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FALL 2016


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Weeks of Family Bible Study

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Learn a little about the men who will be preaching this quarter



Learn how the YP's served others

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working to encourage others or are we a discouragement?

MEN'S RETREAT will be this

fall for all men of the congregation. Get details and sign up today!.

FALL EVENTS Look at the

upcoming events this Fall and mark your calendars!


from our Summer Series on the Sermon on the Mount.

THE MEN preaching this Fall are experienced and capable of preaching God's Word.

YP SERVICE day focused

on reaching out to some of the protectors of our community.

OUR CHURCH buses are used

for many things, and we are grateful FALL 2016such to have a resource. |

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Consider its importance to kids


DYG has been busy and serving


L2L ---



OUR COLLEGE students can

find a great home away from their home at Dalraida.


when they are in a time of need is everyone's responsibility and duty.

DALRAIDA COLLEGE group has lots of great plans for the fall semester to grow together.

MISSION PROFILE for one of our supported works looks at the Gootam family in India.

DALRAIDA YOUTH have stayed busy with activities and growing together.

FROM ABOVE, God looks down at us...have you ever considered what He may see?

CHILDREN'S EDUCATION is so important so they will know the spiritual foundations for life.



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GROWING TOGETHER at Dalraida is what Jean Spiro cherishes as she looks back..


essential to raising a godly home and these guides can help you out!

STUDYING THE Bible in an

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MISSION WORK is important

at Dalraida. Check out some of the updates from the mission field..

DALRAIDA L2L is gearing up for a new year of learning, serving and sharing together..

KIDSING CARDS help your kids learn Bible facts. Download them now and work with them!

ISERVE IS a system that can

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This magazine is published in an effort to help the Christians at Dalraida stay organized, informed and involved. One of the best ways to encourage involvement is to make sure the communication among the family at Dalraida is as good as possible. Our hope is that by putting all the information together in one place for members (and anyone else interested) for quick reference and reading, that members and others will benefit from it as they plan their busy lives. This also encourages the leaders at Dalraida to think ahead and do a better job at planning and scheduling events for the next quarter. The members are the beneficiaries of this because we can all now plan to be involved more in activities and ministries at Dalraida. Members have no excuse not to get involved more! Read the articles, mark down the events, and plan to be more involved in the next quarter.

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SEEDS & LITES program is a great way for children to learn about the church and how to be servants!

44 MISSIONS SPOTLIGHT Learn about the Gootam family


The body works so much better when all the members are present and working together! (1 Cor. 12).


Bill Johnson Bob McKee Steve Phillips Jim Russell Dean Sanders

quarter will edify and strengthen you. Check out our lineup!.


GOD LOVES everyone, but do we

Billy Camp


love like we should? Consider how we can do better this Fall.



common discussion among religious people. Here is why we do not use it.!.



Think about how it looks to God

Are we loving like God wants us to?




Mack Acree Justin Boyd Billy Camp David Campbell Wayne Hatcher Bob McKee Jania Otey Steve Phillips Nick Revels Jean Spiro Paul Sullivan Doug Smith Will Tucker Carmel Weed Derrek Wilson





a message from the


cts 4:36 explains that the Apostles called Joseph of Cyprus by the name Barnabas, meaning “son of encouragement.” Clearly, God originated names for special designations, because he named the first man Adam, (adama), meaning “earth” in Hebrew. God further demonstrated the importance He placed on names with famous changes like Abram ("exalted father") to Abraham ("father of a multitude") and Jacob ("supplanter") to Israel ("may God prevail"). Indeed, the Bible is full of names with obvious imagery, such as Moses ("to draw out) and Joseph ("God will add"). Both John the Baptizer and Jesus were assigned names before their birth. And of course, we recall that Jesus gave Simon his famous name Cephas -- which in Aramaic is “stone” -- which is translated “Peter” or “rock” in Greek. He also named James and John “Boanerges”, or “Sons of Thunder.” Many Bible characters were known for their profession or village: Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Aramathea, Simon the Tanner. Hebrews commonly had no surnames, but Romans of New Testament times were quite fond of adding cognomens to recognize their heroes and emperors. Pompey became Pompey Magnus and Octavian became Augustus. But the general practice of adding surnames did not begin until the Middle Ages to aid identification. Thus we see the many trades in which our ancestors engaged: Wrights, Chandlers, Smiths, Bakers, and Butlers. The ancestry of English, Scots and Irish is filled with “sons”: JackSON, JohnSON, WilliamSON, StevenSON, MACGuire, MACArthur, MCGregor, MCCoy and MCDonald. But these were simply for identification purposes and seldom held any spiritual significance. Apparently, the Apostles gave Barnabas his name because he earned it. He must have had quite a history of exhorting the saints in early days of the church. The first mention of him is that he sold some land and brought the proceeds to the Apostles (Acts 4:36). Later, it was Barnabas who encouraged and accepted Saul when the Jerusalem brethren would not fellowship him. Still later, Barnabas went to Tarsus to find Saul and enlist his support for the dynamic ministry in Antioch. He worked side by side with Saul for a year as they brought many souls to the truth. Surely he continued his practice of encouragement, both for Saul and those being taught. His attitude made him a logical companion for Saul when the Holy Spirit initiated their great missionary effort.


FALL 2016


Could we be called a

Son of Encouragement? Ironically, he and Saul (now Paul) had a sharp disagreement over taking John Mark, the cousin of Barnabas, back to the mission field after Mark had earlier left them on their first journey. Barnabas' judgment was vindicated when Paul later wrote for Timothy to bring Mark to him because he was useful in his labors (II Tim. 4:11). In fact, Mark has the distinction of being one of four inspired writers who recorded the gospel narrative. It would be disengenuous to think Barnabas was motivated solely by his kinship to Mark. His encouraging nature was being illustrated. Have you ever wondered what would be the result if others were to name us for our most outstanding trait? We might be surprised to learn they may see us quite differently from how we see ourselves. What a shame if we were called “Son of Discouragement” or “Daughter of Strife.” None of us wants to be known as “Brother Stone Face,” “Sister Loose Lips,” “Brother Mule,” or “Sister Ice Berg.” Christians sometimes minimize their talents in comparison to those who occupy roles of leadership, because they don’t have the ability to publicly teach or lead in worship services. But we can all be encouragers! Nobody singled Barnabas out and drafted him to be an exhorter. He supplied his own initiative. So should we all. After all, it does not require five talents. In fact, “it’s so easy a cave man can do it.” All it requires is a conscious decision to be genuinely interested in the lives of others. Thinking of others is not natural, and our conversations are usually dominated with comments relating to our small circle of interests with little attention given to anything else. That’s why we have to cultivate the art of forgetting self and heed the words of Paul: “Do not merely look out for your own interests, but also for the interests of others”, (Php. 2:4).

Alabama 4-H Center (Columbiana, Alabama) ALL EXPENSES PAID * Start: 2 pm - Friday, October 28 End: 1 pm - Saturday, October 29 Those who wish to ride on the church bus can indicate that on the sign-up sheet!

Guest Speaker : Dale Jenkins *If a man wants a single room (instead of sharing) the extra cost will be $30

T MUS by ter s i g Re 5! 2 . t Sep


L2L TRAINING 1:00-4:00 in Fellowship Hall

MEN'S LUNCH 12:00 in teen room The men of the congregation are invited to bring a lunch and enjoy fellowship together.


All participants in L2L need to plan to come, work and practice at the building. Please come at the assigned time or see Carmel Weed or one of the coaches with any questions.

SEEDS & LITES 4:00 pm

YP | BISCUITS GAME Saturday pm All Young Professionals and their families are invited to attend a Biscuits baseball together. See Tiffany Hunt with any questions.

The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.

DYG | AREA-WIDE SERIES 4:15-8 pm The DYG will take the church bus to the area-wide youth series.

SEPTEMBER 4 DYG | SERVICE SUNDAY 11 am - 2:30 pm The DYG will dedicate our afternoon to help those in need and complete a service project for some of our members or people in our community. Bring extra clothes to work in and $$ for lunch.


SEPTEMBER 12 AREA-WIDE LADIES DEVOTIONAL 7 pm @ Dalraida The ladies from the area congregations are invited to Dalraida as we host the quarterly area-wide ladies devotional.


SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 4 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

DYG | STUDY WITH WETUMPKA 5:30-7:30 pm in youth room The DYG will eat, have a combined bible study, and hang out with the Wetumpka youth group.

SEPTEMBER 17 DYG | TAILGATE & GAME 1 pm - 6 pm in the youth room The DYG will have a tailgate party and watch the Alabama/Ole Miss game together in the youth room.

SEPTEMBER 18 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 5 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

BRIDAL TEA FOR RACHEL HENRY 2-3:30 pm in Ladies Tea Room All ladies of the congregation are encouraged to come and celebrate Rachel's upcoming wedding.

SOUND BOOTH WORKERS APPRECIATION DINNER After pm services We want to honor and thank those who help with the sound booth and their families after evening services.

DYG | TEEN DEVO After pm services The teens will be traveling to one of our members homes for a time of food and fellowship together.


KEEP UP WITH DYG EVENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Download the DYG App for your Apple or Android device TODAY!

ER TEDDY BEAR WORKDAY 9 am - 2 pm All who are involved in the ER Teddy Bear ministry are encouraged to come for a workday. Please come, bring a lunch and stay as long as your schedule will allow.

SEPTEMBER 21 DYG | WED NIGHT LIGHTS 4:30 pm DYG bring $2 and eat supper and hang out together before Bible Study.


FALL 2016





SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH Sept 11 - Group 4 Sept 18 - Group 5 Sept 25 - Group 6 Oct 2 - Group 1 Oct 9 - Group 2 Oct 16 - No SLB (Special Sunday) Oct 23 - Group 3 Oct 30 - Group 4



SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

Nov 13 - Group 6

Group 6 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

Group 1 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

Nov 20 - Group 1

DYG | JR/SR OUT TO EAT After pm services

DYG | SERVICE SUNDAY 11 am - 2:30 pm

Juniors and seniors will be going out to eat together following evening services. Bring $5 for supper.

The DYG will dedicate our afternoon to help those in need and complete a service project for some of our members or people in our community. Bring extra clothes to work in and $$ for lunch.


