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Comprehensive use of the pomegranate. Winter 2011-2012 / nº4

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dallant news NEW pRoDUCTS

Pomegranate PLUS Pomegranate is well consolidated in western markets due to the widespread recognition of its valuable health properties, especially its high antioxidant and antiinflammatory capacities, which have led to consider it a superfruit. At Dallant we are experts in pomegranate, having been pioneers in its study, transformation and application in a wide variety of food and beverages. Our know-how and expertise is now embodied in the concept pomegranate plus, an innovative proposal that fulfills our R & D work on pomegranate through a comprehensive approach. The holistic concept of pomegranate plus brings together all the benefits of this fruit in a single product, a puree or compound, depending on the final application. Working with all parts of the fruit (grains, seeds and skin), we combine all its ingredients (juice, oil, skin ...) and enhance their synergy in order to optimize their healthful properties and maximize their functional potential. Among the developments with pomegranate, pomegranate plus is the most ambitious, modern and innovative answer while considering the axes of naturalness, health, sensory experience and sustainability. Thus, we can provide the maximum added value from pomegranate to those food and beverage brands that want to claim differentiation in terms of health and functionality, while defending a premium positioning.

Energy drinks have grown steadily since its introduction in the European market in 1987 and still have a long road ahead. There is now an opportunity to develop the market with the launch of variants that respond to current consumer demands.



Among the new trends, the most important are naturalness and the search for new healthier options. As a result, natural ingredients such as juices and extracts are being included, because their properties and nutritional composition contribute to provide the same level of stimulation and energy, but in a healthier way.

To meet this goal, Dallant presents its new proposals for energy drinks with juice, in an attractive assortment of fruit flavours, with more natural taste profiles, providing new amazing sensory experiences. These new developments bring access to new consumers, both young and adult, as well as allow for new consumption moments, beyond nightlife. These drinks are also an option for convenience and snacking, which satisfy the energy needs of people with a rush lifestyle and an active attitude.


dallant news NEW pRoDUCTS

DAIRY BASES We have renewed and completed our range of bases for the production of cream liqueurs. Since our origins, Dallant has been a reference supplier of flavorings for liqueurs and spirits. Recently, our know-how in this field has been strengthened as we have renewed and completed our range of bases for the production of cream liqueurs. A set of innovative developments and references of proven success are offered as an extensive range of dairy bases, covering all the needs of liqueur manufacturers. The best solution comes from a successful combination of the following factors: origin and fat content, alcohol content, the source of alcohol (neutral or alcoholates of rum, brandy, wine, distillates...), body, density, pH, water content and solids content.

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Thus, we provide neutral bases made from dairy cream base, which are creamier and those that confer an increased body and sensory richness to the drink. On the other hand, our bases made with vegetable fat are lighter and their taste is smoother, while allowing more competitive formulations. Both types of bases are available in acidic or neutral pH, according to the characteristics desired in the final drink, as well as to the type of flavor desired, either warmer (Irish cream, coffee, caramel, chocolate ...) or cooler (piña colada, tropical , coconut ...).

In any case, our dairy bases result in a unique soft and creamy texture, which is always appreciated even by the most demanding palates, contributing to the full enjoyment of the consumer when he/she relaxes, closes his/her eyes and sips a delicious glass of liquor.



dallant news DALLANT TODAY

NEW DALLANT WEBSITE We are pleased to introduce you the new Dallant website, with its new image, more modern, dynamic and smarter, showing the evolution of the company in recent years. Highlights from the new website are its functionality and ease of navigation, facilitating the understanding of our extensive portfolio of products and their multiple applications.

Due to our international growth, it was necessary to update our online platform in order to properly display our new organization and market presence, as well as our capabilities in research, creation and innovation.

With this new tool, we step forward and show our commitment to the future: to be a leading company in the international marketplace of flavours and ingredients for food and drinks. We invite you to visit: to enjoy a passionate world of unique sensations.

However, the website’s main objective is to get closer to customers, giving them more value through updated and practical information about our products and company news.

NEW CoRpoRATE IDENTITY We have renewed our Dallant corporate identity parting from our culture and long background, but above all, looking forward to the future. In an increasingly globalized and dynamic market, organizations must constantly adapt if they want to reach a sustainable future. This adaptation can not be superficial, but it must involve deep changes, from the basics. With this goal in mind, we have renewed our Dallant corporate identity parting from our culture and long background, but above all, looking forward to the future.

Our hallmarks are based on our DNA, our values, whose common essence is the balance between social engagement, business ethics and the search for responsible growth. Furthermore, our principles are the pillars of our organization: our people, our products and the projects with our customers.

