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contents. crater rim walkway gateway. sustainable design + urban design

pearce residence. residential design

linear park. CAD + rendering

twizel + lake ruataniwha. urban design + small township

north new brighton. structure planning + sustainable design

hand drawings + 3d modelling. pencils + markers + sketchup + vray

sustainable design + urban design The brief for this project was to design a space for the gateway to the Crater Rim Walkway that would start here and proceed to the Port Hills. My idea was to get pedestrians off ground level so that they can establish a visual link to Victoria park where the Crater Rim begins through the use of an elevated rooftop garden with a large totem style pole that will direct the viewers attention toa similar structure at Victoria Park. The constructed urban wetland utilises elevated boardwalks that bring people through the wetland to educate them on the imporatnce of wetlands and there role in the urban environment. Rolleston Ave has been turned into a shared pedestrian space to create a safer environment for pedestrians. Materials throughout the site will be sourced from recycled earthquake materials such as brick concrete, and timber

Crater Rim Walkway Gateway.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, SketchUp, Kerkythea, InDesign

Arts Centre 3


vegetation cover


DESIGN IDEAS energy flow


1. New I-Site/Amenity Building


New Accomodation


2. Rooftop Garden/viewpoint 3. Pedestrian shared space

recycled materials

4. Aerated water feature



5. Constructed urban wetland 6. Meadow/grasslands waste flow

7. Timber stormwater feature


sustainable design + urban design

Crater Rim Walkway Gateway.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, SketchUp, Kerkythea, InDesign


The urban constructed wetland is a driver for improving water quality, and provides interesting Eco-tourism opportunities. The pathway will lead people through the wetlands boardwalks educating them on the way about the importance of wetland systems




View of pedestrian shared space, I-Site building and elevated rooftop garden with totem pole structure from the corner of Rolleston Avnue and Worcester boulevard a major pedestrian route


DESIGN IDEAS 1. Interactive Water Feature 6

2. Plaza open space 3. Timber seating surrounding specimen tree 4. Grassland/Meadow


5. Recycled Brick Path 6. Timber Boardwalk through Wetland 7. Constructed Wetland

residential design

Pearce residence.

Software: Vectorworks


600mm high raised planter beds containing Native shrub border containing Pittosporum tenufolium, Pittosporum eugeniodes, Phormium tenax, Hebe spp, Coprosma spp Griselinia Littoralis screen planting under planted with Muehlenbeckia astonii


Pseudopanx arboreous

Landscape Concept Plan Setting � Out


Mass planting of grasses and flax Exposed aggregate pathway











DESIGNER : Dale Harrop


DRAWN BY : Dale Harrop DATE: 13/09/2012 JOB NUMBER: 1100000 ORIGINAL SCALE :


1:100 @ A1 SHEET: 01 of 01

Laundry Bedroom


Bedroom Garage 2





Garage 1

Exposed Aggregate Concrete driveway with smooth white concrete edging


Media Roo ining


stone top












This design I prepared for a client as a freelance landscape architect. I was the sole landscape architect for this design and was involved from the first client meeting to the issue of the final design. The dwelling was located in an affluent subdivision set on a high class golf course. The client wanted the landscaping to take advantage of the views to the west and north. They held a concern about privacy and security, they also wanted a native and low maintenace garden, this is acheived through the minimal use of lawn area and the use of hardy native plants. The large deck area was designed so the clients had plenty of space to entertain guests, the deck descends down the landscape to a secluded spa area using planting to screen from neighbours whilst glass fencing was used to comply to the building code.

SHEET Terraced Vegetable Gardens with 500mm high timber retaining walls and aggrock path


Guest Be

Lancewoods with Astelia westland and Chionchloa underplanting


Kowhai Underplanted with sedge grasses Carex secta, Carex buchanii, Chionchloa spp s Fire

Outdor Ga

Mass planting of grasses, carex spp, chionchloa spp

Formal box hedge made up of Buxus spp 11.60




DISCLAIMERS: 1. This concept design / developed design plan must not be relied on for any construction, engineering or other works without further expert advice.


2. This plan shall not be be used for gaining local authority consents.


3. Goom Landscapes Limited is not a registered surveyor. Boundaries may require verification when locating structures.

Aristotelia serrata

Rev A B C D E F

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Path Planting consisitng of Coprosma repens, Corokia cotoneaster and



Formal lawn Timber deck Mass planting of small grasses Carex spp

Wooden Louvre Roof


Courtyard Cabbage tree

Copyright in this design remains

at all times with Goom Landscapes Limited, but the person for whom it

West Elevation 1:200

is prepared shall have perpetual licence to use the same for the location described in the design;

Terraced lawn with 500mm high riverstone retaining walls

only such licence to come into effect from the date upon which payment for the design is made in

Large timber deck steps


Lancewoods with low flax under planting containing Astelia westland amongst Carex spp Raised timber deck with Cabbage tree protruding through with up lights

g Pearce o o m rResidence esidence 39 Xxxx Road, Christchurch

10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 M Goom Landscapes Limited, 200 Fendalton Road, PO Box 29 422, Christchurch, New Zealand. Telelphone - 03 351 6100 Facsimile - 03 351 6110 Email -

linear park.

