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a user's guide to the experience


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40 ������������������������������������������������������������������� Festivals 42 �������������������������������� Arts, Music & Theatre Photos courtesy of: Old Strathcona Business Association Fringe Theatre Adventures EEDC Alberta Tourism


44 �������������������������������������������������������������������� Nightlife




#202, 10345 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9 | 780-437-4182 Published by The Edmonton Journal | 10006- 101 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 0S1 |



Finding the perfect outfit at a chic boutique, sipping and socializing on a summer patio and enjoying world class festivals, entertainment and live music are just a few of the incredible experiences that you will have in Old Strathcona and on Whyte Avenue. Explore the outdoor art, treat yourself in one of the many spas and salons, familiarize yourself with the local history and connect with nature in Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park. Come for an hour or come for a day – Old Strathcona has everything you need with experiences for all five of your senses. Turn your day shopping experience into an incredible night experience. With over 100 places providing eats and treats, your belly will be full and your heart will be happy as you take in evening entertainment including live theatre, live music, a movie, dancing and more. And when it’s time to rest, there are five places within walking distance that would be happy to host you for the night. In Old Strathcona you’ll meet friendly people on the streets and in the shops. Many of the businesses are family run and have been in the area for decades and through family generations. When you shop local, you contribute to the local economy by providing employment and locally produced products and services. And with almost 650 Members in Old Strathcona, we’re confident that you’ll find just what you’re looking for. We invite you to connect with us online and share your experiences as you explore Old Strathcona. Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and find out more about your favourite Old Strathcona destinations on Pinterest. Visit for a full directory of businesses, transportation information including car and bicycle parking, and so much more, to maximize your experience. The Old Strathcona Business Association is passionately working with Stakeholders and partners, focusing on cultivating vibrancy, preserving heritage, improving business mix and more, while always keeping the guest experience at the forefront. We welcome you Old Strathcona, Edmonton’s premier destination for shopping, dining and entertainment!

Murray Davison, Executive Director Old Strathcona Business Association


vision | mission | promise

Following our mandate to Enhance, Promote, and Protect, our vision is that by 2015, the Old Strathcona Business Association will be the most robust and diverse BRZ (Business Revitalization Zone) in Alberta, while playing an active role in preserving the safety, health, and heritage of the Old Strathcona community. We will Support our Member’s efforts to continue growing a sustainable and diverse Old Strathcona economy providing Education, Awareness, Advocacy and Product Development. Further, we promise that our residents and visitors will have a life enriching experience every time they are in Old Strathcona.


find that special something

The notion of our five senses lingers in art and literature that dates back hundreds of years. Our senses are part of how we perceive the world, how we experience what is around us. To this end, Old Strathcona focuses on arousing our senses with the sights, tastes, sounds, smells and textures of a vibrant community. The area offers all of the charisma you would expect from a place that combines culture and history with the latest in shopping, entertainment, health and wellness, fashion and food and nightlife. From morning to late at night, Old Strathcona offers the most interesting diversions that are favourites amongst locals and visitors. Come explore the nearly 650 businesses spanning the area from 99 Street to 109 Street and 83 Avenue to 76 Avenue.

Find something for all five of your senses in Old Strathcona. Whyte Avenue, where we come to Celebrate and Experience the Good Things!


the look and feel of old strathcona

is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street,

fashion has to do with

the way we live,


Fashion is an integral part of Old Strathcona’s charm and personality, whether it’s original street style that you can’t help but admire or unique finds from your favourite shop.

The fashion in this area is as varied and creative as the people and the places you’ll experience. Sift through vintage prints, discover a favourite local designer, embrace the latest trends or find your own fashion footing. Explore seasonal textures, colours and designs that range from glamorous and business to weekend casual and athletic. One-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories complement the incredible selection of shoes and clothing. At many of the locally owned boutiques and consignment stories you are sure to find treasures that you won’t see on anyone else. There are more than 50 stores to browse through, and the area is also home to Western Canada Fashion Week in March and September.