SEEDS &LITES 4:00 pm

Group 2 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

SEPTEMBER 28 DYG | WED NIGHT LIGHTS 4:30 pm DYG bring $2 and eat supper and hang out together before Bible Study.

OCTOBER 1 LADIES' TEACHER WORKSHOP 9 am-3 pm Dalraida is hosting a teacher workshop for ladies that will be presented by April Meacham and Teah McWhorter. Area congregations are invited to join! Lunch will be provided. Register at

DCM | FAMILY WEEKEND 5:00 PM-9:00 PM The Dalraida church of Christ is hosting a family weekend for the college ministry and their families. Dinner, games, and a devotional will be provided.

The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.

Nov 6 - Group 5

Nov 27 - Group 2

SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

SEEDS &LITES 4:00 pm

DYG | EXPOSURE MTG After pm services

The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.

All those planning on attending Exposure need to meet after pm services in Room 170. Deposits of $40 are due at meeting.



The DYG will take the church bus to the area-wide youth series.

MISSION TRIP TO UKRAINE Please keep our mission team in your prayers as they travel for a week campaign with the brethren in IvanoFrankivsk, Ukraine. See John Kachelman if you would like to contribute money to help the team on the trip!

OCTOBER 13 ER TEDDY BEAR CUT-OUT & CUT-UP WORKDAY 9 am - 12 pm We will meet to pin ribbons and cut out the boy and girl pattern fabric for the bears.




9 AM Bible Study - 10 AM Worship - 1130 AM Lunch - 1 PM Worship OCTOBER 16 "PLEASING GOD IN WORSHIP" with Justin Rogers We will have a special Sunday service focusing on biblical worship. We will have a congregational lunch at 11:30 and a 1 pm service.

DYG | TEEN DEVO After pm services The teens will be traveling to one of our members' homes for a time of food and fellowship together.

OCTOBER 19 DYG | WED NIGHT LIGHTS 4:30 pm DYG bring $2 and eat supper and hang out together before Bible Study.

OCTOBER 21-23 DCM | BEACH RETREAT DCM will have their annual Fall retreat at the Gulf Shores Beach Retreat Center. The cost is $20 per person.

OCTOBER 23 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 3 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.


FALL 2016


DYG | FALL RETREAT MTG After am services Those attending the fall retreat will meet after morning services to go over trip details. The trip costs $40 and is due at this meeting.

OCTOBER 28-29 MEN'S RETREAT 4-H Center (Columbiana, AL) The men of the congregation all are invited on this retreat. All expenses are paid (unless you want a private room). See Bryan Jurkofsky to sign-up.



The Primetimers invite everyone to stay after pm services and enjoy fellowship and a pumpkin carving. Prizes will be given for the best carved pumpkins!

SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 4 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.


TRUNK OR TREAT After pm services

ER TEDDY BEAR WORKDAY 9 am - 2 pm All who are involved in the ER Teddy Bear ministry are encouraged to come for a workday. Please come, bring a lunch and stay as long as your schedule will allow.

OCTOBER 26 DYG | WED NIGHT LIGHTS 4:30 pm DYG bring $2 and eat supper and hang out together before Bible Study.

All members of the congregation are invited to stay after pm services and decorate your trunk for the kids. Prizes will be given for best costumes and best decorated trunk!

NOVEMBER 6 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 5 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

SEEDS &LITES 4:00 pm The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.

NOVEMBER 4-7 DYG | FALL RETREAT Banning Mills (Whitesburg, GA) The DYG will enjoy time in the mountains and time together in devotionals, singing, hiking, and completing the obstacle course. Cost is $40 (due on 10/23).

NOVEMBER 12 PT | SERVICE SATURDAY TBA The Primetimers will get together for a time of service together.

NOVEMBER 13 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 6 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

L2L TRAINING 1:00-4:00 in Fellowship Hall All participants in L2L need to plan to come, work and practice at the building. Please come at the assigned time or see Carmel Weed or one of the coaches with any questions.


SEEDS &LITES 4:00 pm The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.

DYG | AREA-WIDE SERIES 4:15-8:00 pm

DYG | WED NIGHT LIGHTS 4:30 pm DYG bring $2 and eat supper and hang out together before Bible Study.


The DYG will take the church bus to the area-wide youth series.

SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services


Group 2 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.


Rachel Henry will be marrying Matt Boulware. Please keep this couple in your prayers as they start their life together.

NOVEMBER 20 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 1 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

DYG | JR/SR OUT TO EAT After pm services Juniors and seniors will be going out to eat together after evening services. Bring $5 for supper.

NOVEMBER 30 DYG | WED NIGHT LIGHTS 4:30 pm DYG bring $2 and eat supper and hang out together before Bible Study.

DYG | TEEN DEVO After pm services The teens will be traveling to one of our members' homes for a time of food and fellowship together.

Our summer series focused on Christ's "Sermon on the Mount." We considered topics associated with this great lesson and how it applies to us still today.

download the lessons at



by Steve Phillips for the elders

ABOVE: The men who will be speaking this quarter: hen we read about the church at Antioch in Acts (top) Doug Smith, Will Tucker, Terry Edwards, (bottom) chapter 13, we can see some similarities between that Melvin Otey, Billy Camp, and Scott Lockwood church and the Lord’s church at Dalraida. The church in Antioch was rich with talented prophets and teachers that proclaimed God’s word. Likewise, Dalraida is blessed with many preachers of God’s word. Most churches across the brotherhood can only dream of so many talented preachers in one congregation. Many congregations struggle to find anyone to fill their pulpit. Some congregations must have a preacher travel hundreds of miles to fill the pulpit each Sunday; others utilize some of the wonderful brotherhood periodicals and read them to a church so that they can be fed by the Word of God. We at Dalraida are blessed to have several men who can present rock-solid, biblically-based lessons every week! As we look around our congregation, we see the wonderful diversity of our members of the Dalraida congregation. We elders know our obligation to feed to flock here at Dalraida and seek to best use the church’s talents, We want to feed the Christians and encourage spiritual growth just as Paul admonished the Ephesian elders to do in Acts 20. We have decided to utilize several different preachers at Dalraida to meet the diverse needs of the members here. Also, this is an effort to lighten Doug's preaching load so he will be able to fulfill the elders' request to expand our member involvement, member accountability and visitation programs. Each of the men who fill our pulpit are some of the top ministers throughout the brotherhood and are constantly in demand to speak to other groups of Christians. They bring a tremendous knowledge, passion and preparation at every service in every sermon. These lessons will surely help us grow as individual Christians and as a church family. We are truly blessed at Dalraida! This Fall, six men will fill our pulpit and preach at various times. So you will know who they are, we wanted to reintroduce you to these outstanding men. Take a minute and read about them so you will know a little more about them, and continue to keep them in your prayers as they bring us lessons from God's Word this quarter.


FALL 2016


DOUG SMITH has served as our pulpit minister since 2001, when he came from working with the Blackwater Macedonia Church of Christ (Jasper, AL). He is a native Alabamian from the Florence area, where his father, Kelby Smith, was a minister. Doug attended Mars Hill Bible School throughout his elementary and secondary education. Then he attended Freed-Hardeman University, graduating in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible. He went on to complete his Masters in Religion at Southern Christian University (Montgomery, AL). Doug has been preaching the gospel full-time since he graduated from FHU. Doug continues to do numerous gospel meetings and lectureships around the brotherhood. He is married to the former Jodie Phillips and has three children, Holly, Phillip, and Malorie. Besides preaching and visiting the brethren, Doug enjoys everything related to Alabama football and enjoys collecting all kinds of sports memorabilia (go visit him in his office one day!).


EDWARDS has been Professor of Bible & Humanities at Faulkner and Education Minister at Dalraida since 2010. He has been teaching at Christian colleges since 1984 (first Harding, then FHU, and now Faulkner). He received his B.A. from Harding University and then went on to receive a M.A. and Ph.D. from Florida State University. He is a regular speaker at the FHU and Faulkner Lectureships and has multiple preaching appointments every year. Terry is married to Kimberly and they have 6 children. Those who know Terry know he has a tremendous desire for mission work. This likely stems from him growing up on the mission field of Italy and spending 26 years in Italy and Greece (12 of these in vocational mission work).

MELVIN OTEY has been an Associate Professor of Law at Jones School of Law (Faulkner University) since August 2014. Prior to moving to Montgomery, he worked as a Trial Lawyer for the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. While he loves the law, his real passion is preaching and teaching the Word of God, both publicly and privately. In D.C., the Oteys helped establish the Georgia Avenue congregation, and Melvin preached there for 8 years. Since 2015, he and his wife, Jania, and their two sons, Caleb and Christian, have worshipped and worked with the Dalraida congregation. He continues to preach in gospel meetings, speak on lectureships, conduct seminars on legal issues facing the Lord's Church, and write on a variety of subjects for Christian publications.

BILLY CAMP is from Birmingham, where he grew up attending the Decatur Highway congregation. After graduation from high school, he moved to Montgomery to attend Faulkner University. In 2012, he graduated from Faulkner with an undergraduate degree in Biblical Languages and graduated in 2016 with his Masters in New Testament Studies at Faulkner. He began working as the College Minister at Dalraida during his third year of undergraduate work at Faulkner and has been with us since. He is a frequent speaker around the area and at Faulkner. Billy is married to the former Shelby Vega and they are expecting their first child. He truly loves working with the college students in Montgomery, and our college program is known as one of the most solid, bible-based programs in the area because of his hard work.

WILL TUCKER grew up in Jasper, AL in a family of six with Christian parents, a sister and twin brothers. After he graduated from high school, he received his associate's degree at Bevill State Community College and then came to Montgomery and finished his bachelor's degree in education at Faulkner University in 2010. Before working full-time with the youth group at Dalraida, Will worked as a youth intern for his last two years of college. After graduating, he took on the fulltime responsibilities in 2010. He is married to the former Coleen Anderson and they have two sons, Liam and Anderson. Both he and his wife work hard to plan activities for the youth that encourage their spiritual growth and teach how they should serve others as Christ taught.

