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12th Annual MotorCops For Kids Toy Run!

November 2013



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Chief's Corner | 3

by Ken Ballard


We Need You!

unday, November 17, is the Twelth There will be tables for pre-registration and Annual MotorCops For Kids Toy Run. registration. Then there are sales of quilt tickets, This event is the culmination of the 50/50, extra door prize tickets, and MotorCops For fundraising we have done all yearlong. Kids merchandise. Since its inception, the toy run has had The entire event is staffed by volunteers. Once we anywhere from 1,000 bikes to 2,600 arrive at the Shrine, Paula “Elmo” Lowrie and her bikes, and we’ve raised crew will handle the door $15,000 to $35,000 prizes and silent auction. annually. As of last year, Lynn Lowrie and I will From the Annual Charter For H.O.G.® Chapters, Article V – Officers we have raised a total of coordinate volunteers and Required Officers $279,500. So, how have we look forward to your Assistant Director: shall be repsonsible for promoting we raised the money? assistance. membership, membership orientation, membership retention, and The Ladies of Harley On the subject of keeping the Chapter members informed of H.O.G.® programs. quilt: Each year, Chapter volunteering, as we come Treasurer: shall be responsible for collecting and disbursing members have collected to the end of the year, Chapter funds, reporting financial transactions to sponsoring dealer bandanas from we have board members’ Dealer/Retailer/Chapter Manager on a monthly basis, compliance across the country and terms expiring on January with all revenue recording and reporting requirements. donated them to for 31, 2014. As you know, Discretionary Officers the quilt. After careful the Board is primarily Activities Officer: assisting and planning and administering consideration, several of composed of volunteers Chapter events. the bandanas are chosen, that strive to provide Webmaster: assembling and organizing materialfor the a theme is developed, and fun and safe activities Chapter web site, social media sites (if applicable), and obtaiing a design is settled upon. for the Chapter. The approval from sponsoring Dealer/Retailer/Chapter Manager before Then the work starts on appointments are for two publication. Chapter web site and social media sites must comply putting the quilt together years beginning February with the H.O.G.® Chapter Internet Guidelines. as the ladies (and quite a 1, 2014 through January few men) take turns stitching it all together. Last 31, 2016. These positions are: Assistant Director, year, for the first time, we sold all 3,000 tickets Treasurer, Activities Officer, and Webmaster. leaving some out in the cold without a ticket. This Serving on the Board is a rewarding experience, and year, we’re going for 5,000. If you haven’t gotten your if you are interested in serving one of the most active ticket, don’t wait; We’ve got them for sale. Already H.O.G. chapters, please email me so we can set up an have a ticket? Why not improve your odds and get a interview. Our plans are to announce the new Board few more? And, it’s tax-deductible. members at the January 11, 2014 Chapter Meeting. We’ve also had Keno Nights this year at Cindy In closing, I want to wish all my brothers and sisters “Raven” Marshall’s house to help with fundraising. in arms a Happy Veteran’s Day, and for those serving How do we pull off this event? Volunteers are key to today, a wish they all remain safe as they stand their the day. When the bikes first arrive, we have to stage post, protect the skies above, guard our shores and them for the run. Steve Yeater, Road Captains, and a oceans, especially those plying the deep. Please take host of volunteers will manage the parking. We will the time to honor our veterans. For me personally, it have rovers in the parking lot and at the tables with the was an honor and pleasure to serve. release forms. Steve “Paw Paw” Scott and volunteers Ken Ballard MMC(SS), USN, Ret. will be running pedestrian games at the staging area. Director

