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Class of ‘58

A&M to State

24 • Homecoming 2008

T his year marks a milestone for the

first graduating class of Oklahoma State University. Members of the class of 1958 will return to Stillwater to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of their graduation. As students, the class arrived on the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College campus and left proud recipients of OSU diplomas. “The name change was in July of 1957, and we graduated in May of 1958,” says Shirley Click, a dietetics alumna. “It was exciting to be the first graduating class of Oklahoma State University.” Sylvia Nelson, an education graduate, didn’t quite realize the significance at the time but knew she was part of something special. Though 50 years have passed, the graduates of 1958 say today’s Homecoming is a lot like the celebration they experienced as students. Their favorite traditions have stood the test of time and continue to unite generations. However, one thing that has changed Another perfect date is over as pinmaes Billey Enos and Bill Davis “say goodnight” with the times is Homecoming attire. in the traditional manner that is practiced by most Oklahoma State couples. Click and Nelson recall more formal dress and less orange. For Nelson, who visits OSU often, seeing classmates “Homecoming was a time we got all dressed up,” and friends return will be the highlight of the Nelson says. “It seems ridiculous now, but it was a big weekend. deal. We wore suits, and our boyfriends would get big The class of 1958 not only shares the distinction mums for us to wear.” of being the first graduating class of OSU, but its As members of the class return, walking around a members also share a special place in their hearts for more casual campus and seeing how the university has their alma mater. It’s where many of the members changed is a favorite pastime. of the class met their spouses and where several “There are about twice as many students as when have established a legacy as their children and we were here,” says Ronald McMurtrey, an agriculture grandchildren chose OSU. economics graduate. For the class of 1958, Homecoming is a holiday, Click says as the university has grown and the their classmates are family and Stillwater is a second campus has changed a lot. She is pleased to see home. new additions as well as read about the university’s “I have very special feelings for OSU,” Nelson says. progress. “OSU is where my loyalties lie, and it means a lot to “Homecoming is a special time to just remember, come back to Stillwater. It just feels like home.” walk around the campus and think about all the fun and good times we’ve had here,” Nelson says. ••• This year’s reunion has the class excited to see if they recognize any familiar faces. McMurtrey says he Story by Marie Kadavay, public relations senior is looking forward to reconnecting with classmates. Photos courtesy of 1958 OSU Redskin generation COWBOY • 25

Homecoming Publication  
Homecoming Publication  

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