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Mr. Youthquake’s Amazing Assemblage of Art


Flexing A Different Set of Musical Muscles


Food Network Champ Bronwen Weber


The Upstart Texas Airline That Could (And Still Does) A Candid Interview With Southwest CEO Gary Kelly

A Trio of International Chefs Making a Mark

The Best Places to Visit plus Dine & Shop Dallas



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Harry Winston

OUR STOR ES & R ESTaUR a nTS InCLUDE:  a n n e   F o n t a i n e   .   B i l l y   R e i d   .   B e r e t t a   G a l l e r y Carolina Herr er a . Chanel . Christian Louboutin . Diane von Furstenberg H a d l e i g h ’s   .   H a r r y   W i n s t o n   .   H e r m è s   .   J i m m y   C h o o   .   L o r o   P i a n a   .   P u c c i   .   R a l p h   L a u r e n S c o o p   n Y C   .   S t e l l a   M c C a r t n e y   .   To r y   B u r c h   .   Tr i n a   Tu r k   .   V i n c e   .   Y v e s   S a i n t   L a u r e n t B i s t r o  31  . C a f é   Pa c i f ic   .   M a r qu e e   G r i l l & B a r   .   M i   C o c i n a   .   Pa t r i z i o

GI F T C a R DS aVa I L a BL E


214.4 43.9898

RICH IN HERITAGE The Beretta Gallery in Dallas, Texas exemplifies traditional Italian quality in every detail. Located in the exclusive Highland Park area, Beretta Gallery Dallas is the perfect destination for those wishing to indulge in the rich sporting heritage of Beretta. A unique assortment of clothing and accessories for the classic outdoorsman, from leather guncases and luggage, to sports clothing for all types of hunting, shooting and country living. A distinct feature is our fascinating library of hunting books, collections of beautiful one-of-a kind gift items and hand crafted works of art. The beautiful, well-stocked gunroom in Dallas showcases Beretta’s full line of pistols, field and competition shotguns, as well as Sako rifles. The history of Beretta’s nearly 500 years of quality gun making is best exemplified by are large selection of Beretta Premium Grade shotguns and express rifles. Our professional staff is ready to answer all your requests and they look forward to welcome you to Beretta Gallery Dallas.

Be intrigued. Be amazed. Be the first. Experience downtown’s newest destination, starting at just $99 a night. The fun begins on 11/11/11. omnidallashotel.com

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November 13, 2011–February 12, 2012


The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk is organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Maison Jean Paul Gaultier.

The exhibition in Dallas is presented by Cadillac. Additional support is provided by the DMA ‘s Junior Associates Circle with funds raised through An Affair of the Art 2011: Maison de la Mode: House of Fashion; NorthPark Center; and Forty Five Ten. Air transportation in Dallas is provided by American Airlines. Promotional support provided by Catwalk by TIGI.

The Dallas Museum of Art is supported in part by the generosity of Museum members and donors and by the citizens of Dallas through the City of Dallas/Office of Cultural Affairs and the Texas Commission on the Arts. Virgins [or Madonnas] collection (detail), “Laudes” ensemble, haute couture spring/summer 2007, model: Dita Von Teese, Photograph © Patrice Stable/Jean Paul Gaultier






Fashion, books, films, furniture…even a line of FTD flowers! Is there anything the man known as “Mr. Youthquake” can’t do? page 18


With an Army of loyal fans and a hot new CD, the Texas roots rockers are flexing a different set of musical muscles. page 36

THE UPSTART TEXAS AIRLINE THAT COULD (AND STILL DOES) A candid conversation with Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly. page 52


India, France and Australia: a trio of international chefs making a serious mark on Dallas’ restaurant scene. page 66



The real life Texas strawberry shortcake that took The Food Network by storm. page 86


Red, white and more…sampling some of Dallas’ best wine bars. page 93


ON THE COVER Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly Photography by David Woo


Just for the fashionista: a complete listing of Dallas’ extensive variety of trendy, historic and eclectic stores. page 21


Painting, sculpture, folk, regional and more. Explore the sophisticated diversity of Dallas’ celebrated local art scene. page 28


Spending time in Dallas is always a trip less ordinary. Learn about local attractions that make for unique experiences and excellent adventures. page 40


Relax your body and restore your soul…get details on the area’s most sumptuous retreats for massages, treatments, facials and more. page 60


Incomparable restaurants populated with world-renowned chefs; check out our listings of Dallas’ top culinary destinations, plus the music scene, star-powered performances and more. page 69


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From lavish resorts saturated in culture and style, to fashionable, more intimate locales… look inside some of the world’s premier hotel experiences. page 94


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10 0 H i g h l a nd Pa rk Vi l l a ge , Su ite 370 , D a l l a s , Te x a s 752 0 5 214 -52 6 -389 0 or 87 7-W M NOBL E | w w w.w i l l i a m noble .c om




Dallas Hotel Magazine publisher Pete Northway (second from right) toasting with chefs (from left) Andrew Ormsby, Anupam “AJ” Joglekar and Pascal Cayet

Dallas is a city known for interesting people with discriminating tastes. It attracts successful professionals from all over the world who help make our city an exciting place to live and work. Each publication of Dallas Hotel Magazine features profiles of the people and places that make our town distinctive. In this issue we profile Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines. In the early years it was known as the “little airline that could.” Southwest was once a company that, as Kelly recently told us, tried to “stay out from under the big guy’s feet.” That has certainly changed. Today the Dallas-based carrier handles 100 million passengers a year, and continues its amazing growth curve. We also feature a trio of marvelous international chefs, all making a mark on the cuisine scene in Dallas. They are from Melbourne, New Delhi and Paris respectively, and while their life experiences are anything but ordinary, all three are typical of the kind of global influences that are flourishing in Dallas. For music lovers we catch up with Old 97’s, a band that got its start in Dallas and now has a significant following all over the country. We check in with a man pop culture media once famously dubbed “Mr. Youthquake,” Texas native Todd Oldham. He turned fashion on its ear years ago, and continues to create an assemblage of art that defies categorization. There is also a profile on a Texas real life “strawberry shortcake,” a master baker and wildly successful business entrepreneur named Bronwen Weber. She has stolen viewers’ hearts on The Food Network with her adorable smile, and incredible, edible creations you must see to believe. And we have an inspirational story about Dallas’ spirit of philanthropy, written by a top local television news journalist. Finally, we present information on the best Dallas has to offer when it comes to fine dining, nightlife, shopping and more. Our culture is varied, and growing more diverse every day. While you are here enjoy the variety, and sample all that Dallas has to offer, particularly during the fall and holiday season. Thank you for spending time with Dallas Hotel Magazine, “the definitive guide for discerning visitors to Big D.” Sincerely,

Pete Northway Publisher/Editor-in-chief










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PRODUCTION MANAGER Jen Childers production@dallashotelmagazine.com

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214-692-8400 | Galleria Level I

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For centuries artists have spoken with passion and creativity. From Impressionist masters such as Cezanne, Monet and Renoir to Pop artists Lichtenstein, Warhol and Hockney, and contemporary artists including Basquiat and Koons, generations of visionaries have used art to inspire and elucidate their unique perceptions of the world around them. Art resonates with serious collectors and everyday consumers. However, visual images are only a part of an artist’s work. What about their inspiration, the muse that compelled them to create a work of art in the first place? The stories behind the paintings often provide context required to truly understand the artist’s intent, and the significance of the work. This is the fundamental concept behind an innovative Dallas business known as The Art Menu. It sells reproductions of original works by local artists, while providing intimate glimpses into the artist and what inspired their creation. Rather than making a purchase to take up room on a wall at home or in the workplace, The Art Menu’s mission is to enhance spaces with something much more rare: a work of art with a story all its own, not so different from the original intent of the great masters. “You have to understand that many reproduction websites don’t even mention artists’ names,” said David Hobbs, the company’s founder. “What makes our process so different is our devotion to telling the artists’ story and our enthusiasm for the artists themselves.” The Art Menu is a unique service for local painters in search of a promotional platform, and for art lovers searching for something more than just a wall hanging, rather an interesting story to share. “So many talented artists toil away in relative obscurity, left to their own devices to market their work,” said Hobbs. “It can be a hand-to-mouth existence. Make a painting, sell a painting...over and over. We want to change that process.” The genesis of The Art Menu was all Hobbs’ idea. “I came up with the concept when I noticed a truck and trailer full of art going door to door in my neighborhood,” he remembered. “My sister is an artist, so I know the struggle many painters have wearing multiple hats. Like many small businesses, they produce something they love. When it comes to sales and marketing, however, which is something that is difficult and takes time away from actually making art, many are simply lost.” “Websites feature hundreds, even thousands of artists from all over the world,” said Taylor Stensrud, The Art Menu’s director of marketing. “Wading through volumes and volumes can be a mind-numbing process.” Stensrud says it is breaking through these traditional barriers that makes The Art Menu distinctive. He and his staff represent an exclusive group of area artists, all chosen by a team of industry experts.




“We limit our roster to roughly 20 quality local artists, each with a limited number of exclusive images in our gallery.” The process is quite selective, critically rigorous, and includes a thorough review of each artist and their talent. Once approved, the artist’s original works are digitally photographed and reproduced as high quality, fine art digital pictures, known as “giclée” prints. The results can be stunning, often signed by the artists, and made available as limited editions presented at surprisingly affordable prices. The Art Menu offers an opportunity to own distinctive, creative works of art, without having to spend the time, effort, and resources to search and uncover these talented individuals. The Dallas-based company also handles everything from framing to shipping, even installation. In some cases, the original art is available for sale. By providing this innovative platform for local artists as well as consumers, Hobbs believes he is serving a growing niche. In terms of the artists, The Art Menu staff handles the marketing, provides visibility, and creatively casts a wide net on their behalf in an effort to showcase the work. For buyers, the service is an innovative clearinghouse. “The traditional art collector is someone who obviously loves art and devotes time, energy and money to finding their next favorite piece,” said Hobbs. “This is someone who goes to art galleries, receptions and stays closely connected to the art world…all of which is wonderful. That is however a small percentage of the population. The Art Menu wants to do the job of discovering the local artists and make it easier for people to see and buy their work. I believe there are a lot of would-be art collectors who would love to own great art if they could connect with the artists themselves and know what’s available in their own backyard.” As for the future of The Art Menu, Hobbs is optimistic about potential growth opportunities. “Our plan is to be methodical, and do it correctly,” he said. “There is no reason for us not to go to other major markets and showcase the local talent there as well, but not at the expense of what we have already accomplished. This business is all about trust with the artist. They have to believe in us and that we will take care of them. If you lose that, you’re done. When it comes to working successfully on behalf of local artists, I believe our track record will speak for itself.”

Artist credits: background (left to right): John Cook; Rick Griggs; Anita Horton; Tamara White. Foreground (center): Fran Reisner The Art Menu team (left to right): Taylor Stensrud, David Hobbs and Andrew Spillman

3100 Carlisle, Ste. 112 Dallas, TX 75204 214.799.1278 www.theartmenu.com www.facebook.com/theartmenu






AND THEIR PETS Two time Pulitzer finalist photographer David Woo will lift your heart and raise your eyebrows as he provides a rare and candid view into the hearts and minds of today’s most popular figures. His new book, “Top Dogs and Their Pets” parallels the well known faces of entertainment, politics, sports, and celebrity alongside the warmth and companionship of their four-legged friends. Get a little Kinky (Friedman) with a pig whose worst habit is talking politics, then experience a safe and nurturing place with Maggie, the rescued dog of Dr. Phil. Along the way, you’ll get a little closer to Laura Bush, Jimmy Johnson, Owen Wilson, Cesar Millan, and many more. This beautiful, hardbound book will endear the kindred soul of all pet lovers.

“Top Dog….is Top Notch! David Woo has managed to capture the essence of happiness with this project. All of the subjects are beaming with pride…..their exuberance evident in every frame. The owner’s love for their pets oozes off of every page. Portraits are one of photography’s most difficult genres. It is essential for the photographer to capture the personality of their subjects for them to be memorable. This collection of work is truly memorable. Bravo!” Jim Colton Photography Editor Sports Illustrated

“No writer’s pen is as insightful as a camera in the hands of David Woo. “Top Dogs” is a humorous and touching window on the souls of the rich, famous, and powerful.” Scott Pelley Correspondent CBS News magazine 60 Minutes


Order at: topdogspets.com HARD-BOUND / 208 PAGES / 90+ CELEBS / 800+ QUESTIONS Foreward by Diane Rehm. Portions of the proceeds go directly to the Cesar & Ilusion Millan Foundation




Compartmentalizing Todd Oldham’s multifaceted creative energy is a tall order. These days his fingerprints are on everything from clothing to interiors, photography, graphic design, motion pictures and more. Todd’s work can be eclectic and electric all at the same time, an amusement park for the senses that cleverly blends a variety of unconventional elements adorned with quirkiness, and awash in gorgeous pallets of bold and bright. Beyond the beads and sequins Todd’s designs are frequently embedded with optimistic elements of social consciousness. He is active in variety of causes ranging from animal rights and the arts, to HIV/AIDS awareness and the environment. Born in Corpus Christi near the Gulf of Mexico, the native Texan spent much of his childhood on the go. His father’s job took the family all over, including several years in Iran. Todd was a creative kid, gaining early experience working on designs for his siblings. Since launching his first line in the early 1980s, his work has continued to evolve influencing everything from runways to recliners, merging a distinctive commitment to innovation with a seriously whimsical penchant for ornamentation and a hot glue gun. Well known for his seemingly ageless, boyish charm, Todd’s talent crosses an extraordinary assortment of lines while touching numerous mediums. He has produced signature clothing for Target stores, furniture and accessories for La-Z-Boy, designed a South Beach hotel and even created a special line of FTD floral arrangements.


Todd is in high demand for television and radio programming. He hosted MTV’s “Fashionably Loud” and a wildly popular segment called “Todd Time” on the network’s “House of Style” for several seasons. He has authored a number of critically acclaimed books. His exquisite “Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life” is a thoughtful paean to the American designer whose vivid illustrations of nature, people and animals were among Todd’s childhood sources of inspiration. Released in 2009, “Kids Made Modern” is a delightful collection that combines a primer on mid-century design with novel, do-it-yourself ideas for kids. His latest book is a fascinating portrait of the emblematic rock star Joan Jett; a captivating tribute that traces Jett’s performing career, beginning at age 15 with The Runaways, through hit songs such as “I Love Rock n’ Roll” and “Bad Reputation.” It follows Jett’s 30-plus years in music with never-before-seen photography, interviews and anecdotes.

DHM: There are tons of important artists, designers and fashion industry icons that hail from your home state. It must be something in the water? What is it about Texas that spawns so many influential people? TO: Texans have a unique version of originality informed, I think, by the culture, the big open spaces, and the quirky people that live there. DHM: Your current ventures seem increasingly diverse and eclectic. You designed the ultra natty ping-pong social club SPiN in New York City (owned in part by actress Susan Sarandon and reportedly soon to be franchised all over the U.S. and in Europe). Your book “Kids Made Modern” is a joy, filled with easy-to-make child-friendly craft projects, while introducing youngsters to important creative concepts and a series of inspirational designers. Next up is a monograph of fabric and textile visionary Alexander Girard. What is it that drives you to such interesting, and eclectic projects?

DHM: How often do you get back to Texas? Describe the perfect weekend in your home state? TO: I don’t get to Texas very often anymore with most of my time spent in New York and Los Angeles. But I am always happy to visit. I was in town a few months ago for only a few hours but I did find time to eat at Taco Bueno, which I totally love. A perfect weekend would certainly involve a visit to the State Fairgrounds, one of my favorite places on the planet. If it could include the Fort Worth Museums, the Stockyards Swap Meet and the Dallas Museum of Art, it would indeed be a perfect weekend.

TO: I am so thrilled to get to make books among the other stuff I get to do. Each book is so different and the approach must be changed each time. It is like starting over in technique, pathways and form each time to make sure we honor the subject matter precisely. With the case of Mr. Girard and the artist Charley Harper, whose book I designed and edited a few years ago, you must learn the artist’s Rosetta stone so that you can make choices in the correct spirit while never decorating. It is a tricky balance I love maneuvering. The Girard book will be out in the fall of 2011. DHM: Back to Texas, it seems to overflow with the kitschy, funny, quirky and grungy. We understand that you are an avid fan of a couple of wellknown regional magnets for this kind of thing: the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, and the Cattle Barn Flea Market at the Fort Worth Stockyards. TO: I am always reluctant to gush too much at how brilliant the Fort Worth Stockyard Swap Meet is. Truly it has the most eclectic stuff filled with treasures and has been for decades now. DHM: Who are the contemporary artists that inspire you? TO: I am constantly inspired by art in all versions. I very much love the works of Megan Whitmarsh, Cindy Sherman, Thomas Demand, Thomas Friedman, Clay Ketter, Tim Hawkinson, Fred Tomisselli – so many to even list. I also love film. I go to the Sundance Film Festival each year and see about 40 feature films, so that is a seriously inspiring affair. DHM: Once upon a time industry insiders referred to you as “Mr. Youthquake,” and in many respects you have been fashion’s “it” guy for years. From fashion trends to design, publishing and more, how do you stay fresh and contemporary? TO: The term “Youthquake” is probably best reserved for someone without a four in front of their age but I think I stay connected because I am genuinely interested in the new. I have great respect for past systems that still work but it is clear no one needs another anything so whatever one does in the artistic offerings these days it had better be interesting and original. DHM: There is often a clear level of social consciousness in your work, and a connection to a variety of organizations such as PETA, the Amazon Conservation Team, Aperture, Bailey House, Habitat for Humanity and other causes. How do you incorporate that sense of social responsibility into your work? TO: I found out a long time ago that it is not necessary to segregate humanitarian efforts from one’s work. Whenever possible I try to build in some reward for others in everything I do and it is surprisingly easy. I find folks want to help and almost always say “yes” when I ask. It is easy to ask for help for others.

Above: Todd’s acclaimed book “Kid Made Modern” is arts and crafts heaven for children. Sport and entertainment collide in Todd’s hot design of a sizzling New York ping-pong social club called SPiN.

SEEINGThIngS “... the most beautiful exhibition in Nasher history” - Fort Worth Star Telegram

TONY CRAGG The Dallas Foundation presents

Through jan 8

NasherSculptureCenter.org Dallas Arts District Additional support is provided by Amy and Vernon Faulconer; David Haemisegger and Nancy Nasher; Marianne Holtermann; Joanne and Mark Giambrone; Real Time Resolutions, Inc., Debbie and Eric Green; Jenny and Richard Mullen; Cindy and Howard Rachofsky; The Rosewood Foundation; Patrick and Sara Sands Tony Cragg, Outspan, 2008. Bronze, 74 7/8 x 78 ¾ x 48 7/8 in. (190 x 200 x 124 cm). Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg - Paris © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn. Photo: Charles Duprat

Official Airline Sponsor

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From Gucci to Gap, Clothes Circuit is the right choice for upscale resale. Open 7 days a week. 6105 Sherry Lane - Dallas, Texas 75225 (214) 696-8634 - www.clothesciruict.com

SHOPPING W elcome to spotlight on shopping featuring Dallas’ many trendy, historic and

eclectic shopping destinations. Dallas has more stores and shopping centers per capita than any United States city or metropolitan area. From high-end boutiques and malls to the eclectic vintage shopping, we have a look for you. SHOPPING CENTERS

Allen Premium Outlets

Allen Premium Outlets is home to 100 designer and name brand outlets including BCBG Max Azria, Coach, Cole Haan, J.Crew, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Max Studio and True Religion offering savings of 25% to 65%. Join the VIP Shopper Club online to receive additional discounts and to print a voucher for a free VIP Coupon Book. Shoppers 50 Plus years receive 10% off total purchases each Tuesday at participating stores. US 75, exit 37, Stacy Road. www.premiumoutlets.com/allen 820 West Stacy Road Allen, TX 75013 972.678.7000


Recognized by USA Today as “One of the top 10 places to spend it all,” Galleria Dallas is the most dynamic shopping environment in North Texas. An international collection of shops and boutiques sets the standard for world-class shopping in Dallas. Galleria Dallas is the only North Texas home to Gucci, Thomas Pink, TOUS, BCBGeneration, Tourneau, Brahmin, Sony Style, ZARA, Karen Millen, Club Monaco and American Girl Boutique and Bistro – plus favorites like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Juicy Couture and Sephora. From its legendary ice rink, to its fusion of hip fashion and chic dining, Galleria Dallas truly is Dallas’ premier shopping destination. www.galleriadallas.com 13350 Dallas Parkway Dallas, Texas 75240 972.702.7100

Highland Park Village

This Dallas shopping village is as close as any shopper will get to Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive in Dallas. Built in the 1930s, this ultrachic corner of high-end shopping in the midst of Dallas’ most exclusive neighborhood sports an eclectic mix of fashionable boutiques including Hermès, Jimmy Choo, Escada, Cole Haan, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, St. John, and many more.

