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A quarterly magazine for members, friends and family of Dalraida church of Christ

FALL 2015

Full of information and

edifying content! Remembering why we should want to come learn about God

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The Importance of Bible Class


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Studying the Bible as a Family

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Introducing iServe

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Being a part of a loving group of people can make all the difference in a life

Consider how reaching out to others allows them see ours and God’s love Consider using a bible study plan with your family

A new app to connect and help the work at Dalraida






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Our benevolence has a purpose



incredible importance of meeting and working together at Dalraida

2015 MEN’S RETREAT The men of the congregation will get away for a time to recharge.

FALL EVENTS Look at the

upcoming events this Fall and mark your calendars!


kids learn Bible facts. Download them now and work with your kids!

BIBLE CLASS helps us grow

together with God. Consider why it is so important.

MISSIONS PROFILE Learn more about Moises Pinedo, his family, and his work.


Find out how you can download online. FALLthe 2015lessons |

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Realizing the blessings from a church family


Read about the July trip to Cusco

t Retrea Men’s Eufala) (Lake -24 Oct 235 1 0 2


Meeting together to strengthen our faith in the classroom


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Ne maxim voloriorem lam, ut ero


EVERYDAY EVANGELISM is a special class offerred this fall on Wednesday nights.

BEING A PART OF DALRAIDA family is a wonderful thing. Pam Keeton tells us why she thinks so.

DYG SUMMER was full of fun

activities and service opportunities. Read about some things they did.

GROWING SPIRITUALLY is necessary to resist temptation. Check out these 10 ways how!

WHY READ this magazine?

Consider 10 reasons why this new magazine can help you.

OUR BENEVOLENCE has a purpose. Read how you can help others see ours and God’s love..

OUR YOUTH went to Mt.

Dora, FL this summer to help serve and reach out to those in need.

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important at Dalraida. See some updates from the mission field.

DCM EVENTS for the new

school year are in full-swing. Read about what is going on with them!


should be a focus for all of us. Check out our plans to get going!

FAITH MAINTENANCE can be tricky in a busy world. Try these five things to make yours stronger.

TRUNK-OR-TREAT is always a great time. Mark your calendars for this years event!

VISITING PERU: four of our

members were able to visit and encourage the Wilsons in Cusco.


quarter will edify and strengthen you. Check out our lineup!

ways to

help your family grow spiritually this fall!


“Growing spiritually is a requirement for those who desire to be faithful in their service to the Lord”


INTRODUCTION This magazine started out as an idea to help the Christians at Dalraida get organized, informed and involved. The best way was to make sure the communication among the family at Dalraida is as good as possible.

STUDYING THE BIBLE AS A FAMILY Consider using study plans for your family this quarter

One way to do this was to put all the information together in one place for members (and anyone else interested) for quick reference and reading. This caused all of the leaders at Dalraida to think ahead and do a better job at planning and scheduling events for the entire next quarter. The members and elders are the beneficiaries of this because we can all now plan to be involved more in activities and ministires at Dalraida. Now, members have no excuse not to get involved more! Read the articles, mark down the events, and plan to be more involved in the next quarter.


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DOUG’S CORNER encourages us all to realize that we are all important as we live life each day!

MISSIONS SPOTLIGHT See what’s been going on in the field

Bill Johnson Bob McKee Steve Phillips Jim Russell Dean Sanders EDITOR ASSITANT EDITOR

of the Dalraida programs for our kids. Check out the plans for this year.

Billy Camp


Patsy Thebo



is an app that will help us all be connected together.


Our new app to help our work

You are important in God’s Work


John Kachelman III



The body of Christ works so much better when all the members are present and working together! (1 Cor. 12).


Billy Camp Andrew Gifford John Kachelman III Pam Keeton Doug Smith Josh Sipper Will Tucker Dean Sanders

We are looking for good articles from our own members for future publications!



If you would like to contribute an article to Dalraida Families Magazine, please contact John Kachelman or Billy Camp.





a message from the


ur hearts are stirred by the words of David’s song of ascents in Psalm 122: “I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord’.” How beautiful and meaningful are the sentiments expressed by this man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22). He could have stayed home and sung his hymn, but the anticipation of going up to Zion with his brethren to worship struck a special chord in his soul. We all should approach our own gatherings with the same passion! There is no question that each Christian should engage in private daily devotions and lift prayers without ceasing to our blessed Creator who is the author of eternal salvation and the fountain of all good things. But beyond that, our shared worship and fellowship give us a level of gladness and spiritual rekindling that we cannot obtain alone. Solitude on the mountain top has its benefits, but God designed us to meet life on the open road and interact with our fellow man and especially our brothers and sisters in the faith. It has been well demonstrated that two horses can pull a greater weight as a team than the combined total they can pull separately. The same principle applies to the shared endeavors of believers. This wonderful synergy of fellowship is surely one reason we are counseled in Hebrews 10:25 not to “forsake the assembling of ourselves together.” Coming together and supporting one another becomes a pivotal influence in our Christian lives. It is the aim of your elders to provide suitable opportunities for us to reap the rich benefits of fellowship and togetherness. Our wide range of ministries and activities allow us to employ and enjoy the synergy of the two-horse team. With over thirty able and committed deacons to coordinate our work, each member should be able to find a vital place in pulling the gospel wagon.


FALL 2015


the greatest among us should be

SERVANT of all

Paul refers to the body of believers as “The house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” (I Timothy 3:15). Although filled with imperfect people, we should always remember that the church built by Jesus is a divine institution purchased with His own blood. It demands our deepest respect and enduring labors. Jesus told the Apostles they had freely received and therefore they should freely give. Every church must look beyond its own pews and even beyond the borders of its own state and country if it is to remain true to the Great Commission of our Lord. Our mission efforts bear witness to how serious Dalraida takes this charge. And we are always seeking additional ways and means to bring another soul to Christ. Your elders are constantly mindful of the grave responsibility placed upon us. Our first commitment is to adhere to the pattern and practice of the church of the first century. In an era of uncertainty and shifting winds of religious theology, we are committed to the sound doctrine of Scripture that never changes. We are deeply grateful to the Dalraida congregation for the unwavering support given to us over the years. And it is our sincere desire to fulfill the admonition of Jesus that the greatest among us should be a servant of all.

2015 Fall Men’s Retreat


now ! sign -up

Lakepoint Resort State Park | Eufala, Alabama

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong (1 CORINTHIANS 16:13)


d o o w k c Bill Lo

Edify. Plan. Lead. Schedule



All men will be paired with another person and assigned a room at the Lakepoint Resort. If you want a private room you may do so by signing up and paying $47 (Note: if you share a room all expenses are paid).

3:00 - Meet at Lakepoint 4:00 - Session #1 5:30 - Dinner 7:00 - Session #2 8:30 - Elders’ Challenge/ Planning Ideas 10:00 - Fellowship SATURDAY, OCT. 24:

Session Topics

8:00 - Breakfast 9:30 - Session #3 11:00 - Elders Challenge 12:00 - Lunch 1:30 - Breakout Planning 2:30 - Elders Prayer 3:00 - Clean-up/Depart

Our lessons will focus on our theme verse (1 Cor. 16:13):


We will use some of our time to break into groups to brainstorm ideas and plans for Dalraida for the new year. So bring your ideas and thinking hats!

All food will be provided. We will enjoy a seafood buffet on Friday evening and a breakfast and lunch buffet on Saturday.

• Man Up at Home • Man Up at Work (and in the world) • Man up at Church


Lockwood was reared in the Church having been baptized into Christ when he was 12 years old. His Christian mother is currently living in Sun Lakes, AZ. It is largely due to her influence that Bill is a preacher and a faithful Christian today.

The Speaker Bill Lockwood preaches for the Iowa Park church of Christ (Iowa Park, TX) and has preached for more than 30 years. He has worked with congregations in Sulphur, Oklahoma; Earle, Arkansas; Flagstaff, Arizona; Painstville, Kentucky; Bay, Arkansas; Marlow, Oklahoma; and Marshall, Texas.

Lockwood graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 1982 with a B.A. in Bible and a minor in Greek. In 1989, he earned a Master’s degree from Harding Graduate School of Religion (Memphis, TN). Later, Lockwood obtained a Texas teaching certificate from East Texas Baptist University and currently is employed by the Wichita Falls Independent School District as instructor in Juvenile Detention.







DYG | SERVICE SUNDAY After am services



All teens are encouraged to bring lunch money and stay after worship services to go eat lunch and do a service project together.

SEPTEMBER 11-13 DCM | FALL BEACH RETREAT Gulf Shores, Alabama The college group will enjoy a weekend retreat of bible study, fellowship and fun together. Cost - $20. See Billy to signup!

SEPTEMBER 13 L2L PRACTICE 12:30 @ Dalraida church of Christ Those involved in L2L will meet to work on projects and events before S&L.

SEPTEMBER 13 SEEDS & LITES 4:15 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ Our kids involved in this service program will meet at the building for their group activity.

SEPTEMBER 13 DYG | AREA-WIDE @ PRATTVILLE 4:15 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ Our teens will join other teens from area at Prattville church of Christ.

SEPTEMBER 14 AREA-WIDE LADIES DEVO 7 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ Dalraida is the host of the quarterly area-wide devotional. All ladies are encouraged to attend and enjoy this time of study and fellowship together with ladies from area congregations.

SEPTEMBER 17 DYG | GUYS NIGHT OUT The youth group guys are invited for a night out of fun and fellowship.


FALL 2015


The youth group girls are invited for a night out of fun and fellowship.

SEPTEMBER 19 PT | WHO’S COMING TO DINNER 6 pm @ Assigned locations Primetimers will do a “Who’s Coming to Dinner?” which pairs visitors with a dinner host. The hosts do not know who will be their guests until they get there, and the guests do not know who is going with them until they arrive! Look for the signup sheet and join the fun.

SEPTEMBER 20 SEEDS & LITES 4:15 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ Our kids involved in this service program will meet at the building for their group activity.