Officer Duties

4 | Lynn's Letter

by Lynn Lowrie


Ride to Eat

here are few things we like more than taking a great ride to enjoy a great meal somewhere away from home. We all love to eat lunch at that roadside barbecue shack that everyone raves about, and the longer the road trip, the more important it becomes to fuel our bodies properly and keep our health on track. What should you eat while on that road trip when you’re gone for several days or weeks at a time? Let’s start with getting going in the a. m. and go forward through the day from there. Breakfast: Choose high-fiber foods, like whole fruits (instead of juice), oatmeal, or a veggie omelet. Have wheat toast instead of doughnuts or pancakes. Stay away from high-sugar foods in the morning, because while they can improve your mood initially, they leave you feeling tired. You need to be wide awake when the throttle is open. Good sources of protein in the morning are boiled eggs or yogurt. Whole grain breakfast cereal with skim or low-fat milk is another good option while on the road. A protein bar can be an adequate substitute for breakfast meal if it doesn’t contain a lot

of sugar or calories. A breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich is better than a sweet roll. Lunch: After a few hours of riding it’s time to put some heathier nutrients in your gas tank. Order a salad and some soup to fill you up. These normally have healthier ingredients, and then you can go easy on the more calorie-dense main entree. You should eat 6-9 servings of vegetables a day even away from home. Go easy on the fried stuff as that’s where all the fat is hiding. Choose lean meats, whole grains, and as many vegetables as you can. Dinner: After a long day, nothing feels better then to relax around a table with your riding buddies and talk about the ride so far. Choose a healthy entree such as grilled fish or chicken. You can have a steak, but order a smaller portion size, and don’t load up the potato with lots of butter and sour cream. Keep the veggies coming, and feel free to enjoy one slice of the bread they bring to the table. Even pizza can be a good choice, just order the thin crust and add extra vegetables instead of extra cheese. Thanks for all you do, Lynn Lowrie Assistant Director

Ride to Slow Bone, October 20

             

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musings from the duck pond | 7

by Ken “Papa Duck” Kennerly

MotorCops For Kids


A Brief History

reetings and welcome to you from the Duck Pond. As we are entering the season of toy runs, I want to give everyone a little background on a toy run that is a big part of your Chapter — the MotorCops For Kids Toy Run which, this year, will be on Sunday, November 17. Are you aware that the Dallas H.O.G. Chapter is a major partner and sponsor of this toy run? Do you know that, without our involvement, it would not be possible for it to continue bringing support and help to both our local residents in need and the patients who are recovering from burn injuries at the Shriners Hospital in Galveston, Texas? If you are not familiar with it, the hospital provides acute, reconstructive, and rehabilitative care for any child with burns and other skin conditions. This mission is carried out without regard to race, color, creed, sex or sect, disability, national origin, or ability of a patient or family to pay. In other words, care is provided without charge. So what is our part, and how did we become involved in the support of this organization? In 2002, Steve Dye, a Garland Police Department motorcycle officer at the time, came up with the idea to host a toy run for the community. He knew that the involvement of bikers was the key partnership he needed to make this endeavor a success. So he contacted Dallas Harley-Davidson, who put him in contact with then-Chapter Director Jerry Patterson. A partnership was formed with the Garland Police Department, Dallas Harley-Davidson, the Dallas Texas H.O.G. Chapter, and the Hella Shrine to establish the MotorCops for Kids charity and its annual toy run. The first toy run was held in 2002. Every year since then, we have successfully raised money for the hospital, collected toys for the patients and needy families in our community, and brought thousands of bikers together to share in one of the safest escorted toy runs in the state. MotorCops for Kids has been a huge success. In the past eleven years, we have raised a total of $279,500.00 for the Shriners Hospital for Children, collected almost 12,000 toys, and had almost 19,000 motorcycles join in the annual ride. So where does this money come from? A large portion of it is collected through pre-registration for the toy run and,