NorthPark Center

NorthPark Center is the ultimate shopping, dining and entertainment experience in the Southwest. NorthPark Center offers the finest collection of more than 235 stores and luxury designer and trendsetting boutiques including, Gucci, Bvlgari, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Versace, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, and top-tier anchors – Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s and AMC NorthPark 15. Guests also enjoy exceptional restaurants, a world-class art collection, award-winning architecture and non-stop events.

Highland Park Village

www.northparkcenter.com 8687 N. Central Expressway Dallas, Texas 75225 214.361.6345

Park Lane

Park Lane is a 33.5-acre mixed-use development located in Dallas that sits across from NorthPark Center, one of the nation’s most prominent shopping malls. At completion, Park Lane will be a 2.4 million square foot mixed-use development with more than 700,000 square feet of retail, restaurant and entertainment space, anchored by Dallas’ flagship Whole Foods. www.parklanedallas.com 8070 Park Lane Dallas, Texas 75231 214.369.0860

The Plaza at Preston Center

NorthPark Center

At The Plaza, there’s always something new to see and exciting things to do. Visit some of their incredible new fashion shops and specialty shops including, Betty Reiter, Calypso St. Barth, Mal Malouf, Carla Martinengo Boutique, Priscilla of Boston, Lucy, Pickles and Ice Cream, Swoozie’s, Apples to Zinnias, POME, The Biz and many more. The Plaza also offers a variety of restaurants, jewelry stores, health and beauty salons and services. www.theplazaatprestoncenter.com 8311 Preston Center Plaza Drive Dallas, Texas 75225 469.232.0000

www.hpvillage.com 47 Highland Park Village Dallas, Texas 75205 214.559.2740

Allen Premium Outlets


One of a kind. Rare Jeweler, William Noble

William Noble Rare Jewels is located in Highland Park Village, Dallas’ oldest and most prestigious shopping center. Their private showroom on the 3rd floor of the Regus building offers clients a relaxing, confidential and secure setting to work with a seasoned sales staff to choose a piece that will be loved for generations. For more than 30 years William Noble has offered the finest collection of precious stones and new and estate jewelry. William Noble has the largest selection of antique and estate jewelry in the Southwest as well as the most exceptional gemstones and contemporary pieces available in the market. They are continuously buying estate jewelry from the public and offer complimentary offers on your unworn jewelry and watches. William Noble’s professional staff has bought and sold some of the largest and finest diamonds and gemstones in the world. They are continuously seeking the perfect piece of jewelry for their valueconscious clientele. With a master jeweler, finest designer and certified gemologist on staff William Noble can assist you with all your jewelry needs. Each of our sales staff boasts at least 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry and provides a welcoming and secure environment to shop for your next piece of jewelry. William Noble’s services include designing and manufacturing custom jewelry, jewelry and

watch repair, ring sizing, precious stone and diamond replacement, pearl restringing, appraisals, engraving or just a simple jewelry cleaning. Designer Sam C. Zeigler has been with William Noble Rare Jewels for 21 years creating beloved custom jewelry for their clients. Sam is known for his flair, artistic ability and precision design which come to him through many years of experience and his industrial design training. Throughout the process of creating a custom piece of jewelry: the design, making of the wax model, the meticulous platinum and gold craftsmanship and setting of the jewels, William Noble Rare Jewels is truly a “one of-a-kind” jeweler. The William Noble Custom Design Department can create custom jewelry from your heirloom pieces, or originate exquisite jewelery from William Noble gems that will be exclusively yours, a masterpiece to treasure for a lifetime. William Noble Rare Jewels invites you to stop by their showroom for a true luxury experience in jewelry buying.

William Noble Rare Jewels 100 Highland Park Vlg Ste 370 Dallas, TX 75205 214-526-3890 www.williamnoble.com


Southlake Town Square

Clothes Circuit

Shops at Legacy

Consisting of 2,665 acres, Legacy is a master-planned business, retail, and residential community that is located in a suburb of Dallas called Plano, Texas. Some being high-profile organizations, The Shops at Legacy accommodates over 50,000 individuals who live and work in the area. You can work and play at the Shops at Legacy- stores include Bachendorf’s, Ella Bleu, The Lash Lounge, and William-Sonoma. www.shopsatlegacy.com 7200 Bishop Road Plano, Texas 75024 214.473.9700

Snider Plaza

A Dallas tradition, Snider Plaza is simply a charming place to shop. As one of the most peaceful, familyfriendly neighborhoods on earth, Snider Plaza has catered to the well-manicured sensibilities of those dwelling in the surrounding Park Cities for generations. The backbone of Snider Plaza’s local appeal is the dozens of delightfully petite boutiques specializing in everything from stationary to antiques to imported fabrics. Whether you are looking for Texas gifts, flowers, bakeries, spa treatments, furniture, home decor, specialty and gourmet items, specialty clothing, eyewear, art and music instruction, hair salons or food ranging from German, Italian, hamburgers, Mediterranean, Bar-B-Que, or seafood Snider Plaza has it all. www.sniderplaza.net Hillcrest and Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas

The Shops at Willow Bend

The Shops at Willow Bend is located in the bull’s eye of one of the nations most affluent and fastest growing suburban markets, Plano, Texas. In addition, The Shops at Willow Bend is the only shopping center in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex to offer both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and one of only 14 in the nation to feature these fashion department stores. www.shopwillowbend.com 6121 West Park Boulevard Plano, Texas 75093 972.202.7110

Southlake Town Square opened in March 2009, boasting about 250,000 square feet of retail and office uses. In 2009, Town Square had grown to more than 1.4 million square feet, including the City/County Town Hall and Library, the Southlake Post Office, a downtown Hilton Hotel, a state-of-the-art Harkin movie theater, a deep lineup of retail establishments, 26 restaurants and much more. Some of the more prominent retail locations include, Talbots, Caché, Banana Republic, Pottery Barn, Nine West, Loft, Ann Taylor, Lucky Brand Jeans, Eddie Bauer, Crate & Barrel, Coach, Bebe, L’Occitane, Anthropologie, and J. Crew. www.southlaketownsquare.com 1256 Main Street Southlake, Texas 76092 817.329.5566

Stanley Korshak

Crawford Brock, owner of Stanley Korshak since 2002, has a philosophy of excellence evolved from the late Stanley Marcus, the retail oracle who transformed Neiman Marcus from an obscure Dallas gem into an international fashion nameplate. Stanley Korshak has earned plenty of accolades, including being named one of the 50 most influential men’s stores in America by Women’s Wear Daily, the esteemed bible of the fashion business. But Korshak is far more than a savvy men’s store purveying the finest suits, sportswear, shoes and furnishings. With their eye always on top quality, they carry the most in-demand women’s couture and designer sportswear, from Valentino to Brunello Cucinelli, the chicest shoes and bags from the likes of Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, and the most fabulous jewelry on the planet, like Yossi Harari’s 24-karat gold creations. They also have an entire boutique called the Shak which is devoted to chic and affordable contemporary fashion.

West Village

Visit Dallas’ newest hot spot for shopping, dining, and entertainment. West Village is home to the Magnolia Theater, which supports independent film and arts. Nestled at the northern tip of popular Uptown Entertainment District, you can take the M-Line Streetcar for free to this great new escape in trendy Dallas dining and shopping. www.westvil.com McKinney Avenue & Routh Street 214.922.9622


Gerald Tomlin Antiques

Tomlin Antiques is a second generation Dallas business offering a personalized selection of investment quality antiques. The firm specializes in 18th and 19th Century period antiques from around the globe. For the past 17 years the main gallery has been located in the historic Highland Park Shopping Village in Suite 54 near the corner of Mockingbird Lane and Preston Road. www.tomlinantiques.com 54 Highland Park Village Dallas, Texas 75205 214.526.3702

Lovers Lane Antique Market

Lovers Lane Antique Market opened its doors in October of 1992 and was quickly named one of the best antique markets in Dallas. Lovers Lane Antiques has been seen in Southern Accents, Southern Living and many other leading national magazines. Lovers Lane Antique Market is Dallas’ primary source for 18th and 19th century English and French furniture, accessories and decorative antiques. Their customers call them “One of the loveliest shops in Dallas, Texas.”

www.stanleykorshak.com 500 Crescent Court #100 Dallas, Texas 214.871.3600 214.473.9700

www.loverslaneantiques.com 5001 West Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75209 214.351.5656


Forestwood Antique Mall

Vintage trolley lines allow shoppers to jump off and duck into the many antique shops, art galleries, restaurants and specialty shops. The home decor shopper finds contemporary furniture stores and eclectic interior design shops aplenty at this Dallas shopping vortex.

Forestwood Antique Mall, one of Dallas’ favorite shopping destinations, offers 4,000 SF chocked full of antiques. Walk around for hours looking at everything from fine china and crystal, antique Staffordshire and Majolica to estate jewelry. Visit the quaint tea room and enjoy homemade desserts, gourmet coffee and scrumptious daily specials.

www.uptowndallas.net McKinney Avenue at Knox and Henderson Streets

www.forestwoodantiquemall.com 5333 Forest Lane Dallas, TX 75244 972.661.0001

Corral Boots • Old Gringo • Lucchese

Largest Selection in Texas 8 Area Locations Shop Online at Cavenders.com




The first Bachendorf’s store opened in 1977 featuring high quality handmade custom jewelry and an extensive collection of watches. Today Bachendorf’s continues the family tradition of offering the finest designer jewelry, timepieces, and collectibles in Dallas. Bachendorfs.com 8400 Preston Road Dallas, Texas 75225 214.692.8400 13350 Dallas Parkway #1415 Dallas, Texas 75240 972.392.9900 7401 Lonestar Drive Plano, Texas 75024 972.596.2090


Experience the beauty, quality and fine craftsmanship of the deBoulle Collection. Over the past two decades, deBoulle has served thousands of discriminating customers and built a reputation as one of the preeminent, independently owned jewelers in the United States. The sophisticated deBoulle salon has a historic flair in the style of a two-story French villa located in Dallas. www.deboulle.com 6821 Preston Road Dallas, Texas 75205 214-522-2400

Eiseman Jewels

It is very clear to Richard Eiseman Jr. what makes Eiseman Jewels different than other stores. That is because he happens to be an expert on the subject, knowing firsthand what it takes to be successful in today’s marketplace. At Eiseman, he knows the importance on building customer loyalty and the value of consistency. www.eisemanjewels.com NorthPark Center, Suite 514 Dallas, Texas 75225 214.369.6100


YLANG|23, formerly known as Ylang-Ylang, is owned by Joanne and Charles Teichman, who opened in Dallas in 1985, and quickly attracted a clientele who can afford anything, but prefers the fine workmanship of renowned designers who shape the trends in the U.S. and Europe. And while their jewelry has changed over the years, one constant is that they have always stayed ahead of the curve, always true to a vision of providing the most exciting breakthrough


collections, and always a level of service which their clients find unmatched. www.ylang23.com 13350 Dallas Parkway, Suite 1300 Dallas, Texas 972.980.0819

William Noble Rare Jewels

William Noble has been in business for 20 years and is located in one of the most prestigious locations in Dallas, Highland Park Village. For the first 10 years, WNRJ was an upscale jewelry boutique that emphasized diamonds, designer jewelry, and fine watches. Now WNRJ has the largest new and estate inventory in the Southwest and are still growing. www.williamnoble.com


Pink’s Western Wear

After more than 30 years in the Western Wear business, Jay and Marlon Pink opened Pink’s Western Wear in 2005. Their basic philosophy is the belief that the customer comes first, and that service is the most important part of any retail business. At Pink’s Western Wear they are trained, knowledgable, and able to take care of your apparel and footwear needs.

Eiseman Jewels

www.pinkswesternwear.com 13420 Preston Road Dallas, Texas 75240 972.392.7465

Cowboy Cool

Cowboy Cool is an inventive shop in the West Village that blends traditional Western gear with a contemporary edge. With its horseshoe sales counter, crocodile carpet and old-school décor, their flagship store hits you with an engaging experience the moment you walk through the door. www.cowboycool.com 3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 407 Dallas, Texas 75204 214.521.4500 Bachendorf’s


Pinto Ranch fine western wear selects the finest hand-tailored menswear and ladies apparel, accessories, tack and saddle gear, boots, hats and much more. The Pinto Ranch cowboys continue to work cattle on horseback today and firebrand under the well-known YY brand. Adhering to these time honored traditions has preserved a true western lifestyle and spirit that can be found in their stores. www.pintoranch.com NorthPark Center, Suite 2184 Dallas, Texas 75225 214.217.6200


Allie Coosh

Clothes Circuit

There’s no going back to retail shopping when you discover one of the nation’s top designer resale sources—Clothes Circuit. Tucked away on Sherry Lane in Park Cities, this treasure trove of upscale resale fashion has been dressing women of all ages for nearly three decades. Clothes Circuit is a friendly destination for in-the-know shoppers and Dallas visitors who know the value of beautiful, well-made clothing and accessories. A knowledgeable, creative staff makes all the difference in this one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Unbelievably great prices are just the icing on the cake! www.clothescircuit.com 6105 Sherry Lane Dallas, TX 75225 214.696.8634

Forty Five Ten recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and is one of the first stores in Dallas to sell such chic lines as Rick Owens, Proenza Schouler, Ippolita, Kimberly McDonald and The Row. Come fall, it will be the only independent specialty store in the nation to offer Victoria Beckham’s new collection. Other hot labels include Céline, Givenchy, Roland Mouret, Azzedine Alaïa and Yohji Yamamoto for women, plus Lanvin, Thom Browne and Michael Bastian for men. www.fortyfiveten.com 4510 McKinney Avenue Dallas, Texas 75205 214.559.4510

Peeper’s American Eyewear

Since 1976 Peeper’s has been offering the very finest in prescription eyewear and sunglasses in the Southwest. As shopping trends have changed, Peeper’s has stayed on the forefront of the latest in luxury eyewear. Today, Peeper’s is exclusively located in Highland Park Village, catering to the needs of those who wish to wear the absolute finest in eyewear. With over a thousand designer frames to choose from, each of these frames measures up to the high standards of quality for which Peeper’s is known.

This unique shopping store bears the stamp of Canadian designer, Paulette Martsolf, who had a dream to come to Texas where she could design women’s clothing and jewelry. Opened in 1989, Allie Coosh has since become a women’s paradise and Paulette Martsolf’s designs have become internationally renowned. www.allie-coosh.com 6726 Snider Plaza Dallas, Texas 75205 214.363.8616

www.peepersdallas.com 64 Highland Park Village Dallas, Texas 75205 214.522.0352

Beretta Gallery

Located in the exclusive Highland Park Village, Beretta Gallery is the destination for those winning to indulge in the rich heritage of Beretta. Today the Beretta Galleries continue Beretta’s almost 500 yearold tradition of producing custom made shotguns and side-by-side Express rifles for the discriminating gun owner. www.dallas.berettagallery.com 41 Highland Park Village Dallas, Texas 75207 214.559.9800

Forty Five Ten

Smink Modern Living

The Gallery Interiors

Betty Reiter

Smink Incorporated has been a Texas institution for over twenty-one years – bringing design, luxury furnishings, fine art, photography and accessories to the west. Started in 1988, Smink has cultivated an international reputation for selling high-end products and art at designers price to the public. Smink is one of the largest Italian modern furniture dealers between the coasts, and throughout its 20 year history has been dedicated to the education of its clients — always encouraging them to enlist the expertise of local design professionals. www.sminkinc.com 1019 Dragon Street Dallas Texas 75207 214.350.0542

Located in Preston Center, this boutique features European lines that focus on construction and texture. Rich colors, timeless pieces, and exclusive labels make this cozy boutique a destination spot for clients all over the country. In addition to her own private label from France, Betty carries a variety of European lines, exclusively Yeohlee, a New York designer. Also, a unique selection of accessories like B. May handbags, and fine costume jewelry.

The Gallery Interiors

Nestled in prestigious Preston Hollow, The Gallery Interiors is the culmination of Rose & Marks exquisite taste and over 25 years of traveling the world. With over 20,000 sq. ft. of browse worthy décor, the new store is a delight to visit. From interesting contemporary furnishings and rare antiquities, to custom floral designs and outdoor living displays, this Gallery has it all.

www.theplazaatprestoncenter.com 4030 Villanova Street Dallas, Texas 75225 214.373.9990

Betty Reiter

www.thegalleryinteriors.com 10759 Preston Rd #200 (SW corner of Preston and Royal) Dallas Texas 75230 DALLAS HOTEL MAGAZINE 214.987.0300



Fine Furniture • Art • Custom Draperies/Window Treatments • Lighting • Floral Design Rare Antiques • Fireplace • Rugs • Outdoor Living Furniture • Interior Design If you want your dream to become a reality, visit The Gallery Interiors. This new showroom, is the culmination of Rose & Mark Lafferty’s exquisite taste and over 25 years of traveling the world. With over 20,000 sq. ft. of browse worthy décor, the new store is a delight to visit. From interesting contemporary furnishings and rare antiquities, to custom floral designs and outdoor living displays, this Gallery has it all.

Gallery Interiors

10759 Preston Rd. #200 Dallas, Texas 75230 (SW Corner of Preston and Royal) 214-987-0300 www.thegalleryinteriors.com

Paradise Found

GALLERIES W hen it comes to art, people come to Dallas. From 18th – century oil paintings

and sculptures to contemporary work from up and coming new talent, Dallas has something for every art lover. Whether you are looking to invest in a work of art or simply want to explore the local art scene, Dallas has it all. GALLERIES & SHOW ROOMS

Artizen Fine Arts

Bring your decorating ideas to life with exceptional fine art works from Artizen, the fundamental asset for design solutions. Tucked away in the heart of the Dallas design district, this contemporary gallery features the works of established and emerging artists like Angie Renfro, Janet Harvey and Cara Enteles. 1202 Dragon Street, Suite 105 Dallas, TX 75207 214.979.2140 www.artizenfinearts.com

Carlyn Galerie

Owners Cindi Ray and Wendy Dunham bring you an extraordinary look at fine American art glass, clay, fiber, metals and jewelry. Gorgeous works that have been blown, fused, slumped and cast are all beautifully displayed and available for sale. 6137 Luther Lane Dallas, TX 75225 214.368.2828 www.carlyngalerie.com

Conduit Gallery

From owner and director Nancy Whitenack, the Conduit Gallery’s emphasis is to forge a bond between contemporary artists’ work and the public. The gallery represents established mid-career artists and young, new talent. The program includes a Project Room where experimental and small-scale works are shown. 1626 Hi Line Drive Dallas, TX 75207 214.939.0064 www.conduitgallery.com

Craighead-Green Gallery

Director Kenneth Craighead and partner, Steve Green, present the finest in contemporary art from nationally and internationally recognized artists. Craighead Green is recognized as one of the most esteemed contemporary art galleries throughout Texas and the Southwest, representing over 40 artists of all mediums. 1011 Dragon Street Dallas, TX 75207 214.855.0779 www.craigheadgreen.com

Galerie Zuger

Making its way onto the scene in the Dallas Design District is art newcomer – Galerie Zuger. The recently opened fine art gallery on Dragon Street enjoys a 5,000-square-foot showroom exhibiting a diverse blend of paintings, graphics, and sculptures from internationally recognized artists like Gib Singleton, James Jenson and Carrie Fell.

Caryln Galerie - showcase of their collection of blown glass

1215 Dragon Street Dallas, TX 75207 214.749.7713 www.galeriezugerdallas.com

Southwest Gallery

Located near the lavish shops of the Galleria, the Southwest Art Gallery boasts one of Dallas’ most expansive collections of fine 19th- and 20th-century paintings and sculptures. The beautiful gallery features an array of stunning works from Western to Contemporary art in over 16,000 square feet of sensational space. 4500 Sigma Road Dallas, Texas 75244 972.960.8395 www.swgallery.com

Samuel Lynne

Samuel Lynne Galleries represents and exhibits the Reflectionists and 21st Century Contemporary artists with an extensive collection of 3-D Oils, Originals on Canvas, Mixed Media and Sculpture. The 11,100 square foot space features four full art galleries, a state-of-the-art 30-seat HD theater and a wine/ espresso bar. 1105 Dragon Street Dallas, Texas 75207 214.965.9027 www.samuellynne.com Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass

Southwest Gallery

William Campbell Contemporary Art

Established in 1974, William Campbell Contemporary Art represents exceptional contemporary art in a variety of mediums by mid-career and emerging artists from Texas & across the country, many of whom are included in museum, corporate, and prestigious private collections. Consultations, art brokerage and fine art appraisals are additional services offered. 4935 Byers Ave. Fort Worth, Texas 76107 817.737.9566 www.williamcampbellcontemporaryart.com

Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass

Dallas’ finest art glass gallery has been offering selections ranging from whimsical to exquisite since 1990. Goblets, jewelry, perfumebottles, marbles, vessels, paperweights, wall pieces, platters,sculpture, beads and hundreds of other treasures, large and small invirtually every range can be found here. The gallery features anever-changing selection of outstanding and innovative work by over 350contemporary North American glass artists. 5100 Beltline Road Suite 820 Dallas, TX 75254 972.239.7957 www.kittrellriffkind.com

It’s colorful, It’s fun, full of creative energy...

