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Celebrating the summers with mango desserts!

Foodies relate to the summer in India as the Mango season. In India, the type of mango varies from shape to size to color. In our country, each state boasts of different varieties of mangoes, all hailed as delicacies. Some are meant to be eaten ripe, while others are best eaten when they're green and raw. Each type of mango is a foodie’s treat with varieties of delicacies. Using mango as the core ingredient various dishes not only sweet but spicy and savory cuisines can be prepared. However the new take by the bakeries and cake shops flourished across cities creating desserts around mango to keep the sweet tooth satisfied. From traditional aam ras or mango shrikand dishes like aam ras or mango shrikand to the fresh and innovative take on mangoes in form of pastries, cakes, cheesecakes, sweets and pies etc.

Various Cake shops in Andheri have started their own new ranges of cakes around the ‘king of the fruits’. From healthy desserts to decadent dishes everyone is trying to create new dishes with mango to satiate all the mango

desire in 3 months of digging. Making it easier for gen-pop options for delivery are also customer- friendly. To speak about these cake shop in Andheri West, they have the exquisite menu on mango sweets from mango cakes, pastries, mango pies, mango cream, soufflĂŠs to mango versions of Indian sweets like mango malai, mango peda, mango halwa etc. all full of flavors are available for take-away and cake delivery in Andheri too. Every year new sweets and desserts are invents inspired from French treat or other cuisines. These new delicacies are so full of flavors and are available for health conscious people with low fat dishes. Even with the new menu of dishes nothing beats the pleasure on biting into a mango. But with the well garnished varieties, it has become almost impossible for people to resist the temptation of these dishes. The traditional dishes yet cooked in the mornings in every household but the new takes are reigning over the hearts of the people with their lavish mouth-watering taste. Every mango season is almost like a festive season, with everyone inventing a new delicacy out of mango using the different flavors of different mangoes. From the small toy ball shaped mango to the big 3kg mango, all with their unique flavors just adding to the taste. With the Mango season now starting, get ready, Throw your diet and savor the taste of mangoes.

Celebrating the summers with mango desserts  

Foodies relate to the summer in India as the Mango season. In India, the type of mango varies from shape to size to color. In our country, e...

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