All those who help operate the sound booth are encouraged to stay and attend this dinner honoring you for giving your time and service at Dalraida.

SEPTEMBER 20 DYG | DEVO @ JOHNSON’S After pm services The youth will go to Bill & Jill Johnson’s house for a devotional following evening services. Guys bring chips, girls bring desserts.

SEPTEMBER 23 DYG | WED NIGHT LIGHTS 4:30 pm @ Dalraida Teen Room All teens are invited to bring $2 for our WNL!. We will eat together before bible class.




SEPTEMBER 26 DCM | HANG OUT PARTY 9 am @ Dalraida College Classroom All college students are invited to meet and enjoy time of fellowhsip together at the Dalraida church building.

SEPTEMBER 26 DYG | PAINTBALL TRIP The youth group will be playing paintball together. More info to come.

SEPTEMBER 27 STUFF-A-STUDENT After am services All members are encouraged to host a college student for lunch after morning services. If you are interested in helping, please let Billy Camp know how many students you can sponsor.

SEPTEMBER 27 YP | TAILGATE GAME NIGHT After pm services Bring your favorite tailgating food, a favorite game and wear your favorite team shirt and join the YP’s after evening services for a fun night together.

SEPTEMBER 27 DYG | JR/SR OUT TO EAT After pm services All the junior and seniors are invited to go out to eat together after pm services..

OCTOBER 4 SEEDS & LITES 4:15 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ Our kids involved in this service program will meet at the building for their group activity.

OCTOBER 4 ANNUAL PUMPKIN CARVING After pm services @ Bus barn The Primetimers and Young Professionals invite all families to stay after pm services for tha annual family pumpkin carving. Bring soup, sandwiches and desserts. Don’t forget your pumpkin and carving tools!

OCTOBER 10 DYG | HALLOWEEN PARTY Terry & Kim Edwards All youth and family are invited to a halloween party at the Edwards’ house. Bring lawn chairs, soups and chips.

OCTOBER 12 DYG | GUYS/GIRLS NIGHT OUT The youth group guys and girls will be getting together for separate nights of fun and fellowship.


L2L PRACTICE 12:30 @ Dalraida church of Christ

The Babyboomers are invited to the Stowe’s for a time of cooking hotdogs, roasting marshmallows, singing devo songs and a hayride together.

Those involved in L2L will meet to work on projects and events before S&L.



FUN AT THE PUMPKIN PATCH 10:30 am @ Dreamfield Farms


SEEDS & LITES 4:15 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ Our kids involved in this service program will meet at the building for their group activity.

The YP’s invite all families and children to meet at Dreamfield Farms for a day of fun at the pumpkin patch. Activities include a hayride to the pumpkin patch, cow train ride, blow-up bouncy toys, petting zoo, and much more!









SUPER SUNDAY w/WILLIE FRANKLIN Dalraida church of Christ

The youth will have evening services with the Georgia Road congregation and then enjoy supper on the farm together.

The youth will enjoy a weekend of spiritual enrichment at Camp Neyati on the banks of Lake Guntersville. THis will be a joint retreat with the Northport Youth Group and will have a halloween theme. Cost is $30/person and covers two nights and 4 meals. Sign up on the teen bulletin board BY OCT 18!!

Willie Franklin will bring three dynamic lessons on Sunday as we consider how we can be more dedicated servants. We will have normal services at 9 am, 10 am, and 5 pm. Plan to bring food and stay for the congregational fellowship after morning services! Go ahead and invite your friends and family today!!



OCTOBER 21 DYG | WED NIGHT LIGHTS 4:30 pm @ Dalraida Teen Room All teens are invited to bring $2 for our WNL. We will eat together before we have bible class.

OCTOBER 23-24 MEN’S RETREAT Lake Eufala State Park Resort All the men of the congregation will enjoy time away to encourage one another, brainstorm plans for the work at Dalraida, and enjoy time of fellowship at Lake Eufala State Park. All costs are paid (unless you want a private room). See page 5 for more details and information.

OCTOBER 25 TRUNK-OR-TREAT After pm services Bring finger foods and desserts and enjoy time together. Everyone - all ages - is encouraged to decorate your trunk and pass out sweet treats (or healthy ones if you prefer) to our kids as they dress up for this fun night. Mark your calendars and come support this event!


FALL 2015



SEEDS & LITES 4:15 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ

Dalraida will once again encourage members to help those less fortunate during the month of November, starting with a special emphasis during worship on November 1 about the orphans and fatherless in need of our help.

Our kids involved in this service program will meet at the building for their group activity.

NOVEMBER 1 Those involved in L2L will meet to work on projects and events before S&L.

The University congregation is the host of the quarterly area-wide devotional. All ladies are encouraged to attend and enjoy this time of study and fellowship together with ladies from area congregations.



L2L PRACTICE 12:30 @ Dalraida church of Christ

SEEDS & LITES 4:15 pm @ Dalraida church of Christ Our kids involved in this service program will meet at the building for their group activity.

NOVEMBER 9 AREA-WIDE LADIES DEVO 7 pm @ University church of Christ

SEEDS & LITES ICE SKATING 6 pm @ Eastdale Mall Food Court The Seeds & Lites will be meeting to eat at the food court at 6 pm and then skate at 6:30. Tickets are provided for all S&L kids, so they just need money for supper. See Julie Owen with questions.

KIDSING CARDS Take time to help your kids learn Bible facts...and let them gain a sense of accomplishment when they get their trophey!

! w o N d s a o d l r n a w Do g C ible

n i B S n d r i a K Le t a nt por We them m i a! help in so d i o e t a r r a Da l u r b e s t l e s s o n s e r a l ids v s at o l t o u t o d o n d e r f u h a ve s e a b o u t e t o n e o a w w m r w e ra ge n t h a l ra i d a s l e a r n e n co u r a e l s D ing r kid do i . At o rd e l p o u g s w e u r K i d S W h s n o ’ i Go d ra m s t o t h e t h a c t s i n f f g o e o l r e b p g On r n Bi . enin d a le Go r ev k i d s o u t o e gs e t h e m ra m . e f o r e re t h i n g s o n s b e g h m w act ds p ro s a ti ndays ews an rized f instill i g o in p Su lp K i d S c e s o n e f ro n t e r m e m a c t s h e . T h e y i v f h v ds o t i r d t k se er on d g o n g s a n of o u r s h m e n n a h i l p g at Do u g e s e s o e a r t s g! co m with ther. Th in the h e of ac learnin nity s r toge s Word n a sen hey fo ortu ings p p ’ p i th ul o G o d v e n g a e t a t ro derf s learn e n g o n y d a i e c a w the k n th nt s whe ese o help r p t also nt s o rd ! T h i s u r p a re b l e . d’s W i o o B r G n fo he lear s at ut t abo d to c t c a rd l i h c a our ng f . ge y e K i d S i d s a r u kids i h o s of En c n l o a d t a . o r g / k e g a d ork r all D o w . d a l ra i s fo s a n d w e y o u r w d r w a w c rd av ing t ca d, h K i dS s i c fa c n a c a r f o a y lear ers! rn b riet a v a e m l e a e n yo u t h e e l d e r of Wh g th re a T h e h e l p i n c a rd s . o r o n e t r r g rd e D o u Sta o ha to u p t s ay i t d chil

s t c Fa





The Importance of Bible Class Strengthening Our Faith in the classroom

Do you sometimes feel empty when it comes to your study of God’s Word? Are you ever left wondering exactly what the preacher is saying or explaining from the pulpit? Do you ever wish you could answer a coworker or child’s question better with a passage from God’s word? If so, ask yourself these three questions: 1. D o I faithfully attend Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening Bible Class?


FALL 2015


by Dean Sanders

2. D o I prepare myself to participate in Bible Class by studying God’s Word each day? 3. Do I actively participate with thoughtful comments and questions while in Bible Class? Encouragement Overcomes Anxiety. Someone might say, I just don’t know enough to be a part of that Bible Class. Well, isn’t that the point? When we attend Bible Class, we find ourselves in a classroom with many different people who may

realize we are not alone and help us understand how God’s inspired Word addresses our needs in today’s world. This encouragement should reassure us that whatever concerns we have about attending class, they will be washed away because of the strength we get from others.

have many different levels of knowledge, understanding and experience. The beauty of assembling together to study the Word of God is that we allow ourselves to be strengthened by other’s abilities and knowledge and in-turn we are able to share our own experiences and knowledge with our fellow brothers and sisters. We strengthen each other as Proverbs 27:17 says, “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (NIV). We gain a mutual benefit when we study the Word of God together with fellow Christians. That benefit comes from other’s knowledge and experiences that help us

Attendance Helps Influence. What does your Bible Class attendance say to your children or others that you influence? Does it say, “I love to The congregation Study God’s Word and make every effort to that commits attend”, or does it say itself to a faithful, “I can take it or leave consistent and init; I am too busy or too tired to attend Bible depth study of the Class”? Remember, scriptures will never we as parents find itself empty. have a tremendous responsibility to train up our children in the way that they should go (Proverbs 22:6a). The world we live in today pulls at our children at every turn and click. As parents, we need all the help we can get to reinforce those things that are holy and righteous. Faithful Bible Class attendance is foundational to this reinforcement process. Failure is not an option when it comes to raising our children to love God and His Word. However if we do not come or support such Bible teaching, then how can we pass that love of God’s Word along to our children? How can we talk to others about the importance of the Scripture if we do not show how it is important in our lives? We must make Bible class a priority in our lives so that it will allow us to influence our children and others who are in need of the saving grace of God. The congregation that commits itself to a faithful, consistent and in-depth study of the scriptures will never find itself empty. Make it a priority to attend Bible classes so your family at Dalraida (and yourself) will be full! Dean Sanders is an elder at Dalraida and oversees the education programs. He can be contacted at






A look at one of our misison points and the work that Dalraida families contribute to every month

