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Learn about the Johnson family who are working to teach Christ in Indonesia

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One conversion can lead to others in Madagascar

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Connecting with DALRAIDA God's family at Dalraida contnues to encourage others

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anxiety We must fight together to maintain fellowship

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The conversion of one young man who wants to change his world



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ELDERS MESSAGE We must work to make sure that we are the genuine thing in this world

BIBLE STUDY can be easy and comfortable for you, your friends or your family.

SPRING EVENTS Look at the upcoming events this Spring and mark your calendars!


from our Fortifying the Family Day with Melvin Otey.

REACHING ELIAKIM tells us about how a young man's conversion continues to grow.


reminds us to keep our focus on our eternal loving home.

BILLY CAMP explores how the Church is sometimes invisible to SPRING 2016 | the community.

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ants & Particip le Schedu



Ann Urquhart tells how she feels


DYG has been busy and serving


L2L ---




was a class that challenged students to fulfill their duty to teach.


ministry has many activities and needs to stay connected.


Johnson family who are working in Indonesia spreading God's Word..

DALRAIDA LADIES had a wonderful tie at the prayer breakfast together.

DALRAIDA YOUTH have stayed busy with activities and growing together.

SOCIAL ANXIETY can even cause Christians to struggle to keep the fellowship.


continues to help us get to know each other better as we eat.



Guides encourage study together

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CONNECTING AT Dalraida was quick for the Urquharts and helps them through trials in life.


essential to raising a godly home and these guides can help you out!

STUDYING THE Bible in an

easy way? Find out by going online in the comfort of your home.

MISSION WORK is important

at Dalraida. Check out some of the updates from the mission field..

DALRAIDA L2L is going

strong and our participants are getting ready for convention.

KIDSING CARDS help your kids learn Bible facts. Download them now and work with them!

MT. DORA Benefit Dinner was a success and Dalraida does so much to help those in need..


This magazine is published in an effort to help the Christians at Dalraida stay organized, informed and involved. One of the best ways to encourage involvement is to make sure the communication among the family at Dalraida is as good as possible.

REFLECTIONS ON EVERYDAY EVANGELISM Cody Poe shares how he has been challenged by Melvin Otey's class

Our hope is that by putting all the information together in one place for members (and anyone else interested) for quick reference and reading, that members and others will benefit from it as they plan their busy lives. This also encourages the leaders at Dalraida to think ahead and do a better job at planning and scheduling events for the next quarter. The members are the beneficiaries of this because we can all now plan to be involved more in activities and ministires at Dalraida. Members have no excuse not to get involved more! Read the articles, mark down the events, and plan to be more involved in the next quarter.


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our help to continue teaching others the truth about God!

MISSIONS SPOTLIGHT Learn about the Johnson family


Billy Camp



be aligned to God's wll and we must choose wisely..


Bill Johnson Bob McKee Steve Phillips Jim Russell Dean Sanders John Kachelman III

quarter will edify and strengthen you. Check out our lineup!.

How can we seek God's kingdom first?



BIBLE CLASSES this spring


The body works so much better when all the members are present and working together! (1 Cor. 12).


How Christians can grow from it



Billy Camp David Campbell Gene Connor Terry Edwards Vicki Murphy Cody Poe Josh Sipper Will Tucker Ann Urquhart Carmel Weed





a message from the


old was so plentiful in King Solomon’s reign that silver was accounted as nothing. (I Kgs. 10:21). All the vessels of his house were of gold. Solomon did not mind flaunting his wealth. In addition to the enormous amounts of gold built into the temple and his own palace, he made 200 large shields overlaid with 600 shekels of beaten gold. He also made 300 small shields overlaid with 300 shekels of beaten gold. (II Chr. 9:15). By today’s standards, estimates for the total value of these shields reach as high as perhaps $ 84 million. Too heavy for battle, they were symbols of the glory of Israel. When attendants bearing these remarkable shields led Solomon’s royal processions, we can imagine the effect on the people lining the streets. Who else could boast of such a display? With riches pouring in from all corners and the boundaries of Israel pushed to their farthest limits, the common Israelite felt part of something very big and very grand. But when Rehoboam took the throne after Solomon’s death, everything changed. II Chronicles 12:1 tells us that he “forsook the law of the Lord and all Israel with him. And King Shishak of Egypt came up against Jerusalem because they had transgressed against the Lord.” Shishak plundered the city and took all the treasures of the temple and the king’s house – including Solomon’s shields of gold. How were the mighty fallen! Israel became a vassal state to Shishak and no doubt mourned their loss of glory in daily conversations. Rehoboam couldn’t give them back the golden shields, so he made bronze shields to replace them. (II Chronicles 12:10). What a sorry substitute. And how discouraged the people must have felt watching royal processions featuring shields of bronze instead of gold. The United States was founded by men who honored God and realized the value of Christianity in the life of our nation. The Declaration of Independence and charters of almost every state acknowledge his sovereignty. Our national pledge and our money give him tribute. To the patriots, biblical principles were our shields of gold, symbols of a great and good land with freedom and unlimited opportunities. John Adams wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”




Shields of Gold

Bearing is our only hope for survivial

In our times the shields of gold have been supplanted by those of bronze. According to latest available statistics, the ghastly slaughter of innocents in the womb has claimed the lives of over 56,000,000 babies since 1973. Same sex unions are now the law of the land in direct opposition to the word of God. Prayer is banned from all public activities, and any mention of the true God brings down the wrath of government upon our heads. Universities once revered for their benign influence on society are now hotbeds of humanism and gross immorality. Students are imbued with hostility to traditional authorities and brainwashed with virulent socialism. In a recent TV interview, four Harvard students all agreed that the United States was a greater threat to world peace than ISIS. When the New Testament church was founded in AD 33, love for God’s word and his authority were its golden shields. Sadly, these have been exchanged for bronze shields of denominationalism and multiple departures from sound doctrine. The declining role of religion, disregard for God’s word and the slide into secularism are evident on every hand. America is following the path of Europe, where cathedrals and churches are empty of worshipers. But both in Europe and America, new mosques are springing up in every city. Looking at bronze shields, Israel would have gladly returned to the days of those made of gold. And our nation would be infinitely better off to return to the principles espoused by George Washington and John Adams. The only hope for the survival of God’s church in our changing world is for Christians to bear the shields of gold handed down to us in the Apostles’ doctrine.

Ready for a Road Trip? Sign up NOW for the Summer Dalraida Bus Trip

JUNE 13-18

North Carolina Outer Banks Join us for six days of fun, fellowship and sightseeing as we visit the birth place of powered flight; early Maritime and American historical sites; and picturesque lighthouses while travelling in the comfort of our chartered Trailways motor coach.

See Jack or Linda Jackson for more details and deadlines!

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L2L SCRAPBOOKING LOCK-IN 5:30 in Fellowship Hall

SEEDS &LITES 4:15 pm

SEEDS &LITES 4:15 pm

L2LScrapbooking will be finishing and putting the book together. We will meet at 5:30 pm Friday and pick up time is 8:00 am Saturday. See Suzy Weed for details.

The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.

The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.



PARENT’S NIGHT OUT 5 pm in Teen Room


The L2L Keepers will offer another Parents Night Out from 5:00 - 9:00 while you enjoy the night out. Please send supper with your child/children. Snacks will be provided.

All who are involved in the ER Teddy Bear ministry are encouraged to come for a workday. Please come, bring a lunch and stay as long as your schedule will allow.

MARCH 5 PT | FAMILY GAME NIGHT After am services All children and families are invited to stay after morning services for lunch with Santa! Bring soup, salads, and desserts. Any questions, see Stacey Davidson.



SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 1 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

Group 2 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

L2L TRAINING 1:00-4:00 in Fellowship Hall

BABY GIRL TEA FOR AMBER WILLINGHAM 2:00-3:30 in Ladies Tea Room All ladies of the congregation are invited to join in celebrating Charlotte Lee Willingham (Charlie). Please come and enjoy this time celebrating with Amber!

All participants in L2L need to plan to come, work and practice at the building. Please come at the assigned time or see Carmel Weed or one of hte coaches with any questions.




MARCH 20 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 3 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

L2L TRAINING 1:00-4:00 in Fellowship Hall All participants in L2L need to plan to come, work and practice at the building. Please come at the assigned time or see Carmel Weed or one of hte coaches with any questions.

MARCH 23 DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.

KEEP UP WITH DYG EVENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Download the DYG App for your Apple or Android device TODAY!

MARCH 25-27 L2L CONVENTION Atalanta, GA All participants and families will travel to Atlanta, GA for the L2L Convention. Please keep these families in your prayers.

MARCH 27 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 4 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.




SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH Mar 6 - Group 1 Mar 13 - Group 2 Mar 20 - Group 3 Mar 27 - Group 4 Apr 3 - Group 5 Apr 10 - Group 6 Apr 17 - Group 1 Apr 24 - Group 2


APRIL 8-10

DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room

DYG | MAKIN’ MUSIC Freed-Hardeman University

The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.

The youth will be going to Makin’ Music at FHU and attend a Saturday performance. They will return on Sunday afternoon.

APRIL 3 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 5 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

APRIL 3 PT | FELLOWSHIP & DEVO After pm services The YP’s are all invited to stay after evening services and enjoy a time of fellowship and devotion together as a family.