SCOTT LOCKWOOD is a retired Colonel from the U.S. Air Force. He served our country for more than 25 years in the Air Force and most recently as the Commandant of the U.S. Air Force Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery. Scott had an amazing career with the U.S.A.F. that included him flying A-10 fighter jets and training many pilots not just how to fly but how to live and lead our nation. He started his career while he was in undergraduate school in Arizona, and ended it in Montgomery after leading the Officer Training School. After retiring, Scott plans on returning as a commercial pilot with United Airlines. However great his accolades may be in his professional life, he will still say that his greatest achievement was marrying Kelly and having three wonderful daughters, Ashlyn, Alex and Ainsley.




YP Service Day by Justin Boyd On August 13, the Young Professional group had a service day. For this project, we prepared goody bags for our local law enforcement. One hundred bags were decorated by our children and filled with candy. On the outside of the bag, we included words of inspiration and a Bible verse for our officers. We then delivered these bags to two stations.


The most impactful part of this experience was the interactions we had with the officers during their shift change. Having the opportunity to shake the hand of and express gratitude to the men and women who protect us everyday was very humbling. After the shift was assembled for roll call, we were permitted to offer some remarks and pray with the officers. We continue to pray for their protection, judgement, and well being. FALL 2016


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Wayne Hatch





A Home Away From Home

By Mack Acree

Youth Ministry Intern

A College Student’s Perspective A

ugust 16, 2015 was the first Sunday in college of somewhere they would like to worship; that I would be spending away from home. The they just don’t want to put themselves first Sunday that I was away from my parents. In out in the open. It’s important that they my mind I was thinking about how intimidating the feel accepted. I knew that I needed a churches here in Montgomery are. Almost all of congregation that was doctrinally sound, them have more than 350 members, and I’m from went by what the Bible said, and was firm a congregation of on average about 185 people in their beliefs. I didn’t want to be at a (possibly 215 on a good Sunday). I didn’t know congregation that would bend its teaching where I belonged. What I did know, however, is according to what the members wanted that I better get myself to Bible class that morning to hear. Dalraida was a perfect example of before my mother came up to Montgomery and acceptance without tolerance. I could look out and see a congregation beat me into going. I had in mind a couple of congregations that I “...For a Christian unified under the belief that the Bible is the inspired planned on visiting and worshiping student, when word of God and that we with until I found a place I fit in. should follow it exactly. I they look at That morning I decided I would give knew what I was getting Dalraida a try. What I found when I colleges there when I started going to Dalraida. got there wasn’t just a place I could should be one I was immediately accepted, but go to worship on Sunday. I found I knew that there was a standard I a family that I could fellowship and more question: was held up to as a Christian and grow with as a human being and as Where am I going the members were going to make a Christian. sure I followed it. to church?" Finding a college is hard enough Dalraida is a very large congregation. on a student. Sorting through the checklists and making sure everything is in place I knew that. Anyone passing by Atlanta Highway takes a lot of time, but it is necessary. Where am I could assume that much. But what can’t be seen going to buy groceries? Where am I going to bank? from outside those doors are the wonderful people Where am I going to take my car if it messes up? and the wonderful families that worship there. These are all questions that have to be answered There are so many interesting people with so so that it is possible to survive. But for a Christian many different backgrounds. There are people who student, when they look at colleges there should be were born into families that were members of the one more question: Where am I going to church? church and have been raised their whole lives on It didn’t take very long for me to find out where I its teaching. And there are those who are new in belonged, because I knew what I was looking for. the faith, but every bit as enthusiastic about being Most young people have at least an idea there. The web of the church at Dalraida reaches far


FALL 2016


and wide. There are members like Terry Edwards who spends his time teaching college kids (like myself, who had the pleasure of being in his class) about Paul, and taking college students to Europe for a whole semester to study while being on one of the biggest adventures of their young adult lives. However, there are also members like Mike and Karen Moody, who both devote their time and effort to helping out with the college and youth groups. Dalraida has a lot of influence not just in the church, but across campus. As a student at Faulkner I can recognize the difference made across the University by members of Dalraida, and I am proud to say that Dalraida members have a reputation for standing up for truth. In one year Dalraida has become one of the biggest parts of my life. It’s my home away from home, my family, and I’ve been blessed to start

working at Dalraida. If it is sound doctrine one is looking for, or even an accepting body of people to enforce what the bible says, it can be found with the family at Dalraida. Coming to college has been a huge step in my life. It was something I had been looking forward to since I was a freshman in high school. Thanks to Dalraida, I have a family here while I tackle this milestone in my life. I am eager to spend these next few years with the brothers and sisters here at Dalraida, and I’d like encourage anyone interested in attending Dalraida to join us. We would love to have you!

Mack is currently a sophomore at Faulkner University and works as the youth intern at Dalraida for the school year. He can be reached at




“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” (Gal. 6:2) 16

FALL 2016


By Nick Revels



alatians 6:2 nicely sums up what may be the most important responsibility of a Christian besides spreading the Gospel. Too often we get so wrapped up in our own immediate lives that we forget to share them with our brothers and sisters. We feel that we have too much going on and not enough time or energy to take an interest in someone else’s life. Or we may shy away from sharing our burdens and problems in life because we don’t wish to inconvenience our fellow Christians who have their own struggles and issues. However by doing this, we defeat one of the most fundamental aspects of Christianity and one of the foundations of the Church and our relationships with each other. We are not told how to “bear one another’s burdens” but simply to do it! We are given a slight hint in the last part of the verse that by doing so we “fulfill the law of Christ.” That phrase is not used much in the New Testament, but we can look back through the teaching of Christ and his example and gain a pretty clear idea of what this law entails. Jesus says in John 10:15 that he will “ lay down my life for the sheep.” and this is referenced as our ultimate example in 1 John 3:16 -- “By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.” In fact, almost the entire book of 1 John can be referenced to see how we are to live and interact with our brethren: in all-encompassing, Christ-like love. This idea of love is foundational to our relationships in the Church. In John 13:34, we are told that our new commandment is to love each other as Christ loved us. Paul echoes the words of Jesus when he says "For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'" (Gal. 5:14) We see this applied to many situations throughout the New Testament. In James 2, we are told that discriminating between people is forbidden; it shows a lack of this love. Again in 1 John 3:17, we are told that withholding assistance from a brother shows a lack of this love that God requires.

TIME OF NEED If we don’t have this love, then we will never succeed in supporting our brethren through difficult times. But if we have that deeprooted, unending love then we will never miss an opportunity to help out a brother or sister who is in one of life’s struggles. We can look to the early church and see small glimpses of how this looks in action. In Acts chapters 2 and 4, we see these new converts meeting daily together to fellowship and encourage each other. They did not care about their own financial well-being, but were so eager to help out their fellow Christians that they would sell their property and give the proceeds to the church to be distributed to those in need. We also can read in Paul’s letters how he was comforted and strengthened from his fellow Christians who labored and suffered along side him (Col. 4:11, 2 Tim. 1:16-18). This is not to say that we all need to cash out our 401(k)s and give it next Sunday or quit our jobs and go sit with someone in the county jail, but we should be ready to ask ourselves a serious question: Do we have enough love for our brothers and sisters that we would be ready to make such a sacrifice of the same magnitude for them?

But perhaps financial and physical burden-bearing is the easier task. For many of us, the emotional and mental support that others need is hard to give or it may even be hard to receive. For various reasons, perhaps cultural or otherwise, we feel there should be a certain level of protection on our very private lives. There are struggles I have that I don’t feel compelled to share with anyone, including my Christian family. Conversely, I often feel that if

someone needs help they will ask; it’s none of my business to pry into people’s lives. However, this is completely counter to the command in Galatians 6!

If we are to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, [and] weep with those who weep” (Rom. 12:15) then we have to start tearing down the walls around our inner feelings and thoughts. But to do so, we must start building trust and meaningful relationships with each other. The basis for this must be quality time spent with each other. We cannot expect to become deeply involved in each other’s lives if we see each other for about 4 hours a week, only 10 minutes of which may be actual conversation. Do we really expect that a fellowship meal or a birthday party every couple weeks will give us these meaningful relationships that will help pull us through hard times? Not that these are bad or unnecessary, but perhaps there is a reason the early church met together daily. There are many people at Dalraida who embody the command of Gal. 6:2 and they are a large part of what makes Dalraida a great, welcoming family. However, I will be the first to say that I have not done my part to be involved and help with the struggles of my Christian family. There was a book my mom used to read to me called “If Everybody Did” that highlighted the bad (and the good) that could occur if everyone acted in one particular way. If we all would strive to attain the command of Gal. 6:2, imagine what Dalraida would become! So I hope in the coming months that you join me working together in bearing each other’s burdens, being close and present in times of need, and fulfilling the Law of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Nick and his wife Elizabeth have been members at Dalraida since they graduated college in 2014. He is a programmer who works on various projects with Auburn University Montgomery. He can be contacted at






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FALL 2016




The school year has just started and we are excited about our college ministry kicking into high gear. We have a lot of great activities planned for this year and we hope that you get involved.


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Here are just a few of the activities we have happening this year.



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Stuff-A-Student Let one of our families from the Dalraida church treat you and some friends for a lunch. Sunday Night Devos Dalraida will provide dinner if you provide the Q&A Bible discussion. Family Weekend The church at Dalraida wants to have you and your family come in town October 1st-2nd for a special weekend just for our college students and their families. Game Nights Want to unwind and have some fun? Join us at Dalraida for a night filled with fun and games! If you want to know more about our activities join our ministry and stay in touch with us! We look forward to a great year together.






