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Poetic Embrace Fiordaliza Charles copyright 2012 Fiordaliza Charles Smashbook Edition

DEDICATION To my creator and savior GOD. To the people that worked so hard at published America to make sure that I get my book published again, to my readers whom I appreciate so much. To my mother who always encourages me to do my best. My daughter who always brings out the best in me. My husband who always been a supporter of everything that I do and to my family and friends that have supported me in the making of this book and in life. Thank you all for everything you do for me. I am forever thankful.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, I will like to thank God for giving me the ability to read and write poetry and to you all of the staff members of Publish America for giving me yet another opportunity to be heard and for taking a chance with me again. Very special thanks to my family and friends that asked me to keep writing because, they feel I need to be heard, your support means so much to me. Much love to Father and Mother who love me unconditionally and really helped me to embrace who I've become. Special thanks to all my readers who continue to support me and give me wonderful feedback on my writings each day. I will never forget your words of encouragement. I am specially grateful to my daughter Kadiya whom believes in me and looks up to me and she says I make her want to be a better person because of what I have accomplished here and last but, not least my biggest thank you goes out to my husband who encourages me to do better everyday and assures me that he loves me. I am so blessed to have found you and I love you with all my heart. Fiordaliza Charles

ALONE As I lay here thinking Last night Pondering on how to find my soul a home Where the water's are not for the thirsty and bread is not made of a stone I came up with one thing and I don't believe that I'm wrong That nobody but, nobody can make it out here alone Alone, all alone nobody but, nobody can make it out here alone Give me a reason to live I don’t want to be around anymore I lost everything that I adored Alone, all alone nobody but, nobody can make it out here alone

TIRED OF WAITING I'm tired of waiting, patiently for love To get hurt, once again tired of the bull-crap I get from these lames I need a true friend till the very end Life is so unpredictable When you find yourself in love everything just seems so real but, that is never the deal Now that is over, I have to forget the fun everything that you promised, is now done after all the I love you's all the love we shared is gone I'm tired of wishing, things get better Today, I promise myself I break free and start thinking of me

DON'T UNDERSTAND Why can't you feel my fears why do we grow apart and not near I waste time and all my tears for true love, all of these years Can't you tell, I have a broken heart that my soul has been torn apart why, can't I just forget you Now, that I am feeling blue I feel this pain, like a burning flame I'm going to be alone once again not letting anyone else in my lane I need time to recuperate You don't understand love is not a game I am hurting and you just walk away My life will never be the same

I SEE THE TRUTH I knew it was coming The day I feel my heart was ran over Never through that after all these years you would give me your cold shoulder The ocean is no longer full The sun is no longer shinning The air suddenly became cold I feel the pain through my soul I see the truth A day I wished never came true My best friend turn out to be The one that was untrue I feel so empty and doomed My heart you truly misused For some reason I still love you but, I'm glad that we are through

I'M BACK... I'm back city of sorrow thought I never say that again land of broken promises and no friends greater places I've embraced Giving all nothing in return but, now I am truly happy though everyone else is not to NYC I can always come back Feeling the thrill of the day Hanging out in a familiar place and seeing my New York I will never feel alone again Leaving here was no surprise but, coming back felt so good I left many good things behind now, I'm just glad to be back

SURVIVOR... Having shelter, is not enough to survive but, I bet I can make it work suffering deep inside of my soul can't help it that my stomach groans I put my negative thoughts away in a jar of memory jelly hoping that it dissolves and one day my time will come Striving to do better but, things are getting worst putting my heart away in silent fear trying to hold back these tears I am a survivor, I know I said these words to myself everyday I can't give up on life now I have to do this for my child

NEW YORK CITY What it is to me, simply this A city of hope and dreams ditches, garbage, hearts that are broken within hard workers, who can't afford anything People living mostly in fear In an apartments that are staked out Scared to get wet in this rain Praying the lord takes your soul, if you pass away Mixture of people from different races NYC you can take it a leave it but, you will return for more is just like an addition, that just can't ignore New York City, is for survivors I've been here, fought the war Same old city, just a different day Rain or sunshine, I'm here to stay

