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Waterfront Sportsman

The Whistleblower Calls for Several NCWRC Board Members’ Resignations

After the wake of the Historic Tax Day Revolt when tens of millions of invisible taxpayers were ignored by the loony left status quo media, as I with other Waterfront Sportsman, members, and supporters of the Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, CIVITAS, along This gentleman greeted WFS with Wake County staff as we joined the stream Republican Party stood of patriotic individuals and families as all converged on together in the shade of our state’s Capitol Grounds. the grand oaks of the North Carolina Capital, the rumble of a huge crowd grew louder as the sun set on the NC Capitol Building on an evening that may be forgotten. While the effort was real and genuine by the families of participants, the spin and misinformation cut very deep and will never be forgotten spin doctors of the mainstream media. As you capture from the photos the smiles of families and friends that came together in peace,

On April 14th, Dale Swiggett sent an email/letter out to Wes Seegars, Chairman of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, calling for the resignation of seven sitting commissioners who make up the “corrupt quorum.” The basis of Dale’s claim is that the Governor and Senate President Pro Tempore appointed commissioners that would stack the Board to promote the cover-up of tozic water and subsidence, promote high-end development that in turn would promote their endgame of bringing riverboat gambling operations to our Inner Coastal areas. And what do you know?! On Saturday April 18th’s morning news reports stated that ex-Guv Easley and two of the named NCWLC commissioners are the focus of a federal probe regarding just that, folks. So far, Dale’s batting average is still holding strong. By his count, over 40 different people have either resigned or have been passed over for appointments to various cabinets, boards, and agencies. We’re still waiting in anticipation of mutliple resignations and/or indictments of SBI Agent James Bowman, JD3B District Attorney Scott Thomas, Pamlico County/River Dunes attorney Jimmie Hicks and Bay River Sewer/ Oriental attorney Scott Davis. As Mark Valentine of (also an EIC member) says, ‘Peel back the proverbial onion, and watch ‘em cry.’

Tax Day Protest cont. on pg 7

go to pg 11 to see Dale’s complete letter

vol 2009

issue 4.3

Protest is Our Cup of Tea

committed to all types of waterfront activities for all sportsmen, enthusiasts, and Waterfront isconservationists. As our populations increase, all water sources are threatened. A moderSportsman ate balance is needed in ensure that policies are created to be inclusive and not exclusive. There are strong movements by extreme environmentalists on one side and overdevelopment on the other. They join forces to create an overabundance of policies that fuels an elitist, overcomplicated, impossible to administer, environmentalist development machine with overpriced engineering. This combination is slowly pricing many people out of the recreation equation. We are committed to protecting water quality and promoting quality of life by moderate environmental policies that will support water activities and enable use and access to all sportsman and enthusiasts. We feel that this commitment by Waterfront Sportsman will serve as a unifying presence in the outdoor marketplace. Our commitment will merge a broad array of waterfront interests and serve to educate the general public as to the importance of working with our environment

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The Redneck Environmentalist Story...part three of Dale Swiggett We have honored Dr. Martin Luther King for his leadership and his writings like “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere”. Dr. Robert Bullard, best known as the highest opinion on Environmental Injustice, has better defined the Environment as not just the green grass and water, but everything that it takes to sustain modern life as we know it - schools workplace, churches, homes, and all infrastructure needed to support our modern well being. Thousands of American lives have been lost to fight dictators throughout history who have used injustices and corruption to threaten our whole way of life, yet glean a mighty profit. After visiting and providing hundreds of dollars in copies of official documents that detailed blatant environmental injustices to the NC A&T University (the home of the Woolworth protesters), I came away totally disgusted. The NC A&T Environmental Engineering Dept and Trustees were totally clueless, and did nothing to help the North Carolina Taxpayers harmed by the Environmental Injustices of the Bay River Sewage/River Dunes Scandal who pay their salaries. Even though North Carolina is one of the homes of the civil rights movements, after 45 years the Woolworth Civil Rights Memorial is just another corruption scam plagued with cost over runs. Even though one of the A&T PhD’s is supposed to be head of the Wastewater Institute, a consortium of 17 Black Universities that are suppose to address and prevent environmental injustices. Anything connected with Civil Rights is just passé now that NC A&T international focus of using North Carolina Taxpayers Funds to educate