on the day of the toy run, through onsite registration, sales of toy run merchandise and donations by the participants. We, as a Chapter, also hold year-round activities to help raise the money the Chapter donates to the Hospital through many different events including, but not limited to, the following: Denise Hefner’s Ice Cream Run, Cindy Marshall’s Keno Nights, annual garage sale, L.O.H. quilt raffle, specifically identified 50/50 from dinner rides, sponsorships, Christmas gift wrapping and Santa photos, bike raffles, progressive dinners, and donations. Where does the money go? When we first began our talks with the hospital, it was agreed that all money raised and donated by MotorCops would go directly to the needs of the patients, daily incidentals, long term equipment and aids, and anything to help them recover during their stay at the hospital. No funds were to ever be used for building funds, maintenance, or painting the parking lot. And so it has remained. Our toy run has progressed and grown these past eleven years and will continue to bring help to those in need with your support and participation. MotorCops is now a 501 C (3) organization, meaning your donations are tax deductible. With Steve Dye now being the Chief of the Grand Prairie Police Department, we gain exposure and support across the metroplex. In 2011, we were recognized by the Shriners Hospital with a plaque in their main lobby after we reached the milestone of total donations in excess of $250,000.00. This is all possible only with your support. So whether you make donations to MotorCops or work as a volunteer at the various activities throughout the year or on the day of the toy run, we thank you. It is your toy run and your active participation is what makes it happen. Thanks to everyone for their help. If you have any questions about the toy run or maybe becoming a sponsor, please feel free to contact me at any time throughout the upcoming year. Thanks and see you November 17. I look forward to getting to visit with you at our next get together… Till next time remember, It’s not the destination, it’s the journey! Ken “Papa Duck” Kennerly Communications Officer

8 | ride pics

Dinner Ride to Wings Over Seagoville, October 17

ride pics | 9

Dinner Ride to Hurricane Grill & Wings, October 3

NOVEMBER 11, 2013

Visit Dallas Harley-Davidson速 between now and November 9, 2013 to sign our flag to be shipped to Fort Hood and receive a commemorative sticker.

Left: D.H.O.G. Director Ken Ballard Right: D.H.O.G. Assistant Director Lynn Lowrie

The Garland & Grand Prairie Police Departments and the Dallas, Texas Chapter Harley Owners Group Present

The 12th Annual Pins For First 500 Entries Obstacle Course Silent Auction Food Raffle Prizes All Bikes Welcome!

MotorCops For Kids Toy Run Sunday, November 17, 2013 at Dallas Harley-Davidson 1334 W. Centerville Rd., Garland, TX 75041

Registration: 10:00AM - 12:00PM Parade Leaves 1:30PM

Bike Games (with trophies)

Shriner Clowns Police Demos A NEW, unwrapped toy or cash donation is required to participate in the parade and attend events.

Parade Route: The toy run will end at the Hella Shrine Temple located in Garland on Rowlett Road @ Roan Road. The toy run will be police escorted. Pre-registration begins September at Dallas Harley-Davidson at $10 per person. Proceeds benefit the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Money and toys will also be collected at the Grand Prairie and Garland Police Stations and other designated locations. All donations are tax deductible. For more information, contact Jerry Patterson at 972-270-3962 or visit MotorCops for Kids is a non-profit organization designed to raise toys and money for children in need.

12 | Ride Calendar



2013 Tuesday



Friday 1

2 9:30 a.m. Lee’s Pizza (James/Kerry)


9 11:00 a.m. New Members Mtg

All rides leave Dallas Harley-Davidson, 1334 Centerville Rd, Garland, at time listed. Changes will be posted on the D.H.O.G. hotline 972-354-0538. Per the National Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters: (1) Closed events are those chapter events which are open to chapter members and one guest per member. (2) Member events are events that are open only to H.O.G. members. (3) Open events are those chapter events which are open to chapter members, National H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.

