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Two cousins, JERRY and GUY MORETTI, grow up idolizing Quentin Tarantino films, with their favorite being “Pulp Fiction.” These two grow up in crime families in New Jersey and are groomed to be a part of the family business when they become of age. But as fate would have it, these two don’t prove themselves too well and end up working the crappy jobs nobody else in the family wants to do. Such as moving dead bodies, carrying heavy shipment loads, and daily errands for the other gangsters. During one of their weekly Quentin Tarantino movies nights, Guy has an idea. Guy suggests to Jerry that they become hit men, just like Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega. Jerry laughs it off but Guy persists. Guy explains to Jerry that they both have seen the movie hundreds of times and they both are used to dead bodies so killing wouldn’t be a problem. Guy also said that this could rake in some good money and gain them some serious respect. Jerry tells Guy vainly that he’ll sleep on it, thinking this is just a crazy idea of Guy’s. Guy keeps at it constantly, calling Jerry multiple times a day with a new idea for how they become hit men. Jerry finally gives in thinking that the top members of the family will immediately shoot this idea down. Unfortunately for Jerry, the Moretti crime family is a little short on contract killers these days and really does have some problems that need to be dealt with. When the two meet with their UNCLE VINNIE to make their case, they are immediately assigned a job. The hit calls for almost the same scenario in the movie, 3 or 4 guys in an apartment. Only the briefcase with the mysterious contents in replaced with a shipment of cocaine that should have been distributed weeks ago. Jerry actually becomes excited; he and Guy try to approach this just like in the movie. They stay up for nights on end rehearsing how it’ll all go down and what they’ll say. The day comes to carry out the hit and Jerry and Guy both have matching black suits and ties. At first all is going well, they got into the room with the guys thinking that they are willing to cooperate. But then things go south, lines are messed up, the shipment is compromised, Guy takes a bullet to the arm and is caught on a complex surveillance camera.

The two are told by a furious Uncle Vinnie to take a couple days off and lay low for now, he’ll take care of the mess. Only a couple hours later Jerry gets a call to meet with his Uncle. Vinnie explains to him that there is huge potential for him in the family, only there’s one loose end. He needs to take out Guy, since his image on the camera could jeopardize the whole family’s operation. Recognizing his Uncle’s underlying tone that he has no choice, he agrees. Jerry goes to Guy’s apartment and asks him to if he wants to watch Pulp Fiction. They sit on the couch to have one last viewing together. Jerry spends the whole movie clutching his pistol fighting back his emotions. When the end credits roll, Jerry decides he can’t do it and tells Guy to get the hell out of New Jersey and to disappear forever. Guy tells Jerry he can’t do that, and pulls on Jerry and put two in his head. Guy goes to his Uncle Vinnie and tells him that Jerry was taken care of. Vinnie thanks Guy and tells him he can go. As Guy turns to leave Vinnie shoots him in the back. As Guy in on the floor writhing in pain and coughing up blood, Vinnie tells Guy that he really wished that Jerry killed him instead and that they really could’ve used him. Then finishes him off with one to the head. The film closes with Vinnie reaching into his wallet and taking out a photo of Jerry and Guy when they were kids, looking at it, then tossing it into a trashcan.

Polpa Finzione (Treatment)  
Polpa Finzione (Treatment)  

The treatment for T-206 Project 1.