more foreign students, especially if facts were discovered by a Redneck White Developer instead I just happened to be driving on the someone of color. new 5-lane highway connectEven though the brand ing New Bern and Pamlico County, PCB dumping in when I noticed these turkey vultures in a dead tree. It later struck Warren County gathered me as a really sad analogy for how I began the now felt about my possibilities to sucE n v i r o n m e n t a l ceeding in the area. Justice movement nationally, outsiders of the Environmental Injustice Community are not welcome. This is because true facts about real issues may upset the funding opportunities of the Environmental Community by exposing that they are not doing their job by allowing something this large to go undetected. All the while, the people most responsible were told to cover up the Bay River Sewage/River Dunes Injustices and corruption. Supportive Professors and PhDs researchers outraged with this widespread corruption within the University system encouraged me to compare the denial Bay River Sewage and DENR Water Quality Policies to the Holocaust. Also, the PhD’s have suggested that I compare the opinions-for-hire of professionals of the Tobacco Scandal, to the harboring of the facilitators of Environmental Corruption at UNC, Duke, ECU and A&T of the Bay River Sewage Scam and Sewergate Cover up. Just like the billions of dollars lost in Wall Street Ponzi Schemes, we soon found out that the end Dale’s story cont. next pg

LO’R DECKS at Calico Jacks, LLC PO Box 271 Harkers Island, NC 28531 Marine Office 252.728.3575 boat slips, bait, fuel, charters, launch ramp, tackle, souvenirs and more PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer - Trial ::


Dale’s story continued ______________ game for Bay River Sewage/River Dunes was always much bigger, connecting the Environmental Corruption with the Banking/ Mortgage Scandal and illegally misappropriating Clean Water Trust Funds. \All the corruption was to build infrastructure for high-end developments to subsidize profits, and a fleet of Gambling Boats. \The Bay River Sewage/River Dunes Scam and Sewergate are supporting hundreds of people illegally. There is always more covering up the corruption than people that are exposed. \In Pamlico County and Eastern NC, the word spread quickly that the fix was in and to keep the lid on the Bay River Sewage/River Dunes Scam and Sewergate Cover up because of underlying issues with direct connection to Development, Banking, and Environmental Scams. \With Speaker Jim Black in jail, the hangovers from culture of the corruption and cover ups for the Scams of Banking, Development, Sewer, Toxic Drinking Water, and the Prisons are to protect Gov. Elect Beverly Perdue and Sen. Marc Basnight will not just go away.

The Final Chapter of Dale’s story will be continued in the following newsletter


Big ad, sexy name spur response Class action no boast, says LargeVerdicts Received Sewer A full-page advertisement in last week’s issue of this newspaper is intended to identify Didn’t receive Sewer ‘classes’ of people in Pamlico County who may have been adversely affected by alleged misappropriations of state grants, according to a representative of based in Raleigh. Monday morning, Mark Valentine, described himself as a “facilitator,” who is “assembling a team of attorneys who are keenly interested in this thing.” He said the lawyers are a “top notch team of folks, but I am not at liberty to disclose who they are at this point.” Valentine is a consultant who specializes in deciphering scams and other misdeeds that are frequently “convoluted by design” in order to deceive prosecutors and whistle-blowers. He has designed easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and other documentation so that his clients — typically trial attorneys — can win over the hearts and minds of juries who decide complicated civil lawsuits. “We are trying to boil down reams and reams of information,” he said, “so that the average person can understand what has happened and in the process identify who has been damaged.” cont. pg 7

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108 Hendrix Drive Kernersville, NC 27284 336.782.0339

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What Are Our Politicians Thinking?! We have heard from the past Governor that we have a severe drought. Bill Holman even has gone as far as to propose a water use budget by river basin. The Legislators are going to monitor wells that use more than 100,000 gallon per day. That is one step closer to meters on all wells and managing how much water you use. There is consideration of total control of water transfer from basin-to-basin and even restricting water use to gallons per person. With all of these concerns being discussed in Raleigh we have Representative Russell E. Tucker, a Democrat from Pink Hill who represents Onslow and Duplin counties introduce a bill in the General Assembly that would allow ONWASA and others to dump potential pollutants into our ground water. Yes, you heard it right. With all of the talk about water shortage, we are going to pump treated waste into the groundwater. The problem is the treatment process. We know that the biological treatment process does not remove the pathogens, hormones, and chemicals that we put in our body. The prions that transmit “mad cow� type disease can not be destroyed unless we have extreme temperatures. This political game is deadly. There are numerous cases where recycling or reusing water



n o i t a l is g e L d Ba



Short Title:

Authorize Aquifer Storage of Reclaimed Water.


Representative Tucker.