MY HEART I wondered where you've gone they told me you went away I wondered, why you left so sudden all my sunny skies turned to gray Thought I would never love this way never thought we've be apart like this But, what did you have to lose? You left me, feeling confused I've told you that I needed you and you made it to a test I just wanted us to be together and build us a happy nest I knew my heart was ready for you that's the reason why I stayed but, I knew that the moment you saw her You would of broken away

I MISS YOU... Reality never set in You were more than a friend to me To you I told all my dark secrets Things I always kept within Now that you no longer here Who do I run to with my fears You the one who understood me When I was draining in tears How am I going to get passed The things that we both went through Now we can't just sit and talk about it Life was taken from you and we parted Knowing that you in a better place keeps me from going insane I wish that you was here so we can become one again

CRUSHED Shattered in pieces, where is my heart I want to love you but, how all you do is run away and leave when I want you to stay The days we spent together you always on your phone I get a little moment of your time and you never drop me a line I think you find excuses not to be with me through the day but, if you want for it to be over that is all you have to say I do not want to lose you I really love you so much It may not mean anything to you but, I don't want to be crushed

QUESTIONS Are you still here ? Waiting for what ? Why don't you leave me ? What are your thoughts Why must I repeat myself? How many times, do I have to tell you? Do you think this is a game? Here, you can no longer stay Why don't you get out of my face? Do you think you can't be replaced? How can you love anyone? After you hurt them this way Do you think I'm yours? Was you to my heart untrue? Can you find someone like me? I'm not coming back to you

NEVER AGAIN The smell of your cologne the hugs that I once owned the way you made love to me now I will never know You used to tell me you adore me now I'm feeling all used you leave me behind like a piece a crap how come treat me like that I waited for you each day with the smell of you still around but, you never came back home where did all the love go The love we shared can not be found It will never be replaced can't you see that I'm the one why do I love so hard

TEARS OF A CLOWN Don't ever think that I'm not hurt every time you leave I want to die but, I will never show it I rather you think I'm alright Don't ever think that I'm not in pain every time we not together I feel I’m going insane but, I will never show you that I rather you think, I'm just drained Don't ever think that I am not sad every time you leave me, I want to cry but, I will never let you see me like that I rather you think, that with out you I will survive Don't ever think that I don't be stress every time you not around I'm a mess but, I will never show that when I am near you I rather you think, that I don't miss you

I AM SCARED TOO I want to love you all over again but, I don't think you want to be loved every time I attempt to, I just get hurt Like you was not sent from above Can you show me the way I want to make it through with you by my side each day despite of what you put me though I know is hard to keep it together my heart is always confused I can't imagine my life with out you but, I am also scared too

PEACE !!! Let's fight for the right reason Let's make a difference in our children life Let's give the world a reason to celebrate Let's take a chance and make things right Let's get together brothers and sisters Let's remember to celebrate life every day Let's make our mothers and fathers proud Let's take our children fears away Let's give people something good to talk about Let's grant our ancestor something to be proud about Let's be grateful for what we have found Let's say "Yes I Can" without a doubt Let's be more specific of what we need Let's show our generation ways to succeed Let's give each other the love we deserve and work on peace down here on earth

A PICTURE It saw a picture, it made me look twice I did not know him from a drop of a dime but, I needed him to be a part of my life can't believe that I met him online He made me believe in every word he said He knew of all the pain, I was trying to erase He said he take care of it and take me afar Away from all the things that have broken my heart I trusted him with all that I know my body could not wait till he came home I felt so incomplete until we spoken last night He was my savior and my only knight He never made me feel insecure He gave me his love and so much more Then one day I realize that it was all a dream and he was just a picture in my computer screen