Style with substance is truly a part of the look and feel of Old Strathcona.


shopping tips Bring a friend or two and make a day of it! Don’t forget reusable shopping bags! Enjoy shopping & supporting local Sign up for your favourite stores e-newsletter. Many offer extra discounts, early sale notices and special deals and events. get inspired: Take photos of your experience and share them with us: instagram@oldstrathcona twitter @oldstrathcona

Link to where you’ll find events, a full directory of Old Strathcona businesses, parking maps, transportation information and more!




Local businesses cater to those with special diets and looking for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, natural foods and more. Shoppers find chemical-free produce, freshly made deli and bakery items and organic, local meat. Watch for events from local businesses showcasing Fair Trade fashions and products. Enjoy shopping locally for Fair Trade items at select Old Strathcona stores. Fair Trade products come from sustainable sources and are made by hard working people who earn a fair wage and are treated with respect. Long-term fair trade relationships are healthy for everyone involved, and shoppers value the opportunity to support businesses and workers from around the world. Come to Old Strathcona for food, fashion and giftware that you can feel good about.


feel good philosophy

Organic and Fair Trade products are part of the lifestyle in Old Strathcona. The philosophy of food and products with a conscience is seen in markets, shops and restaurants throughout the area.


Whether you’re looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks or a late-night treat, Old Strathcona has a flavour to satisfy every craving! – There are more than 100 spots to drink and eat spread throughout 30 blocks. – 83 per cent of these spots are independently owned. – Global flavours include: Italian, Greek, Thai, East Indian, Vietnamese, Cajun, Persian, Mexican, Jamaican, Ethiopian and more. – Experience delicious selections such as coconut naan bread, fresh hummus, flourless chocolate espresso cake, fresh tilapia with curry and cappuccino made with fair trade coffee beans. – The Old Strathcona Farmer's Market runs every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 10310 83 Ave. More than 130 producers, artisans and growers gather each week to offer the freshest and most unique products.!



If you’re sitting down to a drink or a meal in an Old Strathcona establishment, you are likely to hear “Cheers,” “Salud,” “Prost” or “Sante.”

This is a sure sign of the multiculturalism of the area, as well as the importance of food as not only nourishment, but also a social network. Old Strathcona is a taste destination for all ages and palates. Choose from a worldly selection of restaurants that specialize in offerings from every part of the world. The selection in Old Strathcona ranges from locally sourced food to exotic, organic and regional cuisine. Enjoy spicy appetizers, savory comfort food and mouthwatering desserts. Chefs explore trends and twists on classic dishes, and inspiration comes from the flavours and aromas of local and international ingredients. The tastes and flavour combinations are an experience, and signature dishes are paired with carefully chosen drinks and complementary desserts. Some restaurants offer entertainment as you eat, while others are quiet spaces for good conversation. Each has its own personality, its own aromas, sounds and ambiance. Grab a bistro chair for a quick bite or get comfortable for an evening of food and entertainment. And that’s the beauty of the tastes of Old Strathcona. When you’re here, raise a toast to the flavours of the world and the good company you share them with.


table a discussion



If you’re looking for treats on the go or a quaint spot to sit and chat or catch up on the news, Old Strathcona has a selection of cafés and bakeries that combine mouthwatering tastes with cozy spaces. Choose a quiet corner for two or sit on a patio and watch the world go by. Savour a cup of Fair Trade coffee or loose-leaf tea or sip an Italian soda or iced coffee. Indulge in sweet treats, gluten-free goodies and fresh breads. Take home a box of cupcakes that look more like art than dessert. Sample flavours from around the world that use interesting and delicious taste combinations, and explore local flavours, including honey and fruit. Follow your nose to piles of chewy cookies, rich brownies, handmade fudge, refreshing gelatos, nutritious muffins and so much more. Shop at import stores to take home products you won’t find anywhere else, including sweet treats, baking mixes, chips and drinks. Satisfy your cravings with treats from a café, bakery or shop in Old Strathcona. This recipe was given to Cally's Teas by one of our customers, Lori Stewart. It makes fabulous cakes, and delicious petit fours for afternoon tea!