Referred to:

Water Resources and Infrastructure, if favorable, Environment and Natural Resources, if favorable, Finance. March 18, 2009

1 2 3 4


has created high concentrations of metals. Metals bio-magnify or bio-accumulate as the metals never go away. In simple terms if any metals such as mercury, lead or arsenic is present in the water being treated and injected it will still be in the treated water. We drink it again and build up concentrations in our body. Excrete some and it stays in the water, inject it in the ground and drink again concentrating more until we reach the toxic level. There is evidence of lead poisoning in the days of Rome. The wealth ruling class would not give up the luxury of pewter cups for their wine. What are our legislators willing to do to keep on building million dollar homes for the rich and famous? Please do not poison our ground water. It is bad enough that you put sewage sludge on our playground and ball fields for our children to play in treated human waste. *H643-v-1*

Legislators Flawed Thinking cont. next pg

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OK Sales Inc * 808 East Webb Ave. * Burlington, NC * USA * 27217 Phone: (336) 227-1938 Fax: (336) 226-0770 We have been doing business since 1987. We specialize in Industrial Asset Recovery and also have a fully working Recycling Center. Legislators Flawed Thinking continued ______

Again your intelligence level is to be questioned. You permit thousand of tons of sewage sludge to be land applied and that sludge has the same possibility of accumulation of heavy metals and containing disease and chemicals. Yet, you do not even consider this when you draft you Lake Jordon Rules. Simply put you are pooping in your drinking water and putting poop that has not had the chemicals, metal, and disease causing organisms treated or removed on your pastures, playgrounds, parks and food crops. Both of these ideas are sold as cost saving and providing fertilizer to the farmer. You must as citizens and legislators, with some intelligence, stand up and demand that at least the public be informed that the food they eat is being irrigated and fertilized with this type of “stuff”. You also need to stop putting the sludge on playgrounds and public parks. Never permit the injection of treated waste water politically called “reclaimed water” in the House Bill 643 into our ground water. It is also your duty to inform the farmer what can be in the sludge that he is putting on his field. When the Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture admits that he cannot with 100% certainty say that the recent problems with salmonella and E. coli were not tied to the use of sludge, then we have a serious problem. I congratulate Dr. Richard C. Reich, Ph. D. for being an honest person. Now it behooves the Representative Russell E. Tucker to request that his bill (HB 643) be pulled from the agenda and if he does not the rest of the Legislators need to stand tall and make the proper choice.

Once they have done that, they need to seriously look at the practice of sludge application as fertilizer. The sludge may have some fertilizer properties but the rest of the story is the killer. If you need more information or proof of the stated facts in this article, please contact the author. This is a serious, deadly problem that is a matter of safety, survival, and national security for you and your children and grandchildren. If you read this article you need to contact your local representatives and ask them to not inject treated waste water into the aquifers and stop putting deadly chemicals and organisms on the playground, parks and food crops. Don Yelton is a native of Western North Carolina who was educated at the UNC-Asheville, and received MS degrees from East Tennessee State University and Clemson University. His undergraduate work was a double major in Biology and Psychology. He further studied water quality and water resource management at Clemson and received a MS in environmental systems engineering.

800.421.0031 (TN) 800.858.7139 (TX) America’s Largest Family-Owned & Operated Motor Home Dealership

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Not Just Another Day at the Legislature It was a recent spring day when a few key members of Waterfront Sportsman staff and certain members of the Environmental Investigation Coalition (EIC) all met at the Legislature Building on Greed, avarice and hubris Jones Street. Our group knows no party lines, no had a very important religion, nor creed. meeting with Senator Phil Berger about toxic sludge. Unfortunately, our indepth meeting we had scheduled for was directly following the vote on Governor Bev’s budget. Understandably, the voting session went way beyond the time allotted, forcing many who had meetings directly after that to either adjust or reschedule. Our group chose to wait it out ‘til afte the vote, even if it was just 10 minutes. As our group waited, we talked amongst ourselves at one of the many tables in the many different sitting areas of the Legislature Building. It was very interesting seeing the different reactions from other members of our illustrious body of allknowing politicans. A few came right up to us, shaking hands, sitting to catch up on our progess.