Beautiful American blown glass from artists across the U.S, a jewelry selection that can hardly be believed, and a fine assortment of clay work both table ready and decorative. Carlyn Galerie is a must see. 6137 Luther Lane - Preston Center Dallas, Texas 75225 214. 368. 2828 carlyngalerie@gmail.com Open seven days a week.


run the rock! METROPCS DALLAS WHITE ROCK MARATHON marathon | half marathon | relay december 4, 2011 | dallas, texas live music along the course fast, flat and scenic runtherock.com

















Koŏw- pōohk



Call its roots rock, alt-country or cowpunk. Old 97’s is that ultra rare assortment, an eclectic mix of styles and influences rolled into one hard rocking ensemble. The band, whose name reportedly comes from the classic country song, “Wreck of the Old 97,” found their groove years ago. Now, after about 10 records, several solo albums and a handful of EPs since forming in 1993, Rhett Miller, Murry Hammond, Ken Bethea and Philip Peeples, collectively known as Old 97’s, have surely been around the musical block.

Shown from left: Ken Bethea Philip Peeples Rhett Miller Murry Hammond

Singer-guitarist Miller has long been the band’s focal point. We spoke with him while he was vacationing with his family at Possum Kingdom Lake, west of Fort Worth. Miller brings boyish good looks, and an infectious stage presence to every gig. Think of groups such as Son Volt, Wilco, X or The Blasters sprinkled with a dash of the Byrds, and an occasional Pete Townsend windmill guitar thrash tossed in for good measure. They strum, twang and power pogo their way across stages all over the U.S. leading sing-a-long choruses of big hits such as “Time Bomb,” “Nineteen” and “Every Night is Friday Night (Without You).” And boy, do their fans respond. “It looks like Rhett Miller is having the time of his life up there,” said Dallas television promotion manager and fan, Rich Goff. “Reminds me of Springsteen in that sense.” Old 97’s concerts can be electric, super-charged, and even a little off-the-wall at times.

The band brings elements of folk, blues, British power pop and punk painted with a thick coat of old school rock and roll, grinded under a sharp boot heel of country music. Long time fan Julie Welton calls it like this: “Awesometown. And Rhett Miller is the mayor.” What the Texas quartet, with its original members intact after nearly two decades together, has done for alternative country is reminiscent of what Buffalo Springfield, Poco and Eagles did for country rock 30 years earlier. “Simultaneously intellectual and emotional so it hits all the buttons, man. That’s the kind of music we try to make,” said Miller. “It was really an accident,” said Goff, remembering the first time he saw Old 97’s perform years ago. “We were looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve. We walked to Trees in Deep Ellum, then almost turned around and walked out when we learned of the $25 cover charge. Once we got in and the band started we understood the cover charge. It was an incredible show. Within a few weeks…I had every CD,” he said. “Funny thing about the evolution of an audience,” said Miller, remembering the band’s early years. “The hard-core rock and roll geeks are there first, and then the girls show up, then the guys have to go wherever the girls are. It’s the nature of our DNA, right?” Today Old 97’s songs and Miller’s solo stuff gets tons of airplay on college and alternative stations, and is increasingly part of the American pop culture landscape. “One thing we’ve been lucky to have…is kind of a nationwide fan base that sort of feels bonded over our music,” says Miller who reports originally modeling the band’s career in the image of R.E.M. “They’re not necessarily Deadheads, but I think there’s a thing when people see each other with an Old 97’s T-shirt on… “ DALLAS HOTEL MAGAZINE




OLD 97 S The band has turned up on hit television shows, a popularity metric these days, such as “Scrubs” and “Joan of Arcadia” and even in one of MasterCard’s “priceless” commercials. A live performance was featured in the 2006 movie, “The Breakup,” starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. “They helped bring Texas twang to the masses and made it accessible,” said Fort Worth native Gini Mascorro. “Think of it as a family-friendly Gram Parsons minus the cynicism. You could put Old 97’s on at the family BBQ and your grandmother would tap her toes.” Mascorro is the music coordinator at KXT-FM, which specializes in indie artists and deeper classic cuts with emphasis on Texas and local music. She says both Old 97’s and Miller are a smart fit, and get significant airplay on the Dallas non-commercial station. “Great Texas music…great ambassadors for Texas with fans all over the country.” Earlier this year Old 97’s headlined one of the biggest bashes at the Super Bowl. Then in March, the band played outside the American Airlines Center and Miller performed the National Anthem at a Dallas Mavericks basketball game. “During the gig I said that the Mavs had been on a losing streak,” said Miller. “I said, ‘tonight could be the beginning of a winning streak!’ They went on to have such an historic season.” Ironically, Miller has more than a few drops of Dallas sports history in his bloodline. Giles Miller, otherwise also known as Rhett’s grandfather, once owned the Dallas Texans, the state’s first professional football team. He folded the franchise prior to the 1952 NFL season. Over the years the band has grown dramatically. “It was so underground in a way that I don’t know that post-internet kids now would really be able to understand,” said Miller about the band’s Deep Ellum salad days. “To find out where a club was – nobody knew. There was no Internet, it was just all word of mouth – you’re wandering back alleys, in parts of town that just seemed desolate. It was a cool and dangerous time. I got beat up by skinheads; I got chased around a lot.” As a songwriter, Miller in particular has developed. “I love the craft of it…the puzzle element,” he said. “There are all of these chords, and all these words…what order are you going to put those things in?” The subtext and depth of his songs is unquestionable, and resonates with both critics and fans alike. “Rhett Miller is just a great songwriter…and one of the nicest artists I have ever met,” added Mascorro. “He’s eye candy for the girls and has an appreciation for fans. And he’s friendly… he takes the time to talk, and looks you in the eye when he talks with you.” In press interviews he has said that he used music as an escape for much of his life. Miller graduated from the prestigious St. Mark’s School of Texas in North Dallas, the same all boys school guitar whiz Steve Miller attended before being expelled. In the song “Friends Forever,” Rhett Miller laments his school days: “I was a debater. Was not a stoner, nor an inline skater. Was not a player, nor a player hater. I was just a bookworm on a respirator. Who’s to say that’s wrong?” “Rhett went to high school with my older brother,” said local sales executive Eddie Ackerman, who calls himself a “big time fan” putting Old 97’s in his “top 10” all time favorites.

“He had a following early on,” recalled Ackerman, “and was a little misunderstood.” Miller grew up playing music, even released an album of songs, Mythologies, while at St. Mark’s. “Went out for the football team. Found out the hard way you can’t live your Dad’s dream. Had pretty thin skin to be in the machine. Then I found a guitar and the rest’s a fanzine. Who’s to say what’s wrong?” “He just seemed kind of like a fish out of water,” said Ackerman. These days band members are in their forties with families living round the country but touring as aggressively as ever. For his part, Miller remains as sincere and sensitive as ever. He has toured as a solo act with Tori Amos and Neil Finn of Crowded House fame, and sung duets with the likes of Rachael Yamagata. “I wouldn’t be able to make 97’s records if I couldn’t make solo records,” said Miller. “The musical landscape is littered with lead singers who try to make solo records, and have fallen on their faces. While I’m sure there are people that don’t like my solo stuff, maybe all my solo stuff…I don’t think I have fallen on my face.” The band’s latest CD, Old 97’s Present The Grand Theater, Volume 2 was released on July 5. Recorded in Dallas at the century old Sons of Herman Hall and guided by prolific local producer Salim Nourallah, it is the follow up to The Grand Theater, Volume 1, which was released less than a year ago and met with favorable reviews from music critics in Rolling Stone and other industry publications. “Quality and persistence always wins,” said Miller.” If you keep doing it long enough…if people hear my voice enough eventually I will be on the list of voices that they approve. That they like.” So with the sizzling new CD and a full head of steam Old 97’s continue to march on. “I think about it like this,” said Miller. “We’re an Army, rolling across the country in our little tank and we’re taking over each town. That’s the way it’s always been.“


must have a bonus s m albu + RECORD

We asked Rhett Miller to name the 5 downloads he couldn’t live without if stranded on a desert island… or stuck in a New York hotel room for that matter. Here is his list, plus one to grow on:

“Hunky Dory,” David Bowie

“Human Amusement at Hourly Rates,” Guided by Voices

“Doolittle,” The Pixies

“Greatest Hits,” Hank Williams

“Salvador Kali,” Sir Richard Bishop

“Highway 61 Revisited,” Bob Dylan



THE DALLAS WORLD AQUARIUM www.dwazoo.com 214-720-2224

1801 N. Griffin Street Dallas, Texas 75202 - West End District


ATTRACTIONS D allas is home to world class restaurants, art galleries, and shopping centers. But for a unique adventure, here are a few local attractions we think warrant your attention. EVENT CENTERS

American Airlines Center

Dallas Cowboys

Since opening in July 2001, the American Airlines Center has set a new standard for sports and entertainment and has become the premier venue of the South. Its grand complex with sweeping vistas and inviting passages comprise five concourses, 142 luxury suites and rooms for 20,000 fans or 18,532 hockey fans. Designed by world-renowned architect David M. Schwarz and Dallas based HKS, Inc., the American Airlines Center is a combination of traditional architecture and hi-tech wizardry. The American Airlines Center is flying high and bringing the hottest sporting events, concerts, and family entertainment to Dallas.

Christened as “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys are five-time Super Bowl champions. Take in a game at the new $1.15 billion Cowboys Stadium in Arlington encompassing the largest LED screen in the world. This eighth wonder of the world is open for tours Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and Sun., 11 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

2500 Victory Avenue
 Dallas, Texas 75219 214.222.3687 www.americanairlinescenter.com

Mesquite championship rodeo is the premier western family attraction. The doors open at 6:30 so come early to enjoy face painting, cowboy autographs, visit the western store, eat Bar-B-Q, or ride a pony! The real action starts at 7:30! Bull riding, saddle bronc riding, bareback, barrel racing, and steer wrestling are enough to get anyone excited!

AT&T Performing Arts Center

Showcasing hundreds of performances every year, four spectacular new venues and a ten-acre urban park, the center plays host to Dallas’ most virtuosic artists and performers as well as premier touring productions from around the globe. 2100 Ross Avenue Dallas, TX 75201 214.954.9925 www.attpac.org

The Ballpark in Arlington

On April 1, 1994, a new era for the Texas Rangers began with the opening of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The beautiful baseball-only facility serves as the centerpiece of a 270-acre complex, which solidifies Arlington, Texas as an entertainment giant in the Southwest. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, completed in just 23 months, is a state-of-the-art building with the utmost in customer convenience. You can entertain your clients in one of the spacious, open-air suites or try your luck at a foul ball where the proximity of the fans to the action is among the closest in the major leagues. 1000 Ballpark Way
 Arlington, TX 76011
 817.273.5222 www.texasrangers.com

900 E Randol Mill Rd. Arlington, TX 76011 817.892.4161 www.dallascowboys.com

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

1818 Rodeo Drive Mesquite, Texas 75149 972.285.8777 www.mesquiterodeo.com

Meyerson Symphony Center

Elegantly fused into the surroundings of the Dallas Arts District, the Meyerson Center has become a landmark on the Dallas skyline. Renowned architect I.M. Pei’s masterpiece is home to the world-class Dallas Symphony Orchestra and also plays host to various legends of music throughout the year.

Meyerson Symphony Center

2301 Flora Street Dallas, TX 75201 214.670.3600 www.dallassymphony.com


Dallas Arts District

This rare gem encompassing 68-acres and 19-blocks is the centerpiece of Dallas’ cultural life. With arts venues such as the Dallas Arts Museum, the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, this neighborhood is the Taj Mahal for art enthusiasts. 2200 Ross Avenue, Suite 4600E Dallas, Texas 75201 214.744.6642 www.thedallasartsdistrict.org

The Dallas World Aquarium


Giant Adventure r . re Giant Fu F n!

ATTRACTIONS CONTINUED photo courtsey of The Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas, Texas 75210 214.426.3400 www.fairpark.org


African American Museum

The African American Museum is the only museum in the Southwestern United States devoted to the preservation and display of African American artistic, cultural and historical materials. It also has one of the largest African American folk art collections in the United States.

The Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Farmers Market

3536 Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75210 214.565.9026 www.aamdallas.org

One of the largest outdoor markets in America, the market is where the locals go for much of the freshest produce, much of it grown right here in Texas. Also offering specialty and international products, the Dallas Farmers Market provides a unique shopping opportunity.

Dallas Museum of Art

1010 South Pearl Expressway Dallas, TX 75201 214.939.2808

1717 North Harwood Dallas, Texas 75201 214.922.1200 www.dallasmuseumofart.org

Dallas World Aquarium

Situated in an old warehouse near the historic West End District, this colorful aquarium is home to an array of vibrant marine life. A unique display of flora and fauna from five continents, 14 countries, three oceans, and numerous seas and rivers offer a glimpse at some of nature’s most beautiful creatures. 1801 N Griffin St Dallas, TX 75202 214.720.2224 www.dwazoo.com

Dallas Zoo

An extensive 105-acre oasis just outside of downtown Dallas is home to many rare and exotic species. Visit now for their newest attraction, the Giants of the Savanna, and experience African elephants, impalas, giraffes and many more species roaming free throughout this 11-acre exhibit. 650 South R L Thornton Freeway Dallas, TX 75203 214.670.5656 www.dallaszoo.com

Fair Park

A national historic landmark and Texas favorite, Fair Park shows off the world’s largest collection of Art Deco exhibit buildings, art and sculpture. Serving as Dallas’ fairgrounds location as early as 1886, today the 277-acre park hosts the explosive Texas versus Oklahoma football game as well as the renowned State Fair of Texas.

Located in the downtown Dallas Arts District, the museum features an outstanding collection of more than 24,000 works of art from around the world, from ancient to modern times.

Frontiers of Flight Museum

Embark on a memorable aviation journey from the past to the present at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. Exhibits display the earliest pioneers of flight, full-scale models of the aircraft that demonstrated American air power during WWII to modern day flight. This flight through time is truly one of Dallas’ most historic displays.

Nasher Sculpture Center

The birth and growth of the Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection started more than fifty years ago. In 1950, Raymond and Patsy traveled to Mexico, where they became interested in pre-Columbian art and bought the first works in what would become a sizable collection of objects from ancient Latin America. Over the years the they purchased other ethnographic and archaeological works and also acquired a number of important American modernist works. The Nasher Sculpture Center features a regularly changing selection of works from the Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection in both its indoor galleries and outdoor sculpture garden. 2001 Flora Street Dallas, Texas 75201 (214) 242-5100 www.nashersculpturecenter.org

The Modern Ft. Worth

Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, The Modern maintains one of the foremost collections of postwar art in the central United States. You will find over 2,600 significant works of modern and contemporary international art housed in 53,000 square feet of gallery space. Once you’ve visiting the galleries enjoy a light meal or snack at the Café Modern and gaze at the large reflecting pool, outdoor sculptures and beautifully landscaped grounds. 3200 Darnell Street Ft. Worth, Texas 76107 817.738.9215 www.themodern.org

6911 Lemmon Avenue Dallas, TX 75209-3603 214.350.3600 www.flightmuseum.com

Kimbell Art Museum

The masterpieces range from the ancient to modern times, and contain a small group of less than 350 works. Quality is of the highest importance in the compilation, including Cézanne, Matisse, Caravaggio, and collections of Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman antiquities. Asian, Precolumbian, Oceanic and African arts are also incorporated into the exhibit. 3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard Fort Worth, Texas 76107 817.654.1034 www.kimbellart.org

Nasher Sculpture Center



St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin is a Dallas landmark and for 18 years has been a favorite in Deep Ellum. The Tuna Steak sandwich is famous, but St. Pete’s features a variety of American dishes, crispy salads, fresh seafood and classic pasta. Relax with a cold beer on the patio and enjoy some of the best people watching in the city!

The Free Man serves delicious Cajun inspired dishes such as Oyster and Pasta Creole Bordelaise, jambalaya and crawfish in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. A perfect choice for a casual lunch, or come in for dinner and enjoy live jazz performances 7 nights a week. On WednesdaySaturday after 10pm, hang on to your hats because you never know what rock, country, or just plain cool act will be checking in!

www.dancingmarlin.com 2730 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226 214.698.1511

freemandallas.com 2626 Commerce St Dallas, TX 75226 214.377.9893



Deep Ellum has a rich history as Dallas’ live music mecca and Trees has been the cornerstone of that legacy for over 20 years. As the premier live music venue in the city, everyone from local up-and-comers to international superstars have graced the stage at Trees. No matter the genre, attending a concert at Trees provides an intimate experience with your favorite band.

Buzzbrews, a Dallas institution, is right at home in Deep Ellum. The culture is natural, artistic, edgy and recognized to be best in class. Buzzbrews prides itself on offering healthy, organic, vegetarian friendly, made-from-scratch cuisine, 24 hours a day. At Buzzbrews communal seating is encouraged, so you will always find a welcoming spot to enjoy a great meal, in a friendly casual setting, with local craft beers and spirits. Find out what all the Buzz is about. Get A Buzz Today.......

www.treesdallas.com 2709 Elm Street Dallas TX 75226 214.741.1122

www.buzzbrews.com 2801 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226 214.741.2801 4334 Lemmon Ave. Dallas, TX 75219 214.521.4334

To see more of the neighborhood, please visit- www.deepellumtexas.com

4154 N. Central Expy Dallas, TX 75204 214.826.7100

p t o c s i r h p o h s t t i B s s i i r

A A rDtiss trict D

Tillman’s Roadhouse Tillman’s is a place for really good food, drinks, and music in a fun, casual, comeas-you-are environment. Tillman’s is an update on the classic Texas roadhouse. Regional menu favorites, familiar tunes, noone is a stranger hospitality — all energized with a modern take. A combination of both rustic and lush in everything from the menu to the décor make Tillman’s a good-time any time destination, whether it’s for a quick drink, a casual dinner or a special occasion. 324 West 7th Street Dallas, Texas 75208 tillmansroadhouse.com 214-942-0988

IndieGenius IndieGenius is a 5000 square foot micro-boutique marketplace hosting over 60 vendors in modern handmade, vintage, and locally made products. Shoppers can enjoy browsing local designers and vintage dealers in clothing, handbags, jewelry, furniture, candles, ceramics, home decor, plants, art, children’s wear, and more! Located just one block from the Bishop Arts District, IndieGenius is where Dallas shoppers go to SHOP LOCAL. Closed Mondays. 409 North Zang Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75208 beindiegenius.com 214-991-0075


Artisan’s Collective

Artisan’s Collective Gallery is a warm and eclectic showroom, featuring a unique and diverse collection of art, fine craft and jewelry by over 150 Dallas area Artisans. This one of a kind gallery has drawn rave reviews for their displays, as well their extraordinary array of the mediums that are represented. A visit to this Dallas treasure is an inspiring journey that is sure please. 410 North Bishop Avenue Dallas Texas 75208 artisanscollective.net 214-356-0818


indigo 1745 A boutique for men and women delivering premium denim, sportswear and accessories to enhance your stylish yet relaxed lifestyle. Indigo 1745 captures your independent spirit whether it’s modern vintage, cowboy casual or urbane chic. This smartly appointed boutique with engaging staff welcomes you to shop or just hangout in a relaxed environment that feels a little like your personal over sized closet. 370 West 7th Street Dallas, Texas 75208 indigo1745.com 214-948-1745

Green Pet Green Pet is a local, independently owned all-natural pet supply and gift shop. We carry the very best foods, treats, chews, toys, leashes, collars and supplies for dogs and cats. We offer one-on-one food consultations to educate and encourage our customers to take a holistic approach to caring for their pets. As it is true for humans, nutrition is the cornerstone of your animal’s health. Our products are made from human-grade ingredients and contain no by-products, no chemical preservatives, corn or fillers. 315 North Bishop Avenue Dallas, Texas 75208 greenpetdallas.com 214-942-6042

Hunky’s Welcome to Hunky’s, a diner/soda fountain burger joint with a modern twist. Our burgers are made with the highest quality ground beef and then topped with the freshest vegetables available. Also on the menu are lean Bison burgers, lean ground turkey burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, 1/4 lb all beef hot dogs, and much more. We are also known for our homemade onion rings and thick, hand-dipped Blue Bell ice cream shakes. A local Dallas favorite for over 27 years!


Arts 321 North Bishop Ave. Dallas, Texas 75208 hunkys.com 214-941-3322

3940 Cedar Springs Rd. Dallas, Texas 75219 hunkys.com 214-522-1212



THE TRIP WRITTEN BY steve guckenheimer


When travels include playing golf, do you experience all that golf has to offer beyond simply shooting a good score on just any course? That is certainly part of the challenge; however, playing the very best courses with outstanding pedigrees or notable reputations elevates the overall experience for me. Golf becomes more than a Saturday morning skins game or six-hole robins with my buddies at the club. When I play courses with credentials recognizing them as special, I am excited to tee it up. Two come immediately to mind.