SEEDS &LITES 4:15 pm The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.

APRIL 7 ER TEDDY BEAR CUT-OUT & CUT-UP WORKDAY 9 am - 12 pm We will meet to pin ribbons and cut out the boy and girl pattern fabric for the bears.

May 1 - No SLB (Missions Sunday) May 8 - Group 3 May 15 - Group 4 May 22 - Group 5 May 29 - Group 6

APRIL 10 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 6 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

SEEDS &LITES 4:15 pm The boys and girls will meet and work together on their planned service activity.

L2L BANQUET After pm services All the congregation is invited to honor and celebrate those who were involved in L2L this year. Please see Carmel Weed for more info.

APRIL 16 SERVICE SATURDAY After pm services The PT's encourage the men of the congregation and their families to come and work around the church buliding. We will be trimming trees, cleaning facia and soffets, painting, and more inside and outside of our building.

APRIL 17 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 1 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

DYG | FAMILY DEVO After pm services The youth and their families are invited for a time of fellowship and devotion after pm services.

APRIL 20 DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.

APRIL 24 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 2 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.






9 AM 10 AM 1130 AM 1 PM

"Growing God's Way" (7th grade and up in auditorium) "Mission-Minded Macedonians" Congregational Lunch (All visitors welcome!) "We Are His Workmanship"

* The elders have decided that all contributions will go directly to help our mission efforts. MORE DETAILS TO COME! APRIL 26


MAY 24


SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services


All who are involved in the ER Teddy Bear ministry are encouraged to come for a workday. Please come, bring a lunch and stay as long as your schedule will allow.

Group 3 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

All who are involved in the ER Teddy Bear ministry are encouraged to come for a workday. Please come, bring a lunch and stay as long as your schedule will allow.

APRIL 27 DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.

SEEDS &LITES BANQUET After pm services The Seeds & Lites and their families (and all others in the congregation) are invited to celebrate the graduation of the 5th graders and the end of the year together.

MAY 25 DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room


The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.


SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

MAY 29


Group 4 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services

MAY 18

Group 6 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

Dalraida will set aside this Sunday to focus on our duty to spread the Gospel to all the world. Our special guest speaker will be Eric Lyons from Apologetics Press who will deliver. We will have a 11:30 meal together and close with a 1:00 afternoon service.

MAY 6 DYG | HIGH SCHOOL FORMAL 4:30 pm in Youth Room The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.




DYG | WNL 4:30 pm in Youth Room The DYG will have supper together and enjoy a time of hanging out before Bible class. Bring $2 for supper.

MAY 22 SUNDAY LUNCH BUNCH After am services Group 5 will meet together and host our visitors and widows/widowers for lunch.

DYG INITIATION After pm services The DYG will welcome their new members.

Did you Miss Fortifying the Family Day? Want to Download the Lessons? Melvin Otey brought us three outstanding lessons that will help your family grow stronger and closer to God. Download the lessons now at


ELIAKIM A man who learned about the saving gospel of Christ and wants to pass it on.


liakim’s story encourages us all to get involved in some way to spread the gospel to others. We may not be able to travel to other countries, but we can help others learn in some way!


n October 23, 2012, two friends registered to study English with World English Institute in their new internet program. Monista Retsia Eliakim and Milson Medora Zantara were high school students from Toliara, Madagascar. World English Institute’s creator, Richard Ady, taking advantage of the world’s hunger for English lessons, designed his free courses so that while learning English, students were also learning the Bible. Eliakim and Milson were assigned a WEI teacher and began studying.


Six months later, after much discussion and many questions and answers, Milson requested to be baptized. However, the nearest congregation of the Lord’s church in Madagascar was 800 km (more than 450 miles) away. Although Eliakim was not a Christian yet, he was instructed on how he could baptize his friend in the ocean. On May 8, 2013, Eliakim reported that Milson “had taken his baptist very well.” He said that he had been unable to take pictures, but not to worry--God saw it all. On July 15, 2013, Eli wrote: “In my land many people doesn’t know God and I try to fix them and to the Musslim people too. I want to be a missionary of Jesus forever.” He was reminded that he first needed to be a missionary to himself because he had not obeyed the gospel himself yet. That would change as his studies continued. A little more than two months later, on September 23, 2013, Eli wrote: “I am ready to follow it and have decided to do baptist again. I am Baptist; what is your denomination?” Eliakim began to learn about undenominational Christianity, and he said, “I am happy to follow you and Milson no denomination. I will ask Milson to baptize me.” Eli was baptized in the sea by his friend on October 4, 2013.




A new Christian Life

It was not long before Eliakim started teaching the Bible to his friends and those around him in school. On January 2, 2014, he wrote and said: “I have good news to tell you!” He was teaching Bible to three school friends using the same lessons he had learned. Unfortunately, not everyone was excited that he was beginning to teach others. Eliakim’s family did not like his efforts to teach and insisted that he stop. He wrote on February 10, 2014: “My family all hate me; my uncle tore up my Bible and my aunt said, ‘Go away.’” Eli said, “The word of Christ says the people will hate you. I love this verse. It is better for us to pray and stand firm in Jesus, but this is life pass away. Pray for me.” At this time, Eli was 19 years old, homeless, penniless and alone. His friend, Milson, had gone back to the Catholic church.

Bible study in English. He has enrolled in a class with World Video Bible School and continues his English study with World English Institute.

TOLIARA, MADAGASCAR Eliakim’s hometown is located on the southwestern coast of the island country of Madagascar.

Eliakim has made three trips to Antananarivo (the capital city) to meet with Romain, the preacher there. He had an opportunity to speak in their lectureship on the family, and talked about marriage and family customs in his tribe (one of eighteen in Madagascar). Romain then spent a week in Toliara meeting with and teaching the congregation. He will be making another trip in March to further strengthen them and encourage Eliakim.

The people are incredibly poor in Madagascar, particularly in the south. Eli has baptized several people in his home town of Toliara and meets with them every Lord’s day. The little congregation has had to sell things in order to have money to buy communion supplies. There is no money for paying preachers or renting meeting places, and jobs are almost nonexistent. With God’s help, Eli has managed to survive and continue to teach.

Training and Encouragement

In order for Eliakim to receive more training, he signed up to attend a Bible training school in Benin, Africa. Dalraida helped provide transportation for him and began making plans to help him in other ways while he was in school. Unfortunately after he arrived he learned that his command of French was not sufficient for him to do the work in the school. He had to return home. However, Eliakim still needed to continue his studies. Dalraida provided him with a computer so that he could continue his

ELIAKIM WITH NEW LAPTOP In 2015, Dalraida found out that if Eliakim had a laptop he would be able to continue his Bible studies and use it to help others as well. We gave money for this purchase and gave it anonymously to him; he was only told that God had provided.




In January 2016, Eli made a trip to a nearby village to meet with a farmer who had heard him teach. He found that the farmer was having worship in his home with eight other people. Eli stayed three days and taught them. He plans to go back soon to teach them about baptism and how to worship, and they are eager for him to come. He has also preached in another province where he had a group of fifteen people who want to learn more. Eliakim is a wonderful example of how we can reach out to others and help them learn about the saving gospel of Christ. He was blessed to learn about Jesus through the WEI program. Thanks to that program, Eliakim is now a Christian. He is twenty-one years old and just wants to be a “missionary of Jesus forever.� EDITOR'S NOTE: We all need to consider what we can do to help others learn about the saving Gospel. As we see from Vicki's work as a WEI teacher, there are many different ways other than traveling over seas that we can teach others God's Word.

ELIAKIM AND HIS MOTHER Eliakim continues to have a relationship with his family, but faces strong opposition to his change in religion and his teaching. His mother is not a Christian and refuses to allow him to teach in her house.

HELP NEEDED! World Bible School & World English Institute Dalraida has a group of WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL teachers, but it is very small at this time. More teachers are needed for both postal and online lessons. Students from almost every country in the world are studying the Bible in this way, and many are being baptized. If you want to do mission work but do not have the desire or ability to go to a mission field, then this may be for you. If you are willing, he can make you able. If you have a good basic knowledge of the Bible, faith in the power of the Word and in prayer, the ability to wait patiently and the resilience to overcome disappointment and keep sowing the seed, then WE NEED YOU! CONTACT MARK DAVIDSON IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. WORLD ENGLISH INSTITUTE is another way to reach the lost with the gospel. Only about half the students select Christianity as their religion when they register for these free online English courses, but the students are told from the beginning that their reading comprehension lessons will come from the Bible. Many will not complete the lessons for various reasons, but some finish them all. Many more want to study, but there are not enough WEI teachers. Advertising has to be suspended most of the time because of lack of teachers. CONTACT VICKI MURPHY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.




ELIAKIM AND MILSON Although Milson was converted first (baptized by Eliakim), he has not yet given up the Catholic church. Eliakim remains his friend and continues to encourage him and pray for him.