COME WITH ME I want to take you away to a place where all your pain disappears like a candle that brightens your life I promise to never leave your side I will give you all the things that you deserve No, place that you'll find here on earth let me love you down from here on and completely take over your soul Let me take over your mind to a place where you feel at ease where your body is set free as you reach your final destiny Come with me and be loved to a place filled with many fantasies where there are many pleasures and I can be your hidden treasure

WHATEVER YOU WANT I know that is so sudden my heart for you felt so hard I knew it from the start you was my luck charm I want to do it all over again and again you made the pains go away it hit me like a sunlight's ray that you was here to stay I never want you to leave with you I rather be you are the one sent from above You can have whatever you want

HAPPY Happier then I ever been Joyful and more complete No longer feeling scared You can keep me teddy bear Filled with so much love Memories of us make me smile Feeling like a new born child Knowing that you will be around Thankful that you are here Waited for your love for so many years I am no longer living in fear Pain no longer lives here

LIES Said we be forever but, I know that is not the true How can your love be for real, with all this pain I have consumed You said you love me and you made it seemed like you cared In my heart I took a chance because, I am always scared How can I ever forgive and forget Your love was all that I knew Don't sit around an pretend you love me . Just because, you think I am lonely I don't want to see you ever again not for another other day of my life because, you are the one who broke my heart and all you spoken was lies

UN-BREAK MY HEART I been through enough heartaches The pain needs to go away Can someone please tell me That his love is here to stay I'm tired of being used Left alone and confused Tell me this love is true because, my heart belongs to you My heart can not take it any more My walls are down to the floor I opened up a new door, to let you in my life Are you here to Un-break my heart?

GRANTED... Why am I so confused You say one thing and meant another Why can you be honest with me Tell me you don't want to be bothered I thought you was the one I seen you in my wildest fantasies I always wanted to be yours The one that made you feel complete Why did I give you so many chances We can't keep living a lie Why do you toy with my emotions and want to drop me like a dime I guess you was not ready for love I was not what you really wanted All I needed was for you to be true and the love from you to be granted

M.U.S.I.C M-Music makes my heartache's melt away and forget the pains U-Umbrella for sad tears, as I listen to the melodies of my favorite song S-Songs that I can relate to and reminisce on for years to come I-I listen to my music when I am alone or in the company of who I love C -Could only imagine my life without it, music makes me whole

ONLY YOU Who lies within my soul ? Who makes me feel I am in control? Who makes my body feel at ease? Who makes me feel complete? Who never makes me want to cry? Who makes me feel protected? Who made me realize my goals in life? Who is the one who loves me and the one that I love? Who makes my body unwind ? Who is my favorite guy? Whom don't I never forget to mention? Who knows the answer to these questions? Only You

BE MINES You always outside, I have to start a fight Your friends always come first when are you going to be mines If they always by your side I don't know what you want from me all I ask for some one on one time but, you rather see me going insane like a migraine on my brain You said, you no longer feeling the same maybe we should end things now how can you really want me and you never be around I wanted you in my life forever but, not the way that things are how can you want this forever when you keep breaking my heart

LAY DOWN BESIDE ME Lay down beside me Let me look into your eyes as they make me realize that you will never leave my side Lay down beside me So I can hear your beating heart beating in harmony with mines Telling me that they beat as one Lay down beside me For I long to feel your touch This alone tells me That I am the one you love Lay down beside me and I will lay my head on your chest where my fears melt away And my mind has found it's rest Lay down beside me Lets do a prayer together and together we shall conquer what ever Knowing that we will be forever

WALLS Come down walls Break away from it all I can't keep hiding because, I been hurt by love Come down walls Let me be free Expressing my inner thoughts and, believing in me Come down walls I'm tired of fighting myself I want to be happy and feel the love embrace

DISTANCE LOVE I had a feeling that you were gone your mother, brother and sister too I did not know what to do I wished that this was untrue I went through so much trying to get here couldn't find no where to stay and it made me feel insane I let you go but, It was so hard my heart knew it from the start that you was the man, I should of loved how can I forget you now As life go on, we will probably meet again but, I know that in my dreams you will always be here with me