A look at one of our mission points and the work that Dalraida families contribute to every month

Ricky & Sudeepa Gootam

The Gootams have been working together in India to spread the gospel to the millions of souls with their many good works and preaching in Kakinada, India. We are very excited to support Ricky Gootam and his family in the fertile mission fields of India. Dalraida has been supporting Ricky for the past year, in the work he does in his hometown of Kakinada, India. Ricky works with his father, Joshua Gootam (who was one of the first converts of the Church in India in the 1950’s). Ricky is involved with their TV ministry, printing, the Children home, a homeless shelter for the aged, a leper colony ministry, Bible courses, books printing, medical missions, Youth ministry, a sewing ministry, Children ministry, Church planting, and magazines. Every day they get 200 responses from their outreach! Their work is called “Satyavani” which means “The Voice of the Truth.” More than 4 million have finished the Basic Bible course in Telugu (from 1964 to this day). This is largest number in any regional language for churches of Christ anywhere in the world. Every day they reach 40 new souls for Christ through the mass-media and personal outreach work from Kakinada. We are blessed to be a part of this worthy cause in this region of the world. Ricky studied in Europe and completed his Bachelors degree at Freed-Hardeman University in 2001. He went on to finish his MBA at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City (2002). In 2006, Ricky married Sudeepa and they have two children -a son, Justin (born in 2008) and another child on the way. Sudeepa is a great helper in their ministry at “Satyavani”. “Thank you for being part of the work which we do here from Kakinada, India. Through your prayers and support we get to reach 40 new souls in our 1.3 billion people of India though our Mass media and personal work. Thank you for being partnering with us so that we could share the Word of God in many villages here in India. May God continue to bless the family of God in Dalraida!" - Ricky, Sudeepa and Justin Gootam SCAN FOR MORE INFO ON DALRAIDA MISSIONS


FALL 2016


attention ladies, FREE teacher WORKSHOP!

Teach Them To Know God

FREE Teacher Workshop Dalraida church of Christ Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016 • 9am-3pm 3740 Atlanta Hwy., Montgomery, Ala.

Lunch Provided

Learn how to: • • • • •

Prepare yourself to teach Teach like Jesus taught Choose songs and illustrations that really work Conduct your class effectively Teach them about God with passion and purpose

Instructors, April Meacham and Teah McWhorter, have trained teachers for 16 years through congregational classes, future teacher camps, PTP and workshops like this one.

Visual aids and other teaching resources will be available for purchase. There is no cost to attend, nor is there any obligation to buy.

Register at




n July 16th the Dalraida Youth Group (DYG) traveled to Williamsburg, Ohio to work with the Highway 32 Church of Christ. Our goal was to help conduct a Vacation Bible School for the Highway 32 congregation and to assist the congregation in several areas of need throughout the week. A total of 39 Dalraida members which consisted of teens, parents, and the Tucker boys attended the trip. Our trip was a great success! Not only were we able to conduct a successful VBS for the Highway 32 congregation, but there were several other works our DYG was involved in. Some works include our guys leading in worship on Sunday morning, door knocking for VBS, teaching Bible classes, participating in service projects for Highways 32 members, and much more! Our DYG did an excellent job throughout the week and we thoroughly enjoyed a time of fellowship and new friendships with the Highway 32 members. The members at the Highway 32 congregation were gracious host to our group. Many friendships were made throughout the week. On Sunday morning when we arrived for worship we were greeted with several hand shakes and hugs. The members were joyful in welcoming us and went above and beyond to make our stay memorable. We enjoyed spending time door knocking with the teens at Highway 32, working alongside with one another in service projects, worshipping together, and fellowship. It was great to see Tom and Jessica Mayes along with their children Lorelei and Henry. So many friendships were made and renewed throughout the week.

VBS Lowell Smith, one of the elders at the Highway 32 congregation invited our group to his farm for an evening of singing, bonfire, and smores. Around 60 people came together to enjoy a time of fellowship. As we sat around the fire together singing praises to God I couldn’t help but wonder if this is what Heaven would one day be like. We sang and enjoy each other’s company till 11 pm that evening. What a great way to end such a wonderful week! It would be a miss to not thank you, the Dalraida congregation, for your tremendous support and encouragement we continue to receive. Almost $6000 was given in order for our teens to travel to Highway 32. THANK YOU! You have always have been so giving in order for our teens to go and grow spiritually. Thank you to the chaperones who attended the trip and for being great mentors to our teens. Thank you to the DYG parents who continue to teach their children how to represent the church in the right way. Thank you DYG for you efforts and zeal you showed throughout the trip. We are truly blessed with some outstanding teens and parents within this congregation. We love you!

Perhaps one of the most memorable events during the trip took place on Wednesday night after completing the last night of VBS. After finishing cleaning up from


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FALL 2016


n the Summer months of June and July the DYG gets together on Tuesdays for Tuesday Lunch Crew (TLC). Every TLC our teens enjoy a time of lunch together and competing a service project for our members or the community. This year we were blessed to work with some wonderful ladies such as Nancy Stowe, Jill Johnson, Beth Ward and Suzy Weed as we teamed up to conduct a Summer

Reading Camp for the Inner City Children. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and helping these children become better readers learners. Each Tuesday we averaged around 20 DYG members to help with reading camp. We had a great turn out of children as well. Thank you for your help in this enjoyable work. We look forward to another year of Reading Camp!

Want to keep up with

ANNOUNCEMENTS & UPCOMING EVENTS? The DYG App provides details for all upcoming events, registration, and push notifications to keep DYG members and families updated on everything.

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alraida enjoyed an uplifting day of worship and fellowship together on Sunday, August 14th, for our Friends, Family and Youth Day. Joe Wells was our guest speaker throughout the day as he presented three vital lessons from the word of God centered upon relationships. We had a great attendance throughout the day.

On Sunday night we welcomed almost 300 teens from area congregations to Dalraida as we hosted the Area Wide Youth Series. What a joy it was to seeing our building packed with young Christians eager to worship together. Once again Joe Wells did an excellent job in presenting a lesson on the attitude of Jonah to a church building full of people. The singing was outstanding! I know several who recorded the song service and posted it to Facebook. I wanted to say thank you to all of you who donated cookies and chips to the fellowship meal on Sunday evening. We had an overflow of these items to go along with supper. Thank you once again for your generous hearts. What a great day of worship and fellowship together!






eing in the "crows nest" from time to time at Dalraida gives me a unique view of my church family. The "crows nest" is where some of the guys help control the sound and visuals for services. Since I have begun to help take attendance, I usually stand at the back of the auditorium or occasionally take roll from this nest above the auditorium. I have grown to appreciate this birds-eye view. I sometimes take a minute to take in the sight and sounds of my church family shaking hands, squeezing babies, sharing, laughing and just enjoying good old fashioned fellowship. I know where most people sit, who likes to migrate, when the Hatchers are at a family reunion and I pretty much have memorized what the backs of everyone's head looks like! Seeing the assembly of the saints brings me joy and makes me think about the joy our Father must feel when He looks upon us engaged in fellowship. The affect our attendance has on our brothers and sisters in Christ is what I want you to consider for a moment... I know how I feel when I see a young adult sitting in their usual spot every single time our doors are open. It warms my heart and strengthens my faith especially knowing that many of their peers


FALL 2016


have likely found "better" things to do on a Sunday morning or night. An elderly person that has difficulty getting to their seat may not realize they are strengthening us with their unspoken statement from their efforts saying "this is how much I love God, I believe!" To see someone who has just lost a spouse show up the very next service to worship their God makes you think "wow, they get it!" Our "showing up" may seem a small thing, and in the grand scheme of things, maybe it is, but it does have a profound impact on our brethren. It says without words "I believe, God is real!" We are encouraged as we think "I can make it if they can!" Our lack of attendance has the exact opposite effect. When I see someone regularly miss the assembly, our time to worship God and to fellowship, it also effects my faith. You may convey "the assembly isn't important to me" or "I have better things to do" without even realizing it. If you struggle with attending services regularly, ask yourself "why?" Do you show up for work or class regularly? Do you arrive on time? If so, is the assembly less important to you?

If you say "I've got enough "church" for the week or month", realize the impact you have on your church family and ponder how much someone may need your encouragement. The command not to forsake the assembly in Hebrews 10:25 is preceded by one of the reasons we come together -- "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works" (Heb 10:24). This does not happen by accident, and it cannot happen if you don't assemble. If we come only to "get something out of it" we will always leave emptyhanded. We must realize that we come together for God and for one another. Only then will the joy and spiritual benefit we crave be made reality.

"So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 2:1-5)

Our "showing up" may seem a small thing...but it does have a profound impact on our brethren.�




The Importance of Our Children's Education

by Jania Otey


e live in a world where more and more people call evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). Despite the sinfulness of this present world, parents, teachers and guardians of our youth have a responsibility to teach them God’s Word so they walk right before God and spend eternity with Him in heaven (Prov. 22:6). Offering a strong children’s Bible class program is an invaluable aid to this great effort and vital preparation in helping them withstand evil in the days to come (Eph. 6:13). Although the responsibility to teach children Biblical truths starts at home, providing substantive and engaging Bible instruction during congregational class times is also vital to their spiritual growth and development (Deut. 6:6-9; 11:18-21). Sadly, for some children, Bible classes may be their only opportunity to study God’s Word while their minds are still open and their hearts are still tender.

WE CERTAINLY Sometimes, teachers do not fully appreciate the mission involved with teaching youth. CANNOT EXPECT Bible class is not a time for entertainment and THEM TO PUT MORE empty discussion. Rather, it should be a time INTO THE STUDY for studying the Holy Scriptures to help young OF MATHEMATICS people develop a thirst for the will of God and AND LITERATURE a commitment to enthusiastically obeying it. The THAN THEY DO INTO limited time children spend in Bible class THE STUDY OF THE (approximately only 80 minutes a week) SCRIPTURES. is very valuable, and all of that time must be redeemed to instill a love for learning God’s Word in them. It is important that we never underestimate the positive, life-changing impact teachers can have on children when we dedicate ourselves to teaching Bible class. Our emphasis in preparation for and during that class time should be on helping children live lives of faithful service to God and ultimately spend eternity with Him in heaven. The effectiveness of children’s classes is also limited when capable members shy away from teaching because of misconceptions or preconceived notions about qualifications to teach. You do not need a PhD in Biblical Studies or certifications in elementary education to teach Bible classes for children. The church needs prayerful, faithful members who study their Bibles diligently and recognize the importance of hiding God’s Word in the hearts of


FALL 2016


FALL SCHEDULE Sept 11 - Group 4 Sept 18 - Group 5 Sept 25 - Group 6 Oct 2 - Group 1 Oct 9 - Group 2 Oct 16 - No SLB (Special Sunday) Oct 23 - Group 3 Oct 30 - Group 4 Nov 6 - Group 5




There are six different groups led by the following:

If you have forgotten what group you are in, please contact David Campbell or the church office for more information.

