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===== ===== You can regrow hair naturally, without chemicals or surgery. Find out more at our site: ===== =====

Regrow Hair in 15 Minutes a Day That is the claim, that you can regrow hair naturally in 15 minutes a day, and there are plenty of thrilled users that can back that up. In his popular book about how to regrow hair naturally, Todd Davis describes techniques that will regrow hair and take less than 15 minutes a day to perform. Perhaps more amazing, Todd's methods allow you to regrow hair in weeks! The reason Todd has found for this is that most of you are losing hair because your hair follicles are "trapped and blocked off from vital blood supplies that are needed to nourish their development." In other words, you hair are starving your hair to death. You cannot regrow hair under those conditions. You can regrow most, if not all, of your lost hair by by going after the cause, not the symptom. Chemicals treat the symptom, not the cause. Todd will teach you how to regrow hair without chemicals. (No, that's not Todd in the picture!) ;-)

Why Haven't I Heard I Could Regrow Hair Without the Chemicals or Surgery? Plain and simple? Because chemicals and surgery make companies and surgeons rich! There's no money in you being able to regrow hair naturally. So there is no one to promote the idea. Baldness treatment is a US $1 billion per year industry. The natural method to regrow hair is just not profitable. In males past their early 20s, many want to regrow hair. Indeed, the incidence of balding or pattern hair loss is roughly equivalent to chronological age. Thus, by age 50, roughly half of men experience male pattern baldness (MPB). Beginning in the 1980s, drug therapy has increasingly become a realistic management option for baldness in both men and women, allowing them to regrow hair. Many of these drugs and chemicals are quite effective in helping to regrow hair. Drugs like Minoxidil (Rogaine), Finasteride (Propecia), and Dutasteride (Avodart) became household names. Today, there even more effective compounds available to regrow hair.

So If These Things Work to Regrow Hair, Why Not Use Them? Hey, as I said, many of these do regrow hair, and do it quite effectively. I am not saying not to use them. Most men will do nearly anything to regrow hair. But Rogaine速 will set you back $40 a month, about $500 a year - for life. A hair transplant will cost around $10,000 or so. And the worst thing about them is that if they don't work you don't get your money back. So I'm just saying, if there is a way to regrow hair naturally, (and might I add, much less expensively) why not give it a look? Drugs used to regrow hair also sometimes have side effects associated with them. I am sure you've heard. It would be a shame to have to take a "blue pill" to counteract the effects of a drug used to regrow hair (especially if regrowing the hair help put you in the position of needing the blue pill! ;-)

Do I Really Need to Regrow Hair? Of course not, you only need to regrow hair if you want to. Some guys are fine with thinning hair, or balding. If you are, that's cool. Most people won't say anything about you needing to regrow hair. But you can bet every dollar you have they are thinking it. And let's face it, if you regrow your hair, you are going to be much more confident around people. Todd's simple holistic approach to regrowing your own hair is all there in detailed illustrations and descriptions in the updated ebook How To Naturally Regrow Lost Hair in 15 Minutes a Day. You can try out the techniques to regrow hair immediately while you sit at your computer reading them. He will have you run to to the grocery store and spend less than 15 bucks to buy a few items that will help you regrow hair. You won't spend a dime after that! The book is less than a single month of Rogaine. And the natural approach to regrow hair does not have some of the rather unpleasant side effects sometimes associated with the use of chemicals. So take a look at this natural method to regrow hair. Todd even offers a rock solid guarantee on it. You could be well on your way to regrowing your hair in no time!

===== ===== You can regrow hair naturally, without chemicals or surgery. Find out more at our site: ===== =====

How To Regrow Hair Naturally  

You can regrow hair without chemicals, drugs or surgery. Find out how .