Home...Love Lives Here by Gene A. Connor

Some say home is where you hang your hat, To me, home is a lot more than that. As a better point or place to start, You might say home is where you hang your heart. Many have beautiful houses for all to see. Yet, for some, their house may never a home be. Familiar places or things may please, They may give us comfort or put us at ease. But the best part of home is a love you share, And the knowledge that love lives there. There are time when we must leave the comfort of home, As the tasks and duties of life call for us to roam. Yet, however far we go, or how long we are away, We hold to the thought of going home some day. There is danger in waiting too long, loved ones to see. Time and death may leave but a memory. One of God’s great blessings to me, Is a home where we love one another as a family. Home is a place parents and siblings share. Home has your spouse and children there. Home is where Christian fellowship you share, For your family in the Church gathers there. The most wonderful love-filled home of all is yet to be, For Christ has gone ahead to prepare a place for me. The death of Christ was the price paid, my soul from sin to free, And open wide the gates of His Home in Heaven to me. When life is over and this earth I cease to roam, Christ’s sacrifice and God’s great love will lead me home. Loved ones before and after, wll that great home-coming share. For God is Love, and Love lives there.





Thanks to Hollywood’s masterful ability to turn an imagination into reality, the world has gotten to experience things it never thought were possible. The most popular epoch in entertainment currently is based on superheroes. Characters who once were confined to the pages of a comic book now get to come to life on the TV screen. Although many of these ideas are new to the TV screen the motivation behind them still remains the same. People want to know what it is like to do


something they never thought possible. People want to know what it is like to fly, have super strength, or even to be invisible. This enamors people, because they get a small glimpse into what it would be like to have powers. Consider the ability to be invisible. This ability is an introvert’s dream power. The capability to go anywhere and do “THE FACT THAT A anything unnoticed is intriguing. Want GROUP OF PEOPLE to take a tour of the White House unnoticed? Want to eavesdrop on an CAN GO INTO THE important conversation? And the list WORLD UNNOTICED of possibilities goes on and on. When



someone says, “If I could just be a fly on the wall when that happened” could be a reality. The ability to be invisible, although impossible, is somewhat of a reality to many churches today. The fact that a group of people can go into the world unnoticed is a strange concept. However, many churches today experience this phenomena. The building may be seen from the road, people can be watched walking in, and the services can be heard through a speaker, but that does not mean it is visible. Consider the beginning of the church in Jerusalem. After about three-thousand people were baptized on the day of Pentecost just 40 days after our Lord’s resurrection the church began. This group of people were meeting right outside of the temple in Solomon’s portico (Acts 3-4). Without a doubt, people would know that this group of believers were visible. They were not only meeting there, but they were selling their possessions and taking care of each other’s needs (Acts 2:4247; 4:32-37).

Regardless of the need, whether it is monetary, physical, or spiritual, people are still in search for help and where can they go to find it? This realization is why so many people come to Dalraida’s doors asking for help, but how do they know the church can provide for it? Do people come to Dalraida because they know it is filled with people who love each other and want to help or do they come because they know it simply has a product to offer? The problem with an invisible church is that a community does not know it even exists. A church is not defined based on the visibility of its building or its products, but rather the visibility of its believers. Now, precaution must be taken not to think that feeding the needy or taking care of the physical needs of others is superfluous, because it is greatly needed. But offering a product without showing the reason why it is given is a missed opportunity to show the love of God.

“The problem with an invisible church is that a community does not know it even exists.”

As the church continued to grow and spread across the eastern world it became more visible (1 Ths. 1:6-8; Col. 1:3-7). While the church advanced daily so did its opposition. Imagine the Apostles thinking back on Jesus’ teachings concerning “blessed are the persecuted” or “you are the lights of the world.” The visibility of the church was evident among both believers and nonbelievers. A quick glance around Montgomery will show a wide variety of people. These people come from different social classes, communities, and cultures. Each one in need of something different in their lives, but all in need of God. The expectation of thousands of people walking into a church building to listen to a sermon is a bit unrealistic. However, it is not too unexpected for people to come seeking help in their time of need.

If a church’s visibility is based on what it offers then Dalraida is doing quite well. Nevertheless, the people it helps need to know this group of Christians is convicted of the love of God. Dalraida is blessed above measure because of its quality of believers that meet together. They are filled with love, care, and commitment to the Word and each other. Imagine the community when it gets to see what the church is really all about...if Dalraida steps out and makes an example for itself in the community. The amount of members who go into the world show the visibility of the church, but this must happen more and more. The Lord tasked his body to be united and be an example unto the world. When the body is working together and fulfilling the will of God it can be seen. Others will see the church working at its full capacity, and it will make a difference in the community and throughout the world. Let us help the church be seen and no longer be invisible so that it can be a light into all the world.




I thought it might be a good opportunity to get some ideas on how to better reach out to people. It was more. More than just ideas.”




n April 20, 2016, I will have been a Christian for thirteen years. That day will mark a milestone. I will have lived the majority of my life as a Christian. For almost thirteen years, I have sat singing our hymn, “Swiftly We’re Turning.” For almost thirteen years, I joined in exhortation, “How are we using God’s golden moments?” Undaunted. Unchanged. Unfaithful. That’s how. For almost thirteen years, I disregarded a fundamental aspect of the Christian faith: Evangelism. The milestone is not a cause for celebration. It’s like this: Suppose for the last thirteen years I have been working in a finance firm. Part of that firm’s income correlates to how many clients we bring in. For the last thirteen years, I’ve shown up to work. I’ve studied all the relevant trends and data and committed them to memory. I’ve even met with my fellow brokers to discuss how we should go about growing the firm. However, not once have I tried to get any clients. I never advertised my services. I never reached out. I just waited for clients to leave other firms and come to mine. Assuming I never got fired, I imagine that I would be pretty poor. A couple of months ago I was pretty poor. I came to church for almost every service. I frequently studied the Bible and committed it to memory. I even met with several brothers and sisters in Christ to discuss how we can go about helping Dalraida grow. Yet, I was poor. I never shared the Gospel. I never shared how blessed I was to be a member at Dalraida. I never reached out. I was pretty poor. Then I heard we were having a new break-out class on




Wednesdays. It was on “Everyday Evangelism.” I thought it might be a good opportunity to get some ideas on how to better reach out to people. It was more. More than just ideas. More than just talking. It was about knowing our obligation, making goals to achieve our obligation, and being accountable for our obligation.


Jesus was clear when he commanded us to go and preach. When we discussed it in class, the concept wasn’t new. What many of us certainly didn’t consider was that looked like. To put it a different way, we (maybe just I) didn’t consider the extent of our obligation. As Jesus put it in Mark 16:15-16, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” The command, again, is simple: go and preach. The misconception I had is this: go, preach, make others believe. What Brother Otey pointed out for us in the first night is this: the duty to believe is on the hearer. It’s not an unbearable burden. Go. Preach. We believe that Jesus is God’s son. We believe He was killed on a cross. We believe He was raised from the dead. We believe the Gospel. Our obligation is to go and preach that message. Hearers believe. God saves.


We were next challenged to set goals. Now this was not some New Year’s resolution. It is an evangelism goal. We considered sharing the Gospel with those in our Jerusalem. As Jesus commanded his disciples in Acts 1, start in Jerusalem. Begin with our friends, coworkers, neighbors—

those people whom we encounter on a daily basis. What can we do to help change those individual’s eternity? To meet these goals, we discussed different methods of connecting those people in our Jerusalem to the Gospel. First, we discussed a very elementary method. Invite them to church. We are a part of God’s own kingdom. Everyone in the church is our family. We should be excited for those in our Jerusalem to meet our family. So we began inviting. Second, we discussed home Bible studies. There are many to whom our church’s size is intimidating. A smaller environment may be a better fit. Thankfully, our proactive, godly wives decided we would do just that. We began in home Bible studies. Every other Thursday of the month we have a Bible study at Micah and Alyssa Long’s. We organize a meal. We invite guests. We eat. We study the word. These studies have had good responses. Some have come back on multiple occasions, some have even visited Dalraida. I was able to share this method with my family back in Texas, who used it to share the Gospel with my sister-inlaw. She was not ready for church. She needed a neutral field to study the Bible. My mom organized a girls’ Bible study at someone’s house. They ate. They talked. They studied the Bible. Because of the lessons we learned in this class, we have a new sister in Christ. There’s no special recipe. There’s no perfect formula. It’s just people who love God and love our neighbors getting together for a meal.


This is the big one—the one I think about all the time. Every week before we began our next lesson, brother Otey would ask the same, simple question: “Okay, how are we doing this week?” What he is asking is for us to share our work. Who did we invite? Who did we share the Gospel with? Who are we building a relationship with in order to share with them the Gospel? This question is one that comes to mind with each new person I meet and everyone I see. It’s a question that reminds me to see the world as Jesus saw it—to see that the fields are ripe for the harvest. Sometimes our hesitation would indicate that we didn’t do anything. To which he would reply, “Okay, well, you know this class won’t work out if y’all don’t do the work.” I need this. I need the reminder. I hate disappointing others. That is my motivation. Truthfully, we had this motivation all along. It’s no secret that God is ever present. He sees what we do. He sees what we don’t. He sees when my “hours are changing to years.” He sees how there many dying without the Gospel. Every day that I wait, not sharing this great, awesome, earthstopping news, I disappoint him. I have a milestone coming up, but thankfully it is not the last mile of the way. There is much to do. There is work on every hand. How are we doing? Cody Poe is a third-year law student at Jones School of Law at Faulkner University. He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and is married to the former Halle Futrell.