EB Global

Moises Pinedo began this work to provide Spanish materials to those teaching the Gospel and those seeking answers to their spiritual questions. EB GLOBAL is a ministry that provides Spanish language materials to anyone around the world. When Dalraida first started this work with Moises in 2014, there were very few places where Christians could find sound, doctrinal materials to use in Spanish-speaking countries. One of the greatest needs was materials that could be given to those interested in certain topics and materials to teach children classes. Moises saw this incredible need and began using his “spare time” to start a website that provided answers to bible questions submitted and some downloadable materials. He started to draft children’s materials, but because of his workload at his full-time job, he was unable to produce it as quickly as it was demanded by those in Central and South America! The demand quickly overtook him and he realized that he could work full-time on these materials and serve those seeking and teaching the truth in the Spanish-speaking world. Dalraida could not be prouder of being a partner and overseeing congregation of this great work! Your generous contributions continue to help spread the saving Gospel message via printed and electronic materials. Moises works tirelessly on the materials each month and his reports detail all the wonderful work he has been able to accomplish for the Lord’s Church. His materials are now being printed and sent to those needing paper copies of tracts or lesson materials on campaigns. It is evident that this is a needed service for Christians and it continues to help those teaching to lead others to Christ. MOISÉS PINEDO has been a preacher and a Spanish translator for several years. He worked for Apologetics Press from April 2004 to May 2010, and for House to House from June 2010 to March 2014. He has also done written translation work for World Video Bible School, Gospel Advocate, and Publishing Designs, as well as personal translation and evangelistic work in mission fields in Peru, Colombia, and Argentina. He currently works as the editor and one of the writers for EB Global (Enfoque Bíblico in Spanish), an organization devoted to provide Spanish Biblical materials for the Lord’s church. Moisés is married to an elder’s daughter (Kimberley), and they have three girls: Melanie, Ella, and Kelsey. They worship with the Elizabethton church of Christ in East TN.



FALL 2015







Below: Pam on the Dalraida Bus Trip to St. Augustine/Daytona in 2012.

What It Means to Be Part of Dalraida

by Pam Taylor Keeton

Through the years, moves, and trials, being a part of a loving group of people can make all the difference in a life...and that’s how it should be! ince I was in the third grade I have been a part of the Dalraida Church of Christ. I loved growing up at Dalraida. It was such a family-oriented church, always filled with activities and plenty of opportunities to help others.


I watched my mother and father serve in many, many ways over the years at Dalraida and it had a big impact on my life. During my college years at Auburn University, my time was split between the church there and coming home to Dalraida. After graduation I was able to find a job in Montgomery and was able to once again worship full-time at Dalraida. I met my husband about four months after graduating and neither of us realized that he would have to move in a few short months. We got married in April and, of course, I moved with him.

“I am the most blessed person to be a part of the Dalraida Church of Christ.”


FALL 2015


We worshiped at a small church in North Alabama. Sweet people, but it wasn’t Dalraida. After about a year, we had the opportunity to move back to Auburn. We had been hoping for an opportunity to get closer to home and Auburn was as close as we could get at the time. Auburn is a lovely town and we lived and worshipped at the church there for the next 25 years. We went home to Dalraida almost every other weekend and when our daughter was

Above: Pam and Lonnie in 1985

born, we still visited often. Just about the time of our 25th anniversary, everything seemed right for us to finally move back home. I had lost my father about 5 years prior to this, and I went up and down the interstate so many times to help and be with my mother. My husband had a great opportunity to move back to Montgomery with his work, gain a

promotion and finish out his career and retire when the time was right. We could be close to friends and family. We told ourselves that we would visit several churches before we made any decisions. We went to Dalraida first and that was it. It was, of course different; many people had left, moved or passed away. But the atmosphere was still the same. It was full of wonderful people who encouraged others, helped others and taught God’s word as it should be taught. Needless to say, we never visited anywhere else. We were home. We renewed old friendships and made many new ones. We had opportunities to serve and be as involved and active as we wanted to be. Over the past 12 years it has been my joy to coordinate and teach our Ladies’ class, work with our Teddy Bear Ministry at the Jackson Hospital Emergency Room, work with the Baby Boomer Group and be a part of as many service opportunities as I could handle. I always tried to help take food to the sick and send lots of cards. Sometimes I did better than others. You never realize how much all these things mean until you are the recipient of them... I became ill in the Spring of 2014 with a blood disease. I hardly had the energy to do anything. A trip to the doctor revealed that I was extremely anemic and I had a disease called Mylodyplasia Syndrome. My body would no longer make new blood cells, neither red nor white. I tried a couple of treatments that didn’t work and was then sent to UAB and they said I needed a bone marrow transplant. The doctors said that a bone marrow

transplant was the only option I had and, even then, the chances of it working were pretty low -- but it was all the hope that I had. I entered UAB after several months of preliminary tests and finally had the ok to go forward with a transplant. However, we soon were told that I had developed leukemia and before I could start the bone marrow transplant my cancer had to be put into remission. I don’t know how those at Dalraida knew what I needed but it seemed like whatever it was, they were there for me and my family. After all these many, many months we still received lots and lots of food. The amounts of food we received is unbelievable -- and let a holiday come around and it was even more! It seemed as though they were so afraid we wouldn’t have anything; I think we could have fed the entire congregation at Christmas! We received so much help while I was in the hospital for about two months. I had so many visitors! Friends would spend the night while I was in the hospital and give my husband a break. Others ran errands, stepped in to teach ladies class, and continued the ER Teddy Bear program. They have washed clothes, helped me pack for a long stay at UAB, helped me unpack when I got home, and even cleaned my house so when I came home it was perfect. Some came just to pray with me. I have boxes of cards -- don’t ever underestimate how much a sweet card means to someone. They are like gold to me! Some send them so regularly that I worry if they are sick or something has happened if I don’t receive one. Our teens brought me a birthday basket full of all kinds of things and have been by more than once to sing and visit.

Above: The Dalraida Youth Group visit with Pam and Lonnie during one of their Tuesday Lunch Crews in the Summer of 2015.

“this is the way a church should be - the way God wants us to be. It is a place where God lives”

Above Pam in 1960...about the time that she first started coming to Dalraida

After all the procedures and medications, I was unable to have the transplant. We just keep going with what we can do and pray for something new to help. The one thing I can say is I could not have gotten through all this without my Dalraida family. Others may disagree with me, but this is the way a church should be -- the way God wants us to be. It is a place where God lives. A particular Bible verse has appeared many times to me over all these months. Sometimes it just appeared in the morning devotional book I was reading. Sometimes it would be the message in a card that was sent or included in encouraging thoughts sent by email. It is from Isaiah 41:10:

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” This is what Dalraida has done for me - not just these last months, but since the day I started attending in the third grade. They have strengthened me, helped me and upheld me. How I pray and wish everyone had the opportunity to feel as loved as I have felt by a group of people all these many years.

I could go on and on; I could even tell you more about the illness itself. But the thing that has helped me the most is the constant love and care over such a long period of time. I am the most blessed person to be a part of the Dalraida Church of Christ. They are always there. They are still there for me as we continue fighting this disease.

Right: Pam and Lonnie were married

at Dalraida. on April 22, 1978




DYG | Summer of Service THE PURPOSE OF OUR SUMMER EVENTS The Summer of 2015 was one of great success and spiritual growth. The purpose of our eventfilled summer revolved around three objectives: (1) grow closer to God (2 Peter 3:18); (2) grow closer to one another as a family of God (Acts 4:32); and (3) happily serve those we come into contact with (Acts 20:35). By working together for the cause of Christ we grow as a family and impact each and every person we come in contact with. These three objectives continue to drive our DYG each and every day.

IMPACT ON OUR TEENS We have just completed one of the busiest and most rewarding summers, and it was filled with many memories including the Mt. Dora Mission Trip, TLC, Summer Retreat, SEC, and many others. These various summer activities and service opportunities have allowed our teens to grow spiritually and mature in their faith. We have had teens that have made the biggest, most important decision to obey the Gospel and become baptized believers (Hamp and Piper, left). Our teens have learned that walking in Christ means serving in Christ! “Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.� (Colossians 2:6-7)


FALL 2015



Our summer was full of all kinds of activities and events together. The DYG enjoyed fun trips, activities focused on Bible study, and others that centered on service to others and the Lord’s church. Read about some of our summer events below!

TUESDAY LUNCH CREW On Tuesdays the DYG came together to eat lunch and conduct a service project for some of the members of the congregation. We truly enjoyed working for and spending some quality time with these wonderful members. The youth were able to get to know some outstanding godly men and women that can be role models for them.

SOUTHERN EVANGELISM CONFERENCE SEC is a weekend evangelism conference on the campus of Faulkner University where our teens along with 600+ teens studied to become better evangelists. Our teens attended classes, worshipped together, and fellowshipped with teens of like-faith with the goal of spreading God’s word to their peers.

SUMMER RETREAT 33 of our parents and teens travelled to Blue Ridge, Georgia to retreat and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We enjoyed hiking, tubing, sightseeing, worshipping, and fellowshipping. Some of the most enjoyable moments were sitting together and enjoying extended periods of singing and studying God’s word.



Our youth travelled to the Mount Dora Children’s Home and School to work with the school in preparation for the upcoming school year and also conduct a nightly VBS for the Mt. Dora congregation.

We began our summer at the Apologetics Press week at ICYC with around 40 people. This weeklong camp focused on the Greatness of Jesus Christ. Our group enjoyed a week of Bible classes, worship, sports, food, fun, and fellowship with more than 250 people.

For more info read the Mt. Dora Report on Page 24.

In July, we enjoyed a two-day trip with the Wetumpka youth group to Atlanta together. While in Atlanta we went jumping at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park and Six Flags. We also enjoyed staying with some of the Peachtree City members!




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GROWING SPIRITUALLY is a requirement for those who desire to be faithful in their service to the Lord. In Col.1:28-29, Paul expressed the sentiment of presenting “every man mature in Christ.” Stop and imagine what it would mean to the growth of the Lord’s Church if the goal of having every Christian mature in Christ could be achieved. The world simply could not withstand the charge we could mount against the strongholds of Satan. While we may not achieve the goal of every man and woman being mature in Christ, we must encourage one another and help those who are willing to nurture their spiritual growth in their daily lives.