The result of this conceptual rebirth is fulfilled and reflected in our new mission: the creation of unique, innovative flavours that people can enjoy as part of a healthy diet, by building stable and lasting relationships with our partners.

dallant news DALLANT TODAY


We take full advantage of our deep knowledge of citrus fruits and their derivatives with the update and enlargement of our production facilities in Cítricos de Murcia. The value of this new investment lies in the development and application of clean technologies for the production of concentrated essential oils, with no waste or effluents emissions. Notably, the advanced technological level of this novel process has been included in a patent.

organoleptic quality and particularly rich in shades, giving them great potential in many food and drink applications. This innovation is a clear example that we are engaged to the environment and it reflects our commitment to grow sustainably.

The citrus flavours derived from these essential oils are of the highest

CollABoRATIoN WITH MoRITA IN STEVIA APPLICATIONS In response to the latest trends and developments in our industry, as well as following the recent approval of the use of stevia in the European Union, we communicate our agreement with MoRITA KAKGAKU KoGYo, a Japanese company, pioneer in the production and marketing of stevia, worldwide. This collaboration aims to provide our customers with the appropriate technical solutions to achieve their challenges in both maximizing flavour and reducing sugar and calories content, when formulating with this new natural sweetener. The extensive experience of both companies allows us to advise our clients successfully on the best combination of flavours, sweetness enhancers, stevia derivatives and masking agents. Thus, we ensure getting the desired organoleptic impact on consumers, while providing a clear benefit for their health.






The available data on obesity and overweight in most Western countries are alarming. Due to physical inactivity, the balance between caloric intake and consumption has been definitely broken. Incorrect dietary habits also contribute to increase the problem. Furthermore, cardiovascular diseases linked to hypertension and cholesterol are also wreaking havoc, being their prevention a total priority. All these issues have dramatic consequences for the public health systems. There is much controversy on how to deal with this scenario. People often blame the food industry to be responsible for promoting an unbalanced diet.

Opportunity to step up and innovate in ingredients, formulations, processes and technology.

On the other hand, public organizations, in addition to their sensitization and information campaigns, are debating and taking legal action to discourage using certain ingredients in food and beverages. Many countries are debating the viability of introducing taxes on those products which are high in saturated fats, sugar, sodium or alcohol. Denmark, for example, has pioneered the adoption of a tax surcharging high-saturated fat foods. This matter is too serious to just keep with the controversy, we all must act and we must act now. All parties involved (consumers, government, industry) are responsible to work together to reverse the situation. The food industry should see this challenge as an opportunity to step forward and truly innovate, both in ingredients and formulations as well as in technology and processes. It is the great opportunity to put innovation at the heart of any future strategy. The key drivers are diverse: fat and sugar reduction, high-


intensity sweeteners, more fruit and vegetables, balanced nutritional profiles, naturalness... Every company and every brand will choose their differentiation proposal, though there is a challenge which is common to all.

Communication is a key element, not only for selling in the short-term, but specially to educate consumers and help changing their habits in the medium and long term. It will be vital to be clear, consistent and rigorous, yet creative and, above all, sincere. There is some distrust of health claims and many people think they are not credible anymore, either because people do not understand them, or because there must have been too much overpromise in the past. In addition, EFSA is rejecting many claims in their assessments, tightening the conditions for communicating some health benefits. Therefore, it is essential to be able to deliver the utmost confidence and security to consumers, through honest communication. We are thus in a time when corporate social responsibility (CSR) acquires its full meaning and has a transcendent dimension. We are considering something beyond the economic viability of companies. We are morally obliged both to ensure the good health of the population in the coming years, as well as to guarantee the quality of living of the coming generations. To achieve this goal at Dallant we are firmly committed to fully help our customers improve the nutritional profile of consumer products and to enhance the functionality of food and beverages.

Dallant commitment: Help improve the nutritional profile of consumer products and enhance the functionality of many foods.



stevia approval IN THE EUROPEAN UNION The expected European legislation on the use of steviol glycosides as a sweetener, EU Regulation 1131/2011, entered into force on December 2nd, 2011, following the footsteps of other markets where it was formerly authorized, such as U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Japan and China.

Winter 2011-2012 / nº4

This new law enables the European market players to formulate with a natural and healthy alternative to sugar, stevia, a non-caloric sweetener, obtained from the leaves of the plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, native to South America, whose extracts have a sweetening power 300 times greater than sugar, depending on their composition and degree of purity.

This ingredient allows for the development of new food and beverages with reduced sugar content as well as for the substitution of artificial sweeteners, barely altering the organoleptic profile. In the coming months, it is expected that the European market will be launching hundreds of new product sweetened with stevia, in most categories: soft drinks, juices, yogurts, ice creams, cereals, chocolates, candies and even sauces.


At Dallant we have an in-depth knowledge of this sweetener and its application in the main food and drink categories, thanks to our partnership with Morita (see story on page 5). By evaluating the ingredients’ organoleptic impact on the final product, we offer the best solution and combination of flavors and ingredients to ensure the full enjoyment of taste, while enhancing sweetness and masking aftertaste.

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