DALRAIDA COLLEGE MINISTRY Equipping college students with tools needed to grow in faith, work in the Lord’s church, and to succeed in life.


he “college age” time of life is a very difficult time in which to live. It is around this age that people decide if they will attend school, work full time, or craw into and ball and cry. Many young adults set out on a mission after high school to determine what kind of person they are going to be and what kind of life they want to live. It is also this stage in life where people decide what kind of faith they are going to have. Statistics (whether padded or not) will say that more “college age” adults will fall away from the faith than any other generational gap. Why? Various religious groups have tried to address this complex dilemma by becoming more relevant to this group of people. Worship styles, focus in lessons, and overall structure of the church has been adapted to possibly make this group stay in the faith. Yet, even with all of these changes droves of people are stilling dropping out of the faith. In the midst of this crucial time in their lives those who remain in the faith are seeking opportunities to belong.


College Students

Dalraida’s college ministry is composed of about 40-50 college students.


Students are represented from over 5 different schools.


Every college student is in need of a church family.

They are in search of truth, identity, and a sense of purpose. Since many groups of people failed them in their search for truth they are more on edge and crucial towards practices and programs than other groups. They do not want a shallow faith or feel like the church is just a hoop through which to jump. Dalraida is blessed with a great group of students. A large group of students who have made the choice to pursue faith and find truth have come to Dalraida’s doors. Many may come for the activities and free food, but the majority come searching for the Lord’s church. In their battle to identify with religion they have chosen to make Dalraida their home. They see that it is a place that can meet their needs and fulfill their desire to have a church family. These students come from many different backgrounds, schools, and even religions. Clearly Dalraida has a lot to offer in this respect. The church that meets at Dalraida is filled with people who have come through a lot of different journeys in life. It is


Dalraida’s college ministry is always looking for opportunities to be together. Whether it is in Bible study, devotionals, game nights, or meals in people’s homes. Come see the group grow closer together and to God.



Every year Dalraida’s college ministry takes a group to Aruba for a mission trip. This year the trip will be March 19-26. Each student has to raise $1000 which will cover their expenses for the trip. Contact Billy Camp for more information about the work in Aruba. SPRING 2016





Dalraida church of Christ The church at Dalraida is composed of over 400 people, many different walks of life, and is able to fill many needs.

Why is there a disconnect between the church and its college students? amazing to see where people have come from and how it has made an impact on their faith. Countless people have faced huge challenges in their lives that could have made a ship wreck of their faith, but it did not. Deaths, disease, trials, temptations, tests, and host of other impediments have found their way into people’s lives and great victories have been won over them. Dalraida is filled with Christians who have made it their goal to take hold of their faith and live in view of eternal life being something to be grasped.

The resolve is not another program or defined method of interaction, but rather it is each group seeing the need of the other. Without a doubt many will begin to sound off excuses, “I don’t know their names. What if I met them before? Where do I start? What if it is awkward?” These are just a few excuses both groups make towards the other. What is needed is Christians taking the time to be together. Dalraida has an open door to Bible classes, an open seat on the pew, and open hearts to the Lord.

Although these two groups of people worship under the same roof they do not spend enough time together as they should. Anyone can see there is a disconnect between these two groups of people. This disconnect is not due to a lack of commonality, opportunity, or hostility, but is present none the less. The young adult group is in need of a family of believers, both young and old, who know what it is like to be Christian and live for faith -- and the church is able to supply that need.

All it will take is someone getting out of their comfort zone and going to meet someone new. Introduce yourself again, sit in the middle of a family, or simply talk to each other. The church is filled with visitors, members, and everyone in between. Do not let Dalraida be a church that lets opportunities go unnoticed. There is a great disconnect and a great need that can be filled and Dalraida is the place where that can happen.

Billy Camp College Minister

RETREATS In January the group enjoyed a great trip to Maggie Valley, NC. The winter retreat is always a good way to start the semester off and set the ton for the rest of the year. We will end the semester by taking the group White Water Rating on the Ocoee River in April.

BIBLE STUDY This semester Wednesday night classes are being taught by a panel of three Dalraida’s deacons (David B., John K., Mark D.) on the topic of “Life Lessons.” Sunday mornings are being taught by Jared Kelly, the college intern, on “Reasons to Rejoice.”





A look at one of our misison points and the work that Dalraida families contribute to every month

Martin & Julie Johnson

The Johnsons have been working in Indonesia for several years working to spread the Gospel to an area that is dominated by the Muslim faith and other denominations that do not know Christ. Martin and Julie both grew up in Northern California. Marty in Nevada City and Julie in Placerville. They met in 2000 and were married February 2001. Marty sold his house and property, Julie quit attending college and they moved to Texas to study the Bible for 2 years at SIBI. After graduating in 2003, they moved to Durango, CO where he studied as an intern with Guy Orbison, Jr for 18 months. In the summer of 2004 they took a one-month survey trip to Papua, Indonesia and then made the decision to move their family to the country to spread the gospel. In 2005 they moved to Indonesia and lived there until 2009 where Marty taught in a church of Christ Bible school in Papua. From 2009-2011 they moved to Henderson, TN where Marty completed his bachelor degree in Bible and began his masters degree in Ministry at Freed-Hardeman University. After he finished schooling, they moved to Moab, UT to preach and work with the church while they prepared to move back to Indonesia. In 2013 they finally returned to Indonesia, where they work in the city of Yogyakarta on the island of Java. The local congregation is now established and they are reaching out to the community by offering free classes where we teach English using the Bible as our guide. The Johnsons conduct mid-week Bible studies at their home as well as personal Bible studies and have two children: Sarah and Seth. “Thank you for your love and support of our family and the mission work here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Thank you for caring for the souls here in Indonesia and committing to partner with us as together we share the Good News!" - Marty, Julie, Sarah and Seth Johnson Marty and Julie have a blog they use to reach out to those in the area they work. Since Christianity is not able to be publicly taught as much as in other countries, they use the "real world" exposure to ingratiate themselves with the local people and establish relationships with them. Check out their site at and see some of their videos about living in this part of the world.





LADIES PRAYER BREAKFAST In January the ladies had a prayer breakfast around the theme "In God We Trust" that focused on praying for our country and leaders




n December 27-30, 2015 the Dalraida Youth traveled to Huntsville, Alabama to attend Exposure Youth Camp. Over 45 DYG members, parents, chaperones, and visitors attend the event with us. Exposure Youth Camp is one of our most anticipated and enjoyable events that we attend. The camp had almost 2,000 people in attendance this year. While at Exposure our teens daily schedule consists of morning assembly, singing, team time, Spiritual Challenge Sessions, free time, evening worship, nightly activity, more team time, and (perhaps) bedtime at midnight. Our teens are on a tight schedule as you can see throughout Exposure. This year’s theme was, “The Trinity”. Our teens were able to hear lessons and Bible classes based upon the complete unity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit and how each one has played a role throughout time. One of the highlight events at Exposure Youth Camp is the Atrium singing that takes place on the last night of camp. Almost 2,000 people will line the floors of the hotel and sing praises to our most wonderful Father. You may have even seen videos that feature our teens singing together. In fact one of the videos recorded by a local youth minister has over 250,000 views online!

Overall Exposure Youth Camp was a wonderful trip where our teens grew spiritually in the knowledge of The Trinity and the wondrous ways God works throughout time. I say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our chaperones who helped with chaperoning. With the grueling Exposure schedule you all did great and I thank you so much! To our DYG I say YOU ROCK! We have some of the greatest teens at the Dalraida Church of Christ and I am honored to be able to lead this group. Your behavior, attendance, persistence, and attitudes were all great throughout our stay. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful Exposure Youth Camp and I can’t wait till next year!




or the past 4 months the DYG Wednesday night Bible class has been studying Bible Roadmaps 2.0. This class centered upon Biblical topics that our teens recommended for study. Each Wednesday night our teens were broken up into groups of 4 or 5 where they would research in their Bibles the week’s topic. One of the topics our teens researched was on the topic of “To Be In Christ”. Each topic had a list of 5 to 6 questions that our teens would seek to answer using scripture and Biblical knowledge. Our teens had two Bible classes to research their topic and answer the questions. After the two weeks we



would invite people throughout the congregation up to the Teen class in order to have a mock Bible study with them. Our teens would teach their topic and answer questions based upon scripture to their students. The class was a great success and our teens did a tremendous job in research, collaboration, answering questions, and providing evidence from God’s word to their students. Throughout the months I could see many of our teens become more comfortable in researching God’s word, explaining Biblical truths, and preparing to share the Gospel of Christ to their peers. We certainly thank all of you who came to class and were our students in our Bible study.

Want to keep up with

ANNOUNCEMENTS & UPCOMING EVENTS? The DYG App provides details for all upcoming events, registration, and push notifications to keep DYG members and families updated on everything.

