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How Lake Jordan Rules Evolved to Proposed Legislation A lot of folks are not aware of the fact that Dale Swiggett is a native resident of Burlington and that he has recently brought his fight for water quality issues back to his home court. Recently, NC DENR came up w/ the very controversial Lake Jordan Rules w/ a price tag of initially $140+ million dollars that made the Triad area balk. Due to the public outcry, that price tag dropped to $14+ million dollars. The city of Burlington was ready to accept this deal and place yet another burden onto area taxpayers (who are not too happy w/ their current property reevaluations). Dale and the other members of the Environmental Investigation Coalition (EIC) recognized the band aid offered to cover up the root of the problem, which is the common practice of sludge spreading. One of EIC's members, Prof. Don Yelton, has offered up a better alternative called the River Based Basin Incentive program (RBBI). What is the difference between DENR's proposal and Don's option? The fact that his program would actually REWARD taxpayers by providing tax breaks instead of levying yet another unnecessary tax on already stressed out taxpayers. For those of you who are interested in find-

ing out a little bit about Don Yelton's proposal, just go to 1070280903.html to see a synopsis of his plan. Yes, our group sheds light on environmental problems, inadequate policies and the agencies that cost us taxpayers more and give us nothing back in return. But we go one step further - we think outside the box and offer up creative solutions. And a few of our great state's legislators are listening and recognizing the validity of what we are trying to do for all North Carolinians. Waterfront Sportsman and the EIC have given Rep. Cary Allred (Alamance) three different Bills to support and offer up on Jones Street in Raleigh. One is the RBBI plan, another is alerting the general public about the health issues from sludge exposure, and the last is calling for all land transactions to have full environmental disclosure in order to protect unsuspecting consumers. At some point years ago, all deeds featured an environmental disclosure but mysteriously that was eliminated from the real estate transaction process. It's not just that land owners are defaulting on their mortgages due to the downturn of our economy but the fact that their collateral is BAD due to a host of environmental reasons (e.g., subsidence of waterfront property in our coastal counties, sludge adversely affecting property). And for those folks out there who don't know a whole lot about bio-solids, or more commonly known as sludge, just check out a short video clip featuring Nancy Holt. 1083402252.html After all, it is WE the PEOPLE who ultimately pay the price. Everyone in tax dollars, others w/ their health and lives.

committed to all types of waterfront activities for all sportsmen, enthusiasts, and Waterfront isconservationists. As our populations increase, all water sources are threatened. A moderSportsman ate balance is needed in ensure that policies are created to be inclusive and not exclusive. There are strong movements by extreme environmentalists on one side and overdevelopment on the other. They join forces to create an overabundance of policies that fuels an elitist, overcomplicated, impossible to administer, environmentalist development machine with overpriced engineering. This combination is slowly pricing many people out of the recreation equation. We are committed to protecting water quality and promoting quality of life by moderate environmental policies that will support water activities and enable use and access to all sportsman and enthusiasts. We feel that this commitment by Waterfront Sportsman will serve as a unifying presence in the outdoor marketplace. Our commitment will merge a broad array of waterfront interests and serve to educate the general public as to the importance of working with our environment

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The Redneck Environmentalist Story of Dale Swiggett As I stand before you to recant a story of the last several years, I would like for you “Because this sign is in the wrong to think back to the town, I asked a question. And bus stop bench in that’s when I fell down the the movie Forrest proverbial Alice’s Rabbit Hole, trying to find answers to a whole Gump. This is lot of other questions” because many people kind of think of me as the Forrest Gump of the Environment and Equality. Just as Tom Hanks portrayed an average person living an unbelievable story, it was made believable because the story was intermittent with facts from events that knew were true. It became believable because we could visualize and recall what we were doing during the Vietnam War and the Political Assassinations. We all have our date books and sticky notes of fond and eventful memories we have shared together. Some of us find our park benches and attentive ears, others just keep on walking. When I turned back my date book of life to a sticky note of a bus ride, it was not the wait but the ride that I recall. As a right of passage for me as young boy was to ride the bus from Burlington to Greensboro to see my grand parents, when the bus turned off Lee St. onto Elm St. in Greensboro, I witnessed something from the 1st window seat behind the driver that would stay for me forever. I saw protesters in front of the Woolworth 5&dime. When my Granddad picked me up, I asked him what are they were doing outside in the cold. He said they were hungry for equality. I asked him, “What is that?” He responded, “It is everything we take for granted.” Several years later, I was celebrating the 1st man to walk on the moon with a couple hundred Boy

