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DARCY BACK IN DENTON Added by Dustin Location: Boiler Room Time: September 10, 2009 at 10pm - 1am


Darcy hasn’t played a Denton show in quite some time, but we’re on the trail to the Boiler Room on the square with 3 new songs! This show will actually be the same night as Andrew Mckinney’s (Darcy Bassist’s) Bachelor party. Congrats you old dog!

Added by Dene Colwill

Line up: The Color of May Darcy Ella Minnow The Room Sounds

Location: FarrBest Theater in Historical Downtown Mansfield, TX Time: September 19, 2009 from 7pm to 9pm In the true Grand Ole Opry style, this place features numerous artists each doing a short set so the audience gets a great sampling of different sounds.

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sc h o l a rly sounds :


Darcy might be a strange name that a group of five guys would name their band, but don’t judge too quickly. This quirky quintet represents the new movement of bands everywhere: turning shows into a full on experience, theatrics and all. Dallas MusicWire got a hold of Darcy’s ringleader, Dustin Aguiler, to cover the meaning behind the band and all that it entails.

The name Darcy comes from the main character in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy. Aguiler explained that Darcy is a literature-based band, which is fitting because of his other career as an English teacher. He says that the band does not derive their songs from literature, but if there is a certain influence, they might be so inclined. This can be found in Darcy tracks like “Laura Ingalls” or “Romeo and Juliet (Postmodern Alternate Ending).” The scholarly band consists of Aguiler, Nathan Miller on piano and vocals, Andrew McKinney, bass, and the Johnson brothers, Gunnar on guitar and vocals, and Chase banging on the drums.

Aguiler calls their show a theatrical event; Darcy aspires to be the most entertaining rock show at late. With a musical in the middle of the show the band believes their intent to create an experience at their shows are to be well-received. The Denton-based band plays in Dallas quite a bit, yet are not huge fans of Deep Ellum. Yet, the fans of Darcy, there are very many. Aguiler says their target audience is a young crowd because of the theatrics and brightness of their shows, as well as appealing to the college crowd but not pandering towards to the partying type we usually see with other bands. The forecast for Darcy looks prosperous. When putting together a master plan Aguiler is all about the press for the band. For the media Darcy is unknown, so promoting the band and its shows is the key focal point for improving, so says Aguiler. The band calls to the Internet as their mechanism of defense to get through to the music industry; they’re releasing the music video “Catching Melody,” in the upcoming weeks, and hope to drive Youtube views of it way up with this endeavor. 4 • M u s i c W i r e |

Being on a summer tour through July, Darcy has now turned their creative aspirations to the video and making their music come alive on stage. The band will be playing at the Boiler Room in Denton at 11 p.m. on September 10. Darcy’s live show is something not to be missed, so shut off your computers, put on your best concert garb, and support local music!

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