–2 cups flour –1/2 cup cocoa –1/2 tsp baking powder –2 tsp baking soda

–3/4 tsp salt –1/2 cup butter –2 cups sugar –2 eggs

–2 tsp vanilla –1 cup hot water –1 cup buttermilk or sour milk (we use Vital Green Farms Organic buttermilk)

1. Stir cocoa, flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt together in a bowl. Put aside. 2. Melt butter. Pour into a large bowl. Beat sugar into melted butter. Beat eggs & vanilla into mixture. 3. Add buttermilk to butter-egg mixture alternating with cocoa-flour mixture, mix well. Add hot water and mix again. 4. Pour into greased pan (10" x 15" or 9" x 13") and bake at 325° F for one hour. Test with tooth pick inserted in center, if done it should come out clean. 6. Cool, then top with buttercream icing or drift icing sugar through a doily for a pretty pattern.


cafĂŠs | bakeries | snacks


Old Strathcona, where we Celebrate the Good Things. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events.

calendar of events


Red Shoe Crawl — in support of Ronald McDonald House What The Truck Food Truck Event Edmonton Turkish Festival Edmonton International Jazz Festival Backbeat Block Party Blue Mile Road Race Knights of the Northern Realm Annual Medieval Market & Tournament Takin' It To The Streets 2 with The Commercial Hotel & Blues On Whyte Whyte Avenue Art Walk — hosted by The Paint Spot Edmonton Public Library 100th Anniversary BBQ & Family Celebration Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival Western Canada Fashion Week Funding the Foundation Whyte Christmas

June 9 June 14 June 21 - 23 June 21 - 30 June 23 June 28 July 6 July 7 July 12 - 14 July 13 August 15 - 25 September 19 - 26 October 5 December

Please visit for an up to date list of events and information.

on Whyte 2014 IceJanuary 24 - February 2 Western Canada Fashion Week March 27 - April 4

connect with us

Old Strathcona loves connecting with businesses, local guests and visitors via all social media platforms!

Instagram @oldstrathcona Twitter @oldstrathcona

Share your stories, photos and favourite moments for all to enjoy, no matter where you are.



83 Avenue 107 Street


83 Avenue

108 Street

109 Street





P Whyte (82) Avenue





81 Avenue

105 Street

106 Street



P Parking Lots

80 Avenue

P 79 Avenue


ATM Machines


Parkade Parking

Underground Parking

Available for public use.

Public Washrooms

Please visit for parking times, rates and payment options. Street meter parking is also available.

78 Avenue 77 Avenue

$ 76 Avenue

Visit our new website — you’ll find a business directory, maps, event information, transportation details, the e-newsletter, social media feeds and more.

Whyte Avenue, where we come to Celebrate and Experience the Good Things! P 85 Avenue

P 84 Avenue

104 Street

McIntyre Park



83 Avenue


100 Street





Whyte (82) Avenue


100 Street

104 Street

P 80 Avenue

80 Avenue

79 Avenue

78 Avenue

104 Street

76 Avenue

Gateway Blvd.


81 Avenue

81 Avenue

80 Avenue

99 Street


101 Street

81 Avenue

102 Street


Gateway Blvd.




getting here VEHICLES There are more than 20 designated parking areas in Old Strathcona and meters along many of the roads.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Buses regularly trundle around Old Strathcona, or use a combination of bus and LRT, depending on where you are coming from. Visit or call 311.

BICYCLES Old Strathcona is home to many bicyclists. There are bicycle racks available and watch for large bicycle corrals in the summer months.

PEDESTRIAN Walking Old Strathcona is one of the favourite ways to experience the area. Wide sidewalks, cobbled walkways and meandering paths are found throughout. Take a rest on a beautiful bench, in a peaceful park or beneath a gazebo.