While there are many ways by which spiritual growth can be achieved, consider ten important ways to mature into the individuals in Christ that God wants us to be.

10 Ways to Grow Spiritually this Fall

01 Study the Bible

The Bible tells us that “faith comes by hearing the Word of God” (Rom. 10:17) and we are to “desire the sincere milk of the Word” (1 Pt. 2:2). When we consider what the Word is able to accomplish for the child of God then we begin to understand how crucial Bible study actually is!

The Word of God sanctifies (Jn. 17:17); it is the only competent guide to living righteously (Ps. 119:105); committing its contents to our hearts will protect us from sinning (Ps. 119:11); and meditating on it properly equips us for doing good in the service of God (2 Tim. 3:16-17). To grow spiritually we must determine to spend time with God’s Word realizing the information contained therein will lead to eternal life.


FALL 2015


02 Pray More

We are admonished to “pray without ceasing” (1 Ths. 5:17). Prayer improves our relationship with God because it improves our communication with God. Without it we fail to bring ourselves to the full enjoyment of God’s Kingdom.

Sadly, many Christians admit that prayer is not a regular part of their routine. We become so busy that we feel we don’t have the time to pray. Jms. 5:16 reminds us that prayer is a way to get God to do things for us that He normally would not do if we did not pray. Prayer changes things. Prayer changes people. The life of our Lord was filled with spending much time in prayer. Our Savior knew He had so much to do that He would never get it all accomplished without prayer. Some things in life are so difficult that they can only be accomplished through the special power of a believer’s prayer.

by Doug Smith

03 Burn Bridges Behind Us We must cut ourselves off from the things and the people that tend to draw us back to sinful ways. Our commitment to Christ means that we have died to the world (Rom. 6:6-11). Avoid associating with those who use bad language as much as possible. Stay away from pornography and in particular internet pornography. Have a close friend that will hold you accountable for you actions. Abandon your friends that drink and stay away from those people and situations which make it difficult to be sexually pure. Give up people, places, and things which characterized your life prior to conversion to Christ. Even Paul had to encourage the early Christians that they needed to stay focused on those thing ahead and forget those things which are behind! (Php. 3:13). Keeping our focus ahead on God and not on those that pull us down will make us stronger.

04 Cherish Fellowship

05 Attend Bible Class

We gain much when we understand the importance of the fellowship of the saints. Every member needs the spiritual boost that comes from being a part of a local church. Being together accomplishes the goal of Heb. 10:24-25 because we encourage each other to love and good works! This can be done during the public assemblies of the church as these are times of mutual encouragement, stimulation, and spiritual challenge. Fellowship is especially important for the trials and temptations constantly plaguing us.

Making a commitment to be in every Bible class will go a long way toward insuring the spiritual health of not only yourself, but every member of your family. Is it really possible to demonstrate that God’s Kingdom is first and foremost in your life and yet neglect to assemble for Bible classes?

Yet our fellowship must never be confined to our presence together at public assemblies alone. We must continually look for informal ways to be together as God’s people to talk about the things of Christ and the Church and show a genuine interest in the welfare of one another.

Inconsistencies in Bible class attendance show a lukewarm attitude toward spiritual matters. You deny yourself something that is very important in your spiritual growth by not attending Bible classes.

06 Have the Right Attitude Attitude is the most important quality of our lives because the thinking process determines the lifestyle. Pro. 4:23 says to “keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.” Our attitude describes our state of mind, our disposition, our mood, and our outlook on life. We need to remain positive even when facing the various difficulties life gives us. Paul said “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Php. 4:13). Believe that God will work out things for the best (Rom. 8:28) and avoid a negative mindset that will lead to discouragement and depression. Remember, we have the assurance of victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Realize that your life will be improved and your convictions in biblical things made stronger just by attending Bible classes. A commitment to be present for every Bible class is huge for you to successfully grow spiritually.




07 Never Forget We must never forget how much God has loved us, continues to love us, and will always love us (Jn. 3:16; Rom. 5:8-9). We must not forget just how important Christ’s church is (Matt. 16:18; Acts 20:28; Eph. 3:21). We must not forget the importance of living pure lives (1 Pt. 1:16; 1 Tim. 1:22; Tit. 2:12; 1 Pt. 2:11-12). We must never forget the importance of sound or healthy doctrine (1 Tim. 1:10-11; 2 Jn. 9-11; Gal.1:6-9). We must never forget the abundant ways God has blessed us. Counting our many blessings goes a long way toward happiness and contentment. When we forget the important things, we neglect who we are and the responsibilities that go with Whose we are.

08 Stay Convicted

09 Other Person Focused

We must have convictions based on God’s Word and not determined by what culture and society dictate. We need to know what we believe and why we believe it. 1 Pt. 3:15 admonishes us to “set apart the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to everyone who asks a reason for the hope which is in you…” We will not have the convictions needed to remain faithful unless God is first in our lives and our sole purpose in life is to serve Him. Our convictions are always based on what God’s Word says--nothing more and nothing less. We must always be true to our convictions and never compromise regardless of the consequences. We need to realize that the Scriptures determine what is right and wrong (Acts 17:11) and thus base our beliefs on the scriptures rather than on what we feel or think.

We cannot be selfish and still grow spiritually. We must be other person centered. We must strive to have the heart of a servant who has the desire to serve God and others. We need to focus on others rather than ourselves and we will realize the true joy and happiness that comes from practicing the Golden Rule (Matt. 7:12).

10 Bring Others To Christ If we are growing spiritually then we will see the importance of telling those around us the good news of Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal life beyond this life. We need to become “soul conscious” realizing that everyone we encounter will live eternally in Heaven or in Hell. They are not just coworkers, neighbors, friends, classmates, and associates but are individuals that God loves and for whom He sent his Son to die. If we don’t tell them the good news of salvation, who will? Think of someone that you would like to bring to Christ. Determine to look for opportunities to discuss with them things that are spiritual in nature. Show your love and concern for them realizing that when people know that you genuinely care they will be willing to listen to what you have to say. A passion for lost people is something we must continue to develop in our lives. * * * * * * * rowing spiritually is a great challenge that requires commitment, focus, and a sincere desire to please God in all things. It does not happen overnight but instead is a continuing process. With God’s help you can successfully mature as a child of God and become more Christ like in your daily walk with Him.

G 20

FALL 2015


What a different world we would live in if everyone just practiced doing unto the other person what we would want done to us. The happiest and most joyful people on this earth are those who busy themselves serving others.

WHY SHOULD I READ THIS? Top 10 reasons to read this magazine ONE










You will be more informed on upcoming events and able to put them on on your calendar & be involved. You learn about new ideas or products that you can use to serve God and others!

You will be encouraged from the articles and ideas. Our own members stories will warm your heart! You will realize that our elders care for your soul and want you to be fed spiritually.

You can develop better Bible study habits. Our bible study helps inside encourage you to focus your study. You will be able to support our works because you are informed about them.

You can strengthen your families by applying the ideas and study guides in your everyday lives. You will be ready to invite your friends and family to events that can help save their souls.

You can get involved in other areas of work. You can learn about other things going on and lend a hand. You will get information to help you reach out to those who are lost or drowning in sin.

DISTRIBUTION Our magazine will be distributed via the internet and in hard copies available in our foyers at the church building. The digital format will be readable by any computer or portable device (i.e. iPad, tablet, etc.). Although we will not be mailing the magazine out, you should be able to get a copy easily if you are interested. Our plan is to have the quarterly editions ready a few weeks before the start of the next quarter so that you can see all the events and classes that will be available and begin planning to get connected and involved!

“ Get this magazine and stay informed and get connected with the family at Dalraida� The Dalraida Families magazine provides an informative way to get connected to the work and the people at Dalraida. The articles will challenge, inform and edify you and your family.

Sign up online to get an email notification when the new edition is available!

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Our Benevolence: Helping Others

A huge part of Christian living is doing good to others -- benevolence as we commonly call it. Consider how our reaching out to others allows them to see ours and God’s love! BY JOSH SIPPER

Above: Some of the ladies at Dalraida meet each month to sew bears to take to children in the local hospitals. Each bear is hand-painted and includes a little message that says it was from the Dalraida church of Christ. If you would like to help with this ministry, please see Regina Stringer.

There are numerous opportunities to help and show love for other people.



FALL 2015



ou can be a picture of Jesus to another person, the community, and the world! This is what benevolence is all about. When we talk about preaching the Gospel, usually the picture that enters our minds is that of someone either standing in a pulpit and preaching to a crowd or someone sitting in the living room of a friend or acquaintance, reading scripture and asking or answering questions. Both of these images of preaching the Gospel are correct, but they’re not the only pictures we should see. Just look at Jesus’ life and the lives of His followers in the New Testament. Over and over again, miracles and good works were performed. While miracles were done to prove that these people were from God, no one can deny that they also vastly improved the lives of the recipients and sent a very clear message of what the Gospel is. Here at Dalraida, there are numerous opportunities to help and show love for other people. And that is exactly what benevolence is; loving other people, whether Christian or lost. Just look at what Jesus says to the Twelve in John 13:34-35, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” But, how do we love one another? Some is shown by prayer, but most of the love is shown in what we do to help each

other. James emphasizes by writing, “If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” (James 2:15-17). We are called to do something! Consider some of the things we can do to show love to others here at Dalraida and in our community:


ER Teddy Bears: There is a group of very tender-hearted ladies here who make little stuffed bears for children who go to the Emergency Room at local hospitals. They schedule regular work days to sew and stuff the bears. Hundreds of families, and especially children, have been affected by this sweet and beautiful work. See Regina Stringer to get involved


Clothing and Food Center: Freddie Johnston manages our collection of food and clothing to give to those who are lacking each Thursday. Donations are always welcome! See Freddie Johnston to get involved


Mount Dora Christian Home: Orphans and fatherless are to be loved and protected by Christians. We have regular opportunities to help those at Mt. Dora through the Benefit Dinner, food and supply drive, and coin can collection. See Josh Sipper to get involved


Childhaven: Another children’s home that we support, Childhaven is a wonderful work in Cullman, Alabama. Every November, we have a special collection called the Thanksgiving Appeal that begins in early November and is open through Thanksgiving. See Josh Sipper to get involved


Widows Ministry: The need and opportunity to help our Widows at Dalraida is great! We have many who are lonely and need help with anything from yard work to simple cards and phone calls. See Michael Summers to get involved


Visitation: Those who are in nursing homes, confined to their beds, in the hospital, or otherwise incapacitated are always in need of visits, calls, and notes. Just letting someone know that they are not forgotten and are meaningful to us means everything!