Scouts. I was Boy Scout camp counselor the 1 st year of integration for Cherokee Counsel. We frequently sang the Camp theme song about conscience “the eyes of Cherokee are on you all the live long days.” Little did I know at that time, it would be the only time Becoming the Waterfront Sportsman voice was just another career in my life that path for me. I had to produce my everyone would be own forum in order to educate the reading from the same general public about what I see book about the as terribly wrong with our current policies and selfenvironment and environmental serving agents taking gross adequality at the same vantage of taxpayers’ ignorance time. and apathy. With the benefit of a good compass for life, another Forrest Gump Environmental event slapped me in the face. I was traveling North on Hwy 581 and passed a tanker truck openly discharging fluids 8-12 inches onto the shoulder of the road. Little did I know I had personally witnessed the dumping of Toxic PCB’s on the side of the road that would extend over 200 miles of rural roads. The PCB Dumping would lead to the start of the Environmental Injustice Movement nationally. Many years later I found myself as a Developer trying to figure out the most cost efficient means of construction. Having raised a family, I was fortunate to have lived in housing much above average. I soon found myself trying to construct a roof over many people’s heads that in most cases would have a hard time buying a car. But they had a patch of land that they wanted to come home to at the end of the day. Dale’s story cont. next pg

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Dale’s story continued ______________ During this effort, I learned 1st hand the importance property rights, and infrastructure options for property owners. For many, affordable options are critical to keep the legacy of preserving family land, and is the hope that keeps many families together. As a father of four, reality soon set in when my 3 sons got out of school and decided that should come back home and help Dad with his business. The Tom Sawyer of the three, who had worked at Seagull in Pamlico County as a counselor, suggested we should build in Pamlico County. The overall variety of different skill sets between the boys benefited the family effort in a start-to-finishdo-everything-ourselves approach. The knowledge and understanding of true cost, planning, and permitting of our own projects soon would be a key component in uncovering what is likely to become the largest Environmental and Racial Injustice in the history of North Carolina.

Dale’s story will be continued in the following newsletters to come

New American Tea Parties Phenomenon Why does it not surprise us that all across this great nation of ours are planned and sometimes impromptu exercises in our right to protest taxation without representation? Just Google ‘new American Tea Party’ to see a whole new phenomenon staring at you in the face.

You are not alone....there are others out there who are unhappy, mad as hell and not gonna’ take it any longer! The unifying theme is for everyone to slip a single tea bag or just the label in an envelope and send it on to the White House. Maybe even send the same to our illustrious Congressmen and women - because we all know it is this particular body of folks who work for us but have seem to run amok with stupidity and lack of a backbone, or worse, a streak of greed. And on Tax Day, April 15th, WFS will be right alongside, a statewide network of Tarheels upset about their property rights. Come join us in downtown Raleigh!

Whisteblowing as a Business It has been said that I was pretty good concept person and with two case studies done at UNC Chapel Hill on my marketing models of “Great Mistakes” and won awards for ads, but as a Whistle blower I was quite frustrated when I could not get the word out on all the corruption in Pamlico County. So with a plain screen on my note book, I tried to approach Whistle Blowing as a business defined by a business plan. Information and facts were my inventory. Public documents were my warranties to back up the information. Visual aids were my advertising. My personal experiences and values were my equity. In a business all success begins and ends with patterns. Crooks are lazy and always do again what has worked in the past. All whistleblowers agree your competition is always corruption and cover ups. In business and war, you define your competition’s perimeters, eclipse the perimeters, and you are successful. In business you always want good models. Waterfront Sportsman models were John Walsh’s Whistleblowing cont. next pg

Discovery Diving Company, Inc. in Professional Dive Center in Beaufort, NC (252) 728-2265

108 Hendrix Drive Kernersville, NC 27284 336.782.0339

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The Environmental Investigation Coalition In a nutshell, out of Waterfront Sportsman grew a whole other group dedicated to the mission of pursuing the bad guys who insist on profiting at the expense of taxpayers’ dollars and their health by creating and manipulating inadequate environmental policies. While Dale sat in Eugene Boyce’s law office discussing the particulars of research and discovery, Gene coined the group’s name, the Environmental Investigation Coalition (EIC). Very quickly, a group of talented individuals spanning legal, real estate, academic, and other professions banned together to correct some serious wrongs. At their own expense, this group now travels around the region educating the public about all the serious water quality issues. This becomes extremely expensive and any donation and/or contribution is gladly appreciated to help offset the costs of educating the general public to water quality issues. To see a recent speaking engagement, go to and just type in ‘waterfront sportsman’ and there will be several segments featuring various speakers. In total, there are 9 segments of 7 different speakers. Fern Shubert joins our group as a speaker since she reports on the EIC’s findings, which often closely parallel her own research efforts. For more information on EIC, go to WFS’s website and click on EIC.