1341 Island Rd, Harker’s Island, NC


But there were quite a few politicians who chose to close their doors, or make themselves scarce in the area we occupied. Finally, Sen. Berger was ready to see us but only had a few minutes due to the voting session going so long. Our group managed to take over an hour’s worth of material and cram it into just over 10 minutes of bulleted points. The top issue was sludge, the legislation bills introduced to address the problem of land application, and the fact that Synagro (the national sludge spreading company that is the focus of numerous federal investigtions of illegal political kickbacks) operates under the umbrella of the international mega corporation Carlyle Group. Oh, and thanks to the forensic research of Fern Shubert that she shared with us, the last fact presented to Sen. Berger gave him and the rest of our group serious pause for consideration - that a group of stakeholders in Carlyle are members of the Osama bin Laden family! So, it would appear that a page was taken from the ancient classic ‘The Art of War,’ where it is much easier and more economical to kill one’s opponent by slow poisoning. What irony! A group of people who have vowed to destroy our nation are making literally millions in profit by poisoning us with our own waste. After the meeting, Dale and a few other WFS and EIC members paid a visit to some other legislators, grabbed lunch at the cafe, then proceeded to the Agriculture Department where they met w/ Dr. Richard Reich since Steve Troxler was traveling on business. After an eye-opening chat with Dr. Reich, our group then paid a visit to Don Carrington at The John Locke Foundation. to compare notes and catch up on news. By the end of the day, a lot was accomplished. But the hard work is yet to come. It’s not enough to shed light on the muddy bottom of big business and politics but absolutely essential to bring creative and timely solutions to the problems identified. Just like the eccentric, yet highly intelligent scientist Dr. Albert Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” Thanks doc! We’d prefer to take a page out of your book to correct all the wrongs to make things right for everyone.

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Tax Day Protest continued _____________

left inspired, and did not trash the loving grounds of the Capitol as the Mall in Washington was after Obama Inaugurations. While the crowd was not as large and did not stay as long, the differences may best symbolize the philosophy of those that expect to be taken care of by the Government and those who are used to Loved ones protesting doing their fair share and together. more. As I packed up the Waterfront Sportsman exhibits of corruption of the Bay River Sewage/ River Dunes scam and Sewergate cover up, I looked across the grounds of the Capitol at the almost magical glow of the Legislative Building in the moonlight and felt the lunar tide convergence with the rumble of the Phoenix of the Mighty Oaks that change was not going to get it done. Only the New Conservative Environmental Movement will protect our future. Many times I have told the story of how I did not want to be like that the brave Chinese man standing in front of the massive military tanks in Tiemann Square risking his life to make a statement with two shopping bags. So I went and got me the best and most help I could find. Stair steps to the mountain top.

While the status quo pipe smokers so-called environmentalists from Chapel Hill have let the Perdue/Basnight/Rand/Devlin/Sullins/Hall/Cubeta /Holman/Holloman Environmental Corruption Machine steal our environmental funds, destroy, and ignore water quality in all of North Carolina. The thought of military families suffering and dying from toxic drinking, and bathing infants and small children while their loved ones are fighting and dying for our freedoms is too much for the “Redneck Environmentalist.” The “Redneck Environmentalist” is throwing down the “Environmental Bull S@#! Flag” and calling on help from our conservative brothers and sisters, all Waterfront Sportsman members, and Tea Party Protest cont. next pg

As many as two & three generations , all voicing their protests against taxes & representation. Petitions were floated demanding term limits, NO MORE CAREER POLITICANS. continued ____________

Those who respond to the July 2 ad will incur no costs, explained Valentine. Efforts on the front end are to ascertain if various classes do exist, a necessary first step before any litigation occurs. “It is almost impossible to ignore the fact that a tremendous amount of money was appropriated in these grants on a federal and local level to provide sewer service for the existing residents of Pamlico County,” said Valentine, “and it appears that did not happen.” Would-be respondents should visit the website and click on the ‘Contact Us’ link. Reprinted w/ permission from Jeff Aydelette, former Editor of The Pamlico News, 7.9.2008. Jeff is now Editor and one of the principals of The Pamlico County Compass paper.

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Tax Day Protest continued _____________

supporters of the Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, Civitas, along with Wake County Republican Party to support all brave active military, veterans and families who were disserved by the Toxic Water Contamination at Cherry Point and Camp Lejune by the PCS Mine, Municipal Sludge Spreading by Synagro, and the Clean Water Trust Fund cover-up to carry the thunder of the Phoenix through tens of thousands of motorcycles to locations of corruption and contaminations throughout North Carolina and beyond. The “Waterfront Sportsman Movement” is calling all conservative and property rights brothers and sisters organizations nationwide to join in on the “Waterfront Sportsman” Passion Motorcycle Ride for Water Quality on May 15, 2009.

