christ (Montgomery, AL).

Dalraida Families | Winter 2015  

Winter 2015 issue of Dalraida Families, a quarterly magazine for members, friends and family of Dalraida church of Christ (Montgomery, AL).