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From 1981 to 2014: The virus is different, but the fear is the same

Ebola Virus

Team Reporting by the Dallas Voice Editorial Staff

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HIV Virus

Deja vu

Local leaders who lived through the early days of It was 1981, and young HIV/AIDS epidemic have gay men were beginning to made it clear: the differdie of diseases that they ences between HIV/AIDS shouldn’t be getting, and and Ebola outweigh the that shouldn’t have been similarities. able to kill them, even if But the hysteria surthey did become infected. rounding both, fueled by By March that year, at misinformation, is the least eight young gay men same. in New York had been diagDon Maison, president nosed with Kaposi’s Sarand CEO of AIDS Services coma, a form of cancer that of Dallas, recalled how had always been relatively “Homeowners would find benign and that usually ocout they purchased a curred in older people. home after a resident died At the same time, young from AIDS. They would gay men on both coasts — ask us to disinfect it.” in California and New York He said picketers were a — were being diagnosed daily feature outside of with a rare lung infection ASD’s original location. called Pneumocystis carinii And for awhile, the mailpneumonia, or PCP. It was man wouldn’t even dehappening so frequently liver mail there. that in April, the Centers for It was difficult to let Disease Control noticed the people know AIDS was increase in PCP infections. not airborne when the Gay men in the prime of public refused to listen to their lives were getting sick. the facts. It took a few with And they were dying. BATTLING IGNORANCE | Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, left, Dallas County HHS Director Zach Thompson, center, and County Judge Clay Jenkins spoke at courage to combat the Quickly. No one knew why. an Oct. 2nd press conference about the Ebola patient Thomas Duncan. (David Taffet/Dallas Voice) stigma by dispelling misAnd no one knew how the information — much as it killer — whatever it was — was being transmit- for their sins. tions they thought would put them at risk of con- will today with the Ebola outbreak. ted. Maison cites the efforts of Kay Wilkinson, an The fear and the misinformation, fed by tracting AIDS, their ignorance led them to stumThe mysterious and deadly syndrome was hyped up coverage by the media on “the gay ble blissfully and blindly into situations where early volunteer with ASD, who confronted the spreading quickly. So was the panic surrounding plague” and a”killer blood” supply, began to they really were at risk. United States Postal Service after learning resiit. spread even faster than AIDS. Police and paraAccording to statistics published by the CDC, dents were not getting their mail. After she Because all of those earliest victims were gay medics wore rubber gloves when they interacted there were about 2.5 million new cases of HIV in raised hell with USPS, the mailman would demen, the affliction was labeled GRID — Gay-Re- with someone in a “high risk group” for AIDS. 2011, and about 34.2 million people were living liver mail — but not without wearing rubber lated Immune Deficiency syndrome. Some called There was talk of quarantines, and even doctors with HIV around the world. More than 30 mil- gloves and only after visiting every other stop on it the gay cancer. By July 1982, cases were begin- and nurses refused to treat AIDS patients for fear lion people with AIDS are estimated to have died his route. ning to show up in Haitians, in hemophiliacs, in they would contract the disease themselves. Labeling the disease GRID when LGBT people worldwide since the epidemic began. Many of drug users, and the name was changed to AcEven after scientists in France in 1983 and in those were victims of ignorance, fear and dis- were already marginalized did nothing to help quired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. the U.S. in 1984 discovered the virus that causes crimination as much as a virus. calm the hysteria or slow discrimination. But the But by then, the die had been cast: AIDS, in the AIDS — the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or Today, another virus has sparked another epi- Rev. Carol West, who was an AIDS chaplain then public mind, was a disease that affected outcasts HIV, which originated in Africa — the epidemic demic of fear, misinformation and ignorance. and is now pastor of Fort Worth’s Celebration and miscreants — homosexuals and drug users, of fear continued. And unless it is curtained soon, the hysteria sur- Community Church, said misconceptions were who contracted the disease through their own That fear, fueled by bigotry, misinformation rounding Ebola in the U.S. — with the only not entirely rooted in homophobia. bad habits. They were to blame for their own ill- and willful ignorance, in turn fueled the spread known case to be diagnosed in this country ocPlainly put, she said, “People were afraid of ness, some insisted, others even suggesting they of AIDS. Because as some people went to ex- curring here in Dallas — could lead to more becoming ill.” deserved it, that AIDS was God’s punishment traordinary lengths to avoid people and situa- needless, preventable deaths. Just as happened in the earlier days of AIDS, 8


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