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Dalia Olmos

What Editors I am all about‌ Letter

I'm proud to announce the very first issue of

Dalia Olmos magazine.

I introduce the very first issue of Dalia Olmos magazine. In this article you will uncover the hidden talents of yours truly Dalia Olmos, & what drives me to my passion of Dance and my stride to become a nurse. One of my most important values is the desire to contribute to the greater good. I want to contribute to society in a meaningful way, and give back to others. I want to become a neonatal nurse to aid babies in intensive care while still dancing.

Who I am... I’m the kind of girl that walks with her heart on her sleeves. In which I can easily express in my style of dance. My emotional response usually depends on the situation. I certainly have doubts and worries but these don't dominate my thinking. I also have a broad interest, I am up for new ex-

periences, solutions and values. I don't like routines or fixed patterns. I bore quickly so doing something different is always a must do. I look for social adventure. I always keep promises and expect others to do the same. I apply my own standards, I have a desire to get things done successfully. Besides all these selfish traits of myself I am also very interested in people and their motives.

My Career

Im a girl with a main goal, and that is to be successful in life but enjoying the journey. A higher income is an important pleasure of my success. In my careers of dance and nursing I’d like to aid those in need and still dance my long lived passion within me on the side. I am driven by how I can help others, and how I can improve the world. I want to be independent and be able to make my own decisions, maybe even some day become my own boss.

Future I will make the most out of myself and I will get to the top, I will make my own standards and reach them. I have a strong dedication for all that I do. I also have strong desire to be successful and with my entrepreneurial creativity I'm sure ill get far. Enjoying my life to my full extent dancing and helping others is all I wish in life and ill die a happy girl. Traveling would be fun to but ill squeeze that in later, before I have kids of course. Well bye. : )


this is a project please dont read this it sretarted ... you see cant even spell that right

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