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SERVICE TRIP TO RAINBOW OMEGA On January 30, 2016 the DYG and the Prattville youth groups traveled to Rainbow Omega. Rainbow Omega is located in Eastaboga, Alabama and is a special needs adult home that is supported by local churches of Christ. Perhaps one of our most rewarding trips is Rainbow Omega. It is a place where there is much joy, thankfulness, and appreciation for one another. Each time we visit Rainbow Omega everyone leaves with a smile on their face and an appreciation for the wonderful residents there. On this particular trip were able to participate in crafts with the residents, host a Snowflake banquet for the residents and house parents, and have a field day. What a great opportunity we had to not only assist and serve these wonderful people, but to walk with them and learn from them. We learned many lessons such as thanksgiving, being content with who you are and the way God created you, the joy we have being in Christ and with one another, loving yourself, and never forgetting to laugh. What a perfect day it was with some awesome people! I want to thank each DYG member who got up early and sacrificed their Saturday to travel to Rainbow Omega and spend time with some of the most joyful people on the earth. I challenge you to remember the lessons you learned from those wonderful residents and to never sell yourself short in life. God has big plans for all of us!






ocial anxiety is a real issue for some Christians. Most define “social anxiety” as the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people, leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression. For a Christian, this can have a profound impact on ones fellowship. Various studies I came across report 3.6% to 4.7% of the U.S. population have social anxiety and up to 30% have anxiety in one form or another. Why is this? One author on the subject concluded that in most cases there was an event or events in one’s past (usually in childhood) that contribute to these kinds of disorders. He also believed that having a knowledge of the source of the behavior is the strongest defense against them. In some cases a cure!! We also live in a culture where we can pull into a garage, close it and avoid ever interacting with neighbors. We can restrict ourselves only to essential contact like waiters, cashiers, or the occasional salesperson. As Christians we can even just pop into a church pew and pop out without so much as a “fine and you?” It has simply become too easy to avoid interaction with people. Perceived comfort and a feeling of safety can begin to trump our duty to God and our fellow man.




I myself struggle with social anxiety. Although life and my determination to improve my relationships with others have brought me a long way, I can remember earlier in my life the way my social anxiety made me feel. Forced to give a report in front of a class of peers, I worried what they thought of me. Sweating, blushing, and trembling, I struggled with what I now recognize as social anxiety. I can remember walking through the mall alone as a teenager and the feeling of terror as I thought all eyes were on me, looking for my flaws. I now recognize this as pride! Yes, pride. As I grow in my knowledge of the Word, I see that in dying to myself I should think less of myself and what others think of me and more about others. My desire to love my brothers and sisters in Christ began to outweigh my fears (1 Jn. 4:18). Social anxiety can be a detriment to the assembly. It can cause us be disconnected as a Christian family, fail to encourage one another or any other of the “one another’s” we read about in scripture. (1 Pt. 4:9) Christians are to be social beings. After all, Jesus whom we follow spent his time in close contact with mankind to “seek and save the lost” (Lk. 19:10). If you struggle in this area, here are three tips that have helped me.


Ask God for help and trust Him (1 Pt. 5:7). When interacting with someone, I sometimes say inwardly to God “help me love this person.” Going into an encounter or discussion with someone with this mindset helps remind me to keep proper perspective.


Just try something. In an evangelism training course called “Fishers of Men” I was taught that to overcome fear I must “face it and do it!”


Start small, and involve a friend. Sometimes being near someone you are comfortable with will give you the courage to share with someone you are not. Our Sunday Lunch Bunches provide a great environment to cultivate connection with our Christian family.


As I grow in my knowledge of the Word, I see that in dying to myself I should think less of myself and what others think of me and more about others.” Although I feel I have come so far from that terrified teenage boy walking alone through the mall, I am still hesitant to talk to strangers and terrified to speak in the auditorium. It is still a goal of mine to conquer these fears as well. So even though I still battle social anxiety, I must battle it. And we must battle it together and reach out to those who may not be as comfortable in social settings that we may better do the will of God. David Campbell is a deacon at Dalraida and helps coordinate our Sunday Lunch Bunch program where we rotate eating together in small groups each Sunday. He and his wife have four boys. He can be contacted at



ur Sunday Lunch Bunch program is off to a great start in 2016! We have had wonderful participation from everyone and have had plenty of food each week. In fact, we are able to make food plates to take to some of the shut-ins and allow some to take home with them aftewards. Plese continue to support this program as it is a great way for all of us to grow closer together as a congregation. The SLB groups help mix us up with different age groups and people that we do not often see or eat with. This provides a wonderful opportunity to deepen our Christian fellowship as we get to know each other better. Don't forget another one of the purposes of this program is to reach out to visitors and help them get to know us better. When you see a visitor at services, encourage them to stay for SLB even if it is not your week. It is a group effort to make this program successful! Mark your calendars for the next quarter so that you will be sure to be there with food when it is your turn!


If you are not sure which group you are in, you can see David Campbell or call the church office. They will be happy to let you know so that you can get involved in this activity.

MAR-MAY SCHEDULE Mar 6 - Group 1 Mar 13 - Group 2 Mar 20 - Group 3



Mar 27 - Group 4

There are six different groups led by the following:

At the beginning of 2016, we assigned each family to a SLB. If you do not know what group you are in, please contact David Campbell or the church office for more informatin.

Apr 3 - Group 5

Group 1 - David Campbell Group 2 - Josh Sipper Group 3 - Philip Randolph Group 4 - Mike Moody Group 5 - Carmel Weed Group 6 - Michael Summers

If you were inadvertantly left off a list, please forgive us! It was not on purpose and we have probably already caught our mistake. Call us and we will let you know what group you are in.

Apr 10 - Group 6 Apr 17 - Group 1 Apr 24 - Group 2 May 1 - No SLB (Missions Sunday) May 8 - Group 3 May 15 - Group 4 May 22 - Group 5 May 29 - Group 6




by Ann Urquhart

Connecting with the dalraida Church of Christ Have you ever though about what holds you together with those at your home congregation? The Urquharts think back to how they connected with us at Dalraida...


or more than five years, we have called Dalraida our home congregation. In 2010, we decided to visit Dalraida Church of Christ. We were looking for a caring, loving and bible-based church. That needs was met after attending only a few services at Dalraida.

our worldly parents and others young enough to be our great-grandchildren. But all of them had such a common love for God. The friendly and caaring congregation helped us make the decision to work with the brethren at Dalraida.



When we went in we were greeted by the door greeters and then Bob McKee personally walked us to our Bible class. Come to find out, we were related to one of the members in that class. When we went into the auditorium for worship service, we were greeted by five or six Primetimers that knew our younger son in middle and high school at ACA.

“We loved Dalraida because of the godly spirit found in so many people who attend here.” Needless to say, at this time we had already felt a connection to Dalraida. We visited for about one month before we placed our membership here. We remember Dean Sanders came by and visited with us several times prior to us placing our membership. We loved Dalraida because of the godly spirit found in so many people who attend here. The spirit of fellowship, caring, genuiness, and love are found here at Dalraida. We wanted to be a part of that! This body of Christians has such a wonderful mix of age groups -- some old enough to be




We have enjoyed much fellowship with our group -formerly called the “Hilltoppers/SilverThreads” but now the “Forever Young” group. (A big “thank you” to George Pudzis for organizing everything!). We have gotten to know other better and cherish those in our age group because of these activities. There are so many other ministries at Dalraida that you can become involved in and also an outstanding mission works in other countries. Jimmy has been involved in the Inner-City Ministry (recruited by Joe Ann Norris) and has done many good works.

CONNECTED THROUGH TRIALS I was also helping with the Inner-City Ministry in 2011 when I was diagnosed with a rare form of bladder cancer. I had an operation at M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX and received chemo for several months. The cancer whent into remission for several years. But it returned in 2015. During a scheduled cat scan in June, it was discovered that my cancer was back. This time it was ovarian and abdominal cancer. I received chemo once again, but the treatment failed to work and the cancer continues to grow within me.

“The spirit of fellowship, caring, genuiness and love are found here at Dalraida.” When I received this prognosis, I was devastated. To hear that you may have twenty months to live -- maybe more, maybe less -- was hard to grasp. I remember when John Kachelman shared his story about his sister when she was diagnosed with cancer. He wrote "thank you God for giving us trials in life to make us stronger so we can endure life in this temporal world and focus on the perfection of the eternal home in Heaven with you." After many tears, talks with God, and prayers I have come to accept my situation. God has given me the strength to embrace each day as a blessing. The outpouring of love and concern for me has been overwhelming. I have received boxes of cards, calls, food and many visits from our church family while we have gone through this trial in life. (A special “thank you” to Doug for all of your visits!). The Wednesday night ladies Bible class has been a blessing to me. A quilt was made for me (“Thank you” Lorraine Russell) and was signed by the ladies in the class with many words of encouragement. it was delivered to me by Jim Russell on one of his many visits. The ladies also made a poster board with loving thoughts and prayers written on it for me while I was in the hospital. (“thank you” Sam and Regina Stringer for the delivery!). Other groups from Dalraida have been so supportive and encouraging to us. We received a visit from the Youth Group on a Sunday afternoon. They sang hymns and

prayed for me and also brought me a L Abo earn m card. What a special group of young ut D ore alr people! Around Christmas time last a id Visi t a to le www.da year, the Primetimers came by and a lraid rn m prog a.or ore a sang Christmas carols and brought ram g bo s D oranges and a poinsettia. A special h ownload and bible ut our clas less ow y ons ses. ou c thank you to all that participated. or a our

n le cong be a pa arn rt of rega tion .