There many ways you can get involved at Dalraida! Don’t wait for someone to come find find them!


Prison ministry: We need compassionate men and women who are willing to go literally behind bars to bring Jesus to those whose lives can be completely transformed. You can be one of those people! See Mark Hunt to get involved How does any of this amazing stuff relate to the Gospel? The answer probably won’t surprise you. First, all of these things are free gifts! All the love we share with others is a picture of the same grace and mercy we have received from Jesus. When the Gospel is described by Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:34 he writes, “For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.” The picture here is of

Every time you show love and grace and mercy to someone who needs it, it is a vivid reminder of this same Gosepl. Jesus who in a loving self-sacrifice gives a gift to someone who is in the deepest and most dangerous need. Every time you show love and grace and mercy to someone who needs it, it is a vivid reminder of this same Gospel. Also, by your actions, you are creating opportunities to share the Gospel in words louder and clearer than any sermon. Your example and loving attitude cause others to want to know more. Remember these words of Jesus: “[T]he King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’...‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’” (Matthew 25:34, 40) Make the decision today to be a picture of Christ and help bring grace, mercy, and Good News to others through love! Josh Sipper is a deacon at Dalraida tasked with coordinating our work with orphans and can be contacted at




serving in mt dora a report on our youth group mission trip

by Will Tucker From June 27-July 3, twenty-nine people traveled to Mount Dora, FL for a week-long mission trip. The DYG’s mission was to help assist with the Mount Dora School and Children’s Home and conduct a Vacation Bible School at the Mount Dora Church of Christ. This short report gives a sample of what we accomplished in our trip. Mount Dora School and Children’s Home

and setting up classrooms for the upcoming school year.

While at the Mount Dora School and Children’s Home, our teens were able to provide a variety of service work to the school. Throughout the week we had the opportunity to do several landscaping jobs such as cleaning out flower beds, raking, pulling up cross ties, putting down many bags of mulch, preparing the football field for this upcoming season, and much more. We also were able to help teachers prepare their classrooms by cleaning

I was happy to see how hard our teens worked in the hot Florida sun. I was also queasy after we finished each day and boarded the bus to return to the hotel -- queasy from the smell of 28 other sweaty teens and chaperones! But it was great to understand that our smelly bus was a direct result of a hard day’s work.


FALL 2015


While at Mount Dora we toured the school and the Children’s Home. I was very impressed to see the beautiful

campus and the latest technologies being utilized in their classrooms. It was very impressive to see wireless routers in each classroom along with a couple of 3-D printers in the brand new Science building. Rising above the beauty and advancements of the campus was the children’s homes where many of the students stayed. As we toured the student dormitories, I was able to meet a few of the students who stayed for the summer. These students were very courteous and seemed

to really enjoy their time at Mount Dora. They enjoyed being a part of a family that promotes Biblical teaching and spiritual advancement. I am thankful for all the students I met while at Mount Dora and it is my prayer that God will continue to bless the students, faculty, administration, and school at Mount Dora. Special thanks to Church Shepherd and Dave Hogan for working with our group and organizing all of our activities while at Mount Dora.

Helping Deliver the Difference Food Bank

Thank You! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Dalraida congregation for the financial support shown to our youth. Since I have worked for Dalraida, I have always been amazed and appreciative of the giving hearts of its members.

On Tuesday morning we had the opportunity to work at Deliver the Difference food bank in Mount Dora. Our group sorted and assorted boxes of food that were to be given out to those in need throughout the community. While working at Deliver the Difference I learned very quickly who was and was not afraid of the various bugs we discovered in some of the boxes. Altogether our group sorted and packed 288 boxes of food just under three hours. As we spoke with the ladies who help organize Deliver the Difference, they were very grateful for our group that came to work. They were very impressed to see how well our teens worked together and their efficiency. At the end of the day we were thankful to see that our efforts were going to such a good cause.

This year each youth member was to raise $75 in order to attend the Mount Dora Mission Trip. I am excited to report that over $1700 was given in support of the Mount Dora Mission Trip.

to teach each night. Many of them met together each day to discuss what they would teach in class and how they would involve their children in class. Our teens did an outstanding job at VBS! After VBS each night we concluded our day by singing praises to God and having a devotional. I wanted to thank Dell Provo, Hunter Mulkey, and Davis Owen for leading devotionals for our group and Rachel Best for leading one for our girls. It was great to end each evening with time in God’s word and fellowshipping together.

Dalraida members and others went above and beyond in financially supporting this trip. We thank you so much for everything you continue to do for our teens.

Thanks DYG and Chaperones!

VBS at the Mount Dora Church of Christ We love you! Our teens conducted a Vacation Bible School for the Mount Dora congregation from Sunday through Wednesday nights. It was great to worship with the Mount Dora congregation on Sunday morning. We were greeted by many of their members and were excited to be able to help with the VBS taking place that week. Our teens went right to work after worship to decorate and prepare the building for the children that evening. Several of our group went door knocking and invited the neighborhood to VBS. We were greeted by some very nice people within the community as we knocked doors. During VBS our teens taught classes, participated in VBS skits, led singing, worked crafts, and played with the children outside. Our theme was “Superheroes for God” and our teens did an excellent job teaching on characters such as Noah, Esther, Samson, and David. I was happy to see how our teens prepared

Finally, I want to say a big THANK YOU to the teens and chaperones who attended the Mount Dora Trip. Without wonderful youth members and good chaperones this trip would not have been a success. Everyone worked hard throughout the week and had a wonderful attitude. I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of parents and teens that love the LORD and love being together as Christians. Thank you for such a wonderful trip. - WT





Mission Works


during the last few months Dalraida supports more than 15 mission works on a monthly basis. These works are all aimed at spreading the saving Gospel around the world in many different ways. Take a look at some of the wonderful things that have happened in some of these works supported by Dalraida...



A. Cusco, Peru Derrek & Danyel Wilson Japeth was baptized in July by his father Percy. Percy was baptized in May and then brought his son to study the Bible. Percy was so excited that his son decided to become a Christian too! B. Porirua, New Zealand Mosher & Jones Families John Jones was able to baptize Mana Leasi into Christ on June 12. She was introduced to the truth by her friend, Dora, who was a recent convert, and studied with Lance and John.


FALL 2015



C C. Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Ivan Skoleba (L to R): Volodya, Andrew and Ivan stand in front of a bulldozer that begins to clear property the congregation was given. They have had to begin initial buildings (warehouse types) so that the government does not take the property. D. Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Ivan Skoleba Khrystyna, the 15-year-old daughter of a Christian couple in the congregation, was baptized in June.


E. Cusco, Peru Derrek & Danyel Wilson Diego was converted after helping translate in the 2015 Medical campaign. He was baptized in July and now he is doing an excellent job leading the Lord’s Supper.

F. EB Global Moises Pinedo “Have You Heard about the Church of Christ?” one of the latest tracts sent to the printer, teaches on the importance of the church. Hundreds have been given out in the U.S. and Latin America!

G. Porirua, New Zealand Mosher & Jones Families From June 4-6, Nathan Franson delivered a seminar on Mormonism which resulted in several new Bible studies.

H. Medan, Indonesia Tuloasa Ndruru (Colin McKee) We have five new brothers and sisters in Christ at the Selayang congregation in Medan. Here they are pictured with Tuloasa, the local preacher.


I. Kryvy Rog, Ukraine Pavel Nicholaevich The congregation was able to give a local kindergarten four boxes of children’s blankets and some soup mixes..

K. EB Global Moises Pinedo A little girl colors a sheet from Lesson 1 materials that have been used by teachers going to El Salvador. Mission groups and native teachers used EB Global’s Children curriculum for classes this summer!


J. Iringa, Tanzania Adam & Magan Evans After studying with Israel over the last year about the Church, Edina decided to become a Christian. She will now be worshipping with the Mtwivila congregation. L. Kakinada, India Ricky Gootam Every day, 40 souls finish a Telegu Bible course and they are sent a bible. The Bibles allow them to continue learning about God and his plan for us. We send money each month to help buy these bibles.





Our Mission Work Dalraida’s focus on mission work is wonderful and we continue to look for other works and places where we can help spread God’s Word. If you know of any good works, please let one of the men on the mission committee know and we can see if we can help with the work!





INTERIOR 201612 2015 DCM 2016 2015 DCM 2016 2015 DCM 2016 201520DCM DESIGN




Upcoming Events The Dalraida church Of Christ’s College Ministry is dedicated to reaching out to college age students in the Montgomery area. Every week of the school year is packed with great Bible classes, fun events, and many more activities. We have many students who have traveled from lots of different places and are looking for an active church home in Montgomery. Dalraida fills that need by having an invested eldership that cares about students, a loving church family, and an active group of students who love the church. Please get involved with any of our activities and see why Dalraida can be your next home away from home. TUESDAYS @7:00PM


When studying the Bible many Christians miss out on the point of a text, because they do not look at it in context. This fall join us for a home Bible study as we look at major passages of the New Testament in their context. Each lesson will dig deep into a text to determine what it means to the Christain in the 21st century. Find the booklets online at



Sunday mornings this fall will be focused on looking at great moments in the Bible that have had a lasting impact. The impact of these stories permeates not only key points in time, but also the building of faith. Wednesday nights we will be studying about the Kingdom of God. The semester will be broken into three major sections which will focus on the establishment of the kingdom, citizens of the kingdom, and the purpose of the kingdom.


