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Ceilings Gallery By Dezines Dalia Sadany Creations, @daliasadany

About the Designer Dalia Sadany is an Egyptian architect and interior designer with extensive background and experience in Design-Build turnkey solutions. She has been a lifelong advocate of the ancient Master Builder approach to construction. Following in the tradition of the Master Builder, in 2005 she developed a group of partnerships operating under the umbrella of Dezines and management of Dalia Sadany providing full service turnkey solutions to residential and commercial clients. The group consists of - Dezines a design house providing architecture, interior design & landscaping design services; DECON - a general contractor specialized in high-end interior finishing; and GUSH - a bespoke furniture designer maker. Quoting from Marcus Vitruvius - the architect who relies solely on theory and ignores the craftsmanship skill of building with his own hands follows "a shadow and not reality."

Dezines Ceiling Designs  

A selection of ceilings part of interior design remodeling projects by Dezines Dalia Sadany Creations.

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