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stephanie castellon & karem ramirez novare studio, dallas tx We are two 23-year-old designers and proud Latinas, trying to give our best through our creative work. We had the chance to meet each other during Architecture school at the University of Texas at Arlington, and I think early on, we realized we made a great team and shared a similar design style. Both of us worked at our campus maker space, where we were introduced to digital fabrication, and now we continue making and exploring design ideas. We are really supportive of each other and push ourselves to keep improving and moving forward. Novare is a design studio that connects art with technology. Through digital fabrication methods, mainly the laser cutter, we can make our designs come to life in the form of art and housewares. We are lucky to have gone down the design path and starting our career with a maker space, we have created an opportunity for us to design and manufacture at home. It gives us full control and flexibility over the design process.


Our design aesthetic is unique, you can really see our architecture background through our product designs. There's a presence of order and direction much like a floor plan. Wood is a material we often use, and the process of mixing a more traditional material with modern fabrication is a common theme in our work. These are ideas we hope to transmit through our pieces. We really want people to see how we can use technology in another visual dimension.