The first is Interlachen Country Club in Edina, Minnesota, site of the 1930 U.S. Open won by the great Robert Tyre Jones, Jr. Legend has it that on his way to victory, he skipped his second shot off a lily pad floating on the lake fronting the par five 9th hole during the second round. The ball landed thirty yards short of the green. Mr. Jones chipped up to within two feet of the cup, sunk the putt and walked away with a birdie. At the end of the tournament, he had secured the “third leg” of golf’s first and only Grand Slam. I had the thrill of playing over that same lake where a fairway plaque commemorates the lily pad legend. Bobby Jones went on to win the U.S. Amateur a few months later that year thus completing the fourth and final leg of the historic Grand Slam. The second course is the East Course at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. When playing up the 18th fairway, I could not help but be drawn to another commemorative plaque. This one marks the exact spot where Ben Hogan hit his famous one iron during the final round of the 1950 U.S. Open, which he went on to win in a storied playoff.

Photographer HyPeskin captured the moment in an iconic picture that has become one of the most recognized in all of golf. It is also interesting to note that two decades earlier, the 1930 U.S. Amateur won by Bobby Jones took place on this course. It is a privilege to play in the shadow of these momentous events. It puts me in touch with golfing history. The experience is always magical and for a few precious hours I feel like a time traveler. People travel for a never-ending list of reasons: to visit America’s national landmarks, witness the country’s most unique architecture, or browse through a variety of outstanding museums. As an avid “traveling golfer,” I can experience all three on a single golf course. Take for example the Harbour Town Golf Links on Hilton Head Island, SC, home of The Heritage, a PGA tour event since 1969. To a golfer, what is a more recognizable landmark than the painted red and white striped lighthouse behind the 18th green guarding Calibogue Sound where boats are speckled around in the picturesque harbour?

The gifted imagination of the renowned golf course architect Pete Dye saw the potential to create a masterpiece by melding nature and the great sport of golf on this breath-taking spot. Harbour Town Golf Links is one of nine courses designed by Mr. Dye that are recognized by Golf Digest America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses 2011-2012. Museums are interesting but they are generally indoors and to me, a bit claustrophobic. Visitors saunter across marble floors stacked with rows of priceless antiquities. The treasures inside the museum stand in stark contrast to open spaces and seasonal changes that I delight in on a golf course. I vividly remember walking the fairways of the classic Donald Ross-designed East Course, Oak Hill Country Club, Rochester, New York, last autumn, eyeing the brilliant reds, yellows and orange leaves up and down the bright green fairways. The East Course has played host to 10 major tournaments including the 1995 Ryder Cup Matches. It will be the site of the 2013 PGA Championship. I enjoy traveling to exceptional golf venues for another reason: star-gazing. Not those in the sky but the ones you see on television or hear on the radio. Take for example the afternoon I was playing the Crenshaw Cliffside course at Barton Creek Resort and Spa less than four hours south of Dallas down I-35 in Austin. As I made my way from the 9th green to the 10th tee, who rolled up in their shared cart but Ben Crenshaw and Jerry Jeff Walker. Mr. Crenshaw, well known for his Masters wins in 1984 and 1995 at Augusta National Golf Club, designed this Texas Hill Country beauty with business partner Bill Coore. Jerry Jeff Walker wrote the classic “Mr. Bojangles” in the sixties, and many others. To this day he remains one of Texas’ most prolific musicians. We exchanged a few pleasantries after which I road off with a scorecard graciously signed by both stars. Another serendipitous brush with a celebrity occurred at the National Golf Links of America, Southampton, NY. I was sitting on the clubhouse porch alongside the 18th fairway, overlooking Great Peconic Bay, sipping a refreshing “Arnold Palmer” absorbed in the tranquility of the moment. Unexpectedly, 1997 British Open champion Justin Leonard walked by. Wow, there we were, two Dallas boys 1,600 miles from home but there for the same purpose: to play the classic Charles Blair MacDonald’s course. Some folks travel to take in historical sites, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area has its fair share. A tour of the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, host of Super Bowl XLV in 2011, and The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza are among the favorites.

Golfers should not miss an opportunity to play the TPC Four Seasons Resort Course at Las Colinas in Irving where a PGA Tour event, the HP Byron Nelson Championship, is played each May. A larger than life bronze statue of the tournament’s namesake, Byron Nelson, welcomes golfers near the first tee. It is impressive but not as much as his matchless record of 11 professional wins in a row. Travelers delight in taking pictures to document their journeys away from home. Golfers are no exception. My wife travels with me to takes pictures of the courses. She tells her friends, “He plays golf. I shoot golf.” Photography is an excellent way to remember and share your golfing exploits with friends and family. Four years ago, we were traveling the Sand Hills of Nebraska when I inexplicably shot a pair of holes-in-one in a 24-hour period. They took place on two top rated courses in the state: Wild Horse Golf Club in Gothenberg and 85 miles north near Mullen, Dismal River Club, designed by Jack Nicklaus. The pictures my wife snapped of my expressions of surprise, amazement and a little shock perfectly captured those moments so that I can relive the thrill for years to come. I haven’t “scared the hole” since, so it is nice to have the documented memory. I hope these experiences will encourage you to take your golf clubs on your next trip and search out the very best courses near your destination. Even one round in your busy itinerary may be worth the effort. Many clubs have reciprocal agreements opening opportunities for golf all around the country. Check with your club pro. Otherwise, ask your hotel concierge to help with arrangements for local golf possibilities. Fore!

Steve Guckenheimer is a free-lance writer based in Dallas. He has played many of America’s top golf courses and continues to travel in pursuit of his goal to play them all.

GOLF G olf is a year-round possibility in Dallas, and there are tons of places to play. After many afternoons of research, the editors at Dallas Hotel Magazine have selected a few courses we think are worth the green fees. When it comes to watching sports, the options are especially cool in the fall & winter.

The Cliffs Resort

Tour 18 Dallas

160 Cliffs Drive Graford, TX 76449 940.779.4040 www.thecliffsresort.com

8718 Amen Corner Flower Mound, TX 75022 817.430.2000 www.tour18-dallas.com

Cowboys Golf Club

The Tribute Golf Club

Perfectly blended into the flow of the scenic west Texas terrain surrounding White Rock Lake, The Cliffs capitalizes on the natural landscape to offer an unforgettable course. Don’t let the seemingly short 6,800-yard, Par-71 course fool you, The Cliffs has been rated one of the toughest in Texas.

These fairways are sure to test your skill at the world’s first NFL-themed golf resort. Perfect for business travelers, corporate tournaments, or special events, this golf experience is one of the best in the Lone Star State. 1600 Fairway Drive Grapevine, TX 76051 817.481.7277 www.cowboysgolfclub.com

The Golf Club at Castle Hills

Tucked neatly away in a quiet Lewisville neighborhood, Castle Hills flaunts an 18-hole championship course beautifully orchestrated through rolling terrain, streams, lakes and 60-foot elevation changes. Designed with both the tour-caliber player and novice golfer in mind, The Golf Club at Castle Hills is a course that all levels of players can truly enjoy. 699 Lady of the Lake Boulevard Lewisville, TX 75056 972.899.7400 www.castlehillsgolfclub.com

Easily Dallas’ most unique golf course, Tour 18 replicates some of the greatest golf holes in America and offers a rare experience to play each under carefully simulated conditions. Offering one fantastic challenge after another, Tour 18 creates a rare and memorable experience.

Honoring the birthplace of golf, The Tribute delivers a magnificent experience inspired by the celebrated courses at St. Andrews, Prestwick and Troon in Scotland. Whether you’re entertaining clients, planning a tournament, or want your regular foursome to experience golf in all its glorious tradition, there’s no place like The Tribute. 1000 Lebanon Road The Colony, TX 75056 972.370.5465 www.thetributegc.com

Westin Stonebriar Resort

Tom Fazio, designer of Pinehurst #8, Shadow Creek, The Quarry at La Quinta and other unique creations adds another breathtaking 18-hole golf course to his name. Dramatic landforms, softly contoured greens, and masterful bunkering make this championship course in Frisco a golfer’s oasis.

Top Golf USA

1549 Legacy Drive Frisco, TX 75034 972.668.8000 www.westinstonebriar.com

Top Golf USA

Rain or shine, day or night, Top Golf offers fun games, great food and drinks every day of the week. New, cutting edge technology provides golfers with instant feedback on their shots while playing a variety of games, irrespective of skill level. 8787 Park Ln. | Bldg 1 Dallas, TX 75231 214.341.9600 www.topgolf.com Cowboys Golf Club DALLAS HOTEL MAGAZINE



After 25 Gary Kelly


is still completely nuts about Southwest Airlines.


WRITTEN BY dave muscari PHOTOGRAPHY david woo

Some might refer to Gary Kelly as a “lifer,” and it certainly appears he likes it that way. The affable president and chief executive officer of Southwest Airlines has already devoted a quarter-century of his life to the company and has much to show for his personal and professional labor of “LUV,” as they like to call it. Dallas-based Southwest made its initial splash beginning in the early 1970s as a low cost, short haul alternative to the big guns of the day such as Eastern, Delta, American Airlines and others. To differentiate from its competitors, Southwest featured seating with “first class leg room, cocktails for everyone and a schedule you can depend on,” all headquartered at Dallas Love Field, the local in town airport. In a couple of years the company was making a tidy profit, adding routes and spreading the LUV (the listing for Southwest Airlines on the New York Stock Exchange). Innovative advertising campaigns soon followed including the unforgettable copy line, “Remember what it was like before Southwest Airlines? You didn’t have hostesses in hot pants.” By 1977, the airline had welcomed five million passengers aboard, making it one of a nation’s hottest new brands. As the company expanded and profits grew, Southwest shifted into a new gear and Kelly took a bird’s eye view.

Carlos E. Santa Maria / Shutterstock.com



Gary Kelly (left) with Colleen Barrett, President Emerita and Herb Kelleher, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus

For years he worked in the shadow of the man he affectionately calls his “mentor,” co-founder and former CEO Herb Kelleher, who is as much responsible for the signature packs of peanuts onboard flights as he is the legendary “people-focused” culture within the ranks. How do you follow an executive who commanded mountains of national media attention at the rate Kelleher did while running Southwest—a man whom the mayor of Dallas recently suggested needed a local street named in his honor? After years of working alongside Kelleher, and later president Colleen Barrett, Kelly found a way to plant his own flag, and cultivate a unique reputation inside and outside the company. Kelleher in particular, had lived in the spotlight’s glare, as a company pitchman featured in high profile television commercials and print advertisements. Kelly took a different tact however, eventually emerging to put an individual stamp on the company’s celebrated culture. Before taking the reins, Kelly served Southwest Airlines in a variety of positions including chief financial officer, vice president of finance and executive vice president. In July 2004, he was named CEO and vice chairman, assuming the role of chairman in May 2008 and president in July 2008. Today he proudly stands at the helm of the airline that flies more passengers than any other U.S. carrier, a company consistently rated among the nation’s most admired corporations as well as one of Texas’ top places to work. A former CPA and University of Texas graduate, the 55-year old executive has been recognized as CEO of the Year by a number of local publications, including The Dallas Morning News (2009), D CEO Magazine (2009 & 2010) and most recently this year by the Dallas Business Journal. He was also named by Institutional Investor Magazine as one of the best CEOs in America. While Kelly modestly accepts the recognition that has come his way, he characteristically focuses the spotlight on the employee base he leads. One of Kelly’s key catch phrases prominently displayed on the company website says it all: “Leadership is…effectively supporting your team of employees.”

the workforce. According to Southwest, these days the airline handles over 100 million passengers a year and flies to more than 70 U.S. cities, a far cry from the early days of flight attendants in their infamous “uniforms” (hot pants gave way to khakis years ago) flying between Houston, Dallas and San Antonio when the company’s maiden voyages began 40 years ago back in 1971. We spoke with Kelly in an executive conference room back in April, just a few days after Southwest made headlines when one of the airline’s Boeing 737s sprung a hole in the roof shortly after takeoff. The plane made an emergency landing, and no one onboard was seriously injured. Kelly was warm and relaxed as we discussed the previous hectic few days, flight cancellations and the precautionary safety procedures Southwest immediately put into play. He also shared his thoughts about the airline’s colorful culture, what makes his unique company different than its competitors and how Kelly sees the next few years shaking out. DHM: What is the first thing that runs through your mind during a crisis situation? GK: You have to hope that the leadership and the company have integrity. It all has to start there in dealing with any kind of a crisis. We need to be openly communicating with each other as a leadership team. In a broader sense, all 35,000 family members at Southwest Airlines are a team. They need to know what is going on. But there is a large audience of customers who really want to know what’s going on. There is just a duty, and this is a company that is very passionate about communicating. So clearly there’s a desire to tell the truth, and communicate. But I think more importantly than that we care deeply about the safety of our own employees in addition, of course, to the duty we have to provide safe carriage to our customers. There simply has to be a quick assessment as to what happened and then a judgment about what to do about it. So that’s what’s going through your mind; in other words, what happened, and then what should we do next with an eye toward, only, safety? As long as you stick to that, I think companies will do the right thing. You’ll always be challenged by what you decide to do whether someone else thinks that you behaved safely. So that’s where the communication and transparency becomes very important. And you’ll have an array of opinions; some are informed and some are ignorant, to be blunt. We just have to do the best we can of sifting through all that feedback. We are a real people-oriented company, and very sensitive to what people feel and think…

After deftly navigating the company through a couple of turbulent economic years, the news for Southwest on the backend was brighter than one might have expected. Last year Kelly took a calculated risk when he upped the ante significantly by adding the more spacious Boeing 737 to his fleet’s line-up. He later made a deal to purchase Atlanta-based competitor AirTran, which was completed in May of this year. At the same time, 2010 also marked the 38th consecutive year that the airline recorded a profit. To his credit, Kelly and his team of executives did it without a single lay-off or furlough among DALLAS HOTEL MAGAZINE



DHM: You have been an integral part of Southwest Airlines for a 25 years of Southwest’s 40 years. What are the most significant changes you have witnessed? GK: Some things haven’t changed. And with other aspects there has been dramatic change. When I started in 1986 we were still pretty small. We were regional, very much “the little guy” and worked hard to stay out from under the big guy’s feet. I think we had maybe 55 or 60 airplanes when we started. Now we have 10 times that…one of the larger fleets in the entire world. What has been interesting to experience is just how popular the Southwest product is. I attribute that to fundamental things that haven’t changed: one is our low cost and our low fares. We’re not cheap; it is a very high quality product, served by people who really care and are very proud of what they do. There’s a special touch that our people have on top of that. They’re very friendly, very caring and humorous.

DHM: The Southwest culture is distinctive to say the least. Can you imagine working for another company? GK: Oh, not now. I fell in love a long time ago with the company. Intellectually it’s been very challenging. The airline industry is challenging, period. Southwest is a winner. I always like the photos from the seventies because it does give you a kind of visual image of the spirit, or the personality of the company and the marketing pizzazz that it has too…it’s just a lot to be proud of. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a winner? DHM: The recent “Bags Fly Free” ad campaign is distinctive, however some business analysts have criticized it. How do you respond to that? GK: It has been so much fun. It was a gift from our competitors (smiles). It is a differentiating feature, which, as a casual observer you think, “that’s something you’re going to rally behind?”


‘BAGS FLY FREE’ THEY CAN’T MATCH. THAT’S ONE WAY TO CLEARLY SET US APART.” There’s a real personality with the airline. Some of the tools and techniques have changed dramatically. Aside from the magic of an airplane flying, period, we were very low tech in the 1980s. Comparatively, it really was a no frills, discount product offering…we really put our emphasis on things that we considered to be a quality air travel experience. Probably the most dramatic thing is that we’re just bigger. We’ve got more airplanes. We carry more customers than anybody else in the U.S. and we serve 72 cities now. Something that is different today than 25 years ago is that we also try and offer more choices to our customers. It was “one size fits all” for a long time. Everything was sort of homogenous, then the fare structure changed in the industry. Not everybody pays the same for their seat. We really felt like, if you’re going to pay more you ought to get more. So we really have tried to offer a little bit different boarding process. If it’s important for you to get onboard the airplane first, and get the seat you just have to have…we offer that today. So there have been a few things like that. DHM: It sounds like the growth has been more of an evolution than a revolution. GK: But a modest one: we still have open seating to this day. We still don’t serve onboard meals. We serve snacks…we don’t charge for Cokes or things like other airlines do…we don’t nickel and dime our customers. That has been an interesting evolution, but it’s been more about the industry changing and getting cheap, not Southwest Airlines. We’ve got all leather seats, and we have airplanes that now have more capabilities. And we fly longer distances than what we did 25 years ago. I would consider that to just be evolutionary. I think the main thing is just the ability to look for a flight, shop for a fare, make your booking, get your boarding pass, make your way through the airport in a low hassle way. It’s so much better today than it was 25 years ago. I think that’s been a real positive change. You never would have guessed in 1986 how popular we would be. To be Number 4 on Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired List “ this year is not bad. And we’re on the list every year. It’s a good company, and that hasn’t changed. The spirit of taking care of our people, and the passion for customer service – all those things are very much still intact.

But it demonstrates a commitment we have to our customers…to the ”low fare” brand, and to making the travel experience as pleasant as possible. I think we succeeded with all of those things. I think the choice was driven by a number of desires. We wanted to have marketing and a brand advantage. Even bigger than that, we felt like there was a customer expectation built up over decades: if I pay you all this money for airfare, I ought to be able to bring a bag on. It shouldn’t matter whether you bring it into the cabin, or whether you check it, in my opinion….do the quick math. We know that if we raise fares we are going to lose some customers. It’s always a balance… if we have a need for more revenue, to cover higher fuel prices …a very straightforward example: are we sure that the net effect of higher fares and less traffic is going to work out? We have a lot of experience with that. The thought of simply tacking on to every fare another $15 and expect that some people won’t go is just ludicrous. It’s pretty simple math. It takes the loss of one customer to offset about 10 bag fees. And that’s just not very good odds in my opinion. I was never convinced that charging for bags would be revenue positive. DHM: Have competing airline executives whispered, “Gary, what were you thinking?” GK: Actually…the opposite. I’ve been onstage in conferences with other airline executives that were booed, in a good-natured way, when you get into the bag fee discussion. I won’t tell you who it was who said, “I hate the bag fees as much as you do – but!” What CEO can say that and feel good about what you’re doing? I think it’s more the opposite, and wondering whether or not they’re really better off in charging the bag fees. And especially since you have a holdout in Southwest Airlines. We have clearly set ourselves apart. And to me, it’s a gift…our employees love it. Our fare structure can always be matched…but “Bags Fly Free,” they can’t match. That’s one way to clearly set us apart. All else being equal, in other words all airlines lined up, with the same number of seats over a long period of time, there are more people traveling on Southwest now than before they started charging for bag fees. So my theory, I think, is correct. We’ve seen about a one percent shift in the market share away from other competitors over to Southwest Airlines. One percent of the market is probably $800 million annually.

What I can’t prove to you is that “Bags Fly Free” caused it but what else explains it during that time period? We weren’t adding seats, and everything else is equal. We’re getting more, and they’re getting less. We have never seen a market share shift ever in our history like what we’ve experienced over the last couple of years. DHM: You started service at a number of major airports in 2009 including New York, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Boston. During a recession that was a pretty bold move, would you agree? GK: I felt like it was. What we were doing was optimizing our flight schedules: same number of airplanes, same number of daily departures. We were trying to prune out the underperforming flights and look for better opportunities. And it worked extraordinarily well. Milwaukee is the smallest of the four, and is more of a traditional Southwest “new city,” in the sense that we put in a number of destinations with a number of daily departures. As for the other three cities: while they were new, and while it was bold we tried to do it in a very conservative way. Just a handful of flights to some winning destinations, and that strategy worked very well. The next year we had to make the decision in the same time frame, so it was really five new cities in a recessionary mindset. We launched service to Panama City Beach, Florida, which was a unique partnership, if you will, with the St. Joe Company (a Jacksonville real estate development firm that reportedly donated the land for the new airport). It’s turned out to be very successful in its own right. We had never done anything like that before. There was no history, no traffic – it was a brand new airport. Normally we’ll study the traffic, the fares and plug in our model. We have a pretty good idea of how many people will stimulate, or capture, and at what fares. There was no way to do that in Panama City. But you know that they have this gigantic number of visitors traveling by automobile, so surely we can capture one percent of that. And that’s about all it took to fill up our airplanes. DHM: The AirTran acquisition put Southwest in head-to-head competition with Delta on its home turf. So the battle for Atlanta is on?

