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Napier Parking – What to expect from driving lessons William Lyons had not originally intended to turn the XK120 into a fully operative car; it was initially supposed to be used as a display vessel for the company’s XK engine. This 6-cylinder engine, which came with a dual overhead camshaft, was considered to be a work of art in its day and the low stress, high torque design appealed to many drivers at the time. To sell the engine, Lyons used the XK120 as a display unit for the engine during the London Motor Show; however people were far more interested in the car than they were in the engine. This is what inspired Lyons to begin production of the Jaguar XK120. The name of the model was based on the fact that the car’s top speed was 120 miles per hour. At this point, this was the fastest car in the world. When the car was released in 1949, it was made with a convertible top; however this feature was eliminated in newer versions of the car. Over the course of the next decade, Jaguar released several different variations of the XK120, including a fixed head coupe and a 2-seater coupe. However it was the original 1949 model which became known as the quintessential classic car, which is still loved by auto-enthusiasts today. Driving lessons can initially seem quite daunting however an experienced instructor will be able to put you at ease. It’s important to remember that the instructor won’t expect you to understand everything at first, or drive on busy roads before you’re ready. Although not essential, it’s usually best for those who are taking driving lessons to have access to a car at home, so that they can practice their driving skills as much as possible, particularly if they already have their provisional license and are hoping to advance to a full license quickly. Practising at home with a licensed adult is a great way to familiarize yourself with the basics, in between the official driving lessons. All standard driving courses will teach students the same basic rules and regulations of the road, however each driving instructor will vary in terms of their teaching style. Most driving instructors will have a dual control car, meaning that if you make a potentially dangerous error whilst driving, they will be able to take control of the vehicle from the passenger seat. There will usually be a pedal brake on their side of the car, so that they can override the brake function on the driver’s side, should they need to. Those who are just learning how to drive can expect their first couple of lessons to be in areas of low traffic, such as an empty car park, or a residential neighborhood Napier Parking. As the student gradually becomes more comfortable driving around other cars, they will advance to areas with higher levels of traffic, such as the motorway, although this will be at the instructor’s discretion. Students will also learn some of the fundamental skills of driving including how to

reverse, merge and parallel park correctly. Additionally, the driver may teach the student some of the aspects of defensive driving, such as how to react in the case of a collision.

What to expect from driving lessons from the Nepier Paking  

Most driving instructors will have a dual control car, meaning that if you make a potentially dangerous error whilst driving, they will be a...

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