Whistleblowing continued ________________ America’s most wanted. John Walsh knew his questions were not getting answers or results. So the other model was Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and was successful by going into court. Waterfront Sportsman was created to get results by reinvented a new process to get answers and results, and use the aggressive mothers in the face methods to beat corrupt district Attorney’s, defense attorneys and judges in court. Waterfront Sportsman’s Mission is protecting the environment and quality of life. Just like with MADD, Waterfront Sportsman plan to use the aggressive mothers and fathers in the face methods to beat corrupt district Attorney’s, defense attorneys and judges in court. Waterfront Sportsman is committed to stop the corrupt dirty tricks defense attorneys who are protecting the professional poisoners for profit and the lying, stealing insurance companies that are ruining the environment and peoples quality of life. Waterfront Sportsman is watching out for you because no one else is. With your help we will always try to be there as my Dad, R. Horace Swiggett a Duke Law 1957 personal injury attorney would tell me, “son you have to keep hope alive for those who need hope the most and beat the crooked defense attorneys at their own game “. Waterfront Sportsman wants to do for our loved ones people, dogs, horses, and the environment what Ducks Unlimited has done for water fowl and environment.

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OK Sales Inc * 808 East Webb Ave. * Burlington, NC * USA * 27217 Phone: (336) 227-1938 Fax: (336) 226-0770 We have been doing business since 1987. We specialize in Industrial Asset Recovery and also have a fully working Recycling Center.

I’m Really a Textiles Guy and Developer at Heart! That’s how I fell into this whole whistleblowing episode of my life. I really am a developer at heart but one who believes in creating in conjunction with Nature, in a responsible and beneficial manner. And there’s a whole other side of what I do that really excites me, which is Waterfront Sportsman Investments Group. My dream is to work with talented professionals to provide wonderful resort destinations catering to eco-tourism. Dennis Sparks heads up this economic development arm of Waterfront Sportsman. Licensing of WFS brand, for garments, green products, furniture, home furnishings, and floorcovering will be displayed in the Waterfront Sportsman Lodges and Inns. Each suite will reflect all facets of the Waterfront Sportsman themes dogs, horses, hunting, fishing, camping, boating and golf. Jeff Liscum with GearOne in Marietta, GA has done product development and international resourcing for major companies; NCAA, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, Daytona Bike Week and the US Olympics. Jeff will head up the licensing and product development effort to make the Waterfront

866.870.0075 (TN) 877.723.4099 (TX)

Sportsman the preferred brand worldwide for everyone concerned about water quality. International acclaimed artist Grace Li Wang will be the WFS Premier Artist. Grace will work hand in hand with Molly Schlacter the WFS Premier photographer who also is noted as the foremost K 9 Photographer in the United States to create genuine WFS original images to be replicated on WFS products. In my work developing product, major catalog brands and products for Harley Davidson, Bike Week and NASCAR, correct images were difficult to develop. With Grace and Molly who both have degrees in Design, I feel we have the best eyes for designs, originality and creativity to fill our 500,000 showcase. - Dale Dennis Sparks 336.616.2627, Jeff Liscum 770.423.7300, Grace Li Wang, 919.854.1522, Molly Schlachter 717.682.0907,

1341 Island Road, Harker’s Island, NC 252.728.7316

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Welcome to the Waterfront Sportsman Weekly E-Zine As a businessman-turned-whistleblower, the one skill that carried over was the ability to turn on a dime and change to reflect the reality of our current environment. My intention was to print and distribute a high quality full color magazine but in just 12 months time, things have changed dramatically. The prospect of printing and not recouping our costs is daunting to say the least, especially when it seems every other printed newspaper and magazine is going into bankruptcy or just shutting down period. So, as one door closes, another one opens and here we are, introducing the very first weekly e-zine newsletter from Waterfront Sportsman! Behind the scenes of WFS and the Environmental Investigation Coalition (EIC), a LOT goes on! Things change an a daily basis sometimes. So, producing a weekly review for our subscribers seemed a perfect combination of great stories and editorials while also getting up-to-date news to everyone in a timely fashion, especially on legislation matters. You will receive the first three weekly WFS e-zine/newsletter for free. If you like what you see and want to stay informed about water quality issues and enjoy our contributing writers and photography, then be sure to get us your subscription for one year, $12 via snail mail or go to our website to sign up using PayPal.

SPECIAL OFFER: 3 FREE additional months of Waterfront Sportsman e-Zine for folks who subscribe after the unveiling of our first online issue.

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