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WASHROOMS There are public washooms on the corner of Whyte Avenue and 103 Street. Additionally, portable toilets are located in the alleyway just south of Whyte Avenue, between 104 Street and 105 Street, as well as in the corner of the Scona Parking Lot at 105 Street and 81 Avenue.

at your service in old strathcona


If it needs to be done, it can be done in Old Strathcona. You’ll find laundromats, dry cleaners, business and professional services (accountants, architects, lawyers, insurance, mortgage brokers, etc.), banks, travel agents, car sales and car care, beauty from the inside out (health and wellness, glasses, dentists, yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, spas, belly dance, pole dance, etc.) and more!

Get your groceries From the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market and Blush Lane Organic Market to Save On Foods, Safeway, Bulk Barn and No Frills, there’s a selection of every kind of food and food source you can imagine. If you’re looking for convenience, stop in at 7-11 and Mac’s, while Tops Foodstore and Joy’s Lucky 7 Foodstore are close to home for many! K&K Foodliner offers European specialties, including German, Polish and Danish imports and Brit Foods features favourite British goodies. Everything you need to fill your table and satisfy your appetite is here.

Businesses for your business Professional business services in Old Strathcona offer everything you need for your office (home, car or otherwise!). You’ll find the best in software developers, graphic artists, computer repairs, copy shops, post offices, and more. Whether you’re looking to get your business up and running or simply help keep it going smoothly, find your source in Old Strathcona.

The gift of learning Old Strathcona is home to a library, schools, museums, art destinations, historic places and the beauty of nature. There’s so much to learn!

For a full list of all the businesses located in Old Strathcona, visit



The hotels in Old Strathcona are full of personality. From modern to historic, you’ll find a charming place to rest your head.

The Commercial Hotel is a landmark in Old Strathcona. Located above the renowned Blues on Whyte Bar that welcomes some of the best Blues musicians from near and far, the Commercial offers 65 rooms in the heart of the area. Travellers can enjoy food and drink, wi-fi, coin laundry and more. And on Saturdays the wildly popular Saturday afternoon jam gets going at Blues on Whyte.

stay a while

If you’re looking for a modern boutique hotel, check out The Mettera. It has an incredible location right on Whyte Avenue, and guest offerings include evening wine tasting, valet service, a breakfast buffet, wi-fi, and business and fitness centres. Choose from a variety of rooms, some pet-friendly and some that include king-size beds, fireplaces and jetted tubs. Built in 1891 the historic Strathcona Hotel is one of the last remaining 19th century wood frame hotels in Alberta. If only the walls could talk! The late Victorian commercial style of the hotel adds to the charm of Old Strathcona. For a taste of Europe, visit The Varscona, a boutique hotel that combines a stylish, comfortable design with superb amenities and a central location. Guests can enjoy wine tasting, a breakfast buffet, high-speed Internet, valet service, business and fitness centres and more. The hotel is also pet-friendly. The HI-Edmonton Hostel offers backpackers, students and intrepid travellers a quiet location in Old Strathcona. No need to haul your sleeping bag here, because they provide memory foam mattresses, linens and towels. Travellers can enjoy free wi-fi, a library, laundry facilities, a full kitchen and a private garden with a courtyard and barbecue.

Staying in Old Strathcona means you are steps away from incredible food, shopping, entertainment and amenities, and you can always pop into your room for a quick nap to refresh yourself! oldstrathcona


The Old Strathcona Foundation is a group dedicated to restoring and preserving the past and recognizing the importance of the heritage of the area. Their mandate is as follows: “Our goal is to preserve, protect, and promote the historical story of Old Strathcona including the celebration of the heritage of the area and the stewardship of its historical assets for a vibrant community.� Some of the Foundation’s improvements you have likely admired include: brick sidewalks; oak benches; turn-of-the-century light poles; trees and banners; restoration of 15 buildings along Whyte Avenue including the Princess Theatre; and the Whyte Avenue Mural Projects. If hunting for past treasures is your pleasure, you'll find lots of fun scouring through antique stores and malls, as well as great shops featuring vintage wear. Over the years, the stories of success, tales of adventure and the evolution of the area have become legendary. And the story is far from over.


