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Diego Almaraz Portfolio 2020 Industrial Design


About me

Hi I am Diego Almaraz, a Big Sur CA native. I love to hike, learn new things daily, and listen to new music. I am currently living and studying at San Jose University as a 3rd year design student. I became a designer because I want to create innovative and impactful products that help make peoples’ lives better.

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Diego Almaraz 

Wild+ Sealr

iGuitar Teacher

SP1A & Reciever

SteelCase Node Chair

Gate AR Panel 3  

Survival Band Wild+ Sealr 5th Semester Objective

To use the UST Brand as an example to create a high tech company and product meant for survival situation


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The UST Brand UST as a brand focuses on making solutions for those away from conventional equipment and tools at a affordable price. They focus on a few different sectors such as Survival, Camping, Fire, and Lighting.


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Finding Needs After digging deeper, there were several places where there was space for new products. Survival information The finding of food Multi-environment Medical Devices

Persona Outdoor enthusiast Age: 25 Upper Middle Class Drives a Jeep Rubicon Loves to go hiking with friends and family Works at software company


Primary Concepts Primary concepts were meant to make up for the unknown information in wilderness situations.

Looked at newer technology such as AR and AI as a way to help a user survive


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Interview 1 “DK Ranger” Qualifications

Teaches survivalists skills professionally to the military.

Survivalist Knowledge vs Tools

Knowledge. But, skills are superior to knowledge. Neither are as important as mental conditioning. If you can’t utilize skills under pressure they’re useless. Also realize time is not on your side.


Senario User goes into wilderness and gets deep cuts and is loosing blood fast. They need a way to treat their wounds quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

Research What technology is commonly used for first aid when it comes to sealing cuts?

• Band Aid • Anti-Biotic Gel/Cream

• Spray

What are their drawbacks?


• Difficult to put on • Not effective against water • Not readily accessible

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Ideation Ideated on application types and form factors.


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Two main design directions each focused on ease of use and material. Went with the more rubust form since it fit my moodboard.

Concept had been narrowed down to a waerable and began to exhaust the possibilities with rapid ideation.


Final Design A wearable that extrudes synthetic skin to cover up various levels of wounds. Kept it as small as possible to make it easy to carry and convinent.


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Features Extrudes Synthetic Skin Gel • Gel Cures with in 2 seconds by water in the air • Gel holds anti-biotics to begin first-aid treatment • Numbing to get your mind focused

Rechargable Versatile • Bands break off to expand

Refillable Lip Pushes blood outward Packaging is the charger and refill station


Business Case Finances: 4 Year Plan Year 1: • Research and Product development

Year 2: Compamy name: Wild+ Mission Statement: To keep the everyday adventurer safe Opportunity: With other products such as Band-Aid and other sealing creams, they have a large disadvantage which is application on wet surfaces. This keeps them from being super effective. The reason is because then it would be difficult to remove.

• Testing and Refinement • Proven Safe • By the end of the year, it should be ready to be released

Year 3: • Start the 2nd generation of the device • Release half way into the year

Year 4: • Reaches profit • Continues to advance tech and gets ready to release v2.0 in year 5


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In Use


iGuitar Teacher Advanced Protyping Project 4th Semester Objective

Make a device that connects to your phone


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Problem Learning an instrument online can be difficult. Because no music teacher is with you, it can be difficult to not only learn but also to stay motivated.

Persona/ User College Student that lives on campus. Been wanting to learn to play the guitar. Does not have the money to hire a teacher.


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Environment/ Setting College dorm • Limited Space • Limited Noise one is able to make • Limited furniture to place things on



With user testing, it was found that by teaching by mimicry was a way to accelerate learning. An amp was something with it could be easy to read. 22  

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With an amp came more clutter for the user. Instead I decided to create an all in one where it mimics the feeling of a guitar. This also gets rid of the idea of buying an electric guitar.


Features LEDs under fret to follow during lessons Headphone jack for the shy and cosiderate user Body retracts to adjust body size Adjustable height


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iPhone drives the lesson onto the guitar. Gamifies the experience so that App Recreates the sound of a normal guitar when you gradually improve moving so it can bedifficult as compact as possible. intothat learning more songs and Traditional head remains to teach user lessons.

about tuning guitar sound Software allows a accurate representation of a full size Thick body allows for a guitar large battery


Brand Project John Deere SP1A & Reciever 3rd Semester Objective

Design around a chosen brand and use their design language and philosophies.


