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Alumni Services

More than 16,000 alumni have studied at Dallas Theological Seminary. They currently serve in all 50 states and in more than 100 countries, ministering in more than 70 denominations and independent churches. DTS is committed to the success of its alumni and provides support, resources, and networking in the following ways.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services offers a lifetime of support for DTS graduates and provides consultation to graduating students, alumni, and ministries throughout the hiring process. Its services include assistance with résumé development, interviewing and candidating, and compensation guidelines. The Career Services office also assists ministries as they search for candidates and maintains a database of ministry opportunities through their Ministry Opportunities Listing. For more information about career services, please visit

Placement Information

The seminary also tracks the percentage of known graduates who are in various categories of employment within a specified number of months of graduation. Of the graduates in 2017 whose ministry placements are known to the seminary, 49% are working in church ministry, 22% in parachurch ministry, 4% in missions, 10% in education,13% in secular employment, and 2% are students in doctoral and other programs. Further evidence that graduates of the seminary are prepared for a lifetime of ministry can be seen from an overview of the seminary’s 14,821 living alumni. Of those for whom the seminary has the information, 34% are working in church ministry, 18% in parachurch ministries, 13% in education, 6% in missions, 17% in secular work, and 12% are retired.

Ways to Stay Connected

In addition to providing placement services, DTS seeks to foster and maintain a network for seminary alumni through other means such as DTS Magazine; monthly email updates, eNews; and a password protected online Alumni Directory. The alumni website ( fosters a networking community among alumni. The seminary helps its constituents find churches, schools, and counselors that employ DTS graduates through its online locator.

Continuing Education

DTS is committed to continuing education for alumni in order to address the changing demands of ministry as well as current biblical and theological issues. Through the alumni-only website, graduates are able to view online courses free of charge. They may also audit master’s-level courses for a small fee or take courses for credit at a reduced rate. Courses taken for credit cannot be applied toward another degree at the seminary unless the full tuition rate is paid, however, these courses may be transferable to other graduate institutions.

CGS Completion for Nongraduate Alumni

Qualified nongraduate alumni may apply to complete the Certificate of Graduate Studies at the Alumni Nondegree tuition rate. The program requires readmission to the seminary and completion of all remaining CGS requirements. Interested alumni will need to complete at least one course the semester before graduation, even if all other requirements have been previously met. For more information, contact the Alumni or Admissions office.


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