I WISH YOU THE BEST The grass may look greener on the other side I think you should go take a look I hope that you are right because, I will no longer be waiting and I hope that all your dreams come true because, all you done is made me feel blue Love does not hurt like this and it is never untrue Love makes you feel complete and never abused each and every time we are together you want something new well, I wish you the best because we are through

GET AWAY TRAIN Don't trip on what I have to say but, you need a quick vacation from all the madness inside you and all of these bad temptations Take a day and spend time on yourself not your car and not your friends You need a place to relax where you can leave everything in the past Rejoice in great harmony Sit around and try not to complain Join all your problems in one cloud From a window of a get away train Never look back keep moving forward life is to short to waste on unhappy moments

THE END You made me feel unwanted You made me feel deranged When ever I wanted to be with you Your excuses were always the same I don't know why you feel the need to continue this I wanted us to be together but, not the way it is I think we both can agree we don't feel the same any more I don't have no more to say I just want you to go away Lets end things now and move on our lives will be so much better why can't you see we are not meant and this will not last forever

THE LOVE IS GONE Pain in my heart wont leave my soul hit me so hard I though I was dead In your arms I felt whole Now all I feel is alone why can't you see I am in need What happen to our hopes and dreams I knew that this was to good to be true The moment I said I loved you should of know it was coming from me you were departing I cared for you too much to say this but, I can't do this any more my heart just cant ignore that it don't love you anymore

THE HEART DOES NOT LIE When your heart is no longer ticking at the site of your mate when everything becomes argument you just want to get away You don't want to get involve in anything that they do you feel they are being untrue In all they are saying to you It does not matter what they do It don't bother you any more you don't want them around and to just walk out of the door Emotions are running every where You can't pretend that you care You don't feel anything inside The heart does not lie

LOVE IS Love is patient and never anxious Love is polite and does not fight Love is truthful and does not lie and it never makes you cry Love never let you lose control Love makes you feel whole Love creates excitement Makes you feel like a giant Love is more than happy times Love is taking a risk Love is everything great wrapped up in one Something that you can resist Love is precious Love is always true Love is like everyone in a room but, you only see the one for you

I WISHED FOR YOU Tall but, not too tall Thick but, not too wide Sincere with all he do Someone that I can't deny Mentally like an instrument Always ready to learn giving me pleasure in all we endure and making me always feel secure Someone that knows all my secrets and still accepts me the same proud to be all mines and wants me to be his wife People can see the love in our eyes Our love we cannot hide I wished for you and my dream finally came true

LETTER FROM GOD When everything feels unfamiliar When you fear the unknown When you feel life is gone Because, your body feels cold When you think you cannot make it When your feel like your alone When your tears are all you own I'll be right here all along When you feel you have no friends When you feel like you are not safe When you feel like you are about to lose it I'll be here to save the day When life seems to be get harsh When people turn their backs When you feel lost and confused come to me, I'll be waiting for you

NOTHING LEFT You came to me in a flash Like the memories of my past I had to make it all last make you mines no matter what but, to my surprise you were not mines only came to hurt me inside now all Ido is cry I had to make my tears go dry feeling so empty inside and fearing that I will die now is too late to turn back to the life that I once owned the love we shared is now gone and nothing left to be done

OUR WORLD I was everywhere with my thoughts Like a child inside a sandbox Like a tree missing a branch to grow My life with out you will be so cold I missed you every minute of the hour The moment you walked away I knew I was in trouble I felt your touch and I was in drained What is it about you that I can't resist Is it all in your sensual kiss Or the way you placed me in your arms I feel like a kid eating Lucky Charms I need to have you close to me Taken to a place of ecstasy To a world that is made for only you and me Place me in your heart and never leave

TILL THE DAY, WE MEET AGAIN Seems like yesterday I will pick a fight with you Just to get some f your attention It was all with good intentions I'm still lost with out your smile and I just can't figure it out You used to make me so mad Now, I wish I had that back I will never forget your words I'm yours no matter the wrongs Now I am sitting here wishing you was alive Feeling like I want to die Now that your gone why will I forget all the memories we had together Till the day, we meet again I will treasure them forever