3 9:00 a.m. Moore’s Store (Steve S/Ken K)




7 7:00 p.m. Siciliano’s A Taste of Italy (Mike/Steve S)


12:00 p.m. Chapter Mtg 1:00 p.m. Lunch Ride TBD

10 9:00 a.m. Huck’s Catfish (Don/Mike)


17 All Day 12th Annual MotorCops for Kids Toy Run



24 9:00 a.m. Rocket Cafe (Mark/Barry)





14 7:00 p.m. Meteor Hamburgers (Bruce/Don)

15 7:00 p.m. KENO at Cindy’s


21 7:00 p.m. Main Street Cafe (Kerry/Bruce)




16 7:30 a.m. Applebee’s 11:00 a.m. MotorCops for Kids Pre-Party

29 9:00 a.m. Jungle Burgers/ Natchitoches, LA Happy Thanksgiving Christmas Lights No ride Overnighter (Steve Y)

23 9:00 a.m. Jaxx Gourmet Burgers (Steve Y/James)

30 All Day Blacker Saturday All Day Natchitoches, LA Christmas Lights Overnighter (Steve Y)

Ride Calendar | 13

november 2013 — RIDE TO EAT! saturday, November 2 Lee’s pizza 8329 SH 34 Scurry, TX 972-452-3832

Thursday, November 21 Main Street Cafe 627 W Main St. Garland, TX 214-703-0210

Sunday, November 3 Moore’s Store 1551 FM 279 Ben Wheeler, TX 903-833-5100

Saturday, November 23 Jaxx Gourmet Burgers 10 Clarksville St. Paris, TX 903-739-2955

Thursday, November 7 Siciliano’s A Taste of Italy 2210 W Buckingham Garland, TX 972-276-8913

Sunday, November 24 Rocket Cafe 5790 FM 813 Waxahachie, TX 972-617-8634

Sunday, November 10 Huck’s Catfish 2811 Trail Dr. Denison, TX 903-337-0033

Thursday, November 28 Happy Thanksgiving No Ride

Thursday, November 14 Meteor Hamburgers Wylie, TX 972-442-3825 Saturday, November 16 Applebee’s 687 E I-30 Rockwall, TX 972-772-5227 MotorCops for Kids Pre-Party Dallas H-D Sunday, November 17 12th Annual MotorCops for Kids Toy Run Dallas H-D

Saturday, November 29 Jungle Burgers 5420 I-30 Greenville, TX 903-455-8777 Saturday, Nov. 29 - Sunday, Nov. 30 Christmas Lights Overnighter Natchitoches, LA Saturday, November 30 Blacker Saturday Dallas H-D Per the National Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters 1. Closed events are those chapter events which are open to chapter members and one guest per member. 2. Member events are events that are open only to H.O.G. members. 3. Open events are those chapter events which are open to chapter members, National H. O. G. members and other guests as desired. All rides end at the destination listed on the calendar. The ride leaders and local/national HOG assume no responsibility for the ride beyond the destination listed.

14 | ride pics

Ride to Babe’s Chicken, October 10

Fit, Function & Performance

staff spotlight | 15

by Aaron Kelly

Are Your Shocks Right for You?


his month, I’d like to talk about a misunderstood part of the motorcycle: suspension. Most of the talk about suspension around the dealership revolve around the changing of the motorcycle’s ride height to accommodate ease of reaching the ground. This is easily accomplished with shorter shocks in the rear (longer for us Softail people). The lower you make the motorcycle the greater the potential for a rougher ride quality. For example, if you look at dirt bikes which are designed to travel over uneven terrain, you will notice they have very tall shocks for that reason. Most of your ride height can be changed with the rear shocks. Ride dynamics do not usually allow for the lowering of the front of the motorcycle without first lowering the rear of the motorcycle. Now, on to the main purpose of our suspension: ride quality. You motorcycle’s suspension has two main functions: compression and rebound damping. Compression is when you go over a bump in the road causing your shocks to squeeze together or compress. If you have extra weight on the bike, your shocks may not be strong enough or react fast enough to absorb all the energy causing them to “bottom out” which is that sudden thump or jolt you feel transmitted through your spine. You can adjust the stiffness of the compression with a “preload” adjustment on the spring (or via air pressure on most of the Touring bikes). This quick adjustment is a convenient way of keeping your ride quality when you have sudden weight changes (adding a passenger