blast from the past The first train arrived in South Edmonton in 1891. This link to the outside world brought settlers and pioneers looking for a new life and opened the area up to a whole new set of influences. The first buildings were erected by C & E Railway Company and included the railway station, section house, engine house and a hotel, called Edmonton House (now the Strathcona Hotel). All buildings were built along what is now 103rd Street. The village of South Edmonton was renamed Strathcona in 1899. That same year it was first incorporated as a town, and then was incorporated as a city in 1907. The amalgamation of Strathcona and Edmonton came into effect in 1912, and last year was the 100th year anniversary of the two areas joining together. Today, the Old Strathcona Business Association and the Old Strathcona Foundation nurture the history of Old Strathcona. The Old Strathcona Provincial Historic Area was established under a provincial Order-inCouncil on January 31, 2007. This designation signalled the recognition by Alberta of the district for its contributions to provincial history.

Whyte Avenue, 1903


The importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit grows stronger as people realize the link between all three, and the determinants of health also include social and lifestyle factors. Old Strathcona caters to all of these good health indicators, and the passion of health services professionals is there for all to share. Meet yoga enthusiasts for an early morning session and follow up with tea at a nearby cafÊ. Take a martial arts class to challenge your levels of concentration, flexibility and strength or join a dance class to express yourself through your body movements. Total-body wellness and maintenance is possible through traditional and alternative methods. You’ll find doctors, dentists, opticians, chiropractors and therapists alongside acupuncturists, natural healers, spas and laser therapy. Feel good in Old Strathcona.

take a natural approach




The art and science of aromatherapy

Extracting essential oils from plants and using them as a complement to other forms of health care is a much-loved practice. Here are some of the uses for the more common oils:


FESTIVAL noun: A festival or gala is usually a happy, fun event, usually and ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community and the festival. -source: Wikipedia

In 2011, Fringeopolis broke the 100,000 mark for indoor ticket sales, selling 104,142 tickets to 140 indoor shows. Overall on-site attendance is estimated at 575,000. Edmonton has the most live theatres per capita in Canada.


the more the merrier

Festivals in Old Strathcona are indeed fun gatherings planned by the local community. Locals and visitors come to the area to enjoy world-class talent and entertainment in all seasons. For example, every August the huge Edmonton International Fringe Festival hosts thousands of theatre enthusiasts and performers from around the world. The area is transformed into a magical place where food, street and theatre performers and artisans gather in the warm August sun. In contrast, the Ice on Whyte Festival is a winter event that welcomes international ice carvers. For 10 days, starting in January, these international artists create while visitors of all ages enjoy exhibits and events. It’s easy to see why Edmonton is often referred to as Festival City! Enjoy your favourite festivals throughout the year in Old Strathcona. For a full list of upcoming events, visit or see page 24 in the guide.


Music and theatre is at the heart of Old Strathcona, and the creation and performance of these art forms reflects cultural influences from here and around the world.

Local, touring and aspiring musicians bring their sounds to a variety of venues in Old Strathcona, from lively pubs to small stages and personal performances. Music legends entertain alongside hometown favourites and it’s not uncommon to find spontaneous jam sessions or open-mic nights, where artists share their stories with fellow musicians and engaged audiences. This year, The Commercial Hotel and Blues on Whyte host the second annual Takin' It To The Streets Event. Whyte Avenue closes between 103 and 104 Streets to make way for the pancake breakfast, outdoor stage, beer gardens and local vendors. Additional musical entertainment can be found inside Blues on Whyte. Indie record stores sell vintage vinyl and hard-to-find albums and music stores sell instruments for all ages. Buskers add their own unique rhythm to the sounds of the streets and restaurants play music to complement the flavours of the menu and the feel of the space.

