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Service Is Our Difference Archer is a global oilfield service company specializing in drilling and well completion and production services. Every one of our employees knows our mission—put safety, service quality, integrity and hard work first. Combine this unyielding commitment to customer service with our customized solutions, proven technology and over 40 years of experience working efficiently and safely, and we are a partner that you can always rely on. We Are Archer.

Corporate Profile Archer is a global oilfield service company specializing in drilling and well services. Our difference is rooted in our experience, service quality, innovation, and focus on safety. We listen to our customers, and through our core values, we help them produce oil and gas, efficiently, profitably and safely. With more than 40 years’ experience, over 8,000 specialist employees, and operations in 118 countries, we have the strength and depth to support your operations.

NAM Focus Archer specializes in providing drilling, completion and production products and services related to the North America unconventional shale basins and offshore Gulf of Mexico. Through these specialized services we help maximize production by allowing more efficient access to the wellbore and ensure delivery of highly productive, safe and reliable wells. Cost effectiveness and operations efficiency is necessary in the development of unconventional shale basins. Archer delivers a comprehensive and specialized offering of products and services needed to for achieving economic shale development. From frac valves and directional drilling to pressure pumping, coiled tubing and wireline, Archer has what you need to get the most out of every well.

Directional Drilling Archer directional drilling utilizes proven technology and techniques in all facets of our drilling operations in order to deliver the highest level of service to our customers. Whether operating in a conventional basin or an unconventional shale play, Archer’s combination of regionalized operational expertise and customized engineering solutions, delivers superior well integrity and reliable drilling solutions, efficiently and safely. Pressure Pumping Our technology driven pressure pumping services are designed to optimize the recovery of hydrocarbon reserves and maintain optimal flow for producing wells. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring safe, successful well completions that deliver maximum productivity. We are dedicated to providing well stimulation solutions for the unconventional operations of today. We provide hydraulic fracturing of horizontal and vertical oil and natural gas wells, which is our core business. We match the right treatment with the particular reservoir’s characteristics and the customer’s objectives. Through hydraulic fracturing, we are able to increase the conductivity of an oil or gas-producing zone to the wellbore, thus greatly increasing the recovery of that reservoir. AWC Frac Valves AWC, part of Archer, is the only gate valve supplier that manufactures and services their valves entirely in the USA. At AWC, we have capitalized on our extensive experience to ensure our products represent the latest generation of ball-screw valve technology. Our valves are widely used by specialized well-control companies and are the preferred valves of many demanding shale-play operators. Over 4,000 AWC valves have been deployed during the last 10 years and we currently supply several hundred valves to operators internationally throughout North America, South America, the Middle East and the North Sea. Wireline Archer is a leading brand in the well intervention market and offers a full range of wireline and cased hole investigation services throughout the well lifecycle. The Wireline intervention team has expertise gained through decades of operational experience; one of the industry’s most advanced fleets of slick line and electric line conveyance packages; a comprehensive suite of intervention and diagnostic services, and the support of a research and development team committed to keeping Archer’s technology ahead of the competition. Not only does that powerful combination enable us to deliver the wide range of cased hole and open hole services our client’s need; we deliver consistently exceeding industry benchmarks for safety, reliability and efficiency. Coiled Tubing Great White, part of Archer, provides coiled tubing packages, flow back support and pumping equipment designed to increase production and treat well corrosion that would otherwise hinder the flow of oil and gas. Our multi-skilled professionals are dedicated to providing customers with the reliable service and technical expertise to deliver a cost-effective, safe and successful completion of the coiled tubing intervention. Our state-of-the-art equipment undergoes the most stringent maintenance processes in the industry and includes coiled tubing units for land work ranging from 1 1/4” to 2 3/8”. Nitrogen Built on the latest nitrogen pump technology and industry leading service reliability, Great White’s nitrogen services are capable of improving almost every aspect of well operations. Available are heat recovery units capable of pumping and heating the nitrogen efficiently from 200 scfm to 6000 scfm at pressures up to 10,000 psi without an open flame. Several direct fired units are capable of 17,000 scfm with pressure up to 15,000 psi. A fleet of nitrogen transports with diesel powered transfer pumps ensures a large supply of liquid nitrogen for these pump units. Experienced personal ensure reliable and safe operation of these nitrogen units. Snubbing & Hydraulic Workover Great White, part of Archer, has one of the largest fleets of rig assist space saver and “mini” snubbing units currently working throughout the United States. Through operational efficiency, integrity and industry expertise, Great White has established itself as one of the industry leaders in hydraulic workover and snubbing operations. Well Control Great White’s team of well control specialist have tackled local, off-shore and international jobs ranging from fires and blowouts, to hot tapping and gate valve drilling under pressure and H2S, to freeze jobs and surface pressure control situations. Great White Well Control is a fully integrated well control company, providing in emergency blowout response, pressure control equipment, firefighting, snubbing, well control and relief well engineering, freeze services and gate-valve drilling.

Offshore Focus Well Integrity The integrity of a well relies on the collective integrity of a large number of components and sub-systems. Well integrity is concerned with the safe and reliable containment of all well fluids throughout the life of a well, including after decommissioning. Archer recognizes how invaluable diagnostics services are for operators; we have assembled a range of technologies designed to combat well integrity challenges, to extend well life, maximize well performance, and minimize environmental impact. Our well integrity portfolio addresses three key challenges: annulus integrity, well suspension and integrity diagnostics. Survey & Inspection Archer provides multi-disciplined survey and inspection teams to international drilling contractors and operators within the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry. Our aim is to carry out comprehensive asset management verification to enable our customers to maximize the return on their investments. With bases located in the United States, Brazil, UK, Singapore and Western Australia, we deliver total solutions that focus on helping to reduce operating costs, overcome challenges and unlock the hidden potential of your asset. Our multi-disciplined inspection teams offer asset integrity, management support, and predictive and preventive support services.

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We Are Archer.

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