or extra luggage). Rebound is the opposite travel the shock makes after it is compressed. How is rebound important? Let’s say you are in a nice curve on the highway when you hit a bump unexpectedly. That bump has caused your tire to bounce off the ground. Having good rebound damping will help get that tire safely back on the pavement and you in control of the motorcycle. There are many shocks on the market to help you get that perfect ride height and quality you are striving for. There are heavier-duty shocks to handle more weight (I changed my front fork suspension to a heavier duty to accommodate my drag style handlebars since I am in a forward riding position), faster reacting shocks for increased aggressive riding style confidence, and even air ride-height adjustable shocks allowing you to have lower seat height confidence when you are around town, and taller riding comfort when you are on the road via an onboard air compressor. For you Harley Touring chassis riders, you can install the Harley-Davidson Premium Shocks which divide compression and rebound damping to one shock each (compression on the right and rebound on the left) which allows them to have a more focused job increasing the ride quality. Finally, do not forget to follow the required service intervals for replacing your front fork oil. With suspension, you never know what you had, until you get it back! Aaron Kelly Chrome Consultant Dallas Harley-Davidson

Thomas Barnes Customers that have called Dallas Harley-Davidson recently have most likely been greeted and helped by Thomas or one of his employees in the Business Development Center. In fact they might have been the ones calling whether about expiring warranties or just following up after a purchase or service. Thomas started in sales back in February, and since then, has put his skills to good use in driving positive customer experiences in the BDC.

Upgrade lighting for the longer nights ahead. While having been on two wheels most of his life — including dirt bikes, scooters, and motorcycles — Thomas has finally found a home at Dallas Harley-Davidson. His favorite ride is hard to compete with: renting a bike in Milan, Italy and riding to St. Moritz, Switzerland. And now he gets to have more fun working in a “giant toy store” all day long. Thomas’ advice for riders in the upcoming months is to upgrade lighting for the longer nights ahead to stay safe and visible.




DALLASHD.COM 972-270-3962


d.h.o.g. membership renewal | 17 It’s time to renew your D.H.O.G. membership! Membership is $20 per calendar year (January 1 - December 31). Checks should be made out to D.H.O.G. If you have bought a new bike from the dealership, you are given the first year of National membership fee and the remainder of the calendar for the local chapter. If there is a spouse, the associate membership of $20 will be your responsibility and should be addressed with the H.O.G. organization. Fill out this form and return it to the shop along with your membership fee. CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT FORM AND RELEASE CHAPTER NAME MEMBER NAME ADDRESS CITY






I have read the Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters and hereby agree to abide by it as a member of this dealer sponsored chapter. I recognize that while this Chapter is chartered with H.O.G., it remains a separate, independent entity solely responsible for its actions. - THIS IS A RELEASE, READ BEFORE SIGNING -

I agree that the Sponsoring Dealer, Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), Harley-Davidson, Inc., HarleyDavidson Motor Company, my Chapter and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents (hereinafter, the “RELEASED PARTIES” ) shall not be liable or responsible for injury to me (including paralysis or death) or damage to my property occurring during any H.O.G. or H.O.G. chapter activities and resulting from acts or omissions occurring during the performance of the duties of the Released Parties, even where the damage or injury is caused by negligence (except willful neglect). I understand and agree that all H.O.G. members and their guests participate voluntarily and at their own risk in all H.O.G. activities and I assume all risks of injury and damage arising out of the conduct of such activities. I release and hold the “RELEASED PARTIES” harmless from any injury or loss to my person or property which may result from my participation in H.O.G. activities and EVENT(S). I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS MEANS THAT I AGREE NOT TO SUE THE “RELEASED PARTIES” FOR ANY INJURY OR RESULTING DAMAGE TO MYSELF OR MY PROPERTY ARISING FROM, OR IN CONNECTION WITH, THE PERFORMANCE OF THEIR CHAPTER DUTIES IN SPONSORING, PLANNING OR CONDUCTING SAID EVENT(S). WAIVER OF RIGHTS UNDER STATE STATUTES

