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JOB INTERVIEW 1:The Doctor JACKIE TYLER Did you put the kettle on? DOCTOR There isn't time.If we don't do this interview,this planet, this whole planet will be blown up by the Daleks. JACKIE TYLER There's still time for you to make me a cuppa.Now hop to it! DOCTOR Listen,do you want Rose to die? JACKIE TYLER Leave Rose out of this! DOCTOR She's back on Earth though and if we don't hurry up she and the whole population of Earth will die! JACKIE TYLER(Snarls) I said leave Rose out of this! DOCTOR Don't you remember?The Daleks forced us to do this interview.I think their trying to make us fall out to get rid of the Dalekbusters buisness for good and to leave Earth unprotected while I'm gone. JACKIE TYLER Right,that's it.I've had enough of this. END OF INTERVIEW

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