FALL 2015


2015 DCM 2016 2015 DCM 2016 2015 DCM 2016 2015 DCM 2016 DESIGN




We have lots of activities offered by our college ministry. These activities range from Bible studies to retreats to game nights. With everything going on at Dalraida you will have lots of opportunities to meet new students, create Christian relationships, and grow spiritually. To find more information for these events check us out on Facebook or our website.

“I choose to attend Dalraida College Ministry because not only do I get closer to my classmate, but I’m constantly encouraged by the fellowship with the church to go minister to others.”






BEACH RETREAT Each Fall we kick off the school year by taking a retreat to the Gulf Shores beach. The weekend is devoted to fellowship, study, and spiritual growth. We have many of the Dalraida members to attend so students can get to know different families that are invovled with the ministry. This is always an event that students look forward to and is one of the move attended events that we host. Join us this year and find out why students talk about this retreat to start off the school year. The price is only $20 and includes transportation on the bus, meals, and lodging.

“Dalraida is very blessed to have a college ministry that is integrated with the whole church. We have many families who invest their time and effort into our college students and this is one of the main reasons why people can call Dalraida ‘home.’”



FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA To learn more about our College group, activities, and ministry opportunites check out our website. You will find links to all of our social media sites along with lots of other resources. Feel free to drop us a message if you have any questions. Visit:




Often we fail to do one of the most important things together as a family -- study God’s Word!

Studying the Bible As A Family Consider using a study plan for your family


ible study can be an daunting task for families. Our lives are already so busy with homework, chores, making dinner, cleaning up, and all the other necessary things when you run a household and juggle a family. Often we fail to do one of the most important things together as a family -- study God’s Word!

hope that you will take each week’s lesson and lead a Bible study with your family. What better way to grow spiritually than sitting down with your family and discussing God’s Holy Word? Obviously this is just a suggested way to get you started and there are many ways in which you can expand these lessons. The discussion questions at the end of each suggested Bible study plan should give you some guidance. Use the topics and encourage your kids to grow in knowledge of the stories and topics. Work together on the memory verses -- let them hear you say them from memory and then listen to them say them as well. This will help encourage them by seeing their own parents learning God’s word.

Bible study should be fun, rewarding, and looked forward to every day. We want to encourage you to pick up your Bibles and open God’s word in this 13 week Bible study series. For the 2015 Fall Quarter Bible School your child will be studying the early life of Christ. In order to enhance your child’s knowledge in the story of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ we have built a 13 week Family Bible Study program. Each week is broken down into a 15 minute Bible lesson that includes the following sections: Let’s work with our families to grow together Read Out Loud, Memory Verse, Discussion this quarter! Questions for children We have included sugested readings for little and adults, and a weekly children from “The Beginner’s Bible” where Prayer topic. It is our applicable. If you do not have a “Beginner’s Bible” you can purchase one at a local bible bookstore or online at retail stores.




Sept 7-12

Sept 14-19

Read Out Loud:

Read Out Loud:

Isaiah 53

Matthew 1:18-25; Matthew 2:1-18

“An Angel Visits Mary” (Luke :1:26-38)

“Baby Jesus is Born” (Luke 2:1-7)

Memory Verse:

Memory Verse:

“Which he promised beforehand through

“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and

His prophets in the holy Scriptures,

bear a son, and they shall call his name

concerning His Son, who was born of a

Immanuel, which means, God with us.”

descendant of David according to the

(Matthew 1:23, ESV)


SEPTEMBER Early Life of Christ


flesh.” (Romans 1:2-3, ESV) Family Discussion Questions: Family Discussion Questions: 1. What does Jesus mean to you? 2. Does God keep His promises? 3. Why did Jesus come to earth?

1. What is the significance of Jesus being born of a virgin birth? 2. What did the angel who visited Joseph say was Jesus’ mission? (V. 21) 3. Why did Jesus and his parents have

Adult Study Questions:

Sept 21-26


Read Out Loud: Matthew 1:1-17

run away to Egypt?

1. Could Jesus have still been the Messiah if He had failed to fulfill one

Adult Study Questions:

of the prophecies? Why or why not?

1. Read: Psalm 127:3-5. Discuss or list

2. Did Jesus maintain His Godhood while

reasons why your children are a

He was on earth? Explain.

blessing from God.

“An Angry King” (Matthew 2:13-23) Memory Verse:



Thankfulness for Jesus and His life.

Faithfulness for our children at Dalraida.

“The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.”

Sept 28-Oct 3

(Matthew 1:1, ESV)


Family Discussion Questions:

Read Out Loud:

1. List some of the key figures you see in the text you read and briefly describe

Luke 2:41-52 “Jesus is Lost” (Luke 2:41-52)

what you know about them. 2. Did the genealogy of Christ come about

Memory Verse:

by chance or does this show that God

“And he said to them, ‘Why were you

was involved in the coming of his son?

looking for me? Did you know that I

3. Do you think that we are important in God’s eyes?

must be in my Father’s house?’” (Luke 2:49, ESV)

Adult Study Questions: 1. Discuss some ways, as a family,

Adult Study Questions: 1. Knowing the history of Rahab (v.5)

Family Discussion Questions: 1. How do you think Jesus’ parents

what does this show us about God’s

felt when they could not find

love and saving grace?

Jesus? 2. What do you think Jesus meant in


FALL 2015

in the knowledge of God’s word 2. How should we be leading our families to focus on favor with God (and others)?

his response in verse 49?

Thanksgiving and prayers for our families.


we can further educate ourselves


3. What are some ways we can


increase in wisdom, stature, and in

Remember and pray for our elders and

favor with God?

their families.

OCTOBER Early Ministry of Christ


Oct 5-9


Read Out Loud:

he next four lessons focus on the beginning and early ministry

Matthew 3:1-12

of Christ on the earth. Take these weeks to discuss and study

“John Baptizes Jesus” (John:1:1-34)

how important this time was for the scheme of salvation. Memory Verse: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 3:2, ESV) Family Discussion Questions: 1. What does repentance mean? 2. What happens when we do not bear fruit for God? 3. Why is baptism important and when should one be baptized? Adult Study Questions: 1. John the Baptizer taught repentance and baptism to all who would hear. How often do we teach repentance and baptism to people we see everyday? 2. List some ways or techniques we can use in teaching the gospel.

Oct 12-16


Read Out Loud: Mark 3:13-19 “Jesus Chooses His Disciples” (Luke 5-6)

Prayer: Remember our missionaries who are spreading God’s word.

Oct 19-23


Read Out Loud: Matthew 5:1-12 Memory Verse:

“Jesus Teaches on a Mountain” (Luke 6:17-23)

“And He appointed twelve, so that they would be with Him and that He could send them out to preach.”(Mark 3:14, ESV)

Memory Verse: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” (Matthew 5:6, ESV)

Family Discussion Questions: 1. Why should you be careful when choosing your friends?

Family Discussion Questions: 1. Are the beatitudes an essential part of a Christian’s life?

2. What was the main mission of the apostles?

2. What does it mean to hunger and thirst after righteousness?

3. How did Jesus treat His closest friends? How should

3. What does God call us to be peacemakers?

we treat our friends? Adult Study Question: Adult Study Question: 1. Did Jesus already know that Judas would betray Him?

1. In Matthew 5:11-12 Jesus tells us that we will be persecuted when living for him, but Heaven awaits those who are

Was Judas destined to betray Jesus? Did he have a

faithful. Discuss how uplifting it is to know that there is a


greater life awaiting a faithful Christian.


Prayer: Pray for endurance, strength, and love in our lives.

Thankfulness for friends and for God’s blessings on them.




Oct 26-30


Family Discussion Questions: 1. What can we do to protect our minds against evil thoughts?

Read Out Loud:

2. How can we make friends quickly with our enemies?

Matthew 5:21-30

3. How can we be angry and sin not?

Memory Verse:

Adult Study Questions:

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable,

1. We know that Jesus does not want us to literally cut

whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,

off body parts. How far do we need to go realistically to

whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence

remove sin from our lives?

and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”

2. Can we truly worship in Spirit and in Truth if we harbor

(Philippians 4:8, ESV)

anger against someone?. Prayer: Help to keep our thoughts pure and remove anger.

NOVEMBER Early Teachings of Christ

Family Discussion Questions: 1. How often should we pray? 2. What are some other things for which we can pray? 3. Why does God want us to pray?

Nov 2-6


Adult Study Question: 1. How can we avoid repeating the same old sayings in our

Read Out Loud:

prayers? Is it wrong to parrot the tried and true statements

Mark 3:13-19

we’ve used our whole lives?

“The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:1-4)

2. If God knows what we need before we ask it then why should we ask in the first place?

Memory Verse: “For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly


Father will also forgive you.” (Matthew 6:14, ESV)

For a stronger connection with God and more of a willingness to speak to Him.

Nov 9-13


Family Discussion Questions: 1. What are some things we worry about? How can God relieve those fears? 2. Name some ways God has cared for us on a daily basis.

Read Out Loud: Matthew 6:24-34 Memory Verse: “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34, ESV)

3. Why does God care so much for His creation? Adult Study Question: 1. Verse 24 says that one cannot serve two masters. Verse 33 says that if we seek God He will care for us. How can we remove other masters from our lives? 2. What kind of worries and cares do we need to remove from our lives?. Prayer: Thankfulness for the blessings God has given and for courage to overcome worry.


FALL 2015


Nov 16-20


Family Discussion Questions: 1. Is it wrong to judge others? 2. What can we do to examine ourselves? 3. How can we approach others who are doing wrong?

