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Ready-To-Wear Analysis Men’s Burgundy Wool Coats 

! Intro to Fashion Business Fall 2013 By: Dale De Mari


Table of Contents

! Pages 3 to 7_________________ Item Number 1, Men’s Designer Apparel Item

! Pages 8 to 12________________Item Number 2, Men’s Bridge Apparel Item

! Pages 13 to 17_______________Item Number 3, Men’s Contemporary Apparel Item 

Item 1

! Price Classification - Designer Retailer - Saks Fifth Avenue Item - Men’s Corneliani Car coat



• Merchandise Presentation - Upon entering Saks Men’s Store, I found outerwear on the second level. The Corneliani coat was hanging side by side and arranged by color.

! • Visual Merchandising - The coat was easy to find, I was able to select the coat myself, and there was a hook for me to place the coat to accessorize it. There were also three dimensional mirrors easily accessible for viewing.

! • Customer Service - Saks Men’s Store is a great example of a retailer who believes in excellent service. Upon entering the store 3

I was warmly greeted and assisted in selecting my item. The sales associate recommended I visit the second floor and ask for a gentleman named Mike. I told Mike I was doing research for a school project and he spent time showing me items and explaining their materials.

! • Fitting Room - Often, fitting rooms are cramped with bad lighting, not at Saks! The fitting room was impeccably clean with ample room to move around. In addition, there was a three-dimensional mirror and lounge chair in the room.

! • Overall Experience - I had a great experience at Saks Men’s Store. The sales associates did not disregard me when I told them I was here for school and not making a sale. They went above and beyond to help me with my selection and provide product information. I would highly recommend this store to anyone looking for a high-end garment.

! • Fiber Content & Care - 100 % wool, polyester lining, dry clean only.


• Country of Origin- Italy 4

• Detailed Garment Description -Funnel neck insert with a zip fastening lining, an open collar with notched lapels, a three button fastening, a jetted pocketed at the chest, two front pockets with flap closures, long sleeves with button fastening cuffs and a straight hemline.

! • Suggested Retail Price - $1895.00


• Sizes Available - Italian sizing, 44 (xs), 46 (s), 48 (m), 50 (l), 52 (xl), 54 (xxl)


• Styling - High fashion item made of fine quality fabric with a classic, modern twist. The material of the coat felt exquisite and the straight hemline makes it a classic for sophisticated man’s closet.

! • Signature Design Elements - Corneliani believes in creating pieces of art which embody impeccable design. This coat is an example of the brands pure elegance, highlighted by its’ pared-down lines and perfect structure.

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• Target Customer - Corneliani garments are are designed for a man who knows his true worth. The target customer for this coat would be 35+, professional with an income of at least $75,000 annually. This particular coat is ideal for a man who appreciates sophisticated style with a modern twist.

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Historical Importance of Product The car coat is often constructed of lighter weight material, heavier than a spring coat but not as heavy as a winter coat. Updates to the car coat include zipper fastening linings which are either permanent or removable. The concept of the car coat is to provide a man with ease while driving by its straight lines not bunching up and becoming uncomfortable. Also, car coats are worn above or just below the knee to cover and protect your outfit.

! History of Saks Fifth Avenue Saks Fifth Avenue was founded in New York City in 1924. The inspiration behind the department store was to create a one of a kind speciality shop that would embody fashion and high living. Saks Fifth Avenue gained immediate appeal with men women by offering the finest quality men’s and women’s fashions. In addition, Saks Fifth Avenue focused on providing extraordinary customer service, which has transcend over the decades. What makes Saks Fifth Avenue unique is their commitment to providing their customers with the best European and American designers for men and women.

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Item 2 Price Classification - Bridge Retailer - Macy’s Item- Calvin Klein Overcoat

! • Merchandise Presentation - Finding this Calvin Klein coat at Macy’s was challenging. The second floor men’s department houses numerous brands and styles of coats. Upon finding this coat, it was merchandised with a large selection of sizes and color variations. The item was not paired with any additional clothing items to boost customer spending.

! • Visual Merchandising - It was hard to find this coat at Macy’s because of the large selection and floor plan of the State Street store. The coat was easy to try on but there were not items to accessorize it with.

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! ! • Customer Service - Macy’s on State Street is a huge store packed with merchandise and shoppers. Upon entering the men’s coat department, I could not find anyone to help me find my item. Finally, after spending time looking, I approached a sales associate who told me they did not have the item. The sales associate then immediately walked away and did not offer any further recommendations or assistance. Macy’s is not on the same level with the other retailer’s visited, but I still believe good customer service should be displayed. I would rate the customer service at Macy’s to be poor but I have had other good experience there in the past.

! • Fitting Room - Of the three retailers visited, Macy’s had the poorest quality fitting room. The room was extremely small in size, did not offer any seating or even a bench for my belongings. In addition, there was no one near by to offer any help with additional sizes and the fitting room was dirty with garbage left behind by customers. 9

! • Fiber Content & Care - 100% wool, polyester lining, dry clean only.


• Country of Origin- Made in China


• Detailed Garment Description -Notched collar, button front closure, long sleeves with button cuffs, vent at back hem, two flap side pockets at hips, internal pocket, mid weight, lined, and hits above the knee.

