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The Old Strathcona Business Association works in partnership with the City of Edmonton and business Stakeholders to promote and enhance Old Strathcona, resulting in an engaged and collaborative business community with a focus on long term sustainability. With almost 650 Members, located from 99 Street to 109 Street and 83 Avenue to approximately 76 Avenue, there is an experience for all five of your senses in Old Strathcona. Working collaboratively with community groups, neighbourhood organizations, The City of Edmonton and valued business Stakeholders, the OSBA is committed to a strategic vision for the future. Some, but not all, of the initiatives are as follows; ➤ Develop and implement a 3 – 5 year

plan and strategy focusing on our Vision, Mission, and Promise. ➤ Support our property owners through business retention and recruitment efforts. ➤ Support Members by marketing the area as a whole, providing opportunities for businesses to feature their messaging and working with local events and area festivals to support their activities. ➤ Engaging business members through value added programs. ➤ Focus on Product Development – using more comprehensive strategies and plans in order to maximize the resources required to implement, while focusing on “CLEAN – SAFE – GREEN”. • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION & PARKING • LIGHTING & INFRASTRUCTURE • SAFETY & SECURITY • NEW LOOK & FEEL • BUSINESS MIX

All our efforts will impact the story and the experience which is Old Strathcona and Whyte Avenue. We are looking forward to the future and are so pleased to share that with you. The OSBA and Old Strathcona businesses are excited to connect with you in Old Strathcona where we Celebrate the Good Things!


Old Strathcona Business Guide 2013  
Old Strathcona Business Guide 2013