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Dale De Mari Technology for Marketing Online Reset Assignment May 16th, 2013

Welcome to Tostitos! Tostitos is a brand of tortilla chips and dips produced by Frito-Lay. When visiting, visitors are brought to a landing page with two options. Information about Tostitos chips and dips, click here.

Join the party with Tostitos on facebook! Click here!

In this revised site map, I am giving visitors a preview of content via facebook and the product information page links. This change makes navigation more user friendly and specific. Visitors need more visuals of their favorite party tortilla chip of choice. A preview of content also helps with optimizing Tostitos for search engines.

As we continue our reset journey into Tostitos, let’s keep in mind the data on the following page. Using Spectra data, we know who are core consumer is and their many attributes.

Where they shop...

What they read...

What they watch on television...

Who they are...

6 am to 12 pm frequent radio listener of oldies, contemporary, and talk radio. 7 pm to 11 pm Prime Time Television, TNT, and History Channel. Tostitos target consumer is an avid shopper at Target, Wal-Mart, and Meijer.

Chart Number one

Chart number one is showing us who are heavy consumer is. The areas in red index extremely high which means these people are buying more units of Reads Sports Illustrated, Better Homes & Gardens, and Cooking Light magazines.

Tostitos than average. If you look closely, the areas that are most important would be families. Let’s keep this information on hand as we reset our online Tostitos presence.

The top bar provides visitors with information such as Frito-Lay products,

Tostitos Site Map

recipes, health, planet, and about us.













Follow Tostitos through social networking. sites. !



Visitors may like this page on facebook and google+ or share through

Visitors may also find out where to buy,


how to contact, and terms/ privacy.

Tostitos site map through Frito-Lay's’ website is very conservative. Tostitos is trying to reach out to the Millennial Generation by launching a party themed style of chips called Cantina.

I wanted to bring a connection to the facebook site onto the Frito-Lay page. Creating a stronger connection to the brand identity visually when visiting.


YouTube is the lowest visited social networking site for Tostitos. I want to add a contest through the Frito-Lay website bringing together YouTube and Tostitos. The prize would be NFL Super Bowl tickets.


Tostitos Blog! Look for the blue icon!


Next, I want to look at Tostitos online presence compared to its competitors. Tostitos top three competitors are Doritos, Herr’s, and Private Label.

Doritos on

Doritos uses as their main landing page. In addition, Doritos has a theme for their page.

Doritos theme is all about being bold and high octane energy.

Doritos is the number one competitor of Tostitos. Although Doritos is number one, there online presence is not as good as Tostitos. I like how when you arrive at, you can either visit their product information page or join them on Doritos only allows visitors to go directly to their

Private Label is brand that houses many categories of products from chips to cookies. Their website is geared towards families also. Private Label has a page but under 100 followers. In addition, most people are using their page as an outlet to voice their opinions. Visitors are unhappy with the content on their page.

Herr’s is a top competitor in addition to Doritos and Private Label. The Herr’s website is family focused and gives visitors some interesting content categories. For example, visitors may take a factory tour and take part in customer surveys. In addition, Herr’s has links to social networking sites, but they incorporate LinkedIn, which Tostitos does not. I plan on incorporating LinkedIn in my revised site map. Tostitos has a great presence on LinkedIn and I believe it will help gain the Millennial target audience.

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The theme of the Tostitos facebook page is where there is a party, there are Tostitos. Tostitos is targeting college students and the Millennial Generation through In addition, Tostitos is drawing a connection to their brand and NFL / College Football. Tostitos is effectively using the party theme across by snap shoots of events such as tailgating and Super Bowl parties.

Through LinkedIn Tostitos is targeting younger and old professionals and families. The website is set up for job seekers who might also be interested in learning more about the Tostitos brand and who they are. In addition, through LinkedIn there is an overview section which details company history, mission statement, and available careers.

In addition to having a great online presence through facebook and LinkedIn, Tostitos is effectively marketing towards Millennial through Twitter. There are over 14,000 followers and 600 tweets. Tostitos is using Twitter to represent their Cantina style tortilla chips. The party is always open on Twitter and followers are liking content and posts.

YouTube is where there is ample room for improvement. Tostitos has 141 subscribers to their YouTube page and only 8 videos. All the 8 videos are football related. I think it would help if Tostitos used YouTube to bring together the themes seen on other sites such as facebook and Twitter. Tostitos could do this by creating a contest where fans could upload a video using Tostitos in a creative way, capturing a recipe or party theme.


facebook and Tostitos are integrated throughout the website, but Tostitos has a large following on Pinterest. First, integrating Pinterest to the Frito-Lay website will bring reviews of recipes and photos. Tostitos has different campaigns for its facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages. Pinterest brings photos of Tostitos recipes but their website does not connect the two. Adding a Pinterest link could allow fans and visitors to view more Tostitos related topics and voice their reviews.

Please join us for our weekly google+ hangout. This is where we will discus family favorites, sports, and party recipes using Tostitos chips and salsas.

Throughout this journey we have learned that our core consumer is families. In addition, our core consumer reads “Cooking Light� magazine. I wanted to start a google+hangout using Tostitos recipes and Cooking Light magazine.

Making Tostitos Mobile Friendly When we arrive at by way of our mobile devices, the content is not different from while visiting through a computer. Tostitos does not have a presence of Twittorati. I wanted to take the mobile landing page and bring Twittorati together with Tostitos because they are targeting the Millennial Generation. Join in the conversation through Twittorati!

Researching Tostitos through Spectra, we have found out details about our core consumers. Our core consumer shops at Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer's. In addition, our core consumer reads magazines such as Sports Illustrated, and Better Homes & Gardens. Through Spectra, I realized that families were the target consumer and I wanted to pay attention to established couples. I believe bringing those two groups of individuals together has straightened the Tostitos brand. Recent research has presented us with a new target group for Tostitos, the Millennials. I want to use what we know about our target and incorporate those elements into gaining the Millennial group.

As our journey ends, I want to combine a blog targeting Millennials and Tostitos. I plan on doing this by bringing together the “Cantina” style chip theme into the blog. This will be helpful at creating an online presence for Millennials to gather and share stories, recipes, party pictures, and themes.

Join our Cantina blog today! Share your favorite recipes, stories, and party themes! Meet and get in touch with our “Cantina” bloggers! Tostitos Cantina is always open! Just look for the blue blog symbol and join today!

Tostitos Online Presence Re-Set  

Tostitos is a global brand which has a loyal consumer base. The society we live in today has changed and rebranding Tostitos online presence...

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