Group 1 - David Campbell Group 2 - Josh Sipper

Nov 13 - Group 6

Group 3 - Philip Randolph

Nov 20 - Group 1

Group 4 - Mike Moody

Nov 27 - Group 2

Group 5 - Carmel Weed Group 6 - Michael Summers

our children to help them fight off sin (Psalm 119:11). Observing a child’s knowledge of the Bible increase over time and knowing that you played a significant role in shaping their hearts is incredibly rewarding. Moreover, committed members who teach benefit from the increased frequency and intensity in their own personal studies. Degrees do not make good Bible teachers. Willing, loving, committed, prepared hearts help a lot more! Of course, Bible study should be enjoyable and engaging for students. But it should also be challenging. We certainly cannot expect them to put more into the study of mathematics and literature than they do into the study of the Scriptures if we expect them to be truly successful in life. Young people should open their Bibles in every class and read aloud while discussing the meaning and application of the texts they read. This is even true for very young children. By the age of three, a child’s brain forms twice as many synapses (connections) as they will need in life. If those connections are used repeatedly, they are reinforced. If they are not used repeatedly, there is a great likelihood that they will be eliminated. Consistently hearing God’s Word, examining colorful visuals, and providing substantive Bible-based hands-on activities for children at an early

Please get involved with this as it has been so rewarding so far for the members that participate. This is something that has allowed people to get to know one another more!

age is absolutely vital to their spiritual development. These precious opportunities simply cannot be wasted! Children have to be taught God’s Word in order to obey it. Remember Judges 2:10; after the death of Joshua, “another generation arose after them who did not know the Lord nor the work which He had done for Israel.” The children of Israel turned away from God and did evil, apparently because the older generation failed to teach the younger generations properly. Our children are on loan to us for just a little while, and we need to maximize the time we have with them by instilling a love for learning God’s Word in their hearts. They are truly “a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward” (Psalm 127:3), so let us not waste the precious time the Lord has given us to teach them and implant God’s Word deeply in their hearts. Jania is a native of California but moved to Washington D.C. and obtained a B.A. in Political Science and law degree from Howard University. She met her husband Melvin while there and they have two boys, Caleb and Christian. Although Jania continues to practice law on a limited basis, she devotes most of her time to educating and shaping the hearts of her sons, being a wife, and working in the church, She can be contacted at




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Below: Dalraida honored Jean's 34 years of service as the church secretary

a lraid and w.da bout us any w w m t a i e s e r i r a o V out ere nm lear tory. Th tails ab rich e s i d d h our resting ation an he inte ngreg as in t h co our istory it omery h tg n o . M area


by Jean Spiro

Growing Through the years With My Dalraida Family ow fast the years fly by!! It’s hard to believe that I have been a member of the Dalraida Church of Christ for more than 60 years. Walt and I started attending in a studio building on Camellia Drive with a group of Christians. Walt and I, with our then-toddler Debra, attended the first service in the new building of the Dalraida Church of Christ in March 1956. There were about 90 people attending. That exciting day will always stand out in my memory. I have been blessed to raise my two daughters, Debra and Teri, here among loving Christian friends and Bible teachers. My memories of seeing my children baptized here years later will always be treasured, and in 1963, we all rejoiced when Walt was baptized here after attending faithfully with us all these past years. When he decided to become a Christian, our family was truly united together with our family at Dalraida.


Over the years I worked with five different ministers --Tom Estes, Jack Black, Claude Flynn, Charlie Boddy and Floyd Bailey. The church offices were moved to several different locations over the years due to construction, adding on or extending the old building as membership

How blessed I am to be a part of this good church. I have always looked forward to working and worshipping with these people. In 1966, I was asked by Tom Estes to serve as the church secretary. I was happy to accept this job and I began

“How blessed I am to be a part of this good church. I have always looked forward to working and worshipping with these people.”


working part-time and increased my hours later. The part-time hours gave me the time and blessings to be at home with my young children when they came in from school. I served as church secretary for 34 years. FALL 2016


Above: the first meeting place for the Dalraida congregation was in the studio behind Howard Foshee's house on Camellia Drive

grew. So it was necessary for us to move our offices each time we were in the way of the construction crew. After completing my 34 years of working here, I retired so that I could spend more time with my family. Dalraida has always been a growing church. Although we started in the studio building, we quickly outgrew it and had plans for a new building on Atlanta Highway. After a few years, we outgrew that building and we made several additions to create more room for fellowship and Bible classes. But, even after the additions, we needed a

“I have often wondered how a person survives the loss of a beloved family member without the support and love of a church family.” large groups and this was my home group. Glenn Ferrell presented me with a silver tray and I was given a plaque by Jeff Powell, the elder who I worked closely with at that time. Another occurred in 1998 when Walt and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. So many members of Dalraida celebrated with us on Feb. 14, 1998, in the church annex and I greatly appreciated all those who helped host the reception. I have often wondered how a person survives the loss of a beloved family member without the support and love of a church family. Dalraida has always provided that support for me. My family has had several losses in past years, and each time I have been so touched and humbled by the care of my Dalraida family. When my mother died, I appreciated all the thoughtfulness extended to us. And when our three-monthold granddaughter, Ashley McLain, was sick and eventually passed away, Dalraida’s love and help was shown in so many ways. Our family at Dalraida helped reach out in many countless ways—helping clean Debra’s home, washing clothes and whatever else was needed as Debra had spent most of her baby’s life with her at the Children’s Hospital. And the love and support you gave us during this sad time of our life has never been forgotten.

larger building, so construction began for our present building. After several delays, it was completed and we moved into our new building on Sunday, March 10, 1991. The Dalraida church means so much to me in so many ways. I love the fellowship of the Wednesday night ladies’ class. There is just a special bond of love to be a part of this class. Most of the ladies, at times, find occasions in their lives when they need encouragement, caring or prayers and it is certainly found there.

Dalraida has been my Christian family for over 60 years. I am so thankful and blessed that Walt and I have this family and are able to continue to worship here. It is a wonderful home and it is comforting to feel the presence of the members around us every time we come together! Walt & Jean Spiro have been members at Dalraida since its beginning in 1956. Walt still serves Dalraida as one of its deacons and they both faithfully attend and contribute to our Bible classes and other activities. They can be reached via email at

I have many cherished memories of working with the elders of the congregation here, but two of them stick out in my mind the most – Jeff Powell and Charlie Cline. Brother Powell oversaw the construction of the buildings, and during the days of reconstruction, he came by the church regularly. I learned so much from him. After he died, brother Cline began to oversee the office, and guided me as I began doing the church bookkeeping. I am proud of the association I had with these two great elders and the influence they have had on my life. They will forever represent the Dalraida Church of Christ in my heart. We have had some memorable celebrations with our family at Dalraida. In 1998, I was given a surprise “appreciation dinner” by “Group 3” in recognition of the 25th Anniversary of my service as church secretary. The congregation was divided into four

Above: Walt and Jean celebrated their 50th Anniversary at Dalraida in 1998










amilies should make it a goal to sit down and study the Bible together every week - every night if possible! This instills an incredible respect for God’s Word and allows the family to grow stronger together. For this quarter, the children will be studying the early life and ministry of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. These Family Bible Study plans guide you through some of the same lessons your child will have in Bible class. Use the discussion questions and principles from the stories to discuss and grow together. SEPTEMBER 11-17



12 THINGS ABOUT THE 12 APOSTLES Read Together: Matthew 4:18-22

Read Together: Matthew 9:9-13; Luke 5:27-32 Memory Verse: Names of the Apostles (Matthew 10:2-4)

Memory Verse: Names of the Apostles (Matthew 10:2-4)

Questions for the Family

Questions for the Family:

1. W here was Matthew when Jesus found him?

1. Name the twelve men that Jesus appointed as Apostles. (Parents...your children can get a trophy for saying these to Mr. Doug or one of the elders!!)

2. W hat was Jesus’ response to the Pharisees who tested him?

2. What did the Apostles do when Jesus asked them to follow Him? Describe each of their reactions together and what it said about them as men and followers. 3. Who is the Apostle who betrayed Jesus? Why did he do this? Prayer Focus: Pray for our missionaries every night this week. Remember, like the Apostles, our missionaries work hard to spread the Gospel and help teach others about Christ.


ANDREW BROUGHT HIS BROTHER TO JESUS Read Together: John 1:35-42; Mark 1:16-18 Memory Verse: Names of the Apostles (Matthew 10:2-4) Questions for the Family: 1. Who is Andrew’s Brother? 2. W hat did Andrew tell Simon to make him follow? 3. W hat did Jesus tell Simon that he would be called? Prayer Focus: Pray for the people who are being led to Christ so that their eyes may be opened to see the truth (and we can help guide them).


FALL 2016


3. W hat other name for Matthew does Luke’s account give? Prayer Focus: Pray that we will take advantage of opportunities to tell others (even people we may not like, like the sinners and tax collectors) about the Gospel.


JESUS CHOSE FOUR FISHERMAN Read Together: Luke 5:1-11; John 15:13-17 Memory Verse: John 15:12 Questions for the Family: 1. Did Jesus choose the Apostles, or vice versa? 2. Why were the first Apostles not on their boats? 3. W hat made the fishermen leave there boats and decide to follow Jesus? Prayer Focus: Pray that we will also be fishers of men and look for others we can lead to Christ.







JUDAS AND MATTHIAS Read Together: Matthew 26:14-50; Acts 1:21-26 Memory Verse: Proverbs 22:1


THOMAS, THE DOUBTER Read Together: John 20:19-31; 11:16 Memory Verse: Hebrews 11:1, 6 Questions for the Family: 1. Although Thomas is remembered as “Doubting Thomas” there were times when he was very courageous. What did Thomas say to the other disciples before they went to Judea in John 11?

Questions for the Family: 1. F rom what moment did Judas seek an opportunity to betray Jesus? 2. N ame a requisite (requirement) to replace an Apostle? 3. W ho was the other Character who was called on to potentially be an Apostle Prayer Focus: Pray with thankfulness to God that we have a way to have our sins forgiven.

