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T-206 Assignment 3 Transcripts Dale Harper “The Internship” Guy: The first test I, er, took today and it wasn’t all that bad. I thought it was… Girl: Of course, (Guy laughing) remember we had a talk about this, we know what you’re gonna end up with. It’s a solid A for you. Guy: Yeah, hopefully, hopefully an +A. Anything less and I’ll be, emotionally demolished. Girl: Really? Haha. Guy: I don’t know. Girl: It means that much to you? Guy: No, I’m just kidding. Girl: I know. Guy: It wouldn’t happen. Girl: Riiight. I’m working on a scholarship essay right now, actually it’s an internship essay. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the zone. Guy: Alright, I’m only gonna be here for another ten minutes so I won’t interrupt you all that much longer. Girl: Alright. Guy: Where’s that internship? Girl: It’s in Washington DC, contest to…(inaudible)… Guy: Oh really? Girl: Yeah. Guy: Is it like over the summer? Girl: Yes. It’s one of the top twenty places to…(inaudible)… Guy: Really?

Girl: Yeah, I just really want this one. Guy: That would be sweet. Girl: I just really want an internship, so… Guy: It’ll definitely make you more marketable. Girl: We’ll see, that’s what I want, so… Guy: You brought your résumé just to like, sell yourself. Girl: My résumé is pretty squeaky clean. Oh, that’s another class I’m taking, career development. Which is crap. Guy: Is it like, er, one of the c, like class, er, like C-232 or something like that, er like, I don’t know. Girl: It’s D-252, 252. “Thunderstick” Guy 1: One day we played a drinking game called the wine game. Guy 2: Was it…? Guy 1: It’s less complicated then it sounds, haha. The wine game is: you get like a, you put on the song, “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash, which is like a minute and forty seconds long. And you stand in a circle and you have to finish the bottle of wine by the end of the song. Guy 2: (chuckles a bit) A bottle of wine? Guy 1: A bottle of Rosé, haha like big, real big haha. Guy 2: That doesn’t sound too bad. Guy 1: Wha? Have you ever chugged wine? (laughs) Guy 2: (laughing) It’s terrible! Guy 1: It was! Guy 2: Gluh gluh gluh!

Guy 1: I was first and last. I got the worst place. Guy 2: Daaaamn. Guy 1: It’s just funny when they’re just like go, and you start chugging and you just hear, chug chug chug, haha, you’re just like, uh-oh. Guy 2: Haha. Have you ever played um… I don’t’ know what it’s called but it’s like, Thunderstick? Everybody gets a beer… Guy 1: Sounds gay. Guy 2: (laughing) Fuck you. Guy 1: (laughing) Thunderstick? Guy 2: So they play this song, Thunderstick, and it’s like every time they say thunder, you have to start chugging. Guy 1: Thunderstruck? Guy 2: Thunderstruck, yeah. I don’t know what the fuck it’s called. Guy 1: Haha, Thunderstick. Guy 2: I’m not white. Haha Guy 1: (laughing) Thunderstick! Like Lightningballs, haha! Guy 2: Yeah! Haha! Guy 1: (jokingly) It’s not as gay as it sounds, no homo, let’s just play. Both continue to laugh. Guy 2: (jokingly) Best game of all time. Guy 1: (jokingly) No homo, Thunderballs is great. Both continue laughing. Guy 1: Thundershaft haha! Guy 2: (laughing) Best game ever, haha! Guy 1: Bring it!

Guy 2: (laughing) Tsunamisack! Guy 1: Hurricanescrotum. Guy 2: (laughing) Scrotum. Guy 1: (pauses) Guy 2: Thinking of more? Guy 1: Yeah I’m trying to think of something good. (pauses, then bursts into laughing.) Typhoonvulva. Guy 1 & 2 both burst into laughter. Guy 1: That was me cracking up right when that thought hit my head, haha.

The Internsip & Thunderstick  

My transcripts from my third T-206 assignment.