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An Urban Marketplace Takes Flight in Aurora By Monica Parpal Stockbridge

few local business owners began asking if he would be interested in leasing space inside. Shaker was intrigued. What if he and his partners could transform the deserted building into a place where multiple businesses operated under one roof? Where, instead of solely a beer hall, the building would house an urban marketplace — that time-honored yet trending concept of multiple businesses running in one location? What if people could come for a beer, but also for a cup of coffee, a new pair of shoes, an afternoon yoga class, and imported Italian pasta for dinner, all without leaving the building? This is how the story of Stanley Marketplace took flight.

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n 2014, Mark Shaker wanted to open a beer hall. He wasn’t looking for anything big; just a cozy place in his Stapleton neighborhood, where friends, family and neighbors could hang out and enjoy each other’s company. When he first came across the former Stanley Aviation building in northwest Aurora, on the border of Denver’s Stapleton, Shaker was unconvinced. The 140,000-square-foot warehouse and former aviation equipment plant had stood vacant for nearly a decade, and its 22-acre expanse was far too large for the beer garden he had originally envisioned. Yet, word started to float around that Shaker was looking at the expansive space, and a


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Denver Hotel Magazine - Fall/Holiday 2017/2018  
Denver Hotel Magazine - Fall/Holiday 2017/2018