For now, I am in the hands of the Lord. It’s the best place to be. But that also means that I am in the hands of His people...especially those at Dalraida. (other thoughts about your prognosis here? would like for you to think about others who may go through this in the future or are now) We want to thank each and everyone of the members at Dalraida for everything you have done for us! Dalraida Church of Christ represents hope, love and caring to us. We are truly blessed to be a part of this family! To all of those who are suffering with cancer or any life threatening illness, I pray for strength and courage your you and God's richest blessings. Jimmy & Ann Urquhart have been members at Dalraida since 2010 and have two sons who live in the Montgomery area and a daughter in Eclectic. They are both retired and now spend time helping at Dalraida as much as they can. They can be reached via email at

Editor’s note: Ann’s doctors have told her that there are no further treatments that can be done at this time. Please keep them in your prayers as she continues to deal with her prognosis. Let us continue to reach out to them and show our love and support!

DO YOU? Our new app allows you to sign-up to serve in various ways at Dalraida. Have you logged on and told us where you want to work? Go to on any device and sign-in to update your information TODAY! See John Kachelman or Nick Revels with any questions.











amilies should make it a goal to sit down and study the Bible together every week - every night if possible! This instills an incredible respect for God’s Word and allows the family to grow stronger together. For this quarter, the children will be studying the early life and ministry of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. These Family Bible Study plans guide you through some of the same lessons your child will have in Bible class. Use the discussion questions and principles from the stories to discuss and grow together. MARCH 7-11



JACOB MARRIES LEAH & RACHEL Read Together: Genesis 29:1-30

Read Together: Genesis 37

Memory Verse: Galatians 6:7

Memory Verse: 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 Questions for the Family

Questions for the Family: 1. Laban made a promise to Jacob that if Jacob served him 7 years that he would marry Rachel. Why did Jacob receive Leah though? 2. How do we feel when someone deceives us or falls short of their commitment? What are some commitments that you have seen fail? 3. Why should we keep promises or commitments? Does God keep his promises to us? (Num. 23:19; 30:2) Prayer Focus: Pray that our commitment to God will remain strong throughout our lives.

MARCH 14-18

JOSEPH PUNISHED FOR DOING RIGHT? Read Together: Genesis 39 Memory Verse: Matthew 5:10 Questions for the Family: 1. What was Joseph’s offense to be thrown into prison? Did Joseph do anything wrong? 2. When someone sins against God can others be hurt in the process? (Consider the life of Jesus, Php. 2:5-8) 3. While being a slave and in prison did Joseph ever give up on God? Did God ever give up on Joseph? (Highlight Gen. 39:2, 9, 21, 23) Prayer Focus: Pray that whatever comes in life that we will trust in God always.




1. Why would Joseph’s brother want to sell him into slavery? 2. I n Genesis 37:4 what caused this great jealousy against Joseph? 3. What should our relationship be like within our family? Should one member be loved more than the other? How does God love us? (Galatians 3:26-29) Prayer Focus: Pray that we will love each other and will work out our problems together.

MARCH 21-25

JOSEPH INTERPRETS DREAMS Read Together: Genesis 40-41 Memory Verse: Romans 8:28 Questions for the Family: 1. Who gave Joseph the ability to interpret the dreams of the Butler, Baker, and Pharaoh? 2. What request did Joseph ask of the butler when he was released from prison? Did the butler answer Joseph’s request? 3. In all this time Joseph remained faithful to God by never giving up on God and crediting Him in all that he did. What was Joseph’s reward for his faithful service to God? What will be our reward for faithful service to God? See Revelation 2:10 Prayer Focus: Pray that we will always be mindful of each other and love one another.







JOSEPH UNDERSTANDS GOD’S GRACE Read Together: Genesis 50:15-21 Memory Verse: Psalm 23:4 Questions for the Family: 1. W hy did Joseph’s brothers believe he would hate them and punish them?


JOSEPH REUNITED WITH HIS BROTHERS Read Together: Genesis 45:1-15 Memory Verse: Romans 12:17 Questions for the Family: 1. What emotions does Joseph show when he meets with his brothers face to face? Did Joseph hate his brothers or love them? 2. What was the reason that Joseph gave to his brothers for being sold into slavery? Did God have a plan for Joseph throughout his enslavement and imprisonment? Does God have a plan for us? See Jeremiah 29:11 3. What lessons can we learn from Joseph in this story?

2. W hen reading Genesis 50:19-20 what is the meaning of these two verses? Should we always trust in God’s plans for us? If so, then why? 3. From the life of Joseph what can we learn about: • sin’s effect on others? (Gen 37:3-4) • jealousy causing hatred? (Gen 37:4) • hatred leading to sin? (Gen 37:18-28) • God leaving the righteous? (Gen 39:2) • faithfulness to God? (Gen 39:9) • reward of the righteous? (Gen 41:37-45) • forgivness vs. revenge (Gen 45:1-8) • God’s purpose for you (Gen 45:5-8) • influencing the world (Gen 45:7) Prayer Focus: Pray that we will come to know God’s grace and his commitment to us.

Prayer Focus: Pray that we will be forgiving at all times and not vengeful.

APRIL 11-15

THE OPPRESSION OF GOD’S PEOPLE Read Together: Exodus 1 Memory Verse: Exodus 1:20 Questions for the Family: 1. W hat happened to the Israelite people after Joseph died? 2. W hat did the new Pharaoh fear concerning the Israelites? 3. W hy did the Hebrew midwives not listen to the command of the Pharaoh? See Acts 5:29 Prayer Focus: Pray Pray that all nations will come to know God.

APRIL 18-22

THE BIRTH OF MOSES Read Together: Exodus 2:1-10 Memory Verse: Colossians 3:17 Questions for the Family 1. Why was Moses hidden in Nile River? 2. Who ended up nursing and taking care of Moses as a child? 3. Was it God’s plan that Moses be found by Pharaoh’s daughter in the Nile River? Does God have a plan for us? See Proverbs 3:5-6 Prayer Focus: Pray that we will trust God no matter the cost and he will deliver us.









MAY 2-6

GOD SPEAKS TO MOSES Read Together: Exodus 3-4 Memory Verse: Exodus 3:15 Questions for the Family 1. What do you think it would have been like to see the burning bush? Did the bush burn to the ground? 2. What mission did God tell Moses to do?

APRIL 25-29

3. What are the 5 excuses that Moses gave to God for not wanting accept his mission?

MOSES FLEES TO MIDIAN Read Together: Exodus 2:11-25

4. What are some excuses that we give God today concerning him and why do we give them?

Memory Verse: Exodus 2:24-25 Questions for the Family

Prayer Focus: Pray that we will be bold and courageous servants of God.

1. Why did Moses kill the Egyptian? Was it right for Moses to kill the Egyptian? 2. W hy did Moses have to flee to Midian? 3. Did God forget the slavery of his people? Does God forget about his people today? See Hebrews 6:10 Prayer Focus: Pray that God be with those who are being persecuted for the cause of Christ.

MAY 9-13

THE TEN PLAGUES Read Together: Exodus 7-12 Memory Verse: Exodus 6:5 Questions for the Family 1. Name the plagues in order. 2. Why didn’t Pharaoh let the Israelites go during the plagues? See Exodus 7:3-5 3. Do you think that Israelites and the Egyptians knew who God was after the plagues? See Exodus 12:33-36 Prayer Focus: Pray that we will understand the promises of God and his righteousness towards us.




MAY 16-20

THE EXODUS AND CROSSING THE RED SEA Read Together: Exodus 13-14 Memory Verse: Psalm 56:4 Questions for the Family 1. What objects guided the children of Israel by day and night? 2. Why did Pharaoh chase after the children of Israel? 3. How did God save the children of Israel? How did God destroy the Egyptian army? Prayer Focus: Pray that we will never doubt God and will choose to serve him all of our life.





MAY 23-27


Read Together: Exodus 15:22-17:7

Read Together: Deuteronomy 10:17-18

Memory Verse: Psalm 106:1

Memory Verse: Matthew 22:37-39

Questions for the Family:

Questions for the Family:


1. Why did God only want the people of Israel to gather a small amount of food? 2. What are some ways that God provides for us today? 3. How do you think God feels when we complain today? 4. What is so important about food and water in life? What did Jesus say about giving us water? (Jn. 4:1-15) What did he mean about “water of life”? Prayer Focus: Pray that we will be thankful for what God provides.



1. Why is it important to love others around us? Does it matter if they are nice/kind to us? 2. Does God favor those who are rich over those that are poor? Why does it feel that way sometimes? 3. What are some ways that we show kindness to others? What are some things that people do that are unkind? 4. How does God show that He loves us today? How can we show God that we love Him? Prayer Focus: Pray that we will be kind and care for others since God loves us so much.

INTERESTED IN A BIBLE STUDY? Let us know by contacting the church office at or (334) 272-2561. If you would prefer studying at home on your own using any digital device sign-up at


Mission Works


during the last few months Dalraida supports more than 15 mission works on a monthly basis. These works are all aimed at spreading the saving Gospel around the world in many different ways. Take a look at some of the wonderful things that have happened in some of these works supported by Dalraida...




A. Yogyakarta, Indonesia Martin & Julie Johnson The Johnsons started a new class in their home that uses the Bible to teach English. This is a great way for them to meet others and introduce them to Christianity.