ANGEL OF MINES He was of a pure as the color white he was softer than a dove gave me more than I could imagine like he was sent from above I knew he was the one He will whisper in my ears all the things I wanted to hear and he was around for years How can I ever forget him I know that he is now gone Our love was so profound It was true love, he was the one I wish I could turn back now To a time when the world was ours you was wearing a disguise because, you were an angel of mines

DON'T EVEN BOTHER I saw it with my very own eyes You kissed her and said goodnight I thought you was all mines how can you do me like that You took away a piece of my heart but, you won't give it back love is not for everyone I feel so incomplete and shallow for you a tear I will not drop How can you explain what I saw, for what I don't want to hear it you saying you are sorry, wait until tomorrow what we had is now over and that's that please don't even bother

I AM DONE Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet and so are you yeah right ! you thought I was through I don't want to ever hear from you You gave me all of these clues I just didn't want to see the truth but, now who is feeling blue my heart no longer loves you go cry your crocodile tears I just want you out of here All you did was bring me pain and my love for you was real I am though with all of your lies I am done, goodbye

LET'S PRETEND We own our destiny we can pick the life we want we appear to be happy never complain life is crappy The skies are always blue No rain ever falls You are with the one you love and we never have to fall we get along with our family we co-exist with each other we have many other brothers though they are not from the same mother we never die or become of old age our world is filled with joy and never pain we have everything we desire lets pretend because, that is all we can believe

YOUR NAME I seen you around once or twice and about we spoken with our eyes but, never open our mouths I love the way you walk from far away, I can see the way you talk you hands moving as you arrive I want to be by my side I asked around for you with the description I known they told me you was around but, you are no where to be found Tell me are you going to stop my way let me hear you say it what I want to know is no shame I just want to know your name

ALWAYS & FOREVER A= Apart we will never, ever be L= Lovers we will always remain W= We belong together forever A= Anyone can see we are in love Y= You and me happy as we ought to be S= Saving our hearts for each other indeed & F= Forever will always be O= Offering our love to one another R= Realizing we were meant to be E= Even if we was to ever part V=Valentines will be in our hearts E= Everyday we will feel so special R= Remembering we are each others treasure

GET OUT You think I am always nagging and you are so tired of it You obviously do not know me If you think that you own me You must have just been born With a silver spoon in your mouth Do you know what it is to struggle and really being with out Wake up and smell the coffee before you end up in a bliss I'm tire of your complaining about the old life you had Being alone can be harsh but, I will always adjust that is no doubt Why stick around if your not happy All you have to do is get out

SMILE You seen me smiling from ear to ear, and I was once a wreck why can I forget you and not deal with your mess If I was single I can just mingle I don't need this stress I deserve more than love at is best You say you love me and that you loved me for a while but, the way that you act towards me just brings me tears of a clown Where did my heart go Are you back to hurt me again I just want you to leave now I want to get back my smile

DO YOU STILL CARE? What brought us together also, tore us apart. You always been far Away from my giving heart No one can replace you The cannot compare to what we had, you will always be My shining star Where did it all go ? The love we shared, I look around and you are not there Like you been hiding from a night mare Give me my heart back, if you don't want it Grant me serenity if you dare I need to know, do you still care ?

TENDERNESS Treat me with more respect Let me forget the meaning of the rest I want to feel special in every way Like you once mentioned Please be gentle, oh so gentle I am a little sentimental All I want is to be loved and nurtured Like a queen, dreams off Take good care of my heart Treat me like a woman at her best Like the precious diamond I am with a lot of tenderness

POETIC EMBRACE My poems are like hugs I hope that you enjoyed them all because, I written them just for you and for my life to adjust I am grateful for all of you hope that you stick around because, I need you to express myself somehow Watch our out world, I am not done I'm going to continue giving you more of My poetic heart and the best is yet to come

Poetic Embrace  
Poetic Embrace  

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