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September 2012



Clear Choice For Superior Conduit Connections! ClearTap Connectors – Save time and speed up jobs – just tap and tighten. • • •

Eliminate the need for tape and covers required with traditional wiring methods Offer dual entry from both sides Make inspections easy with their transparent covers

Nimbus4Flex Connectors – Reusable and reliable for long-lasting installation. • • •

Eliminate the need for replacement wire sleeves Accept fine-stranded flexible conductors – great for industrial and mining applications Prevent oxides from forming

METERING TECHNOLOGY Do It All With Itron AMR And DSG! • Reduce labor costs • Increase billing accuracy • Improve customer service

As the world’s leading provider of data collection technology, Itron’s proven approach offers a range of AMR solutions, and implementation is a lot easier than you think (it virtually pays for itself!). AMR technology from Itron continues to be the smart choice for utilities of all types and sizes.



A Job Versus A Career There is an old joke among business owners that goes something like this: “Now that I'm my own boss, I can finally choose which 60 hours I want to work each week.” While it may be humorous, it is almost always true. Success never comes easy. Why do successful business people so often work extra hours? Sometimes, it is because they simply have more to do (a business owner may wear many hats, for example). However, this isn't always the case. Successful salespeople almost always put in extra hours even though they aren't the owner. Why? Because they spend time improving themselves. In fact, this drive to improve is a characteristic that successful people – whether they own a business or not – inevitably share. It is the difference between those who look at their day-to-day lives as a job, and those who choose to see it as a career. By seeing the big picture – a career as something to be built and developed – high achievers show an understanding that success is almost entirely a product of effort. This

to succeed in both endeavors. Do this by finding fun ways to learn. For example, not everyone wants to read business books. Personally, I like magazines and online blog sites that provide helpful tips and plenty of laughs at the same time. That half-hour before bed when there's nothing on TV? That's a great time to check out some articles instead of tapping on the remote. Once you get the hang of “getting better,” it gets easier – and people will notice. You'll be more confident. You'll have more to discuss with customers and coworkers. And you'll have an easier time attaining a leadership position. It becomes obvious, after all, who is growing – and who is not. Got some tips of your own for “sharpening the sword”? Please share them with me, and I will pass them on.

doesn't mean you should ignore everything else and sleep on the couch in the break room. Why succeed in business if you fail your family? The key is

Printed On 100% Recycled Paper!

WATERWORKS Romac's Macro HP™ Couplings Are New And Improved: More Pressure And More Deflection For Fewer Maintenance Visits. Macro HP two-bolt extended range couplings from Romac feature up to 25 percent higher working pressure (up to 350psi) and allow for up to 25 percent more deflection (up to 10˚). Plus, these couplings are:

• Adjustable for extended-range – Macro HP couplings offer a range of up to 1.25 inches, accommodating IPS through Class 200 A/C pipe. • Easy to handle and install – With a built-in handle, the Macro HP coupling is easy to carry and maneuver while on the job. • Heavy-duty for long-lasting connections – Macro HP couplings are made with ductile iron end rings and center rings.

PLUMBING H2Option Toilets Aren't Just Great For The Environment – They're Also Great For Your Profits! ®

Dual flush H2Option toilets from American Standard let your customers conserve water and save money with every flush. They're an easy sale when you show customers these unique features:

• Easy-to-use dual flush uses less water – This toilet allows you to choose between a mere 1.0-gallon flush or a standard 1.6-gallon flush, simply by pressing one of two button actuators on top of the tank. • EverClean™ surface means less scrubbing – The super-smooth, mirror-like surface is easier to keep clean, even after years of use. • High bulk removal rating means fewer clogs – With a high rating of 800–1000 grams, these toilets feature better material removal and outstanding clog resistance.

AUTOMATION Longer-lasting Motors And Less Maintenance With The Enclosed Altistart 22 Soft Start Motor Controller. The Enclosed Altistart 22 combination motor controller merges integrated bypass and control components to improve a machine's performance, efficiency, reliability and even life expectancy.

• Minimize wiring time! With six terminals instead of 12, the Altistart 22 is quick to install. •

Set up and operate with ease! The Altistart 22 features an integrated display terminal that allows you to change both the programming and the monitoring parameters in order to adapt and customize the application.

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Fast FACTS Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young attended Brigham Young University (BYU) and is the great-great-great grandson of Brigham Young, the man for whom BYU is named. Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying. According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, hot dog season ends on Labor Day (it begins on Memorial Day). It takes the same amount of time for a bluegill to grow to nine inches as it does for an average buck to reach 8–10 trophy status.

COMMUNICATIONS The TS 54 TDR From Fluke – A TDR, Toner And Pair Identifier All In One Compact Test Set! ®

The TS54 is perfect for voice, data and video professionals, delivering 10 testing functions and a multitude of user-friendly features.

Improve safety by lightening up the toolbelt – Linemen no longer need to carry a separate TDR, toner, pair identifier and test set. That's a 62 percent weight reduction, minimizing the stress on the lower back and hips.

Butt in on live DSL lines without crashing data service – The TS54 delivers 20 percent more extreme weather protection with its RainSafe™, DropSafe™ and DataSafe™ technology. This means the TS54 is weatherproof, rugged and able to butt in on live DSL lines to test POTS quality without disrupting service.

UTILITY Choose Okonite Cables: Better Insulation Means Less Maintenance. Okoguard URO-J cables provide maximum circuit longevity in underground residential distribution systems. Best of all, DSG stocks a large inventory of 1/0 full neutral, 1/0 reduced neutral, 4/0 and 500 MCM.

Reduce maintenance visits with uniquely strong insulation. Okonite’s Okoguard insulation utilizes a totally integrated ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) system, which provides the optimum balance of electrical and physical properties for extended problem-free service.

• Speed up installations with superior flexibility. Okoguard URO-J cable can be buried directly or installed in underground ducts or conduits. Territory restrictions may apply in SD and IA. Contact your DSG representative for availability.

DidYou Know? DSG holds a weekly "football picks" contest during each football season in which customers can win cash (no purchase necessary). Ask your DSG representative for more details.


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What's Inside September Featured Products Tom’s Current DSG Outdoors Pop Quiz Fast Facts Did You Know?

HVAC Easy To Transport. Easy To Store. Easy To Use. Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw Mini Kits Make Cutting A Cinch! ®

Save time and get jobs done faster – These kits come stocked with a variety of hole saw sizes most commonly used by contractors, resulting in fewer trips back and forth to the truck.

A heavy-duty case means your hole saws are always where you want them – Made from impact- resistant polypropylene with a durable metal latch and metal hinge pins, the kit’s case is designed to withstand daily use in the toughest environments.


Dakota Supply Group - September 2012 Spotlight  

Dakota Supply Group - September 2012 Spotlight