Other News & Events Make sure you keep up with the two House Bills that WFS and EIC helped create with the help of bipartisan leaders that ultimately serve everyone instead of just a handful. “No Sludge Applied on Certain Public Spaces” BillLookUp/ “Study Land Application of Septage & Sludge” BillLookUp/ ...what the big media boys don’t want you to know...

search: w a t e r f r o n t s p o r t s m a n

Waterfront Sportsman

Passion Motorcycle Ride for Water Quality on

Waterfront May 15-16, 2009 Bike Rally fo

Over May 15-16, thousands of motorcycles of every make, model, shape and size will be roaring across the United States, seeking destinations, many of which are waterfront. The disturbing realization that veterans and their families in eastern NC and VA have been exposed to toxic drinking and bathing water while stationed at Camp LeJeune, Cherry Point, and Norfolk, Virginia, WFS is rallying all veterans and supporters of our enlisted service men and women and their families to address inadequate water testing, to define the scope of water contamination of the Castle Hayne Aquifer. Wa t e r f r o n t Sportsman has produced a universal symbol for all waterfront sports enthusiasts to Waterfront Sportsman be displayed in Universal Water Quality symbol cont. pg 12

our eyes are on our water ... for everyone

Decal 3.5” x 5” Exterior UV Resistant

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Hardins Farm & Stables

8202 Mill Run Road Stokesdale, NC 27357 (336)643-4978 (336)644-6670

Hardin Family Farm Evolves Over the Years

Across the generations, it started with Rush & Mary Hardin, followed by daughters Helen & Luann, and passed down to Helen’s son, Wil. The passion never dies.

When I rhink back to jumping into my Granddad’s hunter green 1959 F100, I recalled the stench of a Tampa Nugget Cigar for a trip into to Town to pick up some feed. Things were quite different in that day, everything was quite planned. One trip into town represented everything for the week and was always topped off with a little something special. The trip began in 1962 at Hardin’s Feed Store on West Market to pick up some feed and loop by “Boar and Castle” for Castle burger before the baseball game at Memorial Stadium to see the Greensboro Yankees play. The familiar aroma of the fresh milled corn with a hint of molasses to make sweet feed was revisited 46 years later when I stepped on the loading dock of Hardin’s Feed and Stables in Stokesdale, N.C. the off-shoot of the West Market Street Store.

This recurrence happened after I walked through the hundreds of horse trailers and duellies on the Steeple Hill Farm, I came upon two road tractors parked side by side. This was an effort to chase down a family agri business with roots to the Oak Ridge Horse Show. The activity and enthusiasm was continuous, over a dozen horses and 20 riders were moving about with a sense of confidence that only comes from years and years of experience. Unlike some efforts that were only limited to one or two events, the Hardin Trailers come early, participate in most everything and stay for everything. I was able to take a few photos, but felt that I was really imposing on their participation event, but I was invited to visit the farm by Rush Hardin. A few days past and I made The Hardin family prides itself in providing the best of everything while welcoming all the turn off Hwy 150 that lead novice and experienced riders alike to join the family in a complete equestrian experience. me down to the Hardin Farm, as I past the Hardin Farm sign it was easy to see the mill silos and how all the buildings have sprouted up to support all the needs of the farm. Then I stepped on the loading dock and saw again the towering mill as it was 46 years earlier. Hardin Farms cont. next pg

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Hardin Farms continued _____________________

In talking with Rush and his three daughters, the years had seem to pass quickly with one primary purpose in m i n d keeping the farm for the girls and grandkids. As the years One of the Hardin team members going h a v e through the paces to warm up for brought competition. m a n y challenges, the farm and agribusiness has evolved to survive. Always as a feed producer and wholesaler, Rush and girls crossed over into contract hauling and hog producing. The Hardins were always recognized as model hog producers, but industry controls over the hog industry on weight and rate created a business model that was not favorable for small producers. The decision was made to sell off the hog stock and turn the hog barn into riding stables, and the evolution from pleasure riding to pleasure producer began. The powerful statement of the Hardin Farms road tractors is not that of being boastful or pretentious. These are working road tractors that are used in transporting agricultural products through the week, and fine horses on the weekends.

Rush, Helen and Luann are preparing for grandson Wil to mount up for competition on the quest to continue the winning tradition of fine horsemanship that began with the original first horse show.

While public reports confirm 90% of sludge spills are by municipal sewage treatment plants and eyewitnesses confirm massive acid spills at the PCS Phosphate Mine facility go unreported, Robert Kennedy Jr, the founder of the Water Keepers/River Keepers organization, has the audicity to come to NC and continue to promote the misinformation that all water quality problems are from the pork producers. This misinformation, half truths, and constant spin has only been to protect the Synagro sludge spreading monopoly and hurt small family farms.