Read Out Loud: Matthew 7:1-5

Adult Study Questions: 1. Does “Judge not” mean that we cannot

Memory Verse:

condemn the lifestyles of others? Why or

“You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own

why not?

eye, and then you will see clearly to take the

2. Jesus says in John 7:24 that we are to judge

speck out of your brother’s eye.”

with a righteous judgment. What does this

(Matthew 7:5, ESV)

process involve?. Prayer: For proper discernment when dealing with those in sin.

Nov 23-27


Family Discussion Questions: 1. Which character should we desire to be like in the story? Wise Man or Foolish Man?

Read Out Loud:

2. Why did the wise man’s house stand?

Matthew 7:24-27

3. Why did the foolish man’s house fall?

“Baby Jesus is Born” (Luke 2:1-7) Adult Study Questions: Memory Verse:

1. Read: Isaiah 55:11. After reading these

“Everyone then who hears these words

two texts is there anything impossible

of mine and does them will be like a wise

when we are abiding in God? Why

man who built his house on the rock.”

is it then people hold back in serving

(Matthew 7:24, ESV)

God to the fullest extent?. Prayer: This week our prayer is for a strong relationship and trust in God.




6 Quick Tips to Maintain Your Faith This Fall by Andrew Gifford

Prepare Your Heart

“If you remain optimistic an d work hard, things will work out for you .”

Be Optimistic


Starting school again can be intimidating. You’ve been away from the studying, the homework, and the peer pressure for two months. Most likely you’ve been spending your time with your family and church friends. Hopefully, this time away has prepared you for the challenges that you will face this year. Before facing any challenge though, whether it be a mountain of homework or people around you trying to get you to do something you know you shouldn’t, you need to prepare yourself to beat the challenge. In the book of Ezra, Ezra had a massive challenge in before him: rebuilding the nation of Israel after captivity. In preparation for this, Ezra 7:10 says, “For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the Lord and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel.” As this school year begins, take the time to prepare your heart for the challenges by studying God’s word and making a determination to do His will.


One of my professors always loved to say on the first day of class, “Remember, you all have an A in this class as of today. It’s up to you what happens from here.” That’s a great attitude to start off the year. Your future is in your hands. If you remain optimistic and work hard, things will work out for you. Matthew 6:34 tells us not to worry about tomorrow, but instead focus on today. The reason we’re told not to worry is because if we seek God first and do our best, He will take care of us. No matter what you do, if you stay positive and keep God first, He will make sure that you have what you need.

Pray Without Ceasing


To help you get through the day, whether the day is good or bad, take time to speak with God. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 commands us to pray without ceasing. God wants to hear from you, He wants to know what you’re thinking, and He wants to build your relationship. Relationships are built through communication. You don’t have to bow your head and close your eyes to pray; instead, you can say a silent prayer as you walk through the halls of your school. When you see something for which you are thankful, take a moment to thank God. When you are discouraged and struggling, tell Him why. God created prayer as a way to access Him. Use it daily.


FALL 2015


...loser tohave a d o G row c will

hday to gcus you t i w ry r fo

wways evme es you o r G new beco d is Fin . If th fall l God essfu c suc



el Wis

: ved e ce i y d e r b e ve n ot Do rals.’” B om “ , s y o h 3 sa dm th w 1 5 : 3 pt s go o p l e w i f i t s n eo t di rru thia of p o no g an y co orin 1 C ompan he type y stron ifficult t ople c d er tt pe ‘bad l abou ure is v remely p of u u o t s f r n in s x ht g hristia rals care eer pre n be e g i r o C P ca he o n l y go o d m r s in at e . nd t u soci all side rals. Fi ’re the e s o v a y a h u e e you s from wn mo if yo re who and us who ar n e o e e e r v t e m l h u E s o p t . o o c o s y righ up y lp th e pe iend man the or f give your fr re are nd thes also he . With ple i o e s d e e F h n n t b . p tio y to ol, em ma r ac e man scho ithin th elp the c you n g the h e w n i tch ted influ e to plan nfluenc and wa n help a i t c “Stimulate own e Chris s, you id nd o u t s of f r i e one another p grou rd. to love and Lo the


ou se Y

n Frie

o Cho


good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as in the habit of some...”

Get Your Priorities Straight


Education is good, but it is not the most important thing in the world. Extra-curricular activities are fun, but they are not worth much in the end. Worshipping God and being with His people should be first above all. Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another.” We should not ever put our sports or our school over the church. God created the church so that we can encourage one another and be together as a people. When our lives are committed to Him, everything else should come second, no matter what we may have to give up in order to keep our promise to Him.

Remember You Are Not Alone


Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in going to school is feeling like you are the only one there who cares about following God. In some cases, you may be the only Christian in your school. It can be easy to get discouraged in a situation like this and give up hope. Elijah was in a similar situation in 1 Kings 19. He cried out to God to take his life because in his mind he was the only faithful servant of the Lord. God tells him in verse 18 though that there are 7,000 Israelites left who were still faithful. Today, we have our church family to surround us and help us when we feel alone and discouraged. Anytime you feel like you’re the only one left, call a fellow Christian for encouragement. We are here to build each other up in the faith and help in times of need.






FALL 2015




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l ov h ey t on re ti s c k i d t e ra he in T he e! ur t n e o yo y e r s e e to ra t ev co ul f or e f r de dd on on an titi w e e r mp is so the co e ! t i s t b r a to nd mbe d gre an -a a e lan e P d m t y t i an er nd 5! inv re no . a d e 2 l y c l o o i R t d a tim the d an BE fam at o r t b e rs an t u O e ff h e s r o T t e c g C ul n ur em ith y ag nd ad ch rO e a er m It’s nd a w r o k e f a h ou sit u rs m. old ht ,m o t a h r t r t s s r i d i he a a y u u t n j w e a w o y f e to nd ale ve alw es s ! I his m rc tim ha ua e T e re u ow o y r m a h m o ? y o t g ti j o y e LP or er en er us rk o c nv i t e as ef HE eth st nd i ! t h g i ve Ma th r g m a , a n U e to k b n ks o re t ti so YO st ips r-T rs ca em ea run rea run e t N s h o t g m g s l A l a C be nk eir be a ur Fa his low w... all W Tru mem ers t e o te th l fe l he l or O i g r t ro t f . H ys tw u ra co ra ids Ou l t h e ed dg off tha I k o o . n n j y a r c . l a i al de en lan d he dy en aid s and re to fam olve lly s p o ge t an alr e ? e a c e e h i h d l D l e c ti t v i t r i e b r . w u n v a a o ip am hu on ti olv es nt cti sh rf aid nd ati nv ac ve i Ge i o w l a ya g , e i f ! alr r o n h e r n l l e m e e g” gr ua m a y fe l r! er mb ott All fa eth on eatin e e nn g ft g c so o a a j o r h m n rt en ve 5). the or tr Re nd et ge ids ea ne .2 to ,a g k of n t k r m o e c c s e o i O co av str th the n kid al “tr rt be ca ge le on oh i e o he r y n h h t t w ea o he W ng re itio th se o dt ot s. ha is y wi o s r e s ra d d h i h t g n t t t k e s to dy ra fu s( he fo r s ,w ou ce the s rea rts i s nd ” ot c e r t t v k a w n e ss fo k! d nk un ve rea g ser de g l y ve t r rT run foo rnati ing ir tru gro n d t n o g i y n r o d n d a k o r a e e j e u e t e n j v s th alt ds en ’ t h o ra t Tru he e th et me oo are on c g u e a fe f s“ t d t e s s i r g to e a os er ult td ge tly to as aft e c a ge d Ad s ( i f w b e s fin ac h x . s s t g r n n dy te he id ip ve pe ou bri h rt ha rea he k ha nc ap o s o w f e e t h e t r t d it w So ou are ids a ut to ow ge l st, ng s a d l r t r k i ti l e o u e F u ea nd co the pass ad tf ha ne e n en a o e h e o e d t th riz ll t ar wh dy ets ,a y ts ap n g l d a i a e n c re e ne ng ev dt ing ha r yo r n s fam i c e a b e g y d h r ev an he ttin cand rc u .T ge ks ) t ! n h e t u o c ar tru en nd heir A ev n ha et ea av ra t h o c | DALRAIDA FAMILIES n’ t de do y l l ea

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y all

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in y o j En



Visiting Peru by Billy Camp

The Wilsons are working with a church in Cusco, Peru that was established four years ago by a missionary group.


his past summer our small group including Dean Sanders, David Baker, Billy, and Shelby Camp, had the opportunity to visit the Wilson family in Cusco, Peru. We took this trip to encourage, edify, and strengthen this family as they, with several other families, share the Gospel in Peru. While there we were able to sightsee, visit the Lord’s church in Cusco, and spend time with the Wilsons. When we first landed, we lost our breath while looking at the city set within a beautiful valley. Although, we did not lose our breath solely because of the beauty; it was mostly the lack of oxygen at 11,500 feet above sea level. It was much different climbing Incan ruins, hiking mountain trails,

Cusco was the capital of the Incan Empire. There are many sites to see, but the most famous is Machu Picchu.


and walking on level ground while not getting a normal amount of oxygen. However, the weather was a breath of fresh air since summertime in Alabama is actually winter in Cusco. While we were sightseeing, we were able to visit ancient ruins along with the Wilson family. We had an exciting day spending time together, drinking coffee at every stop, and trying FALL 2015


delicious food. Another focal point of the trip was spending time with the church family established in the city of Cusco. A small group of Christians came to a cookout at the Wilson’s home Saturday night where we had the opportunity Peruvian Festive Garments to meet many of them. Of course, we were hindered by our lack of Spanish, but we all still tried to communicate in some way. In addition, the Wilsons (even young Mylan and Fenner) did a great job translating for us. The following Sunday morning we met with the whole church to study the Word of God and Praise Him together. There was definitely a sense of awe as we sat in an assembly full of different cultures and tongues, but able to still praise the same God simultaneously. One of our Peruvian brothers, Percy, preached and did a wonderful job – as far as we Sunset Over Cusco understood.

Inca Stones

Plaza de Armas

Machu Picchu

Cusco has a population of over 300,000 people. There are two churches working in the city that are trying to spread the Gospel.