CAD + Rendering This project was a linear park design for a new sub division in Christchurch, it was a team based project. My role within the team was the CAD drawing of the design and the final rendering production of the plan to issue to the client. The plan was sketched by the designer, my role was to then draw the design in CAD to match roading layouts provided by engineers. Once the design was finalised, an artist was brought in to sketch over the plan, I then overlayed the sketch with the original CAD plan and finalised rednering details and the page layout alongside another landscape architect, this gives the plan a warm sketch feel with the quickness of computer rendering.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign LEGEND PLANTING NORTHERN ENTRANCE Visually prominent entrance area to the reserve - a transitional space accommodating a celebration of the water race as part of a tall sculptural element, a stone wall, paving, seating and timber and access bridge through to the Common.

Signature shelterbelt

Signature specimen tree

Amenity / Avenue trees

Orchard trees

Street trees

Tussock / Kanuka


Hedges & Shrubs

More urban / semi-rural, edge of village character complete with stock yard play area, sunken half court, and more formalised harder wharf edge to pond and associated weirs - character materials of the farmyard including water tower lookout at the visual hinge point of the reserve.

Grass (mown)

Grass (rough)

Ripairian Planting

STRUCTURES Shelters / Toilet / Market shelter



Northern remnant curve trotting & excercise track - open character of grass encircled by trees and water race - a functional informal grassed recreation space bounded by a shared access road that forms part of the setting of the space

Water tower lookout

Stone wall

Post and rail paddock fence

Open, simple, but verdant, character - pasture grass with wild flowers beneath regular spacing of Walnut trees sheltered behind a windrow of trees

SET ASIDE Redolent of poor, less productive rocky / gravely land of hummocky landforn overtaken by native tussocks and groves of Kanuka - a quiet, contemplative character with sheltered picnic areas

Timber posts (varying heights)

Timber decking & wharf edge

Bridging structures

WATER THE VILLAGE GREEN Enclosed by encircling hedges, trees and water race that reflect the curve of the southern segment of the former excercise track, this highly visible, but functional multiuse space encloses hard paved surfaces, a market shelter structure and level changes

Water race

SURFACES 2.5m shared path

Weirs Other paths Water surface and edge Sitting areas & play areas Shallow water rip-rap Play area surfaces Water feature Textured hard surfaces

Hard paved surface

Shared surface roads

Ground mounding

FARMHOUSE GARDEN Semi-ornamental character of former farmhouse and garden remain, including entrance avenue and buildings foundations, now accommodating a play area meandering paths, hedges, garden fences and signature tree to the former gravel turning space


draft Greenway Landscape Plan Scale 1:500 26th September

town planning + urban design

twizel + lake ruataniwha.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup The objective of the project was to create a new town centre for Twizel close to the hydro Lake Ruatanwiha, as this is the heart of recreation activities in the area and a major amenity of the area. The town has taken its shape through the influence of successional beech forests and also through the use of modern sustainable principles. The idea was to create and establish a sene of arrival to Twizel

town planning + urban design

twizel + lake ruataniwha.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup

Design Vision The objective of the project is to create a new town centre for Twizel close to the hydro lake Ruataniwha, as this is the heart of recreation activities in the area and a major amenity of the area. A sense of arrival has been designed with a southern and northern entrances designed to slow highway traffic as they approach Twizel, Street trees narrowed roads and roundabouts encourage this. The town took its form through the influence of green wedges of snow tussock and mountain beech forest that bring the regional vegetation into the township. These green wedges also provide viewshafts to regional landmarks. Successional Beech Forests will replace the Wilding Pine in the area over a 30 year staging period. The town is contained within a 500m walking radius to ensure walkability and avoid unnecessary sprawl and infill into surrounding areas. The developed recreational opportunities will create a destination town which will increase the length of stay of visitors creating a consolidated pedestrian friendly heart. The existing town centre of Twizel will be used as a community hub for the existing residential areas.