2. From what story about Thomas do we get his nickname? (Doubting Thomas) 3. Was Jesus angry at the disciples for wanting proof that he had risen from the grave? What did he say about people who believed he had risen anyway? Prayer Focus: Pray that our faith will be strengthened.


PAUL & BARNABAS Read Together: Acts 9:19-27 Memory Verse: Ephesians 4:32

Questions for the Family: 1. W hy were the disciples afraid of Saul when he came to them? 2. Describe what Barnabas did in relation to Saul. 3. W hat happens to our relationships when we dwell on the past mistakes and sins? Prayer Focus: Pray that we can forgive and forget past mistakes and live for Christ each day.


PAUL & SILAS Read Together: Acts 16:16-24 Memory Verse: Philippians 4:4 Questions for the Family 1. W hy were Paul and Silas thrown into prison? 2. What were Paul and Silas doing within the prison cell? 3. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”? What does this phrase mean and how can it be applied to the story we just read Prayer Focus: Pray that whatever circumstance we are in life that our attitudes and actions will still reflect Christ in all we do.










LOIS & EUNICE Read Together: 2 Timothy 1:1-5, 3:14-17 Memory Verse: Proverbs 22:6 Questions for the Family 1. W ho taught Timothy the statutes and laws of God? Why did they do this? 2. A ccording to 2 Timothy 3:14-15, why are we to continue in the studying of God’s word?


3. How vital is it that parents teach their children the way of the LORD? (Parents...explain to your child(ren) the obligation and responsibility you have as a parent in teaching them!)

AQUILA & PRISCILLA Read Together: Acts 18:24-28 Memory Verse: 1 Timothy 6:18

Prayer Focus: Pray with thanksgiving for our parents, grandparents, and teachers who are daily teaching us the Word of God.

Questions for the Family 1. Was Apollos a false teacher? Why or why not? 2. W ho taught Apollos a better understanding of the scriptures and the way of God? 3. H ow does 2 Timothy 2:24-25 apply to the story of Aquila, Priscilla and Apollos? Prayer Focus: Pray that we teach others the Word of God with a loving heart willing to speak the truth.


MARY & MARTHA Read Together: Luke 10:38-42 Memory Verse: Matthew 6:33 Questions for the Family 1. W hy was Martha upset with her sister Mary? 1. A ccording to verses 39-40 what were Mary and Martha doing during this time? 1. W hy was Jesus more appreciative of Mary’s decision than Martha’s? What can we learn from Mary’s attitude concerning listening and studying the word of God Prayer Focus: Pray that we will be eager to listen and study God's Word and that God is our top priority in life.


FALL 2016



PETER & JOHN Read Together: Acts 4:1-21 Memory Verse: 1 Corinthians 15:58 Questions for the Family 1. Why were Peter and John arrested? 2. What does the word “boldness” mean and how did Peter and John display it before the Jerusalem Council? 3. Read Acts 4:19-20 again. Explain this statement that Peter and John spoke to the Jerusalem Council. Why is it significant? Prayer Focus: Pray that we have boldness when speaking and teaching God's Word to our neighbors, friends and family.

DO YOU? Our new app allows you to sign-up to serve in various ways at Dalraida. Have you logged on and told us where you want to work? Go to on any device and sign-in to update your information TODAY! See John Kachelman or Nick Revels with any questions.

INTERESTED IN A BIBLE STUDY? Let us know by contacting the church office at or (334) 272-2561. If you would prefer studying at home on your own using any digital device sign-up at

Mission Works during the last few months


Dalraida supports more than 15 mission works on a monthly basis. These works are all aimed at spreading the saving Gospel around the world in many different ways. Take a look at some of the wonderful things that have happened in some of these works supported by Dalraida!



In July, Nana was baptized into Christ. He was brought to the church by Emanuel, and came to know Christ through the bible studies together. Nana is in medical school and hopes to return to his homeland of Ghana after he finishes his studies.


MADAGASCAR (Eliakim Monista)

Eliakim continues to reach out to others and teach them about Christ. At the end of August, he baptized Alawy, a former Catholic, who had gotten interested in studying the Bible when after he was dissatisfied with the Jehovah Witness' teaching. Alawy wanted real proof, and after studying with Eliakim he decided to obey the gospel.


FALL 2016



POIRUA, NEW ZEALAND (John & Erin Jones)

John and Erin continue to teach and study with those in the Poirua area of New Zealand. Recently, Sheila decided to give her life to Christ and was baptized for the forgiveness of her sins.



Trevor was asked to come speak to the Central North congrgation in Perth, Austraila on Christian evidences. He shared 13 lessons in 11 days. Pictured below is his presentation discussing the complexity of bacteria as proof that there must be a God.


JAKARTA, INDONESIA (Martin & Julie Johnson)

Martin and Julie continue to reach out to teach others about God. Recently, Martin taught a Bible class focused on absolute Truth with John 17:17, They continue to do a great job in evangelizing those in Indonesia.


New Zealand (Moshers & Jones)

The Bear Valley Bible Institute of New Zealand began in the last few months with its first class. Both Lance Mosher and John Jones are assisting in the teaching at the school.


EB GLOBAL (Moises Pinedo)

EB Global was able to have a booth at PTP and spread the news of what is being done for the Lord. At this event, more than 1,200 copies of our new Christian Family magazine was distributed for free to individuals and for mission works to Peru, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, as well as for many Hispanic works in several states in the U.S.


KAKINADA, INDIA (Ricky Gootam)


UKRAINE MISSIONS (John Kachelman Jr.)

Ricky prepares and records 4-7 sermons each week on different topics to be broadcast on the TV in India. In August, he recorded 10 sermons that will be played in the country every day on the local television station.

During a recent trip to Ukraine, John was able to visit an orphanage that helps take care of children who have been displaced from the recent war in eastern Ukraine.




We are currently in our 4th year of L2L at Dalraida and have approximately 30 young folks participating from Pre-K to 12th grade. With a great Eldership and Parent involvement, this program continues to equip our youth to learn how to grow and maintain a Christian faith. The addition of L2L with our other outstanding youth programs helps us train our young leaders for the future! Here is some of the info for our 2017 program... 2016-2017 Theme: “And she said unto her, 'All that thou say to me, I will do'” (Ruth 3:5) 2017 Convention Date: April 14-16, 2017 2016-2017 Meeting Dates: Sep 11, Oct 10, Nov 13, Dec 11, Jan 15, Feb 12, Mar 5, Apr 9

Convention Cost: Each FAMILY will be required to pay $125.00 to attend convention. This is due on Dec. 1, 2016 (must be paid before you are registered)

Schedule for Meeting Dates: 12:30 – 1:45 1:45 – 1:55 1:55 – 2:45 2:45 – 2:55 2:55 – 3:55 4:00 - 4:50

Song Leading Break Speech Break Bible Bowl Seeds and Lites

Want To Listen to Bible Lessons? Our sermons, auditorium Bible classes, and special series are always recorded so you can download anytime and listen!


FALL 2016


The Elders have agreed to pay for 2 nights in the hotel and registration fees as long as you have a child participating in two (2) core events. Core Events: song leading (boys/girls), speech (boys/ girls), debate, bible bowl, oral bible reading, art, and scrapbook

KIDSING CARDS Take time to help your kids learn Bible facts...and let them gain a sense of accomplishment when they get their trophy!

! w o N d s a o d l r n a w Do g C ible

n i B S n d r i a K Le t a nt em por We m i lp th e ! o a h s d n a re D a l r a i st to ns i ids r b e l l e s s o e ve r a l t at u s o u u do to e r f h a ve s e a b o u t to ond r wa n t h e w i d a we r n m o o u ra ge a a c n lear At Dalr kids le o is en ing r d . u d d e i o r w o K S p ’s W to hel things in our d o s s e G ra m f th fact p ro g O n e o n B i b l e ning . r e ve d s Go d to l e a r u i re o ngs he k t h e m ra m . b e f o h e re t s i n g s o c t s e g o m ys w a pr and a till ed f s a ti n g i n Su n d t p e w s e m o r i z e l p i n s y i S d o on er m Ki s h s . Th e e fr i ce s v fact s e r v e r o n t h n d go o s a n d o u r k i d m e nt g h f g at h Do u g a e s e s o n e a r t s o o m p l i s c h h h g! c t n T i a e i w t h s e of er. arn h n i e t nity l e d n r fo tog s Wor n a se ortu ings y p h p ’ p i o h G o d v e n g a e t a t ro rful rn t e nde ids lea g o n y a w e c k a n th the nt s whe ese o help r p t also nt s o rd ! T h i s u r p a re b l e . sW ’ d i o o G fo r t t h e B t arn u o l e c a rd s a t abo d l i t h c c a f r yo u Sing . ra g e t h e K i d k i d s u kids o s of En c n l o a d a . o r g / e g a d ork r all D o w . d a l ra i s fo s a n d w e y o u r w d r w a w c rd av ing t ca d, h K i dS s i c fa c n a c a r f o a y lear ers! rn b riet a v a e m l e a e n yo u t h e e l d e r h h of W gt re a T h e h e l p i n c a rd s . o r o n e t r r g e a rd ou St o ha to D u p t s ay i t d chil

s t c a F





ARE YOU? DO MORE FOR THE LORD’S CHURCH IN 2016... What can you do? What are your talents? What are you interested in helping with? There are so many opportunities at Dalraida for members! Since we all need to do more than just come to worship services, make it your goal in 2016 to find some new areas of work to get involved! Check out the list below for some ideas... MISSIONS

•• Hosting visiting missionaries in home •• Go on mission trips in the United States or in a foreign country •• Keep in contact with missionaries


•• Help with small projects or maintenance •• Help with workday •• Drive a bus •• Assist in security during services


•• Teach a children’s class •• Assist a children’s class teacher •• Teach adult class •• Help with VBS •• Staff nursery during services


•• Help with Widows ministry •• Help with Orphans ministry •• Help with Prison Ministry •• Work in food & clothing center

•• Visit sick & shut-in •• Make ER Teddy Bears •• Help with food to sick & bereaved •• Help with major disaster relief


•• Drive bus for event •• Plan/coordinate event for my age group •• Attend event for my age group •• Mentor younger man/woman •• Help plan/coordinate men’s ministry activities •• Help plan/coordinate women’s ministry activities


•• Operate A/V computer for services •• Operate sound equipment for services •• Help with member database services •• Help with announcement slideshows



•• Plan/host activity for Huddle Group (up to 3rd Grade) •• Plan/host activity for Jr. Youth Group (3rd-6th Grades) •• Plan/host activity for Youth Group (7th-12th Grades) •• Chaperone Youth Group activity (7th-12th Grades) •• Host activity for College Group •• Host a college student for lunch (“Stuff-A-Student” sponsor)

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO GET INVOLVED! Update your involvement information TODAY by (1) filling out a paper form in one of the foyers OR (2) login to the new iServe app and tell us where you want to work. This allows the leaders to know where to connect you in the work at Dalraida! You can turn in the paper forms to any elder or deacon.

