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Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Now it can be...

Welcome to Second Life. Offering you a space in the Metaverse. Let’s look around...

Residents Logged-In During Last 7 Days = 566,398 Residents Logged-In During Last 30 Days = 1,000,776 In May 16 2009, Second Life has 27,483 regions of 256 x 256 meters (about 14.5 acres per region) LAND SALES... Month = August 2009 Total Square Meters Sold by Residents = 139,621,184 Avg L$ Paid Per Square Meter = 0.9230 Total paid in U.S. $ = $429,567.00 Money Supply in Linden Dollars = $6.5 Billion ($217 Million US) $144,000,000.00 traded in 2nd Qtr this year (Guardian News) $24M/Mo. or $800K/day or $33K/hr. Virtual Goods To Reach $1 Billion In 2009 Enterprises will create dress codes for avatars InfoWorld University Of Texas Moving Into Second Life InformationWeek Second Life's virtual economy over $500M a year Second Life's users have spent more than a billion hours in the virtual world VentureBeat

Sampling of Universities in Second Life

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Hundreds of leading universities and school systems around the world use Second Life as a vibrant part of their educational programs. Linden Lab works enthusiastically with education organizations to familiarize them with the benefits of virtual worlds, connect them with educational peers active in Second Life, and showcase their in-world projects and communities. A large, active education community—with hundreds of K-12 and higher education members—are engaged in Second Life. The Open University, Harvard, Texas State, and Stanford are just a few of the many universities that have set up virtual campuses where students can meet, attend classes, and create content together.

Virtual Environments Enable New Models of Learning

1 The Australian Film TV and Radio School 2 Digital Worlds Institute (University of Florida) 3 Drexel University 4 Edinburgh University (aka The University of Edinburgh) 5 Elon University 6 Emory University 7 Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture, University of Houston 8 Great Northern Way Campus - Centre for Digital Media 9 Hong Kong Polytechnic University 10 Huddersfield University 11 Idaho State University 12 International Business (IB) 13 Ithaca College, Roy H. Park School of Communication 14 Leeds Metropolitan University (West Yorkshire, UK) 15 Link Campus University (Rome, Italy) 16 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 17 Nottingham University 18 Ohio Learning Network 19 Ohio University 20 Polytechnic University (Brooklyn, NY) 21 Saint Leo University (Tampa, FL) 22 St. John's University, New York 23 The University of Idaho 24 University of Southern California 25 University of Notre Dame 26 Vassar College 27 Virginia Tech

Sampling of Universities in Second Life

Collaborative Environments Time-to-Adoption according to 2009 Horizon Report: One Year or Less Collaborative environments are virtual workplaces where students and teachers can communicate, share information, and work together. A growing emphasis on collaboration in education — and an increasing recognition that collaboration is the norm in many modern workplaces — has led more teachers to seek tools to facilitate group interaction and teamwork in their classes. Online spaces designed to support groups of students working together take many forms, from relatively simple tools that lend themselves to multiple simultaneous authors all the way up to full-fledged classroom environments in both the flat web and the 3D world of virtual environments. Collaborative environments provide the means for students to work with peers both local and distant, practice creative teamwork, and develop peer relationships. 2009 K12 Horizon Report, p9.

Sampling of Universities in Second Life

“The real innovation in SL clinical simulations is that they bring people together in a clinical space—you are standing next to an avatar who is a real patient, and the doctor avatar to your right is a resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and the nurse to your left is at the University of Pennsylvania hospital,” says John Lester, the Education and Healthcare Market Developer at Linden Labs, the company that created Second Life. SL can also give students greater access to experts in a field. “If there’s an expert in Brussels who is a specialist in a procedure that I want to teach my students, I can bring him or her into the virtual space to train them,” Lester says. by Melissa Lafsky published online July 16, 2009


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Learning in SL... What are the possibilities? • Constructivist • Connectivist • Immersive • Creative • Creating social media policy • Professional Development •?


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Referenced URLs... Excellent intro video at Current stats Google Maps of SL Info on Teen SL title=Second_Life:_Educators_Working_with_Teens Schools in SL Education related landmarks Videos and Machinima 6 mins about Edutopia 6 mins about PD from ISTE Search youtube for education in SL +education&search_type=&aq=f Issues about VLEs

Second Life in Education  

Brief intro to Second Life for educators.

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