Hardin Farms is centrally located in the Triad area.

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Defining the “Productivist” Movement What started out in green shorts, and knee socks with red tassels topped by a Boy Scout Shirt in 1966 at the Old Camp Cherokee Scout Reservation, when the Regional Scout Director announced the plans of the new Cherokee Scout 1300 acre Scout Reservation in Caswell County, somehow had meandered through 45 years of issues and was on the 5th floor of Attorney Gene Boyce’s Office on Fayetteville St. in Raleigh. When the Scout Director spoke, he described how the Rockingham County Camp had over taxed the site that is had lost the original intent of departure from everyday home life and was missing the message of the natural beauty of the environment. The Scout Executive even went as far to say that a camper or scoutmaster could easily touch every tree on the whole camp in a single day as way to describe the limitations of the natural resources that protected the water shed. The announcement clearly defined a mission, intent, and the need for expansion to restore the original intent. The meeting was in the Lawyers Weekly Building that is probably the closest attorney office to the North Carolina Capital and Legislative. This location is no accident and reflects Gene’s success in fighting injustice and corruption in North Carolina. The meeting was with Mark Valentine of to discuss a master plan to attack gross and widespread misappropriations of over $1 billion of North Carolina Clean Water Trust Funds. The mass tort of taxing and stealing the money while ignoring the exiting needs of the people that was supposed to protect and improve water quality, had turned the Clean Water Trust Fund, NC DENR/DWQ, and the NC Rural Center into a total slush funds for select developers, the PCS Mine, and Synagro Biosolids. The illegal obstruction of justice and misappropriations of trust funds by NC Officials, NC Licensed Attorneys, CPAs and Engineers of the Clean Water Trust Fund, NC DENR/DWQ, and NC Rural Center was only to divert funds to politicos for their Ponzi Schemes and campaign contributions. Mark also mentioned his brother Phil Valentine in Nashville, Tenn., who almost single handed

melted down the Tennessee General Assembly and stopped the unjustified proposed Tennessee State Income Tax. When Gene Boyce coined the phrase the “Environmental Investigation Coalition,” it was in conjunction with a letter calling for a NC State Receiver to be appointed over the Bay River Sewage District to recover NC Taxpayer Funds from the Bay River Sewage/River Dunes Scam and Sewergate cover up. This aggressive action was called for as he mentioned his battles addressing the patterns of injustice with the NC State Employees Trust Fund and the NC State Intangible Tax. Mark reflected on key court cases that he participated in as a trial consultant and exhibit expert. Mark’s specialty is the challenge creating a visual advantage by simplifying extremely complex issues into indelible mental images you can tell your grandchildren about. My part in the process comes from being a significant harmed party and seeking financial recovery for tens of thousands of people and property owners. To be successful will require new methods to get the word of the conspiracies of corruption out to overcome the bias status quo media that is directly linked and funded by perpetrators of environmental injustices. While the NC media are directed to spin facts to perpetuate the power and convenience of the status quo, public documents confirm pattern malicious and selective prosecutions by the North Carolina Being a Productivist cont. next pg



n o i t a l is g e L d o Go Short Title:

Study Land Application of Septage and Sludge.


Representatives Blackwood; and Harrison.


Referred to:

Agriculture, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House. April 8, 2009

1 2 3 4 5 6 7






Short Title:

No Sludge Applied on Certain Public Spaces.


Representatives Allred; and Harrison.

Referred to:

Agriculture, if favorable, Environment and Natural Resources.


April 8, 2009 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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Publisher’s Letter Asking for NCWRC Resignations Mr. Wes Seegers, Chairman North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission NCSU Centinial 1751 Varsity Dr. Raleigh, NC 27606 Dear Mr. Seegers and NCWRC Commissioners, You may not be aware of me, and the Waterfront Sportsman Movement, but several of your Commissioners are very much aware of the Waterfront Sportsman's investigating reporting. Waterfront Sportsman Mission is to do for People, Dogs, Horses, and the Environment what "Ducks Unlimited" has done for Waterfowl and the Environment. While I have been a "Ducks Unlimited Sponsor" in Pamlico County. The disturbing activity of using Duck Impounds in Eastern North Carolina funded by the PCS Mine in Aurora, NC, and supported by NCWRC &"Ducks Unlimited" to cover up thousands of acres of farmland and waterfront property from subsidence is totally unethical and is ignoring the Public's Right to Know that the NCWRC is suppose to protect. If you are not aware of subsidence, it is when the land sinks from removal of mass quantity of water and/or crude oil or trenching. The PCS Mine