They don’t have a route network to support a growth like we’ll have. So we’ve got about two dozen non-stop destinations that we can add instantly, if we have the aircraft. And they are all high fare. They’re dominated by youknow-who, and we’ll be able to go in and do the classic Southwest thing: lower the fares, and stimulate the market. I think we’ll have a very strong business there. In that sense it is very much pro consumer, pro growth, pro competition…and the only thing that we’re adding economically is lower fares. That’s what we do. DHM: Why AirTran? GK: Well without AirTran it would be much longer and much more difficult to grow Atlanta. I think we can probably grow Atlanta by 50 or 60 or 70 daily departures in a relatively short period of time. There is that kind of opportunity because we are starting off with such a strong base of 200 daily departures. Alternatively, if we went into the market today by ourselves, I bet we could probably justify 10 or 15 flights. And we’d be a very small player duking it out against AirTran and Delta and everybody else in the market. It’s a no brainer; if you want to be in Atlanta this was the way to do it.



GK: I think that’s a pretty fair characterization. In 2010 we felt like we were past the recession, and actually recovered very quickly. We had a solid profit last year, and I was extremely pleased with that. It just gives you a little breathing room, and an opportunity to think about the future. We were on the tail end of completing a five-year strategic plan. We made intentional decisions to construct various things (including) a new Rapid Rewards Program. We were just determined to find a way to grow the airline. The new Rapid Rewards Program is a wonderful revenue generator compared to the historic revenue producing capabilities we had. We decided last year to add the Dash 800 to our fleet of 737s; it’s just better economics on certain routes. We have to make some internal structural adjustments to incorporate what is a bigger airplane. It’s 38 more seats, so that alone is enough that it’s going to be a little different for us. But on certain routes it will be far more profitable than the current 700. So that was another profit generator in terms of our strategy to get our profits to the point where we can justify buying more airplanes, and adding more markets. The third initiative was a firm decision to replace our legacy reservations technology. It lacks certain customer features, which would improve our productivity if we had them. More importantly, it is all domestic. We’re at the point now where we really want to leverage our domestic route system and begin to fly near international markets. It also brings some nice revenue management techniques and capabilities where we can ring out more revenue as well. So all three of those are good revenue ideas, good profits ideas (but) we need one more thing. That’s where the AirTran acquisition fit in. The investment was right…and the profits that we can generate from that investment by plugging their network into our network is very handsome. Wall Street reacted very favorably to it. That was a nice affirmation that we weren’t crazy. The big jewel there, of course, is Atlanta. About half of their capacity is deployed in and out of Atlanta. We have no presence there. That alone will be a wonderful growth opportunity for us, and AirTran on a combined basis. Carlos E. Santa Maria / Shutterstock.com

where it all comes together

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www.AchillesInteractive.com www.AchillesInteractive.com www.AchillesInteractive.com







By Megan Keough Texas has it all when it comes to overnight spas, health spas, resorts and sophisticated urban hotel spas. These lavish retreats are designed with one main thing in mind and that is to benefit the mind and the body of its visitors and residences.

Lake Austin Spa Resort Lake Austin Spa Resort is a world-class destination spa nestled along the shores of Lake Austin in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Located just 30 minutes from downtown Austin, Lake Austin Spa Resort offers guests a casually elegant atmosphere where you can do as much or as little as you want. Since its multi-million dollar renovation and expansion in 2004, the spa has received numerous awards from prestigious national travel and spa magazines. The readers of Condé Nast Traveler in 2008 recognized Lake Austin Spa Resort as one of the best in the country and in the world as well as being named one of the top ten spas in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. Whether you are staying for the week or relaxing for a day, you will wonder what took you so long to find paradise. www.lakeaustin.com 1705 South Quinlan Park Road Austin, TX 78732 512.372.7300

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek Spa Recognized as the most celebrated hotel in Texas, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is the only Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star and AAA FiveDiamond hotel in Texas. Lady Primrose creates all natural, bath, hair and skin care amenities exclusively for the Mansion Spa. During your stay at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, take the time to refresh your mind, rejuvenate your body and enrich your spirit at the Health & Fitness Studio. www.mansiononturtlecreek.com 2821 Turtle Creek Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75219 214.559.2100






The Spa at the Stoneleigh

The Spa at the Crescent

ZaSpa Dallas

Cer贸n Salon

Within its quietly opulent 22,000-squarefoot facility, The Spa at the Crescent offers 77 one-of-a-kind treatments and services for men and women in 16 beautiful treatment rooms. The Spa offers members and guests the most modern expertise and treatments that provide a proven regimen for total body health, strength, appearance, mental acuity and spiritual balance.

ZaSpa is a lavish day spa hidden in the boutique Hotel ZaZa, where a normal day can be transformed into a transcendent experience. Spend a day or two pampering yourself with spa treatments for both men and women in one of their six treatment rooms where their truly unique treatments blend to include traditionally holistic and contemporary therapies to stimulate your muscles. From basic to custom treatments, this luxury day spa is a perfect retreat from the urban sprawl of uptown Dallas.

This full-service salon offers hair treatments, facials, manicure/pedicures, and massages. Darphin is the skincare line used for facial treatments, while Kerastase completes the product line for hair care. Cer贸n Salon mirrors the operating hours of Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas, and boasts 7 a.m. opening hours to accommodate the needs of both male and female business executives in the area.

www.crescentcourt.com 400 Crescent Court Dallas, Texas 75201 214.871.3232

www.hotelzazadallas.com 2332 Leonard Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.550.9492

www.ceronsalon.com 1618 Main Street 6th Floor Dallas, Texas 75201 214.573.2626

Relâche Spa Relâche Spa, a 25,000-square-foot European-inspired spa features twelve private and lavish treatment rooms, perfect to soothe the body and soul. Nationally renowned as a premiere spa for exclusive luxurious treatments, Relâche offers soothing massages, rejuvenating facials, relaxing body treatments and invigorating fitness options. Troubles disappear and bliss awaits at the Relâche Spa at Gaylord Texan, located just outside of Dallas. www.gaylordhotels.com 1501 Gaylord Trail Grapevine, Texas 76051 817.778.2000

The Spa at the Stoneleigh This world-class Dallas spa offers holistic organic therapies, professional salon services and a fully equipped fitness center. The Stoneleigh Spa, a 5,200-square-foot facility, provides seven private treatment rooms, two luxuriant duet suites for couples’ massages and treatments. The Spa at Stoneleigh offers specialized therapies such as Shirodhara, which calms and centers the mind and also includes a herbal treatment to nourish hair roots and condition the scalp. They also offer Bindi body rejuvenation, and pregnancy sculpture. Spend a day pampering with your bridesmaids or reward your employees with a full range of treatment at this exhilarating luxury oasis. www.stoneleighhotel.com 2927 Maple Avenue Dallas, Texas 75201 214.871.7111

Four Seasons Spa & Salon

Four Seasons Spa & Salon The Spa & Salon at Four Seasons offers a full-service, European-style spa with private treatment rooms, a relaxation area, spa cuisine and an outdoor spa pool. Four Season Spa & Salon is home to Board Certified Dr. Zein Obagi, MD who founded ZO Skin Heath™, an over-the-counter product line that fights the signs of aging with innovative technology, powerful ingredients and luxurious formulas. Four Season also offers enhanced formulations to offer a targeted treatments series in which guest can see measurable results very quickly. Enjoy the Thermo Reducing Clay, the clay is applied from knees to waist to help maximize and activate the fat burning process. A therapist will bring the spa to you in the comfort of your guest room if you wish for some privacy. The Salon also provides hair, nail and make-up services for men and women.

ZaSpa Dallas

www.fourseasons.com/dallas 4150 North MacArthur Boulevard Irving, Texas 75038 972.717.2555 DALLAS HOTEL MAGAZINE





Ceron Salon

Ritz-Carlton Spa, Dallas

Renew Beauty Med Spa

This luxurious 12,000 square-foot sanctuary offers rest, relaxation, impeccable Ritz-Carlton service, and Dallas’ most exclusive spa experience. The Spa boasts twelve spacious treatment rooms with in-room showers, including two couple’s suites with hydrotherapy soaking tubs, and one Vichy therapy treatment room. The Spa offers an array of facial and body treatments, a full service salon, and specialized gentleman’s services including the Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facial and the Fitness & Sports massage.

Relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the personalized service, and the luxurious pampering environment at Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon. Transform your skin and body with the most advanced anti-aging and skin care solutions, laser aesthetics, full service hair salon, indulgent massages, spa treatments and professional teeth whitening. Renew features treatments such as Botox, Juvederm, and Dysport to soften and remove wrinkles, and restylane injections to restore fullness and volume to the skin around the nose and mouth. Indulge in the luxury of this state-of-the-art spa and salon and renew your beauty.

www.ritzcarlton.com 2121 McKinney Avenue Dallas, Texas 75201 214.922.0200

Bliss Spa Massage, sauna or unwind in this 5,100-squarefoot specialty spa at the hip W Hotel. Enjoy facials, steam showers, waxing, manicure/pedicure, relaxing massages and much more. With incredible views of the Dallas cityscape, Bliss Spa offer de-stressors and beauty boosts of all kinds. www.WHotels.com/Dallas 2440 Victory Park Lane Dallas, Texas 75219 877.862.5477

www.renewbeautymedspa.com 8687 North Central Express Way Dallas, Texas 75225 214.369.1600

James Garner Beauty The Fairmont Hotel in Dallas is partnered with James Garner Beauty to provide a premiere spa experience that is delivers beauty and relaxation right to your guestroom door. James Garner Beauty features a full line of luxurious and effective skin care products for men and women and mineral make-up that will compliment your at home skin care routine.

Exhale Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek Spa

Nestled between Hotel Palomar and the Residences at Hotel Palomar, Exhale spa is part of the first urban wellbeing living environment. With all of their highly publicized and highly effective spa therapies, healing modalities, yoga and Pilates-infused Core Fusion toning classes that have garnered the dedication of over 6,000 practitioners, Exhale makes it possible for guests, residents and members to live the Dallas life. www.hotelpalomar-dallas.com 5300 East Mockingbird Lane Dallas, Texas 75026 469.522.3651

www.fairmont.com/dallas 1717 North Akard Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.720.2020

Salon Pompeo Specializing in the very latest in hair, skin and nail care, the staff at Salon Pompeo is dedicated to offering you the very best individualized salon experience possible. Prepare to conquer the world or maybe just the remainder of the day with their famous rejuvenating massages. Salon Pompeo also offers a fully-stocked bar to help you celebrate, anticipate, or escape. www.salonpompeo.com 5330 East Mockingbird Lane, Suite 190 Dallas, Texas 75206 214.203.3333

V Spa The Hilton Anatole recently revealed their new, blissfully refreshing V Spa, which features seven relaxing treatment rooms offering numerous luxury amenities to brighten anyone’s day. Those who receive spa services can also enjoy the Verandah Health Club amenities all day, including an in-door lap pool, Jacuzzi, eucalyptus steam room and sauna. V Spa is not an ordinary spa, but a retreat for the soul and body. www1.hilton.com 2201 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, Texas 75207 214.761.7800

Cooper Aerobics Center Cooper Day Spa is nestled in a lush 30-acre estate-like setting in Dallas and a second location just north of Dallas at Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas. You can expect a relaxing, pampering and award-winning interlude. Cooper’s day spas feature licensed massage therapists, nail technicians, and estheticians that are highly skilled in their specialties. Services include manicures, pedicures, facials, massage, eyelash extensions, body treatments, and services designed especially for men, groups, and bridal parties. A healthy getaway is also available through Cooper Wellness in a two-day or six-day format. The program addresses healthy behaviors, nutrition education, and physical activity. www.cooperaerobics.com 12200 Preston Road
 Dallas, Texas 75230 972.392.7729 7910 Collin McKinney Parkway McKinney, Texas 75070 214.383.1010

Ritz-Carlton Spa, bottom






Dallas Hotel Magazine routinely features the hottest culinary masters in the region, many of whom boast global reputations. In this issue we focus on a trio of chefs, each with a distinctive background. There is no mistaking the fact that Dallas is an international city with sophisticated tastes, particularly concerning cuisine. The ever-expanding variety of restaurants has made it a destination for epicurean connoisseurs. With that in mind, we connected with three popular chefs, Anupam Joglekar, Pascal Cayet and Andrew Ormsby, all with personal and professional backgrounds that could not be more different. Each has a unique specialty all their own, which is indicative of the area’s diversity. These men have significant clout among serious foodies and a unique take on Dallas’ growing reputation as a cuisine center. A native of New Delhi, India, chef Anupam Joglekar moved to the U.S. in 2006. In his current role as a corporate chef, AJ works with a variety of DRG Concepts restaurants including Dallas Fish Market (1501 Main Street), Dallas Chop House (1717 Main Street) and Wild Salsa (1800 Main Street). Chop House Burger is scheduled to open this fall, with Urban Wok following in 2012. He offers a worldwide perspective based on his vast experiences. AJ has opened restaurants across Asia and served as an executive chef at prestigious bistros including The Oberoi Grand in Bangalore, New Delhi and Calcutta. He also acted as culinary consultant specializing in Indian cuisine for the Fayed family at the legendary Harrods in London. Fine dining with a decidedly French accent belongs to the congenial Pascal Cayet, one of Dallas’ best-known chef/ owners. He trained at the prestigious Mederic School in Paris, then moved to Indianapolis where he worked at the swank La Tour for a twenty-something, Austrian-born chef by the name of Wolfgang Puck who was just kicking his own career into high gear. For years Pascal has been a celebrated fixture on the North Texas cuisine scene. His Chez Gerard opened on busy McKinney Avenue in the early 1980s, and was enthusiastically admired. In 1996 Pascal opened Lavendou Bistro Provençal (19009 Preston Road), which continues to enjoy great success. Popular chef Andrew Ormsby is one of the most colorful culinary figures in Dallas. For years he was best known for Tucker, a restaurant he closed in 2008 to devote more time to catering. He was executive chef at the prestigious Victorian Arts Center in Melbourne, Australia which, at the time, was the largest arts complex in the world. Andrew also spent a decade as a chef aboard private luxury yachts while sailing around the world. Currently the Tucker “compound” houses a variety of venues including Three Sheets (3113 Ross Avenue), a neighborhood sports bar, and The Studio (3121 Ross Avenue), Andrew’s “chef’s kitchen” booked for private parties. He will soon add a new restaurant, Southern Comfort, and Ku De Ta, a bistro/lounge with an Asian theme featuring large banquet facilities, plus a swimming pool with private cabanas. This fall Andrew opens the newly renovated food court at Dallas’ Cityplace, where his Kitchen D will service an estimated 3,000 tenants and also will be open to the public. DALLAS HOTEL MAGAZINE



The Kings of Cuisine DHM: Everyone has an interesting story of how they got started. AJ studied cuisine and hotel management in Mumbai. Andrew began as a teenager in Australia, and Pascal’s culinary career began in France before moving to the U.S. where he worked for Wolfgang Puck. How did Puck influence you? Pascal: When I met Wolfgang, he had just arrived from Europe himself where he had worked in the South of France at some famous restaurants. At the time, his cuisine was traditional French; identical to the way I was trained and worked in Paris. His cooking only reinforced my beliefs. The most significant influences in my career were at La Tour D’Argent in Paris and at La Tour in Indianapolis. Both are great places with delicious food and excellent service. DHM: Andrew, how did you start cooking as a teenager? Andrew: I started doing home economics at high school when I was 15. Then I did a four-year cooking apprenticeship with the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne; it was a grand Victorian hotel with one of the oldest kitchens in Australia. Those four years gave me a wonderful French base in which to expand my cooking. The day I qualified, I flew to London to live for a year. DHM: Does Dallas compare to other large metropolitan areas when it comes to epicurean tastes? AJ: Dallas is similar to areas such as New York and Boston in the blending of cultures from around the world. What’s wonderful about Dallasites is that they are always willing to come to the table and try new flavors and experiences. The Dallas food fan is grounded in good food traditions that give a palate and a comfort level to explore and ultimately recognize great quality. DHM: What sets Dallas cuisine uniquely apart from other cities? Andrew: Dallas residents have become a lot more adventurous over the years that I have been here. Texans like their heat. The inventive ways that we use smoked and dried chilies sets Texans apart in their own “spicy” way. These are flavor combinations that aren’t found in most places, so whenever an Australian chef comes to visit me, I try to expose them to these flavors. AJ: They love beef and are committed to quality. I think it’s grounded in the ranching tradition, which is an important part of the fabric of Texas. However there is a new breed of food fan in Dallas.

They eat more fish and build on the tradition of seafood and freshwater fish, with a more international perspective that includes fresh catches from global waters. Andrew: Anchos, poblanos, chipotles and all the peppers aren’t prevalent in Australia, so whenever I have chefs over from the “land of Oz” (i.e. Australia) I always drag out peppers and create something. I think the infiltration of South American cuisine into the American south has provided such a wonderful culinary journey for all of us. DHM: What do you miss most about your hometown? Pascal: I miss my family, relatives and friends the most. It is hard being so far away sometimes, but when you decide to have your own family thousands of miles away, you have to learn to live with it. I miss going to the open market and shopping for groceries or going to get a warm baguette at the boulangeries (French for “bakeries”). Another thing is to be able to walk down the street and get wherever you need without having to drive! Andrew: I go home about every couple of years. My family still lives there. Melbourne reminds me of a smaller New York City because there are so many nationalities living there. The food that comes out of that city is spectacular. It is a huge melting pot. I miss a lot of my old chef friends too, so it is always great to catch up with everybody when I visit. I miss driving up the Australian bush to the inland rivers, the beach and the dim sims (not to be confused with dim sum) served in the South Melbourne market. The seafood around the coastal waters of Australia is also something I miss due to the fact that some of these fish are particular to the region. DHM: AJ, you have lived and worked in a number of exotic locales. What are some of your favorites? AJ: Bangkok and Singapore. These cultures live to eat and eat to live, with a perfectly beautiful balance of the two. Bangkok features some of the most wonderful street food you’ll ever taste. Singapore is a fantastic port city, created in the mid-20th century with Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, British and continental culinary influences. The influx of these cultures created Singaporean food, and a one-of-a-kind experience in the street markets with wide variety of spices, flavors and ingredients. The open-air food court in Singapore is an incredible journey in culinary indulgence that everyone should enjoy. DHM: You spent a decade sailing the world, Andrew. Talk about some of your favorite experiences?

Andrew: Cooking in international markets all over the world, learning to communicate in other languages and discovering new products and ingredients on a regular basis was something that I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to do. Sailing from Savannah, Georgia all the way to the Antarctic was something I will always remember. Drinking 25-year old Scotch over 30,000-year old ice was a treat, while being the only human walking through a sea of penguins. I also met a lot of famous people. When you’re with people on holiday, their guard goes down and you really get to know them. Cooking for President Gerald Ford and getting to know him personally was certainly a highlight. Being in Monaco for the Grand Prix, sailing into active volcanic craters, going through the Panama and Suez Canals, water skiing with Ivana Trump, navigating the Yangtze River, fishing for sharks, diving on underwater mountains, swimming in the Marianus Trench, shopping for food (with Secret Service escorts) in China, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Africa and places that don’t have the same infrastructure was certainly a challenge. It wasn’t always rosy, and I remember kissing the ground a few times over the years when we had to endure “perfect storm” type weather for days on end before arriving safely in port. There are so many things that happened over the years that I will never forget, and I am grateful for the experience. DHM: Recipes, menus and atmospheres at your restaurants are interesting and inventive. How does that process happen? Pascal: Lavendou has been consistent with the menu and ambiance since the opening. The food has been very traditional French with some influence from the south of France. The ambiance has been a replica of the lifestyle in Provence… relaxing and homey. AJ: The most important goal is creating recipes to ensure that the food is enjoyed to its fullest; everything else flows from there. It’s also vital to start with quality and keep it at the core of the recipe. When it comes to seafood, for example, the flavors of Asia and India are chosen because they are the best complement. Flavors, textures and tastes come to life with these spices. DHM: What are some of the indispensible items we’d find in your home and restaurant kitchens, and what makes them so important to your process? Pascal: The most important piece of equipment in my kitchen is my gas stove. I couldn’t get used to an electric as it seemed it take away the fun of cooking. Other indispensable items are knives, and my cutting board to be able to prep the food. And finally some good pots and pans to finish the food.