town planning + urban design

twizel + lake ruataniwha.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup

town planning + urban design

twizel + lake ruataniwha.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup

The proposed new town village for Twizel aims to bring people off State Highway 8 and provide better access to Lake Ruataniwha to maximise the amenities and recreational activities that the lake provides enhancing the users experience of Twizel. The perforated built form allows this, these pedestrian axis are designed to enhance the experience of the space. These small axis contrast with the vast expansive character of the lake, these small spaces build a sense of anticipation until you reach the transitional shared space where the vast openness of the lake is unveiled. The bus drop off point is associated with the proposed District Council building, public library and hydro scheme museum. The use of tussocks and grasses throughout the stormwater channel enhance the high country character of the township.

town planning + urban design

twizel + lake ruataniwha.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup

The site detail design aims to produce a variety of different experiential spaces for the user. From enclosed pedestrian axis to the vast space of the boardwalk this is a direct expression of the vast landscape qualities of the Mackenzie Country. the vast space lake side provide areas for users to enjoy the climate during the summer, this is contrasted with the enclosed pedestrian axis and associated spaces will provide shelter during the harsh winters. Materials such as exposed aggregate, corten steel, gabion baskets and hardwood timber have been appropriately chosen to reflect the high country character as well as the industrial past of the area. The pedestrian axis has been planted to frame the view of the lake and the horizon in the distance. The change in level provides a dynamic response to the lake front and creates an interesting experience as users move down towards the lake the vast openness of the landscape is revealed to them.

town planning + urban design

twizel + lake ruataniwha.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup The outstanding landscape that Twizel is nestled in is rich and contrasting so naturally the material choices are simple. This simplistic approach will draw attention to the greater regional landscape and not detract from it. Simplistic colors that add to the natural character of twizel are chosen. materials such as Corten Steel, Stone,Timber and Greywacke Rocks reflect a particular character about the site and reflect the landscape’s great power

Corten Steel

Local Stone





town planning + urban design

twizel + lake ruataniwha.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup Twizel River Strategy restoration of natural habitat The twizel river strategy attempts to enhance the ripairan edge planting through a community scheme. This will help educate the community as well as enhance the habitat corridor that the river provides. This will be achieved by use of native flax and rush species on the river banks through to small trees such as Sophora microphylla.

Green Wedge Strategy connection to region The purpose of the green wedge strategy is to link the proposed township to the greater region through the use of vegetation. Species such as Nothofagus spp connect the town to the Ruataniwha Conservation park. Podocarpus nivalis species will also be used to connect the town. these forest wedges will be integrated with cycle and walking tracks connecting to the Alps to Ocean cycleway as well the connections to the dusky trail at Lake Pukaki

Urban Strategy a reflection of high country character with ephemeral qualities The urban environment of Ruataniwha will reflect the vast tussock grasslands and scattered trees of the Mackenzie Country, it will also represent the ephemeral cycle of colors that change throughout the seasons the golden yellow colorings throughout autumn to the fresh and bright purple and greens of spring. The exotic species uses throughout Twizel today will also be used through Ruataniwha to provide shade during the hot summer months, as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing streetscape. The mixture of tussock running through the open spaces throughout the township are reminiscent of the high country character that the Mackenzie Country are known for. Rain gardens throughout the streets will be heavily populated with small hardy tussocks capable of tolerating the harsh winters alongside street trees.

Residential Strategy Integrating the township within the landscape The role of vegetation within residential areas is to reduce the impact of the built form and integrate the buildings into the surrounding landscape. Small sedge grasses are used to soften hard materials at the base with small shrubs and trees such as sophora microphylla to soften surrounding views and overall to create a vibrant street scape. Podcarpus species and Beech species link the regional green wedge vegetation with the township and connects the township as a whole

Lake Front Strategy dynamic qualities The lake front strategy attempts to continue the high country whilst proving a direct contrast with the turquoise blue of Lake Ruatnaiwha through the use of small grasses in a select range of colors from golden brown to a sharp bronze. These tussocks will also provide a buffer between pedestrian axis and lake front boulders providing a dramatic contrast in form and texture.

structure planning + sustainable design

north new brighton.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign LASC 322 Sustainable design excellence award

The 2018 Stage will implement the North New Brighton bound tram route. The densification of the innercity as well as north new brighton and the pedestrian greenway as these parts of the design are important for the 2018 games.

The 2030 stage will implement the densification of the proposed suburbs as well as the rest of the tram routs around the city.

The 2050 stage will implement the Light rail system and will also enforce the urban development limit on the city.