has been removing more than 78 million gallons of water per day for 45 years. Dr. William Schlesinger ex Dean of the Nicholas Environmental School has confirmed that the effects of Global Warming are greater in Eastern North Carolina than any other area on Earth. This is because the land is sinking faster than the water is rising because of PCS Dewatering and Contaminating the Castle Hayne Aquifer. The NCWRC, Tar- Pamlico River Keepers, the Southern Environmental Law Center, and "Ducks Unlimited" endorsements and/or ignoring Duck Impounds is unexcusable. The taxing and stealing of NC Taxpayers Funds by Sen. Marc Basnight at the Lake Mattamaskeet Lodge is a continuation of pattern of cover ups that are disserving all of North Carolina. These illegal actions were done with knowledge of the Glenn Hockney of Hyde County 500 million dollar Law Suit against the PCS Mine for Subsidence and Water Qualtiy. The "Go along to Get along Down East Corruption has now merged with the "Look the other way and let them steal the Public Trust Funds" of Non-Profits and Regultory Authorities has to STOP NOW! Resignation Letter cont. next pg

Productivist continued ________________

Dept. of Justice and the NC SBI and waste hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s funds defending corruption in the State of North Carolina. “Waterfront Sportsman Movement” and “Environmental Investigation Coalition” must honor John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted,” Candy Lightner Founder of “Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers” and Phil Valentine who took control of ineffective and dysfunctioning by design investigations, fought corrupt systems, and shamed politicians into effective government as the true inspiration of the Productivist Movement. The challenges for “Waterfront Sportsman Movement” and “Environmental Investigation Coalition” are to use these great examples of True Patriotism and Courage to bring awareness of what

the true scope of what the environment is today, because we doing irreparable damage to the only environment we have. The new message of the Productivist Movement is to create better understanding of the environment, as all that is required to sustain modern life and quality of life, and stop environmental injustices wherever it takes place. As my Father would say “Son, we have to keep hope alive for those who need it the most and we will have the ones that hurt them pay for it.” My Dad, R. Horace Swiggett Jr., Duke Law Class of 1957, practiced Personal Injury Law for 50 years in North Carolina. I got it honest, folks. Dale Swiggett

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Resignation Letter continued____________

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is not only tarnished with the Gov. Easley illegal appointment of NCWRC Commissioner Randy Allen who did not disclose any holdings of waterfront property. The whole Board has ignored verification of such holding published in a number of articles by Don Carrington in the "Carolina Journal. You may want to check the back of his application, I have. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has disgustedly ignored illegal dredging the Pamlico County Commissioner Moore and Waterfowl Guide Jerry Gaskill only to cover up for Sen. Marc Basnight. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has ignored a pattern of illegal misappropriations of Clean Water Trust Funds in the Bay River, Pantego, Engelhard, and Stumpy Point Sewer Plants to benefit NCWRC Commissioners Developments. The look the other way activities have been to promote sewer dump station at Stumpy Point, a travel lift an Emerald Isle, and control access for a fleet of "Gambling Boats." As a Grand Jury has now convened to review a number of Environmental Injustices and Corruption for High Crimes against the People of North Carolina. I demand that you call for the resignations of the following Commissioners: Randy Allen R.A. Management, Inc. 3129 Springbank Lane, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28226 Universal Water Quality symbol continued ___

David W. Hoyle, Jr. P.O. Box 708 Dallas, NC 28034 Mitch St. Clair, Sr. P. O. Box 372 Washington, NC 27889 Eugene Price 130 Quail Drive Dudley, NC 28333 Bobby Purcell 209 Kilmorack Drive Cary, NC 27511 W. Ray White P.O. Box 922 Manteo, NC 27954 Joe C. Barker III P.O. Box 39 New Bern, NC 28563 These Commissioners KNOW or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that the People and the Environment of North Carolina have been DISSERVED. M.Dale Swiggett, Co-Founder of the EIC, Co "Host Citizens Speaks TV Asheville N.C," Founder of "R. Horace Swiggett Institute of Environmental Politics"