The Top .005% of All US Beef 17776 Dallas Parkway Dallas, Texas 75287 972. 267. 1776 3forks.com

A true Texas icon located in North Dallas, III Forks serves only the finest hand-selected USDA Prime steaks – the top .005% of all US beef. All entrees are served with a melt-in-your-mouth potato, off-the-cob cream corn, fresh vine ripened tomatoes and spring onions. “We make everything here but the butter,” says award-winning Executive Chef Chris Vogeli. With twelve separate dining rooms, two levels and over 25,000 square feet of elegance, III Forks can accommodate intimate parties as well as social gatherings up to 900. For weekday business or weekend get-togethers, the III Forks style suits any dining occasion and makes every night memorable. Open 5:00p.m. daily. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook




Awards & Accolades • Only Texas Steakhouse in America’s Top 100 Restaurants & Institutions • Original Great Steakhouse of North America Independent Retail Cattlemen’s Association • Best of Award of Excellence (2000-2010) Wine Spectator • Rated Excellent – Zagat Survey Other Locations • Austin • Houston • Palm Beach Gardens • Boca Raton • Hallandale • Jacksonville

DINING I n a city that boasts the highest number of restaurants per capita, the big

“D” is truly a food-lovers town. Dallas long ago found its way onto America’s culinary map with innovative restaurants and talented chefs mining the flavors from all over the globe. III Forks

III Forks serves the ultimate in Texas French cuisine. III Forks is a restaurant that has recreated the grandiose lifestyle experienced by Texans who believed that fine dining was a perfect combination of great food, great service, great atmosphere and great music all spent with the ones you love. With over 25,000 square feet of elegant dining, III Forks can accommodate intimate parties, as well as social gatherings up to 900, which makes this the perfect choice for any special occasion. www.iiiforks.com 17776 Dallas Parkway Dallas, Texas 75287 972.267.1776


This eclectic Dallas restaurant pushes the envelope with its fusion cuisine. Legendary chef and owner Kent Rathbun offers a world cuisine ranging from Thai, Spanish, Japanese, and “home boy” dishes like bacon and eggs. In the recent renovation, even the restaurant menu was completely overhauled as well as the décor. www.abacus-restaurant.com 4511 McKinney Avenue Dallas, Texas 75205 214.559.3111

Adelmo’s Ristorante

Visit this quaint and cozy bistro filled with the wonderful aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean. Be prepared to be pampered by both the personalized service and the enticing cuisine in this intimate setting.
Located on Cole Avenue just off Knox Street, Adelmo’s has established itself as one of Dallas’ most romantic dining rooms. www.adelmos.com 4537 Cole Avenue Dallas, Texas 75205 (214) 559-0325

Al Biernat’s

Al Biernat’s offers upscale American Cuisine, specializing in prime steaks and seafood with a semicasual atmosphere. Come in and let your knife glide through your 15 oz. filet mignon, dine on a fabulous caramelized salmon, or perhaps savor a giant east coast lobster. Enjoy award-winning wine from their extensive wine list which features more than 650 selections from around the world.

www.albiernats.com 4217 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 214.219.2201


Don’t miss Tristan Simon’s cozy Mexican chic place to dine on Henderson Avenue. Be sure to order the avant-garde street corn served in husk boats. In addition, Alma is noted for innovative craft cocktails and a wine list that draws exclusively from Latin wine growing regions.

III Forks

www.almadallas.com 2822 N. Henderson Avenue Dallas, Texas 75206 (214) 827-2820

Arcodoro & Pomodoro

This Dallas favorite has stood the test of time with its true taste of Sardinia. The fried ravioli is stuffed with wild boar and pecorino Sardo and served in a sauce drizzled with bitter honey. In the heart of Dallas Uptown, visit the Doro Bar and out to the patio dining in rustic elegance of the Mediterranean. www.arcodoro.com 100 Crescent Court, #140 Dallas, Texas 75201 (214) 871-1924

Avanti Ristorante

Avanti Ristorante offers a small and intimate dining room with a sleek, uptown bistro atmosphere convenient to the McKinney Avenue Trolley line. Avanti features Northern and Southern Italian dishes made with fresh seafood, steaks, veal and pasta. For mouth-watering entrées and live nightly music, Avanti Ristorante is not to be missed. www.avantirestaurants.com 2720 McKinney Avenue Dallas, Texas 75204 214.871.4955

Bar at OPIO

Whether you are here on business or just getting together with friends, the Bar at OPIO is the perfect place to grab a drink and unwind. Enjoy table service in the dining room or take a seat at the bar and indulge your appetites with the full dinner menu available from 6PM to 10PM nightly, or their late night Bar Menu, the Nite Owl, available till 11 PM Sunday through Thursday or until 12 Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Al Biernat’s

www1.hilton.com 5954 Luther Lane Dallas, Texas 75225 214.692.6108


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DINING CONTINUED Bob’s Steak & Chop House

Bob’s Steak & Chop House is ranked as one of the top steakhouses in the country for a reason. Bob’s serves the best prime steak you’ve ever had! Their service is experienced, the wine list is extensive and the drinks are stiff. If you’re not a regular already, come by and let them prove why they’re so proud of what they do at Bob’s Steak & Chophouse. www.bobs-steakandchop.com 4300 Lemmon Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 214.528.9446


Reflecting its fashionable Uptown setting, The Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa proudly showcases Bolla Restaurant, celebrated among the finest Dallas fine dining restaurants by hotel guests, locals, and critics alike. Savor an innovative and artistic menu of new American cuisine with an Italian flair, crafted by Chef David Bull, a 2007 James Beard nominee for “Best Chef in the Southwest” and an Iron Chef challenger. For casual cocktails and creative light fare, Bolla Bar is the delightful Art Deco centerpiece of the hotel’s lobby. Reverberating with light, color, and texture, this chic spot features an extensive menu of signature cocktails using freshly squeezed juices and premium wines from Italy and the Mediterranean. www.stoneleighhotel.com 2927 Maple Avenue Dallas, Texas 75201 214.871.7111


This cozy Dallas spot has a wonderful seasonal menu focusing on fresh and local ingredients. A bruschetta sampler features prosciutto, fig preserves, Fiji apple, toasted pine nuts, and P’tit Basque cheese. Enjoy the finely crafted cocktails and pocket friendly wine list. www.bolsadallas.com 614 W. Davis Street Dallas, Texas 75208 (214) 943-1883

Cafe on the Green

The imaginative Four Seasons chefs serve American cuisine with a gentle Texan accent at this quaint eatery. Consistently exceptional menus are presented with attentive personalized care. Dining options begin with one of the finest restaurants in the Southwest, Café on the Green.

Cantina Laredo

Cantina Laredo serves authentic Mexican dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere. They offer daily fish specials, grilled chicken and steaks complimented by signature sauces such as chipotle-wine with Portobello mushroom or sautéed artichoke hearts and roasted red bell peppers. By preparing only the freshest fish, grilling only Certified Angus Beef steaks and hand rolling every enchilada, you can surely taste the difference. www.cantinalaredo.com 2031 Abrams Road Dallas, Texas 75214 214.821.5785 5550 West Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75209 214.350.5227 17808 Dallas Parkway Dallas, Texas 469.828.4818 6025 Royal Lane Suite 250 Dallas, Texas 75230 214.265.1610


1125 Legacy Drive, Suite 102 Frisco, Texas 75034 214.618.9860 4020 William D Tate Ave, Ste 208 Grapevine, Texas 76051 817.358.0505

The Capital Grille

A block away from the Arts District, The Capital Grille’s executive chef is creating his own works of art. From dry-aging steaks on premises to helping select the perfect wine complements from a list of over 350, Capital Grille will surround you with the very best. Rich African mahogany paneling and warm lighting from one-of-a-kind art deco chandeliers set the tone for a comfortably elegant evening at this upscale Grille. For a less formal occasion, visit “Princess Leah” in the bar for a tasty treat from the bar menu and a signature pineapple “Stoli-Doli”.

The Capital Grille

www.thecapitalgrille.com 500 Crescent Court Dallas, Texas 75201 214.303.0500 Cantina Laredo

www.fourseasons.com/dallas 4150 North MacArthur Boulevard Irving, Texas 75038 972.717.2420

Bob’s Steak & Chop House




Deliciously Simple 4123 Cedar Springs Road Suite 110 Dallas, Texas 75219 214. 522. 3474 www.dish-dallas.com

Located in the new mixed-use development iLUME, DISH features Classic American Cuisine with a farm to table approach. Fresh, Simple food can be enjoyed at an affordable price with our menu changing weekly to keep everything fresh as seasonal changes occur. DISH is the creation of restaurant/lounge owner Tim McEneny – NL Group and Concept Chef Doug Brown – Beyond the Box Catering. The unique design of the restaurant and open kitchen creates an atmosphere that is one of a kind within the Dallas area. DISH offers an elevated private area perfect for small groups or business dinners up to 50PPL. The restaurant is also available for rehearsal dinners, birthday parties or corporate events. DISH is open daily from 4PM – 11PM Sunday through Thursday, 4-PM – 2AM Friday & Saturday Serving food until 12AM. Sunday brunch is always a highlight every week from 11AM – 3PM featuring bottomless Mimosa’s and Spicy Bloody Mary’s. Twice monthly we highlight our Sunday Brunch with a famous Drag Brunch featuring the music talents of the area best. Happy Hour and Late night guests will find that DISH comes alive with supreme verve for those looking for a trendy yet sophisticated spot to socialize & enjoy culinary inspired cocktails drenched in fresh squeezed juices, fruits and herbs. A refined modern motif, new aged approach to cuisine and vibrant atmosphere are reinventing the Dallas social scene- in DISH.



www.hotelpalomar-dallas.com 5680 North Central Expressway Dallas, Texas 75206 214.444.9339

www.starwoodhotels.com 2440 Victory Park Lane Dallas, Texas 75219 214.397.4100

Charlie Palmer at The Joule

The Crescent Club

Created by Paul Draper, Dallas’ top restaurant designer, Central 214 welcomes diners in to a lively atmosphere that has become a favorite of locals and visitors alike. This warm and energetic restaurant, located inside the Hotel Palomar, features regional American cuisine highlighting rustic flavors, approachable and familiar American food, and a celebration of the diverse and substantial traditions of American cooking.

Charlie Palmer is housed in an expansion of the former Dallas National Bank, a 1920’s era building listed on the National Register of Historical Places and the only Gothic revival style “skyscraper” tower in the city. Executive Chef Scott Romano puts a personal twist on classic steakhouse dishes like Poached Black Tiger Shrimp in Bloody Mary vinaigrette and Dry-Aged NY Strip Steak with bone marrow flan, and the wine selection includes an assortment of food-friendly wines such as white and red Burgundies as well as Pierre Peters- Champagne. www.thejouledallas.com 1530 Main Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.261.4491

The Club

The Magnolia Hotel, one of the cities’s most recognized buildings where “Pegasus – The Flying Red Horse,” is illuminated at night and shines brightly as the icon of Dallas from atop this beautiful, upscale hotel. The Club is a swank and sophisticated gathering place located in this boutique hotel, where corporate and leisure travel guests can come to socialize, eat, and relax. www.magnoliahoteldallas.com 1401 Commerce Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.915.6500

Cool River Cafe

Cool River incorporates fine dining, a chic, highenergy bar and an exquisite Cigar & Cognac Lounge. Some even call it, “The Celebrity Playground of the Metroplex.” The ultimate dining experience is extended to accommodate private parties, celebrations and business meetings. Each of their rooms delivers a memorable experience with excellent food and quality service in an upscale atmosphere. www.coolrivercafe.com 1045 Hidden Ridge Irving, Texas 75038 972.871.8881

Following the lead of its much-imitated and adored New York namesake, Craft Dallas at the W Hotel serves the freshest seasonal ingredients a la carte. Plate by plate, Chef Tom Colicchio’s creations are pure decadence, showing us he didn’t earn five James Beard Awards for nothing. The seasonal menu is ever changing, but may include gems such as Roasted New Zealand Venison, Black Trompette Mushrooms, Diver Scallops or Cippolini Onions.

Dallas Fish Market

The nationally acclaimed Dallas Fish Market, in the heart of Downtown Dallas, features the infinite best in fresh seafood and fish prepared in New American recipes that combine the best seasonings with fish from global waters. An emphasis on seasonal and small catches from the best purveyors worldwide. Critical acclaim includes Best Seafood list praise from Bon Appétit, The Dallas Morning News and D Magazine, and Best New Texas Restaurant list accolades from Texas Monthly. www.dallasfishmarket.com 1501 Main Street (at Akard) Dallas, Texas 75201 214.744.3474

The Crescent Club offers impeccable hospitality, service and cuisine. During the day and early evening, The Bar provides a warm, inviting rendezvous for Club members to entertain friends or clients. Four nights a week, The Crescent Club offers live music for couples to glide across the leather dance floor. The Bar is a setting like no other, where its distinguished members can feel very much at home in an atmosphere of warm hospitality, personal service, fine food and drink and gracious surroundings. www.crescentcourt.com 400 Crescent Court Dallas, Texas 75201 214.871.3200


Dallas’ underground marvel was established in 1984 and has been a downtown dining tradition for over 27 years. Dakota’s unique location creates an ambiance that is unlike any other. Don’t miss the Midwestern grain fed beef that is aged a minimum of 28 days. They have the freshest seafood along with Maine Lobster Tails. Dakota’s offers a unique cocktail menu, special bar menu, and Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Dakota’s patio has long been considered one of the city’s most romantic spots. www.dakotasrestaurant.com 600 N. Akard St. Dallas, Texas 75201 214.740.4001


Dallas Chop House

Dallas Chop House

Dallas Chop House is innovating the American Steakhouse experience with a modern, fresh approach of classic steakhouse recipes, featuring in-house dry aging of prime and choice beef and flavor-filled recipes prepared by one of the United Sates’ top culinary and operations teams. Recognized by The Dallas Morning News as among the Best Steakhouses in North Texas for 2010, and on D Magazine’s same list in 2011. www.dallaschophouse.com 1717 Main Street (at St. Paul) Dallas, Texas 75201 214.736.7300

Cool River Cafe



R E A DY .

Experience an evening at the quintessential steakhouse while dining in an intimate atmosphere. Savor our menu specializing in USDA Prime steaks and ocean favorites.



Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House planted its roots in Dallas more than 20 years ago. The restaurant embodies the rich tradition of fine American steak houses, amazing guests with impeccable chef-driven cuisine, an extensive award-winning wine list and unparalleled hospitality. www.delfriscos.com 251 Spring Valley Road Dallas, Texas 75254 972.490.9000


Located at the swanky ilume™ residence, DISH diners can expect only the best ingredients melded together to create classic dishes with a twist at an affordable price. Described as “modern comfort food”, DISH’s menu features items you will want to eat everyday, with a revolving seasonal menu. Menu items include Jimmy’s Pepperoni and Fresh Mozzarella Flatbread, BBQ Braised Short Ribs with Lucky Layla Buttery Mash, and a Harris Ranch Natural Flat Iron Steak with House Cut Fries and Times Ten Cellars Cabernet Butter. www.dish-dallas.com 4123 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 110 Dallas, Texas 75219 214.522.3474

The Dragonfly

Dragonfly offers a collision of global cuisine created by executive chef Grant Morgan in a playful atmosphere designed to create an intimate, yet vibrant setting. Located in the Hotel Zaza, Dragonfly overlooks the Urban Oasis and offers fabulous views of the Dallas skyline. After dinner, stop by the Urban Oasis Nightclub for a nightcap and experience the best of Dallas nightlife. www.hotelzazadallas.com 2332 Leonard Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.550.9500

Eddie V’s

Eddie V’s Restaurants is setting the standard for fine dining, featuring award-winning concepts that focus on the freshest seafood, delectable steaks, quality ingredients, exciting atmosphere and a staff that is dedicated to every detail. The hip and trendy lounge opens nightly at 4pm and the dining room opens at 5pm. www.eddiev.com 4023 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 214.890.1500

Fearing Restaurant

Celebrity chef Dean Fearing has created seven spectacular dining and gathering settings, all featuring “Elevated American Cuisine - Bold Flavors, No

Borders.” Diners can sample Dean’s innovative menu, including Texas farm-to-market specialties, and the restaurant’s gracious, attentive service in a succession of unique indoor settings and outdoor environments. www.ritzcarlton.com 2121 McKinney Avenue Dallas, Texas 75201 214.922.0200

The French Room

European dinner, lunch and breakfast favorites including pancakes, French toast, eggs Benedict and Dallas-style specialties. www.landmarkrestodallas.com 3015 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 214.224.3152

Le Méridien Restaurant

Nationally recognized and critically acclaimed, The French Room at The Adolphus hotel has been described by the New York Times as “indisputably the most striking and sumptuous restaurant in Dallas.” Featuring a menu rich in fresh seasonal ingredients and an award-winning wine list, it has garnered Gourmet magazine’s top ranking as the best Dallas restaurant for three consecutive years.

Nestled in the heart of Dallas’ famous Galleria area, Le Méridien Restaurant offers fine onsite dining and delivers an eclectic cuisine with fresh ingredients. Stroll down to the contemporary Transitional Bar for a nightcap with friends or business partners. www.starwoodhotels.com/lemeridien 13402 Noel Road Dallas, Texas 75240 972.503.8700

www.hoteladolphus.com 1321 Commerce Street Dallas, Texas 75202 214.742.8200

The Mansion Restaurant


Kenichi Dallas is a modern restaurant and lounge that features contemporary Asian cuisine and world-class sushi. It’s located in the heart of Victory Park, under the South Tower of The W Hotel. Voted “Best Sushi in Dallas” by Citysearch 3 years in a row, Kenichi is not only known for its sushi, but its upbeat and modern atmosphere make it a great place to begin an evening before a game or concert, or the perfect place to host a happy hour event after a day of work. The menu has a diverse selection from traditional to cutting edge. www.kenichidallas.com 2400 Victory Park Lane Dallas, TX 75219 P) (214) 871-8883

The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table Restaurant & Lounge offers authentic American cuisine in the form of casual breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Signature menu offerings include breakfast skillets and hand pies, coffee rubbed short ribs, “TKT Chicken-Fried Pot Roast” with side dishes, and desserts to share. Located in the hotel’s lobby, The Kitchen Table also offers a lounge with a full service bar and outdoor patio complete with fire pits. www.sheratondallashotel.com 400 North Olive Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.922.8000

The Landmark Restaurant

The Warwick Melrose Hotel, culinary team has been honored with the AAA Four Diamond award, the prestigious DiRoNA award and the Wine Spectator award. The Landmark offers all your American and

The Mansion on Turtle Creek has offered fine cuisine for over twenty years and has remained one of Dallas’s biggest and best splurges. The proud tradition of culinary excellence and exquisite service continues as Chef Bruno Davaillon leads the Mansion’s talented culinary team to give guests the most inviting, approachable and valuable dining experience in Texas. www.mansiononturtlecreek.com 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd Dallas, Texas 75219 214.443.4747

Meddlesome Moth

A great bar with great food, who’d a thunk it? The Moth is located in Dallas’ Trinity Design District, on Oak Lawn and Hi-Line. The Moth has a full bar and features 40 draught beers with a few live ales and at least 75 bottles to help us round out the selection of the city’s best beer menu. Chances are if you’ve seen it on a commercial, The Moth won’t serve it. www.mothinthe.net 1621 Oak Lawn Dallas, Texas 75207 214.628.7900 Kenichi




Underground Fine Dining 600 North Akard St. Dallas, Texas 75201 214. 740. 4001 www.dakotasrestaurant.com

Dakota’s was established in 1984 and has been a downtown Dallas dining tradition for over 27 years. Dakota’s unique underground location creates an ambiance that is unlike any place in Dallas and an experience you won’t soon forget. Dakota’s specializes in Midwestern grain fed beef aged a minimum of 28 days. Dakota’s brings in the freshest seafood and also offers Maine Lobster Tails. The extensive wine list features some of California’s finest, as well as wines from around the world. Dakota’s offers a unique specialty cocktail menu, special bar menu (available only at the bar), and Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Customers ride down to Dakota’s in a canopied glass elevator accessed from street level while viewing the 1,800 square-foot outdoor courtyard. The renowned subterranean patio complete with waterfall and private bar can accommodate 60 guests for a seated event or 120 for a cocktail reception. This cool oasis is complete with a 5-tiered granite water wall, multi-tiered landscaping, lava rock fire pit and black granite bar. Dakota’s patio has long been considered one of the city’s most romantic dining spots. So why “Dakota’s?” The name was chosen in homage to the eight million pounds of Dakota mahogany granite that was used throughout the restaurant and Lincoln Plaza. A visit to Dallas is not complete without experiencing Dakota’s, Dallas’ underground marvel. Lunch Mon-Fri 11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Dinner Mon-Thurs 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Fri-Sat 5:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Closed Sunday


Setting the standard for true Italian cuisine aficionados for two decades, this upscale eatery continues its tradition of providing pure classic flavors and superior service. Voted “the best Italian restaurant in Texas” by Zagats for the past 4 years Mi Piaci creates culinary memories that will last a lifetime. www.mipiaci-dallas.com 14854 Montfort Dr. Dallas, Texas 75254 972.934.8424

Nana’s Restaurant

This five-star restaurant has it all: exceptional New American cuisine, elegant atmosphere and a stunning 27th-story panoramic view of the Dallas skyline. The restaurant was recently named as one of “America’s Top 50 Restaurants” by Gourmet magazine, awarded Four-Stars for cuisine by The Dallas Morning News, a Four-Star award from the Mobil Travel Guide and Four-Diamonds from AAA. With Anthony C. Bombaci as “top toque”, Nana has not only become Dallas’ most popular restaurant, but it has become Dallas’ most critically acclaimed restaurant--both locally and nationally. www.nanarestaurant.com 2201 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, Texas 75207 214.306.5977


Nobo Dallas opened in 2005 as Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Dallas, Texas outpost. The dining room is reminiscent of the original Nobu in New York with its birch trees, but with a touch of Southern charm to fit its Texas location. Nobu Dallas can be your destination for dinner in the dining room or at the sushi bar, drinks in the bar lounge, or a private function in the skylight room. www.noburestaurants.com/dallas 400 Crescent Court Dallas, Texas 75201 214.252.7000

Ocean Prime

Seafood or Steak? At Ocean Prime, you can choose the best of both. Add in world class wines, awardwinning, handcrafted cocktails, timeless elegance and take-your-breath-away service. Our passion is to give you an extraordinary supper club experience. Located at Rosewood Court in Uptown Dallas, Ocean Prime is open weekdays for lunch and nightly for dinner. Live music is featured Monday through Saturday in our piano bar.

