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Music and theatre is at the heart of Old Strathcona, and the creation and performance of these art forms reflects cultural influences from here and around the world.

Local, touring and aspiring musicians bring their sounds to a variety of venues in Old Strathcona, from lively pubs to small stages and personal performances. Music legends entertain alongside hometown favourites and it’s not uncommon to find spontaneous jam sessions or open-mic nights, where artists share their stories with fellow musicians and engaged audiences. This year, The Commercial Hotel and Blues on Whyte host the second annual Takin' It To The Streets Event. Whyte Avenue closes between 103 and 104 Streets to make way for the pancake breakfast, outdoor stage, beer gardens and local vendors. Additional musical entertainment can be found inside Blues on Whyte. Indie record stores sell vintage vinyl and hard-to-find albums and music stores sell instruments for all ages. Buskers add their own unique rhythm to the sounds of the streets and restaurants play music to complement the flavours of the menu and the feel of the space.

There are more than 10 theatre groups, as well as other performers, who entertain in Old Strathcona. Whether it’s a night of improv, a festival or much anticipated opening night, you are sure to laugh, cry, empathize and feel. Local writers, directors and actors are passionate about their theatre and it shows in the quality of performances.

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Old Strathcona Business Guide 2013  
Old Strathcona Business Guide 2013