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and is led by a leadership team of women students dedicated to enriching the academic, spiritual, relational, and social lives of fellow women students.

Seminary Wives in Ministry (SWIM)

Seminary Wives in Ministry exists to equip wives to become competent servants alongside their husbands in ministry, and provides several programs and special events throughout the academic year to facilitate this preparation.

Physical Fitness Facilities

Employment Opportunities

Student Council and Groups

Employment opportunities are listed on the seminary’s website at

DTS hosts several student groups that provide fellowship and resources for different student interests within the seminary. While the list of official student groups may change from year to year, below are listed a few of the long-standing communities.

Students and their spouses who wish to be considered for on-campus employment should contact the Human Resources office. To view a list of on-campus openings, or to obtain an application, go to Contact Human Resources for questions regarding these on-campus openings.

Student Government

Students with Disabilities

The DTS Student Council is elected by students each spring. The Student Council members interact with their counterparts in the seminary’s staff and faculty, as well as integrating all phases of the extracurricular life of the student body. Leaders from active student groups participate in Student Council as well.

Student Missions Fellowship (SMF)

Student Life

fulfill their internship requirements while ministering at these churches and organizations. (Students should see the Ministry Formation department section of this catalog for more information about internship requirements and opportunities.)

DTS encourages consistent, regular physical activity as a means of attaining your best level of wellness. Each fall and spring semester, all Dallas campus student accounts are automatically charged an activity fee that provides a limited-access membership to the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center. Should students wish to invest in other options, they may opt out of the activity fee within the first three weeks of each semester.

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Dallas Theological Seminary, a privately funded, nonprofit, religious organization, will make modifications to ensure equal opportunity and access for qualified students with disabilities to applicable programs, services, activities, and facilities. After acceptance and prior to entering classes, students with disabilities must submit written

Student Missions Fellowship exists to advance student involvement in God’s global enterprise of missions. SMF hosts prayer meetings, special events, and chapels, and encourages students to participate in Intercultural Ministries Internships. Each spring, SMF organizes a campus-wide World Evangelization Conference to show the DTS community how it can serve Christ in a global context.

ARISE (Women Student Fellowship)

The Arise Women Student Fellowship exists to serve and help female students connect with one another and to acclimate to seminary life,


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2019-2020 DTS Catalog  

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2019-2020 DTS Catalog  

This 2019–2020 catalog contains degree plans, course descriptions, faculty listings, and the doctrinal statement of Dallas Theological Semin...