Old Hickory Steakhouse

Overlooking the winding river in the two-acre atrium, Old Hickory Steakhouse is one of Gaylord’s signature restaurants featuring a stylish yet contemporary design. Wine Spectator Magazine recently bestowed Gaylord Hotels’ wine lists with their “Award of Excellence” for composition and depth of collection. After dinner, visit the secluded lounge for signature cocktails and then, indulge in a fine cigar from their Spanish cedar humidor on the cigar terrace. www.gaylordhotels.com 1501 Gaylord Trail Grapevine, Texas 76051 817.778.2215

Olenjack’s Grille

Mi Piaci

Located only a few minutes away from Cowboys Stadium and the Ballpark at Arlington, Olenjack’s Grille is the social hot spot whenever there’s a big game. Using only freshly grown and raised local ingredients, Olenjack’s offers up the best in Texas cuisine with a modern flavor. From half-pound burgers to Pan Seared Halibut, Olenjack’s has a meal for every social occasion. www.olenjacksgrille.com 770 Road To Six Flags East Arlington, Texas 76011-8407 817.226.2600

The Palm

Nana’s Restaurant

The Palm Restaurant in Dallas is quintessentially Palm and quintessentially Dallas. From caricatures on their wall of famous Palm regulars to the depicted Dallas Cowboy greats, you cannot find a better combination of smooth New York Steakhouse style and Dallas charm. www.thepalm.com 701 Ross Avenue Dallas, Texas 75202 214.698.0470

Parrino’s Oven

Be greeted by the welcoming aroma of a woodburning oven as the air is filled with the scent of oregano and warm bread at Parrino’s Oven; serving flavorful, authentic Italian dishes including pasta and pizza. Located on Hyatt Regency Dallas’ atrium level, Parrino’s offers a casual, contemporary bistro setting.

Ocean Prime

www.dallasregency.hyatt.com 300 Reunion Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75207 214.712.7144

www.ocean-prime.com 2101 Cedar Springs Road Dallas, Texas 75201 214.965.0440

The Palm


YOUR SENSES. Slip into Cool River and surround yourself with a mix of fine food, live music and exotic cocktails. From dining to dancing, from the bar to billiards, excitement is swirling around every corner at Cool River.

1045 Hidden Ridge Road Las Colinas, Texas 75038 972-871-8881




CoolRiverCafe.com Follow us on Twitter and Facebook


Phi Restaurant, the Hotel Indigo’s bistro-style restaurant and bar, offers seasonal, health-conscious fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is prepared quickly for the time conscious traveler who wishes to eat in their room or relax in one of the hotel’s signature oversized lobby chairs. www.hotelindigo.com 1933 Main Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.741.7700

Piccolo Mondo

Piccolo Mondo Italian Restaurant was established over 25 years ago and is known as one of the most popular and famous Italian Restaurants in the metroplex. Piccolo Mondo is centrally located, mid-way between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. Dinner is served daily and lunch is served on weekdays. They have a beautiful piano bar and a banquet room and take-out orders are available as well. www.piccolomondo.com 829 Lamar Boulevard East Arlington, Texas 76011 817.265.9174

Pyramid Restaurant & Bar

The Dallas Fairmont Hotel recently revealed its new addition, the Pyramid Restaurant & Bar. The restaurants sleek contemporary décor is perfectly paired with exciting menus, which draw inspiration from local farmers and purveyors. The culinary philosophy emphasizes fresh, local ingredients in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint on the planet and support the local economy.

www.fairmont.com/dallas.com 1717 North Akard Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.720.5249

www.belmontdallas.com 901 Fort Worth Avenue Dallas, Texas 75208 214.393.2300

The Restaurant


Hotel St. Germain offers a full service European Style dining experience, enjoyed by candlelight in the intimate, Old World ambiance of the AAA Four Diamond Award Willing Dining Room which overlooks an ivy covered French Quarter style garden courtyard. Wines and champagne from their extensive collar are served in glittering cut crystal and the table is set with antique Limoges china, antique silverware, Frette linen and lavender roses. The Restaurant is by far the ultimate dining experience. www.hotelstgermain.com 2516 Maple Avenue Dallas, Texas 75201 214.871.2516

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

This well-known Dallas steakhouse provides guests with a warm, comfortable atmosphere and literally the best steak in the U.S. Visit Ruth’s Chris Steak House whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, an important business meeting, or a private party, Ruth’s Chris Steak House can accommodate your needs. www.ruthschris.com 17840 Dallas Parkway Dallas, Texas 75287 972.250.2244

Silver Fox

The Silver Fox Steakhouse is a USDA Prime beef emporium, offering only the finest Prime beef makes them one of the few exclusively Prime steakhouses in America. Silver Fox also features ocean favorites such as Atlantic salmon, Jumbo Sautéed Scallops and succulent Australian Lobster Tail. www.silverfoxcafe.com 1303 Legacy Drive Frisco, Texas 75034 214.618.5220 1235 William D. Tate Grapevine, Texas 76051 817.329.6995


The Belmont Hotel’s signature restaurant pays homage to an old fashioned smokehouse, with hardwood cooking from scratch and authentic Southern flavors. Led by chef/co-owner Tim Byres, inspired by his recent travels to America’s smokehouse roots, SMOKE offers patrons a culinary experience that satisfies both the palate and soul. Employing time honored cooking techniques and recipes with a commitment to local ingredients; SMOKE is down-home cooking done right. Silver Fox

Tucked behind the Hotel Lumen, Social is a glamorous little 60-seat hideaway. Decorated in custom-made red velvet furniture, brass fixtures, dark wood, and tavern-style stained concrete floors – combined with a New American menu makes this the perfect after-hours hot spot. We love their specialty cocktails and inviting wine list - try The Poached Pear or the Royalrita. www.hotellumen.com 6101 Hillcrest Avenue Dallas, Texas 75205 214.219.8282

St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin

St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin is at the heart of the Deep Ellum community. For over 13 years St. Pete’s has been proud to be the most respected and enjoyable establishment for friends and families alike. 
With an extensive selection of New American Cuisine, you will find something for every person in your party. St. Pete’s provides an intimate dining experience with a full bar and live music every Friday and Saturday evening. 
St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin is sure to provide the perfect atmosphere for an incredible night out. www.dancingmarlin.com 2730 Commerce Street Dallas, Texas 75226 214.698.1511

Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Sullivan’s Steakhouse is a vibrant neighborhood American Steakhouse featuring the finest steaks, seafood, hand-shaken martinis and live music. With 20 locations across the U.S., we offer comfortable fine dining in a lively atmosphere. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or both, we look forward to quickly becoming your favorite local steakhouse. www.sullivansteakhouse.com 17795 North Dallas Parkway Dallas , TX - 75287 972.267.9393




Beef Baron 5251 Spring Valley Road Dallas, Texas 972. 490. 9000 www.delfriscos.com

Despite their vast numbers, very few steak houses are able to climb the chop house ladder to join the elite ranks of immortalized beef barons. Since 1986, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House has etched its name in stone alongside an illustrious list of steak restaurants in Dallas. Eight elegant dining rooms paneled in dark wood encompass the restaurant’s spacious interior while three large fireplaces enhance the sophisticated setting. The cornerstone of Del Frisco’ s Double Eagle Steak House cuisine is an unprecedented approach to freshness: your USDA Prime Beef is cut right off the loin when your order is placed; your Australian Cold Water Lobster Tail was freshly caught and delivered to the Del Frisco kitchen. Del Frisco’s offers an array of succulent seafood, tantalizing appetizers, and handcrafted specialty desserts like their award winning lemon cake. With classically trained service and experienced wine sommeliers to guide guests through their 1500 thoughtfully assembled fine wines, Del Frisco’s offers guests the highest echelon of fine dining.





Sushi Axiom

Terranova Cafe

www.sushiaxiom.net 2323 North Henderson Dallas, Texas 75206 214.828.2288

doubletree1.hilton.com 2015 Market Center Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75207 214.741.7481

T-Bones Steakhouse

w xyz(SM) bar

Sushi Axiom offers guests an innovative choice of succulent sushi and sashimi, which are prepared with the finest ingredients by stylishly blending Japanese and American cuisines. Axiom assembles a friendly, enjoyable and elegant atmosphere for customers, and they are passionate in doing so.

Dallas is known for its great steaks. So is the Renaissance Dallas Hotel. T-Bones Steakhouse offers succulent certified Angus beef, the freshest of seafood and delicious local ingredients to create a one-of-akind culinary experience. www.dallaslandmark.com 2222 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, Texas 75207 214.631.2222

The Terranova Café at the Doubletree Hotel Dallas Market Center offers a tremendous variety of dining options that are distinctly American with their chef’s own southwestern flair. Serving a full buffet breakfast as well as an ala Carte lunch and dinner menu daily, Terranova Café offers something for everyone.

The w xyz bar at the Aloft Las Colinas isn’t the typical bar, it’s the new place to see and be seen in Irving. Mix, meet, and mingle over signature cocktails, pinot noirs and pints. Enjoy a locally inspired snack-attack menu while you sip on your favorite drinks and listen to lively music. www.aloftlascolinas.com/wxyz 122 East John Carpenter Freeway Irving, Texas 75062 972.717.6100


voted best sushi in dallas

Contemporary asian cuisine & World Class Sushi

2400 Victory Park Lane Dallas, Texas 75219 (214) 871-8883

Sip the finest margarita Taste guacamole made fresh at your table Savor fresh seafood and steaks with authentic sauces

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter • cantinalaredo.com Sign 111 A L L A for S H O Tour E L M A Gtext A Z I N E group for complimentary Top Shelf Guacamole, text “CANTINA” to 89686 I Dup


and ivey photography


For serious foodies, sugar and spice has a whole new meaning deep in the heart of Texas due to an award winning baker’s “living out loud” style. Chef Bronwen Weber’s meticulously sculpted confections have become world famous, as is her success. In national competitions on cable television’s most significant stage for cuisine, The Food Network, she is a reigning champ, well on her way to becoming one of the hottest names in the industry. Bronwen’s energy is high and her laughter infectious, punctuated by a “cute as a cupcake” smile on the busy executive chef and general manager at Dallas’ renowned Frosted Art Bakery & Studio (frostedart.com). From delicate to dazzling, Bronwen’s astonishing designs are one of a kind creative forms. More than traditional fairy tale cakes, hers are intricately, edible works of art. And if you can dream it, she can usually construct it: everything from an eye-popping, bright red Converse high top shoe to a rustic, finely detailed 8-foot windmill that looks as though it belongs along a Texas trail. Perhaps you would prefer a jovial 16” French chef, an upright, near-life size baby, or, since this is Texas, what about an authentic Horned Frog? Her socially conscious Rainbow Collection “pride cakes” are also a big hit with customers in Dallas. Sweet! Bronwen’s best of show recognitions are plentiful having won countless grand prizes and gold medals. Her work has been lauded in popular magazines including Brides, American Cake Decorating and the celebrated British publication, Cake Craft and Decoration. During a competition on The Food Network she needed a whopping 55 pounds of flour to bake an award winning Gingerbread showpiece. Built with nearly 600 pieces, the creative confection included bricks, furniture and a fireplace complete with logs, and featured 22 pounds of decorative coconut grass weighing nearly 200 pounds. This Texas strawberry shortcake is as clever as she is successful, with a limitless sky of a career before her.

Frosted Art Bakery 1546 Edison St Dallas, TX 75207 214-760.8707 www.frostedart.com

NIGHTLIFE B right Lights, Big City! When the sun goes down in Dallas, the party is just

beginning. Whether you’re in the mood to raise the roof and dance until dawn, or relax in a quiet uptown café, Dallas has it all. Live music venues, eclectic late night haunts, intimate jazz clubs; Dallas is the center of the southwest entertainment universe. R E S TA U R A N T S , C L U B S , B A R S , P U B S & T AV E R N S


Dubbed Dallas’ most progressive urban super-lounge this luxurious members-only hot spot is certainly the place to see and be seen amongst Dallas’ finest. Ultra swanky décor, velvet and plush leather furniture illuminated by dimmed chandeliers make for a dramatic setting for socializing with the who’s who of Dallas. Membership or referral required for entry. 5039 Willis Avenue Dallas, TX 75206 214.370.4155 www.candleroomdallas.com

Dick’s Last Resort

Deliberately exaggerated and hysterically theatrical in style, Dick’s energetic wait staff thrives on inflicting humor upon their guests. They also serve up delicious, from-scratch food in their signature stainless steel buckets accompanied by icy cold, mega beers. Make Dick’s your all in one fun stop…for all who dare to enter! 2211 North Lamar Street Dallas, Texas 75202 214.747.0001 www.dickslastresort.com

Dragonfly/Urban Oasis

A feast for the senses, the award-winning fine dining restaurant in the chic Hotel Za Za is where Executive Chef Grant Morgan flaunts his culinary expertise. Urban Oasis is a poolside sanctuary, surrounded by lush gardens and one of the most breathtaking views of the Dallas skyline. 2332 Leonard Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214.550.9500 www.hotelzazadallas.com

Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill

This Uptown favorite is a sports enthusiast’s paradise. Two ten-foot projection screens and two plasma screen-laden patios play host to a plethora of sporting events all reverberating over Frankie’s state of the art Bose® sound system. Tasty offerings of bar food and nightly drink specials make this the quintessential sports bar.

3227 McKinney Avenue Dallas, Texas 75204 214.999.8932 www.frankiesbar.com

3015 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 214.224.3144‎ http://www.landmarkrestodallas.com

Gossip Bar


An oasis within the sea of marble that is the Hilton Anatole, the chic new Gossip Bar is elegant and sexy. Immersed in contemporary style and deep red hues, the Gossip Bar serves the perfect mix of color and commentary. Needless to say, signature martinis and premium cocktails in a high-energy electric atmosphere is all the Gossip. 2201 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, Texas 75207 214.748.1200

Glass Cactus

While Texas sleeps the Glass Cactus nightclub comes alive with entertainment four nights per week, as well as inventive cocktails and club cuisine. A capacious dance floor, four bars, a two-story outdoor deck overlooking serene Lake Grapevine and the most extensive selection of tequila in Texas is sure to awaken any evening. 1501 Gaylord Trail Grapevine, TX 76051 817.778.2800 www.gaylordhotels.com

J. Blacks Feel Good Lounge

The popular Austin establishment has made its way up north and found a snug spot on Henderson Avenue. Choose from two lively patios to mingle with friends or enjoy fun cocktails such as the French 75 or the Sea Cat. Inside the oval shaped bar is the perfect arena for supreme people watching. 2409 North Henderson Avenue Dallas, TX 75206 214.613.2525 www.jblacks.com

The Library (at the Melrose)

Located inside the extravagant Melrose hotel, The Library is one of Dallas’ elite bars for business professionals and after work social seekers. This elegant bar features nightly entertainment and classic cocktails in a stylish, sophisticated atmosphere.

This old-house-turned-restaurant sits just a jaunt off Central Expressway. Manny’s wide-open outdoor patio boasts ample space for the crowd of attractive Uptowners who trickle in around happy hour and an eccentrically decorated fence completes the neighborhood ambiance. Warm and attentive service, great fare and stout margaritas make Manny’s a Dallas hotspot. 3521 Oak Grove Avenue Dallas, TX 75204 214.252.1616 www.mannysuptown.com

Neighborhood Services Tavern

NST’s a dark-’n-cozy traditional pub-style bar from the chef-owner behind Lovers Lane’s non-tavern Neighborhood Services. The heavily woodsy new digs are more casual, exposed-brick walls and black-andwhite pictures of Steve McQueen, James Dean, and Connery-as-Bond leaning over a pool table just might have you saying, “Martini, shaken not stirred.” 2405 N Henderson Ave Dallas, TX 75393 214.827.2405

Ozona Grill and Bar

One of Dallas’ most popular laid-back hangouts, Ozona’s offers a diverse menu featuring numerous Tex-Mex favorites and stout drinks to boot. Toss in a cool atmosphere and outdoor patio with plenty of room under the Texas sun and this cantina is sure to spice up any evening. 4615 Greenville Avenue Dallas, Texas 75206 214.265.9105 http://www.ozonagrill.com

December in Big D: Texas Holiday Tradtions The holidays in Dallas are sensational and special. They present one of the most unique opportunities all year long to get to know different sides of Big D. The following is a list of some of our favorites. For 22 years the Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade has brought hundreds of thousands of spectators together. In 2009 Disney star and Texas native Selena Gomez served as grand marshal, and last year it was American Idol star David Archuleta’s turn. Colorful floats, marching bands and huge balloons make their way through downtown Dallas. The parade is televised live on WFAA-TV (Channel 8) and syndicated into hundreds of U.S. markets as well as internationally. Proceeds benefit the not-for-profit Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, which is one of the largest pediatric health care providers in the country. Get information online at ChildrensMedicalCenterDallas.com/Parade Christmas Celebration at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center (2301 Flora Street) with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is December 2-18. This beloved series of concerts features seasonal favorites in an all-new program devoted to family entertainment with a special Texas twist and a few surprises. The outstanding Dallas Symphony Chorus and the Dallas Symphony Christmas Celebration Children’s Choir are featured. Show times and ticket information can be found online at DallasSymphony.com Old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage rides around picturesque sections of Highland Park is a tradition for North Texans. Tours begin around Thanksgiving weekend, and allow visitors to wind their way through some of Dallas’ toniest neighborhoods decked out in seasonal Christmas lights and other decorations. Some are traditional themes, and others are way over the top, but after all this is Dallas, so who would expect any less? Details are available on the web at HPVillage.com. Prestonwood Baptist Church (6801 West Park Blvd., Plano, Texas) presents their annual Dallas Christmas Festival. This spectacular show is close to a Broadway performance with 1000 people involved in the cast, crew and production teams. The annual program is stunning and features a live 70-piece orchestra, and lasts for two-and-a-half hours. Each year there are usually multiple performances of the program, many of which have featured live camels and other animals, and as well as winged angels descending on wires perched high above the audience. Programs have been known to sell out early. Visit Prestonwood.org for details on performances and tickets. For years, the Dallas Cowboys have played a game every Thanksgiving Day since 1978, and a number of classic matches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well. This season America’s Team battles the Miami Dolphins on Thanksgiving and their division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, on December 24. Check DallasCowboys.com for ticket information. NorthPark Center (8687 North Central Expressway) is home to a host of seasonal events every December including performances by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Children Chorus of Greater Dallas, visits and portraits with Santa and special story time set-ups for kids. There are puppet performances, SPCA pet adoptions, singers, musicians, and dancers, as well as Camp Gingerbread, a holiday bake sale and an annual exhibit known as the Trains at NorthPark. Details are online at NorthParkCenter.com


This exclusive underground destination is steeped in modern luxury. The ambiance is pure Moulin Rouge with giant bronze mirrors providing ample reflective surfaces for the chic splashes of gold, silver and copper luxuriously illuminated by crystal chandeliers. Entertainment ranges from notable DJs to live jazz and burlesque performances. 1530 Main Street Dallas, TX 75201 214.261.4501 www.pmnightlifelounge.com


The hosts who brought you Blackfriar, Idle Rich and The Old Monk have conjured up yet another pub-style joint in Uptown. Featuring a casual, comfortable space Renfield’s serves up traditional craft brews, quality house drinks, a modest sandwich menu and weekly live music. 2603A Routh Street (@ McKinney) Dallas, TX 75201 214.397.0300 www.renfieldscorner.com

Texan Station

Nary your average sports bar, Texan Station is the Mecca for sporting enthusiasts and feverish fans alike. Forget the two high-energy bars, vast selection of brews and cocktails and some of Texas’ best BBQ, this sports bar on steroids boasts a 32’ high, 52’ wide high definition screen showcasing every sporting event imaginable. 1501 Gaylord Trail Grapevine, TX 76051 817.778.2215 www.gaylordhotels.com/texan-home


Located in the middle of the thriving New Henderson Entertainment District, this cozy wine room is the vision of two East-Dallas based brothers whose passion for the vine spurred their devotion to this casual vino pub. Veritas features an ever-evolving list of 350 labels of wine, Texas cheeses, Texas meats and Texas chocolates. 2323 North Henderson Avenue Suite 103 Dallas, Texas 75206 214.841.9463 www.veritaswinedallas.com


With 24 beers on tap, a huge patio, killer bar food, and vintage arcade games & skeeball, the fun never stops at this eccentric local watering hole. While you’re there, be sure to check out Giant Jenga, Barcadia’s larger than life adaptation to the original unsteadily fun game. 1917 North Henderson Avenue Dallas, Texas 75206 214.821.7300 www.barcadiadallas.com

Capitol Pub

This neighborhood tavern dishes out creatively inspired food and an extensive drink selection. A relaxed pub-vibe with plenty of screens for sports; it’s also a favorite venue for local musicians. Patio and indoor seating provide lots of people-watching opportunities. 2401 North Henderson Avenue Dallas, Texas 75206 214.887.9330 www.capitolpubdallas.com

McSwiggan’s Irish Pub

Located in the heart of the Austin Ranch Apartment Community, McSwiggan’s is the unofficial Boston pub of Dallas. Perfect any time of the day, the kitchen brings a taste of Ireland to Texas while the eclectic list of bottled and draught beers is sure to gratify any thirsty visitor. 6910 Windhaven Parkway, Suite 105 The Colony, TX 75056 972-820-0688 www.mcswiggansirishpub.com

The Old Monk

Located on historic Henderson Avenue, The Monk is unquestionably a rising star in Dallas. A novel interior is finished out with classic pub pieces including lights from a monastery in Pennsylvania. An extensive draught selection lets your taste buds tour Europe while you enjoy great pub fare. 2847 North Henderson Avenue Dallas, Texas 75206 214.821.1880‎ www.oldmonkdallas.com


A meeting ran long, your flight was cancelled and you are stranded in Dallas on New Year’s Eve (this year it falls on a Saturday). You lucky dog. Local restaurants, nightclubs, concert halls and public spaces have been known to throw some of the most memorable celebrations around. From elaborate and elegant, to casual and fantastically fun, Dallas does New Year’s Eve right. If you are looking for the appropriate spot to belt out “Auld Lang Syne” with friends or business associates, or maybe just a quiet corner for an intimate toast, how about this short list of big possibilities: Big D NYE is Dallas’ version of a Time Square-styled party, the largest such event in the state staged around the city’s gleaming Victory Park development, on the edge of Dallas’ Uptown district. Join 30 to 40 thousand of your closest friends for bands performing on two stages, a live television show syndicated around the Southwest and a traditional countdown followed by what promoters bill as the largest fireworks display in Texas that would dazzle even the most jaded New Yorker. Check BigDNYE.com for more information.

