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Guide to Choosing Your Contractor By Dalia Sadany

Good Contractors are good Project Managers ‌

Key skill sets they should have


Problem Solving



Lookout for clues throughout the selection process 2

Having Rapport with your Contractor is very important You can usually determine that at the first meeting


Be inquisitive in the meeting…

Ask questions about their past projects and clients as well as qualifications and accomplishments

Look at pictures of their previous work to get a sense of their abilities

If possible try to visit past clients’ homes to see the contractor’s work firsthand

Make sure they have done the same work you want done 4

If satisfied ask them to give you a Cost Estimate ‌

Give them the set of plans and specifications prepared by your designer so they all have the same information needed to prepare proper estimates

Make sure to ask them to provide a Construction Schedule and submit everything to you in person to discuss

Doing this will make it easier for you to compare between them later on 5

Get a feel when you get the Estimate ‌

Was the Estimate detailed & prompt? Yes

Good chance their work will also be thorough


A sign of what their work habits will be like

Think Again


How many estimates should I get before making a decision?

Some People prefer to get a number of bids from Contractors before making a decision

Other People prefer one Contractor after the interviews and only ask them to give an estimate

What really matters is that you feel comfortable you have enough adequate information to make the right choice

As a general rule 3 estimates should be sufficient 7

Evaluate and compare the Estimates ‌

Evaluate each estimate - make sure that everything you ask for is included (assume anything not listed is not included in the price)

Compare between them carefully, takes notes and discuss them in detail with each contractor


Points to remember before making your mind …

 Stick with reputable Contractors  Be comfortable with their capabilities  Pricing doesn’t have to be the lowest, but fair and realistic  Don’t jump to the lowest bid … it may be unrealistically low (to just get the job)

When in doubt consult your designer 9

About the Author Dalia Sadany is an Egyptian architect and interior designer with extensive background and experience in Design-Build turnkey solutions. She has been a lifelong advocate of the ancient Master Builder approach to construction. Following in the tradition of the Master Builder, in 2005 Dalia Sadany developed a group of partnerships operating under the umbrella of Dezines and management of Dalia Sadany providing full service turnkey solutions to residential and commercial clients. The group consists of - Dezines a design house providing architecture, interiors & landscaping design services; DECON - a general contractor specialized in high-end interior finishing; and GUSH - a bespoke furniture designer maker. Quoting from Marcus Vitruvius - the architect who relies solely on theory and ignores the craftsmanship skill of building with his own hands follows "a shadow and not reality."


Guide: How to Choose A Contractor  

Practical guide written by Dalia Sadany to help you choose the right contractor to work on your home improvement project

Guide: How to Choose A Contractor  

Practical guide written by Dalia Sadany to help you choose the right contractor to work on your home improvement project