B. Porirua, New Zealand Mosher & Jones Families The teenagers at the local congregation get together for a time of fun, fellowship and a devotional time.




C C. Ukraine Missions John Kachelman Jr. The Rivergate church of Christ brought a group of workers to help load two containers of medical and humanitarian aid that would be sent to IvanoFranivsk, Ukraine. Rivergate is a partner in the work with Dalraida. D. South Aukland, New Zealand Trevor & Chris Major Sunday morning worship at the Foxton camp at the end of January where Christians are "in tents" learning about Jesus!

E. Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Ivan Skoleba Alex and Julia were baptized by Ivan on February 6. This young family was brought to the Lord because of the benevolent love shown to them and their 2 daughters.


F. Valley Cities Congregation Antioch Initiative The Valley Cities’ church of Christ was begun by the work of the Antioch Initiative and Arthur Barry, the evangelist. It continues to grow in northeastern Pennsylvania.

G. Antioch Initiative Dave Laton We are supporting Dave Laton as he begins work with Antioch Initiative in 2016. He will help teach and preach in Pennsylvania.


H. Porirua, New Zealand John & Erin Jones John was able to preach in Napier with a Samoan translator.

J. Kakinada, India Ricky Gootam Ricky works tirelessly to preach the gospel in Kakinada and in the surrounding villages. Keep him and his wife in your prayers...they are expecting a baby!

I. Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Ivan Skoleba The congregation went to the new building site after services to have a prayer of thanksgiving and petition to God to continue helping us secure funds for this construction. They have made some good progress but have stopped for winter weather.


K. Iringa, Tanzania Adam & Magan Evans The New Year in Tanzania started off right when Freddie was baptized into Christ! L. New Zealand Mosher, Jones & Majors Barry Hatcher taught "Fishers of Men" and "Congregational Development" at the Mount Roskill (Samoan) church in January. He has also taught at other mission points in NZ this month.





Our Mission Work Dalraida’s focus on mission work is wonderful and we continue to look for other works and places where we can help spread God’s Word. If you know of any good works, please let one of the men on the mission committee know and we can see if we can help with the work!





In three years, Dalraida's L2L program has grown from 11 participants to 31, and this year more than 60 members of our congregation will be attending convention! As our program has matured we are taking the next step in making this a completely year round program with opportunities for our young folks to lead singing and to have speaking engagements throughout the year. This year Dalraida has 31 young folks participating in the following events: Bible Bowl, Boys and Girls Speech and Song leading, Winner’s Circle Speech and Song Leading, Bible Reading, Art, Keepers, and Providers.:

• Davis Baker

• Hayden Morris


• Isabella Baker

• Caleb Otey

March 25-27 Atlanta Marriot Marquis

• Lily Baker

• Christian Otey

• Chris Bedgood

• Macy Kate Owen

• Kenia Bedgood

• Braxton Rowland

• Mark Bedgood

• Peyton Rowland

• Timothy Bedgood

• Carli Schofield

• Wade Cannon

• Cayla Schofield

• Webb Cannon

• Ella Weed

• Will Cannon

• Laney Weed

FRIDAY, MARCH 25: 12 - 12:30 pm Bartimaeus Encouragers’ Meeting 12:30 - 1 pm Bartimaeus Events/Girls 1 - 1:30 pm Bartimaeus Events/Boys 1 - 2 pm Judges’ Meetings: Oral Bible Reading, Debate, Puppet Theater 2 - 3 pm Oral Bible Reading 7:30 pm Parade of Leaders Assemble 8 - 10 pm Premiere Awards Ceremony 10:15 pm Devotional (Marquis Ballroom Lobby) SATURDAY, MARCH 26: 7:45 - 8:30 am Judges’ Meetings: Speech (incl. Winners’ Circle) 8:30 am Speech 10 - 11:20 am Winners’ Circle Speech 11 am - 12 pm Judges’ Meetings: Song Leading, Songs of Praise (including Winners’ Circle) 12- 1:30 pm Song Leading & Songs of Praise 1:30 - 2:30 pm Winners’ Circle Song Leading & Winners’ Circle Songs of Praise 2 - 2:30 pm Bible Bowl Judges Meeting 2:45 - 4:45 pm Bible Bowl 6 - 7 pm Cornerstone from Faulkner 7:30 - 10:00 pm Annual Grand Awards Ceremony SUNDAY, MARCH 27: 8 - 9 am Worship Service Depart for Montgomery *Final schedule subject to change




• Campbell Hammett • Harrison Wingard • Colin Hammett • Olivia Hatcher • Sydney Jones • Marley Kachelman • Cole Moody

• John Hudson Wingard • Maddie Wingard • Chase Witcher • Piper Witcher

KIDSING CARDS Take time to help your kids learn Bible facts...and let them gain a sense of accomplishment when they get their trophey!

! w o N d s a o d l r n a w Do g C ible

n i B S n d r i a K Le t a nt em por We m i lp th e ! o a h s d n a re D a l r a i st to ns i ids r b e l l e s s o e ve r a l t at u s o u u do to e r f h a ve s e a b o u t to ond r wa n t h e w i d a we r n m o o u ra ge a a c n lear At Dalr kids le o is en ing r d . u d d e i o r w o K S p ’s W to hel things in our d o s s e G ra m f th fact p ro g O n e o n B i b l e ning . r e ve d s Go d to l e a r u i re o ngs he k t h e m ra m . b e f o h e re t s i n g s o c t s e g o m ys w a pr and a till ed f s a ti n g i n Su n d t p e w s e m o r i z e l p i n s y i S d o on er m Ki s h s . Th e e fr i ce s v fact s e r v e r o n t h n d go o s a n d o u r k i d m e nt g h f g at h Do u g a e s e s o n e a r t s o o m p l i s g ! c h h h c i t T i a e n . r n f w in th se o ther nity r lea toge s Word n a sen hey fo ortu ings p p ’ p i o h G o d v e n g a e t a t ro rful rn t e nde ids lea g o n y a w e c k a n th the nt s whe ese o help r p t also nt s o rd ! T h i s u r p a re b l e . sW ’ d i o o G fo r t t h e B t arn u o l e c a rd s a t abo d l i t h c c a f r yo u Sing . ra g e t h e K i d k i d s u kids o s of En c n l o a d a . o r g / e g a d ork r all D o w . d a l ra i s fo s a n d w e y o u r w d r w a w c rd av ing t ca d, h K i dS s i c fa c n a c a r f o a y lear ers! rn b riet a v a e m l e a e n yo u t h e e l d e r h h of W gt re a T h e h e l p i n c a rd s . o r o n e t r r g e a rd ou St o ha to D u p t s ay i t d chil

s t c a F





Dear Dalraida, Every year we have the Mt Dora Benefit Dinner in Montgomery, I think it could not possibly get better, but somehow it always does! 2016 was no exception. With close to 225 attendees and raising over $20,000 dollars for fatherless and orphaned children, the dinner was an unparalleled success. But, not only was great love shown to the kids this year, the event itself was transformed into something truly special, partly because of the new location. Instead of holding the dinner downtown at the Renaissance Hotel as we had the last three years, this year’s dinner was moved to the Faulkner University campus in the Rotunda. The food, conversation, and sharing with one another was truly a family atmosphere. Several attendees commented on how much more comfortable they were at Faulkner, not to mention the food was great. But, one of the best parts of the night was definitely seeing our brothers and sisters from almost 20 other area congregations! It’s events like this that really bring the church together. Of course, the highlight of the evening was the Pierre family from Mt Dora. The family’s matriarch and her children shared what Mt Dora had done for them after they were left fatherless and destitute. Mt Dora has provided the Pierre family education, housing, food, and (best of all) a spiritual environment that has completely revolutionized their walk with Jesus. All of this is due to regular contributions of congregations like Dalraida and individuals like you. Thank you so much for what you do to take care of those in neeed!

Josh Sipper P.S. In the spring, we’ll be asking for supplies to give to local homeless children. Please consider buying and bringing items to help these children who have no home.







ARE YOU? DO MORE FOR THE LORD’S CHURCH IN 2016... What can you do? What are your talents? What are you interested in helping with? There are so many opportunities at Dalraida for members! Since we all need to do more than just come to worship services, make it your goal in 2016 to find some new areas of work to get involved! Check out the list below for some ideas... MISSIONS

•• Hosting visiting missionaries in home •• Go on mission trips in the United States or in a foreign country •• Keep in contact with missionaries


•• Help with small projects or maintenance •• Help with workday •• Drive a bus •• Assist in security during services


•• Teach a children’s class •• Assist a children’s class teacher •• Teach adult class •• Help with VBS •• Staff nursery during services


•• Help with Widows ministry •• Help with Orphans ministry •• Help with Prison Ministry •• Work in food & clothing center

•• Visit sick & shut-in •• Make ER Teddy Bears •• Help with food to sick & bereaved •• Help with major disaster relief


•• Drive bus for event •• Plan/coordinate event for my age group •• Attend event for my age group •• Mentor younger man/woman •• Help plan/coordinate men’s ministry activities •• Help plan/coordinate women’s ministry activities


•• Operate A/V computer for services •• Operate sound equipment for services •• Help with member database services •• Help with announcement slideshows



•• Plan/host activity for Huddle Group (up to 3rd Grade) •• Plan/host activity for Jr. Youth Group (3rd-6th Grades) •• Plan/host activity for Youth Group (7th-12th Grades) •• Chaperone Youth Group activity (7th-12th Grades) •• Host activity for College Group •• Host a college student for lunch (“Stuff-A-Student” sponsor)

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO GET INVOLVED! Update your involvement information TODAY by (1) filling out a paper form in one of the foyers OR (2) login to the new iServe app and tell us where you want to work. This allows the leaders to know where to connect you in the work at Dalraida! You can turn in the paper forms to any elder or deacon.