•• Visit absent members •• Help greet visitors •• Follow-up and contact visitors •• Visit visitors •• Visit shut-ins •• Help coordinate/plan a special Sunday (Friends & Family Day, etc.) •• Lead prayer •• Read scripture •• Lead singing •• Preside over Lord’s Supper

You can update your information online NOW at

See John Kachelman or Nick Revels with any questions about using the iServe app on your mobile device or home computer.


FALL 2016


2016‐2017 Schedule And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works... ‐ Hebrews 10:24 ESV Purpose:​ To teach children the skills to become a servant‐leaders within the church and to the world. They will be shown the details of the service ministries of the Dalraida congregation, the biblical focus of each, and how they function as an effort to serve the church, the community, and most of all to share the Gospel with the lost. Ages: ​1st grade through 6th grade Meeting Times:​ The 1st & 2nd Sundays of the month at 4:00pm per the calendar below. S&L Leaders: ​Derrek & Danyel Wilson and Mike & Karen Moody

Fall Schedule August 28th

S&L Open House​ ‐ Registration & Cookies

September 11st

Big First Day with S&L​ ...let’s start with the church sign

October 2nd

Lord’s Supper: ​What is it? Who prepares it? How is it served?

October 9th

Sound Booth:​ Why a projector and a microphone? Who records the sermon?

November 6th

Giving:​ Why do we give? Where does it go? How does it get there?

November 13th

Food Pantry:​ We have a food pantry?! How does it work? Who is it for?

December 4th

Service Project:​ ​Widows & Widowers Holiday Project

Spring Schedule January 8th

Girls: ​Church Shower Prep​ / Boys: M ​ en’s Devo Prep

January 15th

Girls: ​Church Shower​ / Boys: ​Men’s Devo

February 5th

Service Project:​ Office Valentines

February 12th

Church Office Staff: ​What goes on during the week?

March 5th

Missions Month: ​Care packages for foreign missionaries

March 12th

Missions Month: ​Why we go on mission trips?

April 2nd

Service Project:​ ​Planting the seed.

April 9th

Elder Sunday: ​How they shepherd the flock

May 7th

S&L Burgers & Banana Splits​ ‐ End of Year Party (6:30 pm)

*Please remember this calendar has to remain flexible. We will do our best to communicate changes ahead of time. Thank you!





audio & podcast available

unday morning Bible classes are generally separated into age groups

so we can encourage each other because of common experiences and issues we are dealing with. However, since our experiences transpose ages or groups, there is no reason why you can’t attend any class! Please look at the classes and topics below and attend any class if that topic is of greater interest to you! The elders at Dalraida want all members to be involved in a class...It does not matter which one! All classes will be studying God’s Word and they will help your faith grow and mature as God wants!

Join us for class on

Sundays @ 9 am




Portraits of God Scott Lockwood

Taking Sides David Baker, Mark Davidson & John Kachelman

Flowing throughout the Bible is a common thread of revealing God and His plan of redemption. This class will look at the overall teachings that transverse the Old and New Testaments that help reveal the portrait of a living and loving God who has a plan for our lives.

In our culture, Christians are constantly considering questions about the various issues. This class seeks to explore some of the most common and current issues in our culture today and looks to find biblical principles to help Christians choose God's side.




Paul's Letter to the Romans Bill Johnson

1 & 2 Timothy Terry Edwards

Philippians & Colossians Buddy Renahan

Paul's letter to the Romans contains wonderful, practical lessons for Christians today as it considers some of the issues facing the early church in Rome. Open your bibles in this study and explore the lessons in Romans for our lives today.

A textual study of the letters to Timothy reveal critical instructions on leadership, faithfulness and instructing the Lord's Church. Paul always wanted his young son-in-the-faith to lead a life that not only taught others but showed them a tremendous example of dedication to the Lord and His Church.

Paul continued to reach out to the young congregations in Asia after helping establish them on his missionary journeys. In these two letters, he sought to encourage, edify and instruct them on how Christians should live their lives so they would be following God's Will.

FALL 2016



with Melvin Otey


ednesday nights are times for the Dalraida family to gather together, study God’s Word,

and fellowship. The elders plan classes which

will encourage us to grow stronger spiritually in the faith. We have classes for all ages -- children

with Robert


Living Lives That Matter & Women of the Bible taught by Regina Stringer and others

through adult!

Join us for class on


Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm




God Loves Everyone...Do You?


he love of our great God is one of the profound themes of the Bible. The Golden Text of the Bible assures us that “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (Jn. 3:16). “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). John, commonly referred to as the Apostle of love, wrote “In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins” (1 Jn. 4:10). The writer of Lamentations stated “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lam. 3:22-23). John makes an amazing statement when he writes that “God is love” (1 Jn. 4:8). The fact that God loves everyone cannot be denied. What our magnificent God has done for us proves his love again and again. The love of God calls for a response on our part. Jesus said in“If you love me, keep My commandments” (Jn. 14:15). If we love God we will do what He says without questioning His authority. We are admonished by the words of John who said, “Whoever says he abides in Him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.” (1 Jn. 2:6). To walk as Jesus walked is to live like He lived and love like He loved. God loved every single individual that ever lived on this planet so much that He gave His own Son, Jesus Christ, as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. God loved us when we were unlovable and he saved us when we were unsavable (Rom. 5:8). One of the most important things we can do as Christians is


FALL 2016


by Doug Smith

love God and love people. But before we can love anyone, we have to receive God's love because you can't give away something you don't have. When I try to comprehend how much God loves me it should naturally lead me to love as He has loves. God loves everyone, and so must I if I am to be pleasing to Him. The Bible admonishes us to love everyone from our brothers and sisters in Christ to our worst enemies. Jesus said “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another” (Jn. 13:24). We are challenged daily with the words of 1 John 4:11 which states “Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” This is much easier said than done but we are not left without God’s guidance in this matter. If you really love someone then you show it by how you act toward that person. Love is more than some physical attraction and more than arousal. It’s also more than sentimentality, like so many of today’s songs suggest. When this standard is used, is love dead when the emotion is gone? We have to see love as an action or a behavior. Love is a determined commitment to sacrificial action for other people. The Bible tells us that loving God is equal with obeying His Word (Jn. 15:15). In our time and culture most people define love as some kind of feeling. The modern definition of love might be stated as a feeling that you feel when you feel that you are feeling a feeling that you never felt before. The world’s definition of love is selfish in nature. Those in the world will not give love

unless it benefits them in some way. There may be strong emotions which accompany love, but it is the commitment of the will that will allow love to remain steadfast and unchanged over the course of time. Once we really understand that love is a determination of the will and it is demonstrated by our actions toward others, then we are on the path to loving everyone as God does. 1 Corinthians 13 has come to be known as the "love chapter." This great chapter tells of the importance of love, how love acts and behaves, and the eternal nature of love. We find in verses 4–8 the characteristics of true love and the nature of love which involves our thoughts, words, and actions. We can love everyone as God does when we discipline ourselves to make these characteristics a part of our daily lives. Love is PATIENT (long-suffering). Many times we want to forcefully express ourselves when the right thing to do is to think things through. Love will endure pain and trials without complaining and when provoked it will show forbearance and restraint. When difficulties and adversity come into our lives, love will remain steadfast and calm. Love is KIND. When the temptation comes to tear down and destroy someone with our words and actions, love is sympathetic, kind, gentle, and agreeable. This needs to be our attitude toward the members of our family, toward our brethren in the Lord’s Church, and even toward our enemies. We are not “to be overcome with evil but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). Love is NOT JEALOUS. It does not envy. It could be that someone is getting noticed more than you are and are receiving the praise and honor you feel should be directed toward you. Love will not allow one to participate in rivalry and will not be mean or hostile toward those who are perceived to have an advantage we don’t have. We need to realize that God made us who we are and therefore He requires I give our best. We should not compare ourselves with others. Love DOES NOT BRAG. There are many times when we might want to stand up and shout to the world about our accomplishments. Instead of self-glorification we need to lift and build up others. If we seek the praise men above the praise of God that will be our only reward (John 12:43). Love is NOT ARROGANT (is not puffed up). There will be times when we are sure that we are right and others are wrong. But love will not be overbearing in those situations.

We can love everyone as God does when we discipline ourselves to make these characteristics a part of our daily lives.

Love does not have an exaggerated estimation of self. If we are not careful we can become more focused on impressing others than pleasing God. Love DOES NOT ACT IN AN UNBECOMING WAY. Being boastful or rude may get you attention and perhaps allow you to get your own way, but love conforms to what is right, fitting and appropriate to the situation in order to honor God. Love DOES NOT SEEK ITS OWN. It is not selfish and self seeking. Love is an act of the will which seeks to serve and not be served. It is considering others better than ourselves (Php. 2:3-4). Love is NOT EASILY PROVOKED. It is not aroused or incited to outbursts of anger. Love THINKS NO EVIL. It does not attribute evil motives to people and it does not hold grudges. It forgives and forgets. Love DOES NOT REJOICE IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. It mourns over sin and seeks to reconcile others with the Lord. Love REJOICES IN THE TRUTH. Even when it is easier and more profitable to lie, love is joyful when the truth is known even when it leads to adverse circumstances. Love BEARS ALL THINGS, BELIEVES ALL THINGS, AND HOPES ALL THINGS. It is being tolerant of others who have personality traits which cause problems in relationships. It accepts trustfully and does not judge the motives of others. Love anticipates the best in all situations. The fact that God loves everyone means that He will never fail anyone as love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). As children of God we are duty bound to love others just as God does. Meeting this challenge in our lives on a daily basis will bring glory and honor to God.





hurches of Christ love music. Singing is a prominent—and favorite—part of each service. Most congregations dedicate a Sunday night each month to learn new songs and to sing old favorites. Annual singings can draw thousands of people. Many Christians sing daily as they go about their tasks (James 5:13). Churches of Christ do not sing a cappella because we dislike other kinds of music. Most of us have as many songs on iPods as the next person. We do not lack financial means to purchase instruments or capable musicians to play them. We are not just trying to be different or stubbornly upholding a longstanding tradition. Why, then, do we sing a cappella?