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John Deere’s four main core values: Integrity Quality Commitment Innovation


Scientists have to carry many different heavy meters around the farm and over time it can be very tiresome over time.


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Persona/ User

Agricultural scientists part of a smaller scale farm and that is 40+ years old

What do they value more? Precision? Convenience? Agricultural Scientists at EarthBound Farms agree that precision is far more important than convenience. They do not want to risk loosing a field due to a preventable mistake.



Began with concept of a wearable device that can make soil readings.

Split all-in-one into two. A Semistationary probe will allow the abiltiy to put larger and more accurate soil readers.


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Looked at biomimicy to help move the design forward. Used cues found in nature to keep device grounded. At the same time ideated on power sources Ideated watches act to work as the reciever, but it still lacked extra function.

Worked towards a trekking pole to act as a backup and/or secondary reader to increase accuracy and battle environmental interference.


Features Smart Flower

Series of Solar pannels in form of a flower Indicator light changes color depending on current conditions Follows the sun based on set time - This allows it to get more energy


A. SmartFlower B. Multi-axis motors C. PCB D. Readers pH, O2, H2O, & Temperature E. Vibration sensor to retracts when tractor gets close F. Lift Motor for Smart Flower G. Battery Pack



Diego Almaraz 




Walking Stick

H. It acts as a receiver for the data of the soil probe I. Retractable J. Secondary Probe reader for even better accuracy K. Dual Screen for more information






F J 33  

The System

Probe gets inserted into the ground by a tractor with a robotic arm.

Smart Flower comes out and begins recording readings.

Solar Flower follows the sun throughout the day.

Agricultural Scientist goes out and looks at the field

Checks Reading

Has doubts and checks with his stick.


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In Use

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SteelCase Node Chair Advanced SolidWorks 5th Semester Objective

Accurately recreate an existing designer chair.


Diego Almaraz 



Diego Almaraz 


Gate AR Panel Design for All 5th Semester Objective

Take a popular pass time and try to make it inclusive


Diego Almaraz 


Context 44% of all gamers are over 36 and over 25% of gamers are over the age of 50. With the Millenial Generation getting older gaming, the older demographic will grow.

Problem An estimated 5.8 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s in 2019. This includes an estimated 5.6 million people age 65 and older. While there is no certain cure, there are ways to reduce its effects and symptoms. 42  

Diego Almaraz 

Goal Make Gaming more accessible, but also use the positives of gaming to help those with Mental diseases

Secondary Markets Many places that have been seen to also hold similar needs are people with substance abuse problems, brain injuries, depression and anxiety.


Understanding Treating Alzheimers 6 Pillars of prevention • • • • • •

Regular Exercise Social Engagement Healthy Diet Mental Stimulation Quality Sleep Stress Management

Environment/ Setting This is meant to be used in either in the home of the user or a retirement home where you are surrounded by others.


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Ideation Primary concepts were mainly compact until I reached a concept of an AR Panel. Started seeing product as living inside a larger space and looked to furniture and other existing elecronics.


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Began to rapid ideate on the remote and how it would match the design language and how it would fit in to make it whole.


Final Design


Diego Almaraz 

How to use

Grabbing the remote off the Panel will power on the projector

Navigate Menu and Choose game.

Play against online projection or present challenger. 49  

Games Available Each game is meant to tackle several of the Pillars of Prevention Excercise & Social Engagement Tennis Dodgeball Fruit Ninja

Diet Cook off

Mental Stimualtaion Trivia

Stress Management Virtual Fishing Carnival Games 50  

Features • Mobile • Water Fountain • Video Game Projection • Front cameras for video calls • Nested Remote

Why Water? • The sound of water acts as a white noise in a home environment, cancelling out other noise. • Sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals




Touch pad to keep the number of buttons low

Round shape makes it easy to pick up

Texture for easy sliding using other parts of body

Slide out rubber band to keep remote from slipping out


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In Context


Thank You! 54  

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Almaraz Diego Industrial Design Portfolio Year 3  

Almaraz Diego Industrial Design Portfolio Year 3