I further agree to waive all benefits flowing from any state statute which would negate or limit the scope of this Release and Indemnification Agreement including, but not limited to, Section 1542 of the California Civil Code which provides: “A general release does not extend to the claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known to him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor.” By signing this Release, I certify that I have read this Release and fully understand it and that I am not relying on any statements or representations made by the “RELEASED PARTIES” . MEMBER SIGNATURE




(Dues not to exceed maximum amount prescribed in, “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters”, as contained in the H.O.G. Chapter Handbook.)


MEMREL.DOC (Rev. 11/04)

18 | party pics

4th Annual Blood, Sweat & Gears Bike Build, Dallas H-D, October 19

party pics | 19

13th Annual Ronnie Lerma Car and Motorcycle Show, Dallas H-D, October 19

20 | new members

Welcome D.H.O.G. Family to the

Thanks for buying a new bike or becoming a new member!

The Dallas H.O.G. Chapter is looking forward to meeting you! Please plan on joining us for a new members meeting on the first Saturday of the month. Immediately following, we would be happy to have you join us for the chapter meeting. One of our Road Captains will also have a ride in the afternoon following both meetings. We would love to have you there! Come meet us and find out how we got our motto: Ride to Eat!

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chapter board | 21

2013 Board Members Director Ken Ballard................................(214) 794-5634.................................... Assistant Director Lynn Lowrie..........(972) Treasurer Wendy Yeater .......................(214) 288-6840 ....................... Secretary Paula Lowrie .........................(972) 977-3268 Activities Officer Steve Scott . ..........(214) L.O.H. Officer Darla Webster.................(972) Editor Valerie Wong..................................(972) 270-3962............ Web Master Bruce Robison ................(972) 489-2479 . ........................ Communications Ken Kennerly..........(214) 384-6400................ Safety/Head Road Capt James Pate...(903) Road Captain Don Terasaki..................(214) Road Captain Kerry Turner ..................(469) 487-6092 . Road Captain Steve Yeater .................(214) 288-3502 Road Captain Barry Miller.....................(214) 793-7675................................ Road Captain Mark Holloway..............(469) 688-2139................ Road Captain Michael Savage............(972) Dealer Rep. Sean Steimel ....................(972) 270-3962 . Dallas Harley-Davidson Ltd. ................(972) 270-3962

Website: User ID: dallashog Password: ride2eat Hotline number: (972) 354-0538 Your Board Members are here to assist. They work hard to make your Chapter the best it can be. Please remember to thank them and if you should have any questions or suggestions, please let them know.

SALES DEPARTMENT MATT MILES Sales Manager - MY BIKE 2012 Club Custom FAVORITE THING ABOUT DALLAS H-D Working in an area I’m passionate about and being a part of making dreams come true BEST RIDE Three Twisted Sisters ADVICE TO NEW OWNERS Relax, be safe, and RIDE!

ABOUT THE SALES DEPARTMENT The Sales Department is one of the best areas in the dealership because we get to enjoy seeing customers obtain their dream bike. More than likely, you will have heard one of our team members ask “what kind of riding do you do or are you planning on doing?” This is because our job is to assist in providing the best solution to your needs as a Harley-Davidson owner. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of motorcycles, both new and used, so that you can choose your perfect ride!

SERVICE DEPARTMENT KRISTIN DRAVES Service Manager - MY BIKE 2012 Road Glide FAVORITE THING ABOUT DALLAS H-D Sharing people’s connections to their bike, whether it be their first bike, a new bike, or a bike they are making their own with Parts & Accessories upgrades BEST RIDE The H-D 110th Anniversary Ride to Milwaukee ADVICE TO NEW OWNERS Get comfortable on it, and then get on it! Get comfortable in your own neighborhood, on roads you know, and as that comfort level increases, take longer rides and enjoy.