There are more than 10 theatre groups, as well as other performers, who entertain in Old Strathcona. Whether it’s a night of improv, a festival or much anticipated opening night, you are sure to laugh, cry, empathize and feel. Local writers, directors and actors are passionate about their theatre and it shows in the quality of performances.

entertainment | music | the arts


Art enthusiasts can take classes, buy supplies and shop local at the many art-related shops in the area. Run your fingers over the smooth pottery, take the time to absorb works of art, view sculptures from every angle and try on eye-catching jewelry. The Annual Art Walk takes place each July and features 400 talented artists. The event creates a walkable outdoor studio and gallery that encourages the appreciation and understanding of visual arts, as well as the purchasing of original art to support local artists.Â

Look, listen and let Old Strathcona enchant you.


dance to a different tune

When the sun sets on Old Strathcona, you know it’s time for the nightlife. Dance to your favourite DJ or tap your feet along to some fabulous live music. Watch the game at your favourite lounge, enjoy a beer at a charming pub or satisfy your need for savoury treats at a gastropub. Dress up or dress down and go out for an evening with a friend…or 10. If you’re in the mood for a laugh, check out the local improv troupes. And if you love live performance, you’ll be sure to find the perfect play or event in Old Strathcona, home to Edmonton’s theatre district. If you prefer the big screen, enjoy the comfortable seats and ambiance of the Princess Theatre, where they screen art and first-run movies. Celebrate a special day or just celebrate the fact that it’s a wonderful day to enjoy friends, food and good music. And don’t forget to end the night with a hotdog from the nearby stand or one of the many great snacks available in Old Strathcona restaurants that are open late!





25 reasons to love




21 9








1. Dozens upon dozens of great shopping destinations 2. Summer bicycle corrals 3. Walking down Whyte Avenue, coffee in hand 4. Sleigh rides with Santa in December 5. Experiencing a movie in the Princess Theatre 6. Unique and entertaining buskers 7. Making and painting your own pottery 8. The wonderful vibrancy and energy 9. Historic buildings with so much character 10. Picnicking in Dr. Wilbur McIntyre Park 11. Incredible festivals, year round 12. Riding the mechanical bull in Cook County 13. Taking the trolley across the river 14. Edmonton’s largest theatre district 15. Discovering a past treasure 16. Incredible sense of community 17. Hot nightlife including live music, live theatre and live DJs 18. Supporting local businesses, designers and entrepreneurs in independent shops & restaurants 19. Kettle corn from the year-round Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market 20. A comfortable hotel room with a view of the Avenue and all of the excitement below 21. Dining on one of the many outdoor patios 22. People watching while sipping on locally brewed beer in an Old Strathcona pub 23. Hip culture with a nod to how great the history of the area is 24. Tree-lined streets and an abundance of planted summer flowers 25. The modernization of an old neighbourhood with trendy restaurants and stores


The OSBA is constantly looking for new & innovative ways to

our guest experience and showcase Old Strathcona’s

while highlighting the great businesses and promoting a sense of

The Old Strathcona Business Association works in partnership with the City of Edmonton and business Stakeholders to promote and enhance Old Strathcona, resulting in an engaged and collaborative business community with a focus on long term sustainability. With almost 650 Members, located from 99 Street to 109 Street and 83 Avenue to approximately 76 Avenue, there is an experience for all five of your senses in Old Strathcona. Working collaboratively with community groups, neighbourhood organizations, The City of Edmonton and valued business Stakeholders, the OSBA is committed to a strategic vision for the future. Some, but not all, of the initiatives are as follows; ➤ Develop and implement a 3 – 5 year

plan and strategy focusing on our Vision, Mission, and Promise. ➤ Support our property owners through business retention and recruitment efforts. ➤ Support Members by marketing the area as a whole, providing opportunities for businesses to feature their messaging and working with local events and area festivals to support their activities. ➤ Engaging business members through value added programs. ➤ Focus on Product Development – using more comprehensive strategies and plans in order to maximize the resources required to implement, while focusing on “CLEAN – SAFE – GREEN”. • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION & PARKING • LIGHTING & INFRASTRUCTURE • SAFETY & SECURITY • NEW LOOK & FEEL • BUSINESS MIX

All our efforts will impact the story and the experience which is Old Strathcona and Whyte Avenue. We are looking forward to the future and are so pleased to share that with you. The OSBA and Old Strathcona businesses are excited to connect with you in Old Strathcona where we Celebrate the Good Things!


Old Strathcona Business Guide 2013  
Old Strathcona Business Guide 2013