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Corruption and lies Indian style An Indian saga of corruption and fraud in the purchase of an obsolete (launched 1982) Russian Aircraft carrier while 800 million unwashed starving Indians living in squalor are denied clean drinking water, sanitary facilities and shoes – sometimes even a roof

‘Rahul Gandhi in Blunderland’ an editorial published by the HINDU newspaper ridicules the lies of mass murderer Rajiv Gandhi’s son, the ‘pretender’ to the Indian Prime minister’s ‘throne’ in the Indian ‘dynastocracy’ Washington D.C. Wednesday 25 May, 2011: Ignoring the plight of India’s ‘unwashed’ majority, numbering nearly eight hundred million unhappy souls, the Indian Navy, in cahoots with corrupt officials of the Indian Ministry of defence, have shown the world how to be corrupt when shopping for the state and how to line their pockets! Meanwhile the pretender to the Indian Prime minister’s ‘throne’, 41 years old Rahul Gandhi, an effeminate bachelor son of the mass murderer Rajiv Gandhi whose first act on taking up the office of the Indian Prime minister in 1984, - no election that gifted to him as a result of a back-office intrigue was to order a state-sponsored anti-Sikh pogrom which resulted in the mass murder of over ten thousand innocent Sikh men, women and children, all over India. To understand the depth of corruption and waste in India the saga of the purchase of a second hand aircraft carrier for the top-heavy Indian Navy – is worth looking into. Indian officials took a few years to decide what and where to buy. Finally India chose an ageing, second-hand product – a 45 ,000 ton Russian air craft carrier named Admiral Gorshkov which ship was laid down in December 1978, 34 years ago, in a Ukrainian dockyard. Usually Western navies start to decommission their ships when they cross 30 years of service. Admiral Gorshkov was launched in April 1982, commissioned in 1987 in the Russian Navy. It was decommissioned in 1996 after a 1994 boiler room accident and was offered for sale. Indian officials spent another few years bargaining the price and finally agreed to buy the ship in 2004 for 947 million U.S. dollars while continuing to negotiate the upgrading costs. The Indian officials sat back and waited for delivery in a few years. Then, one day, in December 2009 India media reports said that India had agreed to pay U.S. $. 2.3 billion (yes U.S. $. 2.3 billion) instead of the agreed 2004 price of 947 million an increase in price (> http:/ / <) of one billion four hundred million U.S. dollars. Despite the increase of price, (part of the increase, according to scuttlebutt in Delhi, ended up in numbered accounts in Switzerland. India also allowed delay of delivery of the 34 years old obsolete aircraft carrier even further till the year 2012 when this old tub renamed INS Vikramaditya may be delivered to the Indian Navy. That is how the Gorshkov deal seems to be working out. A real disgrace and a saga of corruption in a country where the majority of the rural and urban population has no excess to latrines, clean drinking water or clinics or even shoes – and sometimes even a roof. Meanwhile an interesting editorial, headlined, “Rahul in Blunderland,” published last Friday, in India’s prestigious English language newspaper, THE HINDU, raises a very valid question whether the history of the appointment of ‘mass murderer’ Rajiv Gandhi as Prime minister through a back-office intrigue in 1984, will repeat itself, if India’s (> http:// <) current appointed (not elected) Prime minister Manmohan Singh, who is pushing the age of 79, suddenly vacates the Prime minister’s ‘throne’ for any reason? Rajiv Gandhi, Mrs. Sonia Maino Gandhi’s late husband, is infamous for ordering. ‘with a wink and a nod,’as soon as he was appointed Prime minister, the horrible November 1984 state-sponsored anti-Sikh pogrom, in which over 10, 000 innocent Sikh men, women and children, were murdered all over India. The tragedy and farce of it all is that no one has been found guilty for the murder of over 10, 000 innocents of the Sikh minority despite the passage of over a quarter century. If Rahul Gandhi wants to inherit his father’s ‘throne’ he MUST also share the guilt! The HINDU newspaper’s above mentioned editorial, “Rahul in Bluderland”, ridicules Rahul Gandhi’s ‘predilection to shoot from the hip’ (read lies) which is proving to be a

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challenge for his party managers who have found themselves picking up repeatedly after the First Family heir. It claims that in Uttar Pradesh recently, the gaffe-prone Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi (famously described by an American official in the WikiLeaks as a “neophyte” without the chutzpah to become Prime Minister) outdid himself with many lies. The agitation by farmers protesting over land acquisition along the Yamuna Expressway in U.P. was already into its second week, when Mr. Gandhi grandly entered the scene and appropriated what till then had been a united Opposition show. With television cameras obliging, Mr. Gandhi threw off his security and courted arrest — all of which might have passed off as engaging theatrics had he also not proceeded to make the most incredible charge against the Mayawati government in UP: that there were burnt bodies beneath the mounds of ash found in the twin Greater Noida villages of Bhatta and Parsaul! Although Mr. Rahul Gandhi falsely claimed – he lied - that he had photographic evidence to prove his claim, no villager has come forward to substantiate the story that the administration had killed and burnt farmers in full public view. Unsurprisingly, it was once again left to party managers to find a way out of the mess. The new line, endorsed by Mr. Gandhi himself, is that he was merely repeating a charge made by the villagers. Another lie. The man is a liar! The HINDU editorial further reminds the readers about Rahul Gandhi’s shenanigans during the 2007 Assembly election campaign in U.P, when he boasted that the Babri Masjid would have been saved had his family been in power. But an even bigger lie was when he spoke of the division of Pakistan as a glowing deed accomplished by his family; while nobody can take away from Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s masterly handling of the constellation of events leading to the creation of Bangladesh, to present it as the division of Pakistan and as a family accomplishment was doubly shocking. The Hindu editorial further rebukes Mr. Rahul Gandhi for his ‘egregious brinkmanship’ which has deflected attention from their genuine problems of the village folk in the U.P. Ground reports clearly point to excesses by the U.P. government in the two affected villages. Even if it was a fact that the agitation had been infiltrated by anti-social elements, as claimed by the U.P. Chief Minister, there was absolutely no justification for the police to act brutally against the villagers. The Mayawati government would do well to realize that farmers cannot be armtwisted anymore into accepting meager compensation for fertile agricultural land acquired, among other things, for creating luxury villas and townships. For its part, the central government must realize that it must move quickly to put in place comprehensive Land Acquisition legislation that is fair, just, and primarily protective of the interests of millions of vulnerable farmers. It seems that the corrupt coteries entrenched in the Prime minister’s/Sonia Gandhi’s offices in New Delhi are quite capable of pulling another back-office intrigue, which will appoint mass murderer Rajiv Gandhi’s dim-witted, effeminate, bachelor son, Rahul Gandhi, 41, a liar, as the Prime minister of the world’s largest Neo-Nazu ‘Castocracy’ - INDIA – if Prime minister Manmohan Singh leaves. Sikhs should never forget what Rahul Gandhi’s grand mother Prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi did to the Darbar Sahib Amritsar in June 1984, and what her mass murderer son Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi did to the Sikh minority in November 1984. Rahul Gandhi, an uneducated effeminate 41 year old bachelor, who has never graduated from any school/College, if he inherits the Indian Prime minister’s ‘chair’ is likely to follow the steps of his father and grand mother and as such deserves NO support of any Sikh! Khalistan Zindabad

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