THE PRACTICE IS PREDICATED ON FOLLOWING THE NEW TESTAMENT INSTEAD OF THE OLD. The church is a New Testament institution, purchased on the cross and established on Pentecost (Matthew 16:18; Acts 2:1–47; 20:28). Its rule of faith and practice is the covenant Jesus delivered by the Spirit (New Testament), not the Law delivered to Moses at Sinai (Old Testament). The New Testament records this transition: „„ Hear Christ, not Moses (Matthew 17:5). „„ Preach gospel to all nations (Matthew 28:18–20). „„ Judged by Christ’s words (John 12:48).


FALL 2016


„„ Loosed/delivered from the law (Romans 7:1–7). „„ “Christ is the end of the law” (Romans 10:4). „„ “Engraven in stones” law abolished ( 2 Corinthians 3:7–14). „„ Separating wall removed (Ephesians 2:14). „„ Old nailed to cross (Colossians 2:14). „„ Change in priesthood required change in law (Hebrews 7:12; 9:11). „„ New effective after Christ’s death (Hebrews 9:16–17). „„ Christ came to take away the first law to establish second ( Hebrews 10:9). A new law changed humanity’s response to God. Christians no longer offer animals, keep the Passover, observe Sabbaths and new moons, or avoid pork and catfish (cf. Colossians 2:14–17). Worship is not conducted by a special class of priests; blood is not sprinkled on a mercy seat; and unusual ceremonies involving goats, red heifers, and burnt animals are not required. In the changeover, God omitted such things as burning incense, golden vessels, colorful tapestries, dancing before the Lord, bitter herbs, and instruments. He kept unleavened bread, the fruit of the vine, prayers, and singing. Incidental? Hardly. God always meticulously planned worship (Exodus 25–40; Leviticus 1–27). He spent more than six thousand years completing His plan for the church (Ephesians 3:11; Galatians 4:4–5) so nothing

was left to happenstance. The Old Testament is written for our learning but not for our law (Romans 15:4). Going back to the Old Testament for study is helpful in understanding many things, but going back to the Old Testament for any practice obligates one to keep all its ordinances (Galatians 5:1–3; James 2:10).

THE PRACTICE COMES FROM OUR UNDERSTANDING OF WORSHIP AND PRIESTHOOD. Os Guinness observed, “The modern world has scrambled things so badly that today we worship our work, we work at our play, and we play at our worship.” Churches of Christ aim never to “play at worship.” Worship is the most important thing humans do. It is a privilege to worship—more specifically, to be one from whom God accepts worship. In the Old Testament, believers offered sacrifices through priests. In the New, all Christians are priests—a kingdom of priests (Revelation 1:6). As a holy priesthood we offer spiritual sacrifices to Him who called us out of darkness (1 Peter 2:5, 9). Every faithful member can participate in worship. Congregational singing reflects this. Instrumentals, choirs, and solos hinder all-member participation. Regardless of a congregation’s size, worship always has an audience of one. A God who has everything is in the market for little, but He seeks worship (John 4:23–24). In those few minutes, we have God’s undivided attention. It is when we say thanks for His “unspeakable gift” (2 Corinthians 9:15) and put a smile on the face of the one who puts a song in our hearts. The voice is a wonderful gift. You could say God gave each of us a musical instrument to use in His worship. We may not think we have a good voice, but God looks at (listens to) our hearts (1 Samuel 16:7). A sincere song from a faithful child pleases Him. The relevant question is not, “Do we have a voice?” but “Do we have a song?” God loves to hear His children sing. How one approaches God in worship is of fundamental importance. Individually and congregationally, worship is either accepted or refused by God. We must not assume that God automatically accepts anything we offer. He doesn’t. God has always rejected worship He did not like (Genesis 4:4–7; Isaiah 1:13). He does not like vain worship (Matthew 15:9), which (in the context) ritualistically continues human traditions; ignorant worship ( Acts 17:20–23), which results from not seeking God’s Word on the subject; and will-worship (Colossians 2:23), which offers what we want instead of what He wills. True worship is done in spirit and in truth ( John 4:24). Individually, God only accepts worship “in spirit”—that which comes from proper attitudes, such as reverence, thanksgiving, and humility (Hebrews 13:15). We must examine ourselves before worshipping (2 Corinthians 13:5). Collectively, God only accepts “in truth” worship, which means according to His Word ( John 17:17). We have

no authority to put words in God’s mouth, or to ignore words from His mouth (Matthew 4:4; Revelation 22:18– 19). Man is not at liberty to select a worship form that appeals to him. The danger for any church is to make worship entertainment oriented. The important thing is not what draws a crowd but what pleases God. Loving God supremely means acquiescing to His will (Matthew 7:21; 22:37–38; 23:23; John 7:17).

THE PRACTICE GROWS OUT OF OUR DESIRE TO REPRODUCE THE ORIGINAL CHURCH TODAY. The church of Christ sang a cappella in the days of the apostles, so the church of Christ sings a cappella today. It really is as simple as that. Churches of Christ today strive to be identical to the church in the New Testament ( Romans 16:16). Before we practice anything, we verify that it was practiced by the first century church. Thus “proving all things,” we hold “fast that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21; cf. Jeremiah 6:16). It is the safest approach one can take in religion—the way that is right and cannot be wrong. No scholar (of whom I am aware) says early Christians used instruments. No Bible verse records it. The phrase a cappella, which now means “without instrumental accompaniment,” originally meant “as in church.” Instruments were available and widely used in pagan worship and theaters, as well as the Jewish temple, but they were not used by the church. Standard reference works and music textbooks confirm this. Emil Nauman wrote in The History of Music: “There can be no doubt that originally the music of the divine service was everywhere entirely of a vocal nature” (Vol. 1, p. 177). Wycliffe Bible Dictionary says, “There is no record in the New Testament of the use of instruments in the musical worship of the Christian church.” The Catholic Encyclopedia reads, “The first Christians were of too spiritual a fiber to substitute lifeless instruments for or to use them to accompany the human voice.” More than five hundred years passed before instruments were used. Chambers Encyclopedia notes, “The organ is said to have been introduced into church music by Pope Vitalian in 666 ad.” At first, the organ was played only before and after the “liturgy” (worship service). Years later, it was moved into the service proper. Then it caused such controversy that in ad 1054 it led to a split between Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. (Orthodox Churches, with few exceptions, continue to use vocal music only to this day.) Most Protestant churches did not use instruments until the 1800s. In the time of the Reformation, churches opposed instruments in stronger language than we would likely use today. Martin Luther, founder of the Lutheran Church, called the instrument “an ensign of Baal” (McClintock and Strong’s Cyclopedia, from Luther, Martin, Realencyklopadie Fur Protestantische Theologie und Kirche). John Calvin, founder of the Presbyterian Church, wrote, “Musical instruments in celebrating the praises of God would be no more suitable than the burning of incense, the lighting up of lamps, and the




restoration of the other shadows of the law” (Comments on Psalm 33). John Wesley (1703–1791), founder of the Methodist Church, said: “I have no objection to instruments of music, in our chapels, provided they are neither heard nor seen” (quoted by his personal friend, Adam Clark in Clark’s Commentary, Vol. IV, p. 686). Adam Clarke (1762–1832), prominent Methodist scholar, wrote: “Music as a science, I esteem and admire: but instruments of music in the house of God I abominate and abhor” (Comments on Amos 6). Charles Spurgeon, widely-recognized as the greatest Baptist preacher, wrote in his comments on Psalm 42: “We might as well pray by machinery as praise by it” (Treasury of David, Volume 1, 272). He never allowed instruments in his tenthousand- seat Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. These quotations are not given as authority, and certainly not to offend, but simply to show that church history is firmly on the side of a cappella singing.

4:6) or adding anything to the Bible (Revelation 22:18– 19). We must not go out of bounds (2 John 1:9). What are the bounds regarding worship? The New Testament does not say much about music in the early church. The one time music is used (Luke 15:25), is not even talking about worship, but about the party held for the returning prodigal. A few verses mention pipes and harps (e.g., Matthew 11:17; 1 Corinthians 14; Revelation 14–15), but none in the context of church worship. Singing, however, is mentioned seven times in that context (Acts 16:25; Romans 15:9; 1 Corinthians 14:15; Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16; Hebrews 2:12; James 5:13). Singing is definitely “in bounds.” „„ It is commanded (Ephesians 5:19). „„ There are examples of Christians singing (Acts 16:25; 1 Corinthians 14:15). „„ It is in the principle of offering God the fruit of our lips (Hebrews 13:15).


On the other hand, the New Testament is silent on playing songs for God. It is not commanded nor is there any example of the early church using it.

Churches of Christ believe strongly in having divine authority (a scripture) for all we teach and practice. We do this because the Bible says, “Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Colossians 3:17). “Whatsoever” and “all” are comprehensive words. To do a thing “in Jesus’ name” means to do it by His authority. The Bible warns against venturing beyond “that which is written” (1 Corinthians

We pray that God will give all of us wisdom as we continue our spiritual journey toward eternity (James 1:2–4).

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All who love the Lord share a delight in His praise. Truly may God in all things “be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen” (1 Peter 4:11).

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Dalraida Families | Fall 2016  

A quarterly publication for the members, families, and friends of the Dalraida Church of Christ

Dalraida Families | Fall 2016  

A quarterly publication for the members, families, and friends of the Dalraida Church of Christ