Cuscanian Flag and Statues

he main focus of our time in Cusco was visiting the Wilsons. It was great to see Derrek and Danyel for the first time since they left in October. The boys grew at least a foot since we last saw them. Even more, seeing them again was just like picking up where we left off. The major difference was witnessing how much they have each grown spiritually. They were faithful and active workers at Dalraida, but being on the mission field has given them even more passion to work in the Kingdom. This was evident in everything they did. They are a great blessing to the Dalraida congregation; more importantly, they are an asset to the Lord’s church as a whole. We hated leaving them when we returned home, but we have much

confidence they are making huge waves for the kingdom. We look forward to the Wilsons visiting the Dalraida family during their furlough at the end of the year. We hope to take a larger group next summer to help with a campaign to encourage the church in Peru. If you are interested in this great opportunity then stay involved with all of Dalraida’s mission efforts. Also, if you would like to know more about the Wilson’s sign up for their monthly newletter or ask the elders how you can support them. What a great honor it is for the Lord’s church at Dalraida to support such a great missionary family. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Dalraida supports the Wilson family as they labor in Cusco. Let’s keep them in our prayers and support them as they work.





ible classes are one of the best ways to be encouraged to open God’s Word and study every week. Dalraida’s classes are planned to have challenging topics with Biblecentered teaching and thought-provoking discussion. Our hope is that you will dig deeper into God’s Word during the week as you prepare for our classes together.


unday morning bible classes

is of greater interest to you! The

are generally separated into

elders at Dalraida want all members

age groups so we can encourage

to be invovled in a does

each other because of common

not matter which one! All classes

experiences and issues we are

will be studying God’s Word and

dealing with. However, since our

they will help your faith grow and

experiences transpose ages or

mature as God wants!

groups, there is no reason why you can’t attend any class! Please look at the classes and topics belows and attend any class if that topic


Join us for class on

Sundays @ 9 am




Preventing Spiritual Heart Disease Doug Smith

God’s Game Plan Dean Sanders

Get Out Of The Boat David Owen

Heart issues are the number one cause of death -- spiritual death. If our hearts are not healthy then we cannot expect to live a full and healthy life for God. Doug will consider how we can prevent spiritual heart disease by looking at the issues and the cures of many of the common ailments of Christians today.

Life is like a football game. Sometimes, when things are going your way, you gain a few yards and maybe a touchdown; other times you lose a few yards or are tackled on the way to the goal. This class will look at God’s Playbook and identify 10 strategies for living the abundant life in John 10:10.

When Peter jumped out of the boat to follow Christ, and walk on water, he faced a very real question about the depth of his faith. This class will explore the depth of our faith and seek to increase our faith so we can reach out to those in need of the saving gospel and our brethren who need a stronger life of faith.

FALL 2015


Robert Allen


ednesday nights are times for

This Fall we will have a breakout

the Dalraida family to gather

class for adults on “Everyday

together, study God’s Word, and

Evangelism” taught by Melvin

fellowship. The elders plan classes

Otey, who will be a visiting teacher

which will encourage us to grow

during the quarter.


stronger spiritually in the faith. We have classes for all ages -- children through adult! Our adults can choose to attend the men’s class,

Join us for class on Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

ladies’ class, auditorium class, or a

Set Free

with Regina Stringer

breakout class (for all ages).

Heaven on Earth A Study of Prophecy in Scripture BABYBOOMERS


The Journey of Faith Terry Edwards

Ecclesiastes Bob McKee

John enjoyed a unique relationship with the Lord. From his perspective, we can see how a relationship with God can transform us inside and out. Terry will examine John’s writings to uncover his journey of faith that reveals a unique perspective of Christ that can influence our lives as well.

The preacher of Ecclesiastes gives incredible wisdom to those who will listen. The book provides some of the most excellent wisdom literature available to those who will listen, and it makes everyone question their own lives to determine whether they are living how God desires.

with Scott Lockwood





You Are Important by Doug Smith


wish I had the power to convince every member of the Lord’s Church of your importance in the Lord’s Kingdom. Over and over the scriptures emphasize the power of the individual in advancing the cause of Christ. You are important and vital to the Lord’s work here at Dalraida. The challenge for each of us is to understand this principle and determine that we are going to always give God our very best. All of us have the power of influence whether we realize it or not. We may have a good influence on others or a negative influence; we cannot escape the fact that others are watching us and we are impacting their lives. Knowing this fact should motivate us every day to be the kind of people who bring glory and honor to God. Parents, especially, need to be aware of their influence on their children. Consider: It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that the work of the church is really important when you are not taking an active part in the work of the church. It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that faithfulness to the church is the most important loyalty in life when you permit them to forsake services to engage in other activities. It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that the


FALL 2015


“we cannot escape the fact that others are watching us and we are impacting their lives” church is the body of Christ when you are indifferent to the welfare of the members of that body. It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that they are to respect the church when you constantly complain and criticize the efforts of those who care enough to be doing something. It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that the church is the world’s most important institution when you give so little to finance the church’s work. It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that they can believe God’s Word if you can’t believe Him enough to place the kingdom of God first in your life. It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that it is important to love your enemies when you hold grudges and have wrong attitudes toward those who do you wrong. It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that we must obey the laws of the land when we lie on our tax forms and disregard speed limits. It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that it is important to teach others the gospel when we have never attempted to talk with our neighbors or friends about the truth.



DEADLINES Jan 11, 2016 - Convention Registration Deadline Feb 22, 2016 - Hotel Registration Deadline




Dalraida will participate in the following core events:

Our L2L kids will meet the following days for practice and to work on projects:

• Song Leading (boys & girls) • Speech (boys & girls) • Debate • Bible Bowl • Oral Bible Reading • Art • Scrapbook For more info the specific guidelines and rules for the core events, please visit

There is no cost if you do not attend convention. $125/family if they want to attend convention, This helps with registration and rooms. The elders have agreed to pay the remainder if you have a child participating in two (2) Core events.

PARENTS... Please note that if your child is not in an event, then you need to be present or come get them. We will not be able to watch children not in a practice/meeting.

It Is Hard To Convince Your Children that we must stand against false doctrine and immorality when we remain silent when error is being propagated or practiced. Each of these points apply to convincing others - not just children - as well! As a new school year is underway, may all of us realize that our influence is a powerful force and may we use our talents and abilities to the fullest in advancing the cause of our Lord.

• • • • • • • •

Sept 13 Oct 11 Nov 1 Dec 13 Jan 10 Feb 14 Mar 13 Mar 19

SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS Each meeting date will follow this schedule: 12:30 - Song Leading 1:20 - Break 1:30 - Speech 2:00 - Break 2:15 - Bible Bowl 3:15 - Break 3:30 - K5-2nd Grade (Song Leading, Oral Bible Reading, & Speech) 4:00 - Seeds & Lites

“may all of us realize that our influence is a powerful force and may we use our talents and abilities to the fullest”

Doug Smith is the pulpit minister at Dalraida and can be reached at

You are important! You are needed!




Get involved in the ministry areas at Dalraida

Fully responsive app for any size screen or device



ver wish you could find a member’s information on your mobile phone? Dalraida’s new membership app will let you do that and more with your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Members can access the directory on their phones

For the past year, we have been

MEMBERS. Members will use the app

developing a new app that will help the

to do several different things:

leaders at Dalraida be better informed

• Update contact information for the

and more connected to the needs and

office and other members. This

prayer requests of the congregation.

includes what ministry areas you

The app will also allow members to be more connected to the ministries at

want to help. • Access the member directory on a

Dalraida and provide a handy member

smart phone or other electronic

directory for those who have smart

device (even your home computer).

phones. Starting in September 2015,

• Check in visitors when they come

this app will be ready for members and

to services. This will help give the


church office (and leaders) info so we can better assist any needs.

What does this app actually do? It will do several different things for different people:

Log visit to a shut-in

Elders can keep up with who attends or needs help


FALL 2015


• Record visits to shut-ins and include any notes or needs.

Easy access on your phone

Members have secure login for information

DEACONS & ELDERS: The app allows

How Do I Get Started?

church leaders to have access to all

1. Go to You do not have to download or install anything! This app is a web app and can be accessed online with any kind of device.

the membership information and also allows these other functions to help assist in our work at Dalraida: • Help take attendance during services so the elders can have updated information who is able on come to worship and class. • Enter notes and prayer requests about members to keep everyone updated and informed. • Run reports regarding members, visitors, and find out what members are interested in working with our ministries. This app will hopefully help assist us in doing the many good works in which we are already involved! We now have a wonderful tool to help us do things even better.

Leaders can get current data

2. Login with your username and password. These will be handed out to members on Sept. 6 and 13 after morning services. See John Kachelman or Nick Revels if you need your password or help. 3. Go to “My Account” and change your password. This needs to be something you can remember. 4. Edit your contact information. Please make sure all your details are correct. If you have any questions or issues, let us know.

Deacons help take attendance

5. Mark your interest in areas of involvement. We need to get you connected in an area of work at Dalraida. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS OR ARE UNABLE TO DO THIS, PLEASE LET JOHN OR NICK KNOW AND THEY CAN ASSIST YOU!


et us use this new resources to stay connected to one another and get involved in the work at Dalraida for the Lord’s Church! Member contact info easily accessed

Reports with visitor information




No church family can grow unless it grows together with God! • Grow together in Bible study with each other • Get involved in activities together to strengthen our fellowship • Realize how important you are to the Lord’s work at Dalraida • Reach out to others who may need encouragement

Go to to subscribe your email address to be alerted for the next available edition!


DALRAIDA CHURCH OF CHRIST 3740 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, Alabama 36109 (334) 272 2561 FALL 2015


When it comes to Bible study, we want to do it right!

Dalraida Families 2015 Fall  

Fall 2015 magazine for the members, family and friends of Dalraida church of Christ (Montgomery, AL)

Dalraida Families 2015 Fall  

Fall 2015 magazine for the members, family and friends of Dalraida church of Christ (Montgomery, AL)