ABOUT THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT The Service Department is the circulatory system of the dealership — the blood flow. But from the customer’s perspective, we are the Pediatric Ward, as we are taking care of their “babies.” We keep in mind that each customer’s primary concern is his or her bike. At any given time we can have up to 100 “primary concerns” in our care. Our job is to find the balance to give each one the attention it demands. Whether it’s a repair, WE TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR RIDE!

HOW TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Making an appointment is easy. The best way is to complete the service request form on and we can save you time by having most of the check-in questions answered. Another option is to call 972-270-3962 and ask to speak with one of our Service Advisors. The check-in process will take about 10 to 15 minutes so we can be certain we are addressing all of your concerns as well as notify you about some of the H-D products that may enhance YOUR ride.

EXTENDED WARRANTY INFORMATION One of the best products from Harley-Davidson is the ability to add an extended warranty to your bike at just about any time in your ownership. If you have any questions about coverage, please contact Kristin Draves, a Service Advisor, or a Finance Manager in Sales for more info. Beyond the warranty - the possibilities are nearly endless to make your ride, YOURS. Whether it is performance, appearance, or a combination of both, we are here to help you stamp the final four letters into your V.I.N. — “M-I-N-E.”

PARTS & ACCESSORIES DEREK BISHOP Parts Manager - MY BIKE 2008 Dyna Lowrider FAVORITE THING ABOUT DALLAS H-D I love meeting and interacting with such a wide variety of motorcycle enthusiasts. BEST RIDE California’s Pacific Coast Highway ADVICE TO NEW OWNERS Keep your Harley-Davidson in top shape by staying on top of your scheduled maintenances. ABOUT THE PARTS DEPARTMENT The Parts Department carries everything you would want to add to your bike. Harley-Davidson is well known for having the most accessories and interchangeable parts when compared to any other motorcycle brand, and we keep most of them stocked daily. On our walls and shelves, you’ll find anything from drain plug o-rings to a full exhaust swap, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for performance, comfort, style, fit, or function, we have it all and will happily assist you with picking out the best products for your Harley-Davidson. HOW TO PLACE A SPECIAL ORDER stock. We have thousands of parts on our shelves, but if we don’t have it, we can get it. Come talk to one of our helpful Parts & Accessories associates about customizing your bike to fit your style.

GENERAL MERCHANDISE KATHY KIRK General Merchandise Manager - MY BIKE 2002 Dyna Lowrider FAVORITE THING ABOUT DALLAS H-D Our customers are amazing and fun people, and they love to ride! BEST RIDE From Dallas, Texas to Sante Fe, New Mexico and back, following the Turquoise Trail and visiting the Sandia Mountains ADVICE TO NEW OWNERS Have fun!

ABOUT THE GENERAL MERCHANDISE DEPARTMENT The General Merchandise Department encompasses more than just apparel — we are your source for helmets, jackets, boots, shirts, jewelry, gifts, barware, protective gear, and so much more. At Dallas Harley-Davidson, we strive to constantly ensure that you have the latest styles and best quality selection of Genuine HarleyDavidson Apparel and Merchandise available.

GETTING THE RIGHT FIT, THE FIRST TIME One of the most important goals of the General Merchandise Department is getting you into authentic Harley-Davidson gear that fits you like a glove. Our trained associates specialize in helmet, boot, jacket, and chap fittings. We will help you find the right fit and fashion to suit your needs or help you find the perfect gift for the special Harley enthusiast in your life. You can also see one of our knowledgeable General Merchandise Associates for more information regarding the riding gear that would be most suitable for your riding style and Harley-Davidson casual wear for everyday life!

Dallas, Texas Chapter 1869

1334 W. Centerville Rd. Garland, TX 75040 Sponsor: Dallas Harley-Davidson

Pig Tales - November 2013  

Dallas H.O.G. Chapter Monthly Newsletter - November 2013

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