! • Suggested Retail Price - $595.00


• Sizes Available - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large


• Styling - The overcoat by Calvin Klein is a classic example of men’s outwear. The three button front, straight hemline is a traditional coat that is a staple piece in any man’s closet.

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! • Signature Design Elements - Calvin Klein provides men of all ages and backgrounds with quality, sophisticated style. The overcoat I chose features Calvin Klein’s raised ck pocket logo, embossed Calvin Klein logo, and vented back. The notched, narrow lapel is also a signature design of Klein’s overcoats with a slim body fit.

! • Target Customer - Calvin Klein offers a wide variety of merchandise at different price points. The wool overcoat selected is ideal for a man 30+ who makes at least $50,000 annually. In addition, the target customer for this coat appreciates classic style, which can be worn from day time to night time effortlessly. Every man should have an overcoat in their closet, since this coat is burgundy and in trend with the current season, the buyer of this coat appreciates fashion and style.

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Historical Importance of Product The overcoat is known for its longer length, which normally extends to the knee or just below. Worn often in the winter months, overcoats provide warmth and style while providing simplicity to any man’s wardrobe. Overcoats have been worn for centuries, often for formal or business use. In addition, the overcoat was a symbol of status in society or military previously. Today, the overcoat is worn by men wearing casual, formal or business attire. Originally overcoats were double breasted but style has changed with the times. Double breasted overcoats are not seen as often as consumers prefer single breasted coats instead.

! Historical Importance of Retailer Macy’s is known for mid-range to upscale merchandise, which includes apparel, accessories, home items, fragrance, cosmetics, and shoes among others. Customers appreciate Macy’s niche in popular culture and their broad, diverse selection of merchandise. Founded in New York City in 1858, Macy’s operates nationwide in over 800 retail locations. Since 1924, Macy’s has provided the public with their annual Thanksgiving parade, which gains mass publicity for the retailer.

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Item 3 Price Classification - Contemporary Retailer - Neiman Marcus Item - Theory Peacoat

! • Merchandise Presentation - Neiman Marcus does an excellent job at merchandising their clothing by lifestyle. As I entered the Men’s department of Neiman Marcus, my eyes were drawn to a sleek rack, which only had 3 items. The coat was paired next to a pair of jeans and button down shirt.

! • Visual Merchandising - The coat was easy to find, displayed side by side on a rack with a hook featuring a full view example. Neiman Marcus styled this coat inline with Theory’s concept of simple, uncomplicated style.

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! • Customer Service - Often, retailers such as Neiman Marcus intimidate customers with their expensive merchandise. Upon entering the men’s floor, I was warmly greeted by a sales associate who offered assistance. After browsing, I approached a gentleman and told him I was doing a school project. He was more than happy to help me with my item, offer other recommendations and provide me with a fitting room.

! • Fitting Room - The Neiman Marcus on North Michigan Avenue has been under construction. They recently renovated their fitting rooms and strategically placed fitting rooms, conveniently throughout the entire men’s floor. The room was large, with good lighting and seating for myself and belongings. In addition, they had a great mirror which offered a three dimensional view of myself.

! ! 14

! • Overall Experience - I would highly recommend Neiman Marcus to anyone looking for a contemporary, bridge or high-end item. The sales staff is knowledge, quick to help, and make your shopping experience comfortable.

! • Fiber Content & Care - Wool-blend. Wool / polyamide


• Country of Origin- Imported of Italian material. Made in China.


• Detailed Garment Description - Trench collar, double breasted button front. Long sleeves with vented cuffs. Vertical slit pockets. Center vent.

! • Suggested Retail Price - $695.00


• Sizes Available - Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large

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! • Styling - The peacoat is a classic example of outerwear. Theory has added a modern, contemporary touch to this coat by cropping the length and adding the long sleeves with vented cuffs.

! • Signature Design Elements - Theory embodies contemporary, sophisticated consumer fashions. The wool coat features Theory’s peaked label and double breasted closure. This item is for the consumer who seeks comfort, value, and impeccable style. In addition, this Theory coat is simple, quiet and uncomplicated.

! • Target Customer - Men aged 20-40 who appreciate simple, quality-made, uncomplicated clothing. This coat is for the man who is stylish and wants a coat that goes from daytime to nighttime, while looking sophisticated. Although contemporary, modern and young instyle, the price is high. Target customers should make at least $50,000 a year.

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! Historical Importance of Product The peacoat is an outer coat, generally produced in navy and of heavy wool. In addition, peacoat's feature broad lapels and double breasted fronts. References to the peacoat date to the 1700’s but modern updates have been made continuously over the years. Once made exclusively for Officers and Chief Petty Officers, the peacoat is now worn by individuals of all backgrounds. Also, the traditional peacoat was made of heavy wool, which was to withstand harsh weather. Today, modern updates have been which make the peacoat lightweight and also heavyweight.

! Historical Importance of Retailer Neiman Marcus is an American retailer founded in Dallas, Texas in 1907. The oil-boom in Texas in the early 1900’s established a large population of wealthy consumers. Neiman Marcus strategically provided unique, high-quality items to men and women. Over the years, Neiman Marcus has become synonymous with providing their customer’s high-quality, fashion forward items. In addition, Neiman Marcus focuses on meeting their customers needs by providing unique items and top-notch customer service. 17

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