3” x 5” decal suitable for motorcycle helmets, vehicles, farm tractors & RVs

conjunction with all types of sporting events worldwide. While water testing is being used to hide $3.50 (incl postage) mismanagement of water quality funding, more importantly, the threat of municipal sludge 6” x 10” decal spreading onto athletic fields and farmland, leaves Waterfront suitable for trucks, trailers no sporting events immune from the disasterous Sportsman & businesses practice of disposing of municipal sewer sludge our eyes are on our water ... for everyone $10.00 (incl postage) laced with toxic medical and industrial contaminants. order PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer - Trial ::


Let’s Protect Our Loved Ones

differentiate between wants and needs, the King Kong massive McMansion era footprint with endless wasteful ‘looks good, do nothing’ impervious surface areas is over, in favor of a finely orchestrated tiptoe ballet. The Bungalow era with personal attention to proper efficient planning for productive use of the environment that benefits our loved ones is how the Waterfront Sportsman can address the complex issues of our day and protect environmental principals for future generations. While the Environmental Investigation Coalition (EIC) has addressed the Top Five Issues of Water

Macy Plemmons daughter of Jeff & Teresa Plemmons from Lewisville, NC stole the show with a total of 17 Ribbons for the day.

As a loyal Ducks Unlimited supporter for 25 years and as a concept and marketing person, how can anyone question their success of preserving the environment for waterfowl? But have they forgotten about our family members, neighbors, loved ones and the environment for them? You

Elizabeth Stringer campaigning for Ledford Farms of Jamestown, NC and the daughter of Hank & Susan Stringer takes a break after a productive day. Hank & Susan are renowned K9 lovers and breeders. Hank is also a field trial judge in North Carolina.

know, people, dogs, horses and everything that is needed to sustain the environment for the preservation of quality of life is what Waterfront Sportsman is all about. With an economy that has everyone seeking and learning new knowledge and skills that simply

Quality and have inadequate water testing as North Carolina #1 problem, because inadequate water test is killing people and make people, dogs and horses sick. The EIC and Waterfront Sportsman support the testing of people, dogs, and horses as part of the solution to identify the scope of water contamination and would w e l c o m e Labcorp’s help a n d participation. With the Wa t e r f r o n t S p o r t s m a n ’s findings of the The Compton gals out for show from K&K Quarterhorses in Martinsville, VA.

Protecting Loved Ones cont. next pg

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Protecting Loved Ones continued _________ Burlington/Labcorp/Synagro Sludge Spread Scam and Cover-up really points to who knew what, when, and where. Please enjoy our “Loved Ones” Horse feature of the Oak Ridge Horse Show this week and keep in mind that strong indications from Europe, Mad Cow Disease is linked to municipal sludge spreading. Try to visualize and estimate the damage to our “Loved Ones and Family Land” that the unethical conspired decision of Burlington, Hobbs & Upchurch, NC Rural Center, and Synagro to permit 2,000 acres to spread sludge in Rockingham, Guilford, Caswell, Alamance, Orange, Chatham, and Randolph counties. This conspiracy was to obstruct environmental justice and knowingly harm people, dogs, and horses and everything that is needed to sustain the environment for the preservation of quality of life. While Nancy Holt of NC Concerned Citizens identified 70% of the people in a 5-mile radius Hot Zone on the Orange/Alamance county line are dying from cancer, Burlington’s town manager Harold Owen, who is dumping the sludge, thinks that Burlington’s nitrogen problem is from small landscaping contractors over fertilizing. Owen is guilty of obstruction of environmental justice by deceiving people to cover up the problem. This status quo environmentalists who have let the sludge disaster happen think the pipe smokers in Chapel Hill at the UNC School of Public Health and the Orange County’s clueless director of the Environmental and Resources Conservation Department David Stancil get around to it 2006, $10,000, misguided, and inadequate study on sewer sludge is the answer. The waste of taxpayers’ money is only to provide window dressing for the Synagro

While official judges take a break with WFS reading material, all participants were preparing for the pleasure of competition.

sludge monopoly to protect the well known Environmental Corruption Machine found in NC. As you get the picture of the scope of the multibillion dollar problem, please contact and Waterfront Sportsman to join the millions of harmed parties in the NC Sludge Spreading Defense Fund to seize all Synagro/ Carlyle assets and put Synagro/Carlyle out of business in the United States. The Oak Ridge Horse Show was hosted at Steeple Hill Farms, thanks to the generosity and hard work of Renee Wiedel and Cindy Moncourtois. Steeple Hill Farm is located in Summerfield, NC representing 140 acres of tranquil refuge for people and their horses. When you need a romantic getaway, a spiritual retreat or just a calm relaxing respite in nature, Steeple Hill Farm will help you regain your center.

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Waterfront Sportsman 4.3.2009