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Landscape Before & After (2) By Dezines Dalia Sadany Creations,

About the Designer Dalia Sadany is an Egyptian architect and interior designer with extensive background and experience in Design-Build turnkey solutions. She has been a lifelong advocate of the ancient Master Builder approach to construction where the architect was responsible for the entire project from concept to handover. Following in the tradition of the Master Builder, Dalia Sadany developed a group of partnerships operating under the umbrella of Dezines and management of Dalia Sadany providing full service turnkey solutions to residential and commercial clients. The group consists of Dezines a design house providing architecture, interiors & landscaping design services; DECON a general contractor specialized in high-end interior finishing; and GUSH a bespoke custom furniture designer maker. Quoting from Marcus Vitruvius - the architect who relies solely on theory and ignores the craftsmanship skill of building with his own hands follows "a shadow and not reality."

Before & After Landscape 2  

Landscape Design-Build of luxury home in Egypt by the Egyptian architect and interior designer Dalia Sadany