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NOVEMBER 2009 • 3

Backside Pick Article

by Lacy Radcliff

To the people that did not attend the Dallas Observer Music Awards: I say with full-hearted confidence that you must not miss it next year. Not only was it a “rip-roaring” time, but the list of bands nominated precedes itself in worthiness of reference. In particular, I’d like to highlight Backside Pick, a nine-piece funk band from Denton, and DOMA winner of Best Funk/R&B Act. DMW got a hold of Backside Pick founder Rocky Ottley, to talk about what’s next for the groove band. Ottley, a graduate of the University of North Texas, said he never took on the “leader” position in a band until Backside Pick, which began as an arrangement project with school members, eventually turning into something more profound and concrete, the lineup changing since the original, with the addition of other instruments, like the horn section. w w w. b a c k s i d e p i c k . c o m w w w. m y s p a c e . c o m / b a c k s i d e p i c k

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“I always wanted people to feel what I am feeling,” Ottley said, when discussing why he chose a big band for a way to channel his passion of musical arrangement. Ottley also said that interestingly enough, he’s starting to play as a smaller ensemble, more of a rhythm section, primarily because of the major cost of having the production of a big band all the time. On the Dallas versus Denton issue, Ottley has no bias. He blames the constant comparison on the miscommunication of the idea that they’re two different music scenes, or that the drive is too far to commute back and forth for shows. “So many people that go to shows that don’t live in either one; it doesn’t seem to me that anyone determines those as separate markets,” said Ottley. “There’s a lot of struggle between the two as a competition, and I would really like to see that fade.”

Getting yourself out there is also an important issue for Ottley. He believes that you have to take into account all of the other musicians out there treating their music as a 24/7 job. Up and coming musicians have to live and breathe music, constantly work at it, and make every decision based on how it will affect their career. Looking at a music career as a serious job will get you farther than living up to the ever-provoking “grass is always greener” fairy tale fallacy of the music business. Ottley and Backside Pick will be playing through the beginning of November. After this, they will move onto the writing and recording process of their follow-up album to the wellreceived Like I Do EP. register on to receive our monthly emag

NOVEMBER 2009 • 5

Managing Editor Jeff Kauffman, Jr. Art Director Writer

Donny Stevens Lacy Radcliff

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Barley House Party Nov. 8th If you are planning on going I will see you there. If you are not going‌you should be. ALSO! If your CD is in the JukeBox, please let me know. I frequent the Barley House often and would love to play your tunes. See you there!

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