•• Visit absent members •• Help greet visitors •• Follow-up and contact visitors •• Visit visitors •• Visit shut-ins •• Help coordinate/plan a special Sunday (Friends & Family Day, etc.) •• Lead prayer •• Read scripture •• Lead singing •• Preside over Lord’s Supper

You can update your information online NOW at

See John Kachelman or Nick Revels with any questions about using the iServe app on your mobile device or home computer.




An Evening With Apologetics Press A BENEFIT AND AWARENESS DINNER

Religious skepticism in our country is at an all-time high. Over the past few decades, the atheistic community has increased its effort in attacking Christianity. The apostle Peter commissioned Christians to be able to defend their faith. Come join us for a delicious meal and learn important information about how you can equip yourself and others to meet the challenges of unbelief. If you plan to attend the benefit dinner, please RSVP. If you have any questions, please call (334) 272-8558.

Wetumpka, Alabama • March 8, 2016 • 6:30 p.m. Wetumpka church of Christ • 408 W. Bridge Street, Wetumpka, AL 36092


audio & podcast available

unday morning Bible classes are generally separated into age groups

so we can encourage each other because of common experiences and issues we are dealing with. However, since our experiences transpose ages or groups, there is no reason why you can’t attend any class! Please look at the classes and topics belows and attend

any class if that topic is of greater interest to you! The elders at Dalraida



Old Testament Kings John Kachelman III

Love More, Sin Less Bryan Jurkofsky

The Old Testament Kings offer a rich study for Christians. The living habits, choices, and destinies of these kings read as if they are living in our current century. This study will provide lessons that are easily applied to our life as a Christian, and long remembered for the lessons found within.

All of us struggle with sin, and in this world sometimes it feels as though our struggles are insurmountable. But, God’s solution is not complicated or impossible. He desires us to have a hear and a life of love. These lessons will remind us of the lessons of love found in God’s Word.




Ezra & Nehemiah Terry Edwards

The Journey of Faith (cont.) Tony Allen

Let Us Take What We Heard Buddy Renahan

Ezra and Nehemiah led God’s people back to the crumbled walls of Jerusalem. However, the ruins of the once-great city presented the people with an opportunity to work together and rebuild a life of faithfulness to God. Consider these two books and the story of faithfulness found inside.

John enjoyed a unique relationship with the Lord. From his perspective, we can see how a relationship with God can transform us inside and out. Tony will continue to examine John’s gospel to uncover his journey of faith that reveals a unique perspective of Christ that can influence our lives as well.

Sometimes we listen to a sermon on Sunday and go home without thinking much more about the lesson. This discussion-based class will consider the previous week’s sermon and explore how it can further be applied to our lives. Special attention will be given to additional passages and lessons.

want all members to be invovled in a does not matter which one! All classes will be studying God’s Word and they will help your faith grow and mature as God wants!

Join us for class on

Sundays @ 9 am




with Robert



with Melvin Otey


ednesday nights are times for the Dalraida family to gather together,

study God’s Word, and fellowship. The elders plan classes which will encourage us to grow stronger spiritually in the faith. We have classes for all ages -- children through adult!


Join us for class on

Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

Spring Cleaning Our Hearts & Lives taught by Rachel Hatcher, Shannon Randolph & Julie Owen




Christian PRIORITIES by Wayne Jackson


ne of the most demanding and frequently ignored admonitions from Jesus Christ is found in his renowned Sermon on the Mount: “You are to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things [basic needs] will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). This is one of the most challenging, and yet neglected, mandates of Christ—even by many who profess to be his loyal followers. The first consideration, of course, is the identity of the one making this demand. Does he have the right to issue such a rigorous obligation? If this is not understood, nothing productive will ever result. The following factors must be appreciated: Christ is your Creator (John 1:1-3; Hebrews 1:3), he is your Savior (Matthew 1:21), and he has been granted authority over you (John 17:2; Matthew 28:18). He thus has the right to command you and expect your obedience. If you do not acknowledge this truth, there is no way you can legitimately claim to be his disciple. Additionally, there are the following constituent elements of the command.


The verb “seek” (zeteo – 117 times in the New Testament) is a verb in the command mood, and it stresses continuous activity.

“This is one of the most challenging, and yet neglected, mandates of Christ—even by many who profess to be his loyal followers” The word embraces several thoughts, such as “looking for,” “investigating,” “striving to obtain.” It embodies the idea of strenuous effort. Christians are not to prioritize their own interests, but those of their Lord foremost (Philippians 2:21).


This adjective is employed adverbially to emphasize precedence. It signifies degree, as: “in the first place,” “above all,” “especially.” It is the very opposite of the disposition of the man who sought to follow Christ, but said: “[F]irst, let me go and bury my father” (Matthew 8:21). Jesus admonished the man; not because the man cared for his father, but because he did not appreciate the preeminence of his Lord. Legions are of the same caliber.

“Kingdom of God”

The expression “kingdom of God,” in the sense of this context, is the “reign” of God in your life. Is he enthroned in your heart so that your entire existence is governed by his rule? The Creator of the universe will not

“”He who “knows the hearts of all men” (Acts 1:24) knows precisely how serious we are about serving God.”

be a mere appendage in your life. He is not a sometimes, weekend, casual point of interest.

“And His Righteousness”

The term “righteousness” signifies living the way God wants you to; it is similar to Jesus’ proclamation to John the Baptist at the time of his baptism: “[I]t becomes us to fulfill all righteousness” (Matthew 3:15). One scholar has expressed the matter like this: “Righteousness is seen as God’s demand upon man. Righteousness refers to proper conduct before God.” The term assumes Jehovah’s sovereignty over man, and his perfect wisdom in dictating the appropriate way for people to live. “Righteousness” is used of various acts of worship, such as giving, praying, or in the exercise of self-discipline—as in the case of fasting (Matthew 6:2, 5, 16). Obedience always should be to honor God, and not to solicit the attention or admiration of others (6:1). Those who engage in performance worship should give heed to this. Jesus taught his disciples that their righteousness must exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 5:20)—whose religion focused upon externals and neglected internals (Matthew 23:23). Too many today believe if your heart is right, it doesn’t make any difference what you do. Others go through superficial acts while their dispositions are rotten. Righteousness involves both attitude and action.


It is a fact beyond dispute that it is easier to theorize about doing right than to practice it with passion. Too, it is very difficult to be honest—even with ourselves—in the matter of adjusting our priorities. This is because conflicts of interest arise that require the exercise of judgment, and our judgments don’t always agree with one another. At times we are conflicted even within ourselves.

edification (Acts 20:7ff). Concerning the communion supper, for instance, the Lord commanded: “This do . . .” (Luke 22:19), and Paul’s charge to the Corinthians was prefaced with: “As I gave order . . . so also you are to do” (1 Corinthians 16:1-2). Normally, this is what faithful people do. This is implementing the righteousness of God, and devoted children of God make an earnest effort to be consistent in their worship. However, what if a mother has a sick child who needs medical care? Is there not a “motherly righteousness” that, in this temporary instance, takes precedence over a worship assembly? No one in his right mind would dispute this. Or consider this situation: Suppose a Christian physician is called to the hospital on Sunday morning to do emergency surgery to help save a person’s life? Would a faithful disciple be faulted for having to miss a service in such an instance? Who would so contend? No reasonable person. Motive plays a huge part in many of our decisions. How would this parallel the person who consistently and whimsically forsakes services for the most trivial matters—a birthday party, sports events, or “I need some extra rest for Monday”? How about missing Christian worship to entertain relatives, or to attend a denominational church with a friend? Such rationalizations do not pass the credibility test. He who “knows the hearts of all men” (Acts 1:24) knows precisely how serious we are about serving God. A facade of religiosity and “spiritual strut” does not pass muster with the Lord. And quite frankly, it is perfectly transparent to many others as well. Jackson, Wayne. "Christian Priorities."

Christian people are required to assemble on the Lord’s day (Revelation 1:10) for the purpose of worship and

Access date: February 22, 2016.




Bible Classes & Podcasts Available Online

Since 2005, we have recorded auditorium classes and special series and made them available online for anyone to download or subscribe to listen. Check out some of the available classes and podcasts below or find more online at!

Check out all of our special series at




2016 Missions Emphasis Day



9 AM

"Growing God's Way" (7th grade and up in auditorium)

10 AM "Mission-Minded Macedonians" 1130 AM Congregational Lunch

1 PM

(All visitors welcome!)

"We Are His Workmanship"

* The elders have decided that all contributions will go directly to help our mission efforts. MORE DETAILS TO COME!




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Dalraida church of Christ's quarterly publication for its members, friends and families

Dalraida Families | Spring 2016  

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