My Vision for Christchruch in the future is for it to become a vibrant, fun city in which residents live an travel in the most sustainable way possible, keeping Christchurch a truly green city whilst retaining its unique character. My overall structure plan for the city is to densify the inner city and suburbs surrounding the inner city to discourage urban sprawl. The green circles shows living density, the darker the colour the denser the living. The suburbs that the long term vision plans to densify are, Sydneham, Linwood, North New Brighton, Merivale, Fendalton, Hornby, St. Albans, Richmond and Papanui. These suburbs will be re-zoned to L3 and the inner city will be zoned L5. The 2018 Commonwealth Games will provide a stage for Christchurch to revitalise they city in the most sustainable way possible for the short term as well as the long term. Venues for sports and accommodation will be located in existing venue except for two out of the three commonwealth games villages.

This is so that new venues don’t need to be proposed making the games as green as possible. Public Transport for the games and for the future will look towards electric or hydrogen buses along with an extended tram route to service QEII stadium the main hub of the games. For the long term vision Light rail will be implemented servicing outer rural suburbs such as Pegasus & Rolleston with a new LRT station proposed next to the proposed bus interchange. Tram routes will be extended in the long term to service suburbs throughout Christchurch such as Sydenham, Sumner, Linwood, New Brighton, Riccarton & Fendalton, as well as servicing the Airport. A pedestrian/cycle greenway is proposed along the banks of the Avon river as alot of the venues are near the avon making them easily accessible from the greenway,encouraging people to walk from venue to venue making the games more sustainable.

The sports venue locations are as follows: Athletics & Aquatics - QEII Stadium Badminton - Pioneer Stadium Boxing - Christchurch Convention Centre Cycling - Invercargill ILT Velodrome Gymnastics - Olympia Gym Hockey - Porrit Park Lawn Bowls - Fendalton Bowling Club Netball - Westpac Stadium Rugby 7’s - AMI Stadium Shooting - Mcleans Island Weightlifting - Christchurch Town Hall

structure planning + sustainable design

north new brighton.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign LASC 322 Sustainable design excellence award

The main driver behind the North New Brighton Revitalisation scheme is sustainable transport and sustainable living. The Olympic village developed on the ascot golf course is based around the low impact urban development strategy the development is built around a wetland area which treats storm water and is designed to be a sustainable solution to high density housing. The revitalisation scheme includes a transport interchange which will be a major tram and bus stop which will service most of the suburb. A central wetland is designed in the middle of the suburb with L4 high density housing surrounding it which drops to L3 housing and then L2 housing. The central wetland will cater for stormwater runoff from these surrounding houses and move it off site to Travis wetland Via natural swales and box drains to move the run off under roads. This area will also include a new community centre which will provide facilities for the wider community. The area surrounding the existing community centre is developed into B2 commercial lots as the beach front is an attractive location for commercial businesses and will help revitalise that area which includes Thompson park. Street trees and living streets will be implemented through stages to reduce traffic flow and make the neighbourhood a safer place for pedestrians. Roadside swales and car park rain gardens are implemented to reduce the amount of impervious surfaces.

By 2018 North New Brighton should include the new transport interchange as this is vital for commonwealth games. The ascot development will also be implemented as this is crucial for the commonwealth games. Street trees will be placed on major roads to increase the aesthetic appeal for the games.

The 2030 staging plan will introduce the rezoning of housing and commercial lots as well as the implementation of the central wetland. Minor roads will have street trees placed on them. These steps are important for the revitalisation of the neighbourhood but are on a large scale and won’t be implemented right away

The 2050 staging plan will implement the living streets program as there are quite a few streets involved. This last step is important for sustainable living and is the last piece that will revitalise North New Brighton

structure planning + sustainable design

north new brighton.

Software: Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign LASC 322 Sustainable design excellence award

The proposal for the north New Brighton revitalisation scheme includes a new community centre with an integrated skate park as well as community greenhouse to encourage people in the area to develop urban agriculture which in turn promotes sustainable living. A central wetland will divide the two high density living areas and will cater for storm water runoff from these housing areas. The proposed tram will run down one side of the street allowing for a small tram station to be placed on the road to encourage people to use sustainable transport. The placement of the tram tracks allow for the road to be a two way road. The tram will also run on a green tramway covered in grass allowing for filtration of water. The 60 degree angle parking creates space for rain gardens in between the park and the footpath. An integrated cycleway has been proposed which will provide cyclists with a safe way of getting around.

hand drawings + 3d modelling.

Software: sketchup, kerkythea, photoshop, hands, pencils, pens, markers

These renderings were completed using sketchup with the kerkythea rendering and then post processed in photoshop. I feel that 3d modelling and rendering is a very powerful tool when selling designs clients as it gives them a realistic view of the design and how it will interact with the surrounding environment.

Although skilled with computer aided design, I value hand drawn graphics that demonstrate design ideas and concepts, I believe it is a valuable tool in the design process and I value the personal character that freehand sketching allows me to express.


Examples of work as of October 2013

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