House of Blues (214-978–2583), Billy Bob’s Texas (817-624-7117), The Granada Theater (214-824-9933), Poor David’s Pub (214-565-1295), the Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie (972-647-5700) and more. Ring in 2012 with From Moscow to Vienna, a European style concert that features waltzes, overtures and light-hearted classics performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra at the stunning Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center (2301 Flora Street). Ticket information is online at DallasSymphony.com or call Toll Free (888)-676-7790. For a “see-and-be-seen” experience in the fashionable Uptown area go stargazing at Hotel ZaZa (2332 Leonard Street, 214-468-8399), catch a cool jazz jam at Sambuca (2120 McKinney Avenue, 214-744-0820) or step inside the ultra hip Candleroom (5039 Willis Avenue, 214-370-4155). Call ahead for reservations.

If you are in the mood for a professional sporting event, the NHL’s Dallas Stars schedule an end-of-the-year game at the American Airlines Center every season. The Stars are 7-4-2 on New Year’s Eve since moving to the Dallas market in 1993. Local fans love their Stanley Cup winning team, and never more than on December 31. Details are available at DallasStars.com

Maybe a room with a dazzling view high above the fray is your preference? Try the chic Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck perched high above the city in the venerable Reunion Tower (300 Reunion Boulevard East, (214-7415560). Another spot with a wonderful view of the city lights is Nana (2201 North Stemmons Freeway, 214-306-5977), which also features an excellent culinary experience located on the 27th floor of the Hilton Anatole. And there is always the Ghost Bar on the top floor of the W Hotel (2440 Victory Park Lane, 214-720-9919) for stylish nightlife with a hip twist.

Check out the variety of concerts featuring top selling artists expected at various North Texas music venues large, medium and intimate.

Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve 2011, if you’re in Dallas, you’re in the right place.

Take a short drive west to Fort Worth’s favorite hot spot! More than just a street, West 7th is an experience . . . shopping, night life, dining, movies, fashion, bowling and more! Plus, West 7th is mere steps from Fort Worth’s world-class Cultural District museums, including the Amon Carter Museum, the Kimbell Art Museum, the Museum of Science and History along with the Modern Art Museum, as well as the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Use your Smartphone to scan the QR Code below and discover the West 7th difference! Brownstone Lucky Strike Lanes Movie Tavern Teskey’s Uptown Hacienda San Miguel Flirt Boutique Terra Mediterranean Grill Reads Jewelers FIG Designers ... and more!

West-7th.com Located at the southeast corner of West 7th Street and University Drive in Fort Worth

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If you think Dallas is all beer and BBQ, think again. The area is chock full of terrific spots that specialize in wine, and some of our favorites are in close proximity to downtown. The following is a short, albeit memorable list for Dallas wine lovers’ directories. Cheers!



Vino 100

3636 McKinney Avenue

3699 McKinney Avenue

2909 McKinney Avenue

Load up your swipe card and sample from about 50 different varieties of wine at this high tech salon. It’s a trendy little space in the West Village section of town that is also a retail outlet. Browse and purchase from a selection of over 700 wines, as well as beers from all over the world.

Whether in tasting flights or by the glass, this West Village café features atmosphere that is as cozy as it is comfortable. Bottles of wine surround you from floor to ceiling in plush surroundings. Servers are knowledgeable about the 30 or more wines served by the glass, or the more than 350 labels in stock. Cuisine is also good, and includes interesting cheese flights and wine-friendly appetizers.

Good wine and romantic nights go hand in hand at this swanky little bar located in the Uptown section of Dallas. Friends gather after work and on weekend evenings outside on the shady patio, or inside to relax, munch on light appetizers and sample a wine list that includes 100 selections for $25 or less. It is chic, upscale and a lot of fun.

Times Ten Cellars

Veritas Wine Room

St. Martin’s Wine Bistro

6324 Prospect Avenue

2323 North Henderson Avenue

3020 Greenville Avenue

One of the area’s most intriguing wineries features a Dallas and a Fort Worth location. Step inside the relaxed facility with its famous tasting room/ lounge, a patio setting perfect for afternoons and evenings plus live jazz performances, select art shows and wood fired pizza nights.

The owners refer to it as “neighborhood friendly,” and we couldn’t agree more. Warm, and casual, the east Dallas venue features a variety of 350 wines, including 20-plus by the glass, accented by a scrumptious selection of Texas cheeses, meats and chocolates.

If you are in the mood for intimate, romantic and relaxed elegance, you are headed in the right direction. Built in 1925, this quaint locale is a Dallas favorite that features French cuisine and an extensive wine list. Located in the heart of one of the city’s most eclectic regions, it is said to be Dallas’ original wine bistro.


Right Size Paradise THE DUNMORE - HARBOUR ISLAND, BAHAMAS WRITTEN BY dave muscari PHOTOGRAPHY perry joseph

Good things come in small packages, which is certainly the case of my favorite new southern seaside destination: The Dunmore on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Located on the north end of Eleuthera, Harbour Island is an enchanting 3-mile by half-mile stretch of beach, and a rare experience for the senses. Historians call the century old seafaring town â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cape Cod with palm trees,â&#x20AC;? however I found it to be so much more. Legend has it that Christopher Columbus stopped here on his way to the West Indies. Today, The Dunmore is nothing less than the jewel of the Islands. With its lacquered white wood punctuated by soothing pink and sea foam green pastels, trimmed in a black and white motif, The Dunmore atmosphere is magical. Perched above dunes speckled in manicured vegetation, the 16 guest accommodations are exclusive, luxurious and satisfying. 94



All feature deluxe bath accommodations, plus state-of-theart electronics and Wi-Fi connections. “There are hotels on the Island,” a local wedding planner told me. “But there is nothing like The Dunmore,” she smiled. The cottage-style rooms feature views of pristine beaches and palm trees, gently swaying in the Bahamian breeze. Perfect for a beguiling seaside afternoon or the beginnings of a romantic evening adventure. Sunlight dances across the cool, turquoise tides that flow towards the legendary beach with a mesmerizing pink tint, forming an ideal backdrop for carefree days and nights. It is the perfect combination of relaxation and recreation. For example, sporty sensibilities will fall in love with The Dunmore’s up-to-date selection of water toys including paddle boards and kayaks. There is also the best in personal gym equipment available in an open-air fitness facility, which is centered around a lovely pool atmosphere beneath tall palms with clusters of coconuts. The staff is warm and inviting, many with long histories on the Island, and broad smiles that are forever the order of the day. The restaurant offers fresh, locally grown produce, and an emphasis on the treasures of the sea are a singular experience at every meal. From the Red Snapper, sautéed Grouper and, of course, never ending Conch-influenced dishes, a Bahamian favorite, seafood aficionados delight in the assortment and the inventiveness of the cuisine at The Dunmore. The bar is open for business, always attentive and relaxed. It features cocktail favorites such as the popular Goombay Smash, Kalik beer and the Dunmore’s signature drink, the Rooster, and fine wines from an extensive collection. Beyond the assortment of luxuries and amenities, the people, cuisine and the first-class accommodations, is perhaps my favorite feature of them all: the unforgettable sunrise and sunset at The Dunmore. It is as though the sun is smiling across the dunes each morning and afternoon, shedding its golden light on luscious waters, an extraordinary piece of Bahamian imagery I shall cherish forever. A limited number of pristine ocean view home sites will be available for sale. Call for details.

The Dunmore - Harbour Island, Bahamas Toll Free 877 - 891 - 3100 www.dunmorebeach.com




giddyup Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always fun to experience the true character of Fort Worth. Discover the culinary delights of this city by dining at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel.

1300 Houston Street 817.535.6664 omnifortworthhotel.com 8 | Fort Worth Hotel Magazine



More than 500 years separate the cobbled lanes of colonial jewel San Miguel de Allende and newly opened Hotel Matilda’s edgy, artsy environment. But together they are the perfect complement for an exciting and inspiring getaway. The entire old center of San Miguel is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The spectacular colonial architecture and Old World charm, from iconic bell towers and ornate churches to splashing fountains, remain virtually unchanged from the days of Spanish rule. Visitors are immersed in this colonial theme at every hotel here – except Hotel Matilda, where today’s lifestyle is celebrated. Innovative twists on the latest trends give the boutique hotel its own distinct buzz. In the sophisticated scene with a cool, casual vibe and subtle service from an attentive staff, visitors from Mexico City sample the Red Mole Rack of Lamb, 98



Weekenders from Texas experience the Turkish-style hammam and expatriates (thousands live here because of the tranquil lifestyle and ideal climate) sip artisanal tequilas. The clean-lined, contemporary decor feels distinctly like an art gallery – and it is art, dazzling and dramatic works, that set the tone. The hotel’s collection includes several very large sculptures, that define and frame the pubic areas where they are installed, by some of Mexico’s hottest contemporary artists. The Suites are a study in refined living with 400-thread-count linens, plush robes, wet bars, Malin + Goetz bath amenities and a terrace to take in the dramatic skyline and rainbow sunsets. Latin American and Classic Continental cooking have been reinvented with imaginative new combinations. It’s a menu of intensely flavorful, irresistible surprises, from Grilled Romaine Hearts with orange caper and anchovy vinaigrette to Red Snapper Veracruzana with caramelized onion polenta. Sexy Bar Matilda is the hot new spot in town known for its special concoctions. The Margarita tasting – prickly pear, guava and tamarindo – is the talk of San Miguel.

Spa Matilda – the only spa in Mexico named to Conde Nast Traveler’s 2011 Hot List – is an intimate haven of comfort and sophistication. The completely personalized spa experience includes custom-mixed products from the Apothecary of natural ingredients. Minutes away, Spa en Vivo offers mineralrich thermal springs and sublime spa experiences in beautiful nature. With Hotel Matilda’s location in the heart of the old center, the sights and pleasures of San Miguel are just steps away. Have a drink in one of the cafes around El Jardin, the leafy main square, taking in the hawkers, bands playing and one of San Miguel’s numerous festivals (they all take place here, or at least pass by). On Saturday nights, a dazzling light show emblazons the parish church that looks like it was designed by a Disney animator. There are numerous art galleries and fantastic shopping, particularly handicrafts and antiques – don’t miss the Artisans Market or the more upscale boutiques and artists’ studios at La Aurora. After a lively day of shopping and sightseeing, it’s a delight to return to Hotel Matilda to relax and enjoy the comforts of the new world. 855-MATILDA (855-628-4532) www.hotelmatilda.com DALLAS HOTEL MAGAZINE







The Tides Riviera Maya PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO Set on the turquoise waters of the warm Caribbean and immersed in a lush jungle ambiance, The Tides Riviera Maya is a serene hideaway where guests are pampered with the most personalized service and every luxury amenity. Located near the popular beach destination of Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s an all-villa, award-winning resort – and it’s about to get much better. A major renovation is underway that will significantly expand the resort’s facilities as well as refresh and enhance all of the existing villas and public areas. The improvements will bring an elevated and enriched guest experience that will bring guests back again and again for more. The Tides will emerge from the revamp in December 2011 with 11 additional private luxury villas, for a total of 41 villas, including the first oceanfront villas and ocean-view villas. Private plunge pools, large bathrooms with deep soaking tubs, outdoor showers and individual front entrances with foyers will be among the special features of the new villas. The epicurean scene at the resort will be much tastier and diverse with the addition of a new wood-burning grill restaurant by the sand called the Playa Grill. An ocean-view loft will be the romantic new setting for La Marea, the fine dining restaurant serving “Mayaterranean” cuisine that combines contemporary interpretations of Mediterranean and Mayan culinary traditions. Chill out with a favorite beverage and snack, and maybe a good book, in the ‘Library.’ The new lounge will evoke the residential feel of a luxurious living room, with comfortable and intimate seating areas. At the new gym, guests will enjoy the latest workout equipment as well as a variety of classes, from yoga and pilates to strength training. A more welcoming and dramatic sense of arrival is being created with a new entrance, motor court and reception area. There will be much more at The Tides Riviera Maya for guests to enjoy when the new resort is unveiled near the end of this year – but everything that guests love about the resort and have made it such a popular retreat, from the relaxed and intimate atmosphere to the unique services and amenities, will remain unchanged. Guests will continue to enjoy the Mayan Blessing on arrival, releasing them from their cares and worries; the Mayan healing techniques and traditions that infuse every aspect of the spa experience; the pier where they sunbathe, have massages, savor romantic dinners, and are picked up for snorkeling, diving and other excursions; the “dine anywhere, anytime” policy allowing them to choose when and where they dine 24 hours a day; the plush day beds for relaxing by the sugary white sands, and strolling the miles of beautiful beach along the spectacular Riviera Maya coast. (866) 332-1672. reservations@tidesrivieramaya.com. www.tidesrivieramaya.com




Ranked “Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Upscale Hotel Chains” by J.D. Power and Associates

Flexible meeting space. In a dazzling downtown location.

Omni understands The Omni Austin Downtown Hotel offers everything you need for a sensational event. Including 20,000+ square feet of function space. Amazing culinary options. 375 luxurious rooms. Plus, a central location close to the convention center, the State Capitol and the lively Sixth Street entertainment district. Call today to learn about special offers. 512-476-3700 omnihotels.com

Omni Hotels received the highest numerical score among upscale hotels in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2010 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index StudySM. Study based on

fromHotel 53,174Magazine guests measuring 15 upscale hotels and measures opinions of guests who stayed in a hotel May 2009–June 2010. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and 8 |responses Fort Worth perceptions of consumers surveyed June 2009–June 2010. Your experiences may vary. Visit jdpower.com. ©2011 Omni Hotels & Resorts

Arizona Biltmore


You better watch out – or you’ll be taken by surprise at how incredibly festive celebrating the holidays in the desert can be. In the storied setting of the Arizona Biltmore, the spirit of the season blankets the historic resort like the snow you’ll be leaving behind back home. The lobby’s famous gold-leaf ceiling glitters with 120 lit starbursts, while three 18-foot-tall Christmas trees are decorated with white lights, holiday ornaments and ribbons of crimson and gold. The 60-foot tree at the front entrance is decorated with more than 2,000 lights and 250 ornaments. Gingerbread is everywhere – including a variety of large, colorful houses created by local architects & pastry chefs and a complete village looped by chugging trains. Drop a letter to Santa in the bright red mailbox and Macy’s will make a donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Enjoy Holiday Afternoon Tea, Sunset Marshmallow Roasts, Snowy Movies (holiday movie screenings with a snowy finale), lighting of the Menorah, holiday cooking classes, Holiday Craft Tent for the kids, carol singing, Story Time with Mrs. Claus with hot chocolate and cookies, gourmet holiday dinners, special holiday spa treatments, and more. ‘Tis the season to be jolly at the Arizona Biltmore, a Waldorf Astoria Resort.

Holiday rates star ting at just


2400 East Missouri

Phoenix, AZ 85016


199 *


* B a s e d o n a v a i l a b i l t y, r a t e d o e s n o t i n c l u d e t a xe s o r d a i l y re s o r t c h a rge. O f fe r v a l i d t h r u Ja nu a r y 3 , 2 0 1 2 .



WRITTEN BY john mccaa

Having been raised in a military family, I have lived in other states and other countries…places well known for the kindness and hospitality of their citizens. But I must confess I have never lived anywhere in which individuals gave more to help strangers than North Texans. It is as if we are filled with people who at one time in their life had nothing, Now, with a little bit of “something,” but remembering the “nothing,” they want no child, no family to experience it. Not a week goes by that I do not think about the local woman I once met who had delivered food for Meals on Wheels. She believed it was her mission in life to help the homebound who did not have the financial resources to be completely independent. Each week she would fill her personal car with servings prepared by Meals and Wheels, and deliver them to a list of clients. She did it without pay or any expectation of even a single thank you. She just believed it was the right thing to do. That is a noble calling for anyone but in her case it was extra special because she was, without a doubt, in worse financial shape than any of the people she was serving. The dilapidated car in which she delivered the meals was in terrible shape. I am not sure how or if it passed state safety inspection. The roof, walls and doors of her home did little to keep out the bitter cold of winter or the blistering heat of the Texas summer. Twenty years have passed since then but I believe she was working at the time, and I recall she barely had enough to make ends meet. In addition, although all of her children were grown and gone, one of them had died and left behind at least one grandchild who this woman had taken in and raised with all the love and compassion of a true Texas grandmother. She loved every person to whom she delivered meals and made them feel her love, even if their own family might have forgotten them. As we followed her, not a one of the families she delivered meals

to had any indication that they were much better off financially than this Good Samaritan who came weekly to their door. We followed her for a full day and our news story about her aired on a Thanksgiving Day. It detailed for our viewers the very special gift this woman provided to each person she helped despite the outward appearance that she had nothing to give. The day after Thanksgiving, the phone at my desk rang early. This same woman was calling to ask about the strangers who were gathering outside her home; men and women she never knew, and had never met. The fellow North Texans who had started to knock on her front door early that day with offers to repair her roof, fix her door and to patch the holes in her walls. She wanted to know if it was a trick. They were there with cars and clothing, money and food, wanting nothing in return except to say thank you. I drove to her Mansfield home, southwest of Dallas, and saw it for myself. And it was all true. The sound of hammers and saws filled the air. Construction workers looked like ants pouring all over her house. The old car she used to deliver her clients’ meals was being replaced with one that was much improved. She was overwhelmed, and so was I. People give so much in North Texas, I believe, because there are no “strangers” here. Certainly, with a regional population stretching into the millions there are people with whom we are not personally familiar but the stories and struggles of people truly in need are recognizable in our own lives. Having stumbled ourselves from time to time, we all seem to know the value of encouragement in a difficult hour. So other states and nations may top us in the natural beauty of their topography or the mildness of their climate. But here it is the people who make the difference, who allow us to say with some sense of satisfaction that we don’t just “exist” in Texas… we live here.

John McCaa is an award winning journalist and popular news anchor at WFAA-TV (Channel 8), Dallas-Fort Worth’s ABC affiliate, where he has worked since 1984. If you have a special Dallas experience or story to share, we would be pleased to read it, and consider printing it in our magazine. Email your story to our publisher, Pete Northway at pete@dallashotelmagazine.com.




Lisa Blue and Stephen F. Malouf Texas Monthly Magazine Super Lawyers and D-Magazine Best in Dallas



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Dallas Hotel Magazine - Fall/Holiday 2011  

The Fall/Holiday 2011 issue of Dallas Hotel Magazine.

Dallas Hotel Magazine - Fall/Holiday 2011  

The Fall/Holiday 2011 issue of Dallas Hotel Magazine.