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Napier Parking – The story behind the classic car, the Aston Martin DB4 Overheating due to radiator damage is yet another common issue. The radiator of a car can sometimes sustain damage from small bits of debris on the road however more often than not the problem is caused by improper maintenance, which triggers a series of events under the car’s hood which cause components to overheat. If the driver continues to run the car whilst it’s overheating, then the temperatures may be high enough to cause permanent damage to the engine.

Although sometimes unavoidable, driving through water can cause serious engine problems. If the car is driven in flooded conditions, the water can then flow through the car’s intakes. This will prevent the pistons from being able to move properly, and will usually result in a problem called hydro-locking. This will seriously damage the engine, and more often than not, will mean that a new engine will have to be installed. Another potential problem with water damage is a cracked catalytic converter. The converter is a section of the exhaust system, and operates at a very high temperature; if it comes into contact with icy cold water, then the rapid contraction of metal can crack. During times of heavy rain, it’s best to leave your vehicle in car park such as those run by napier parking, rather than on the road when you’re out and about, as this will offer a certain amount of protection from water damage.

Napier Parking – Classical cars, the original Jaguar XK120 Since its humble beginnings in the early 1920’s Jaguar has become one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world. William Walmsley and Sir William Lyons founded the company in Britain. Soon after the company began designing and producing cars, it became clear that this was no ordinary manufacturer. One of the first cars, the SS 100 was a one of a kind model, which unlike other cars from the same era, didn’t need an onboard mechanic to handle the constant engine failures. However, Jaguar

really began to climb to fame when it started working one of the most well known classic cars, the XK120, during the late 1940’s.

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