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July 2012


WATERWORKS Eliminate Water Leaking Into Manholes With The I&I Barrier From AP/M Permaform. By forming an interior wall, the I&I Barrier stops water from leaking into manholes through the grade rings.

Saves municipalities from excess costs by minimizing excess water – The more groundwater that enters septic systems, the more water that needs to be processed in a treatment plant – costing municipalities additional money every time it rains or snow melts.

• Holds strong through tough weather – The I&I Barrier’s advanced polyethylene construction means that it is weather and puncture resistant. • Easy to install – Simply seal the I&I Barrier to the cone with butyl sealant, add grade rings to the desired height and place on the manhole frame.

HVAC/R Designing An HVAC System Has Never Been Easier Thanks To Greater Installation Flexibility From Taco Switching Relays! Taco Switching Relays combine clearly labeled PC board layouts with advanced features that allow you to completely customize an HVAC system.

Eliminates wiring roadblocks – Since a switching relay can have more than one voltage going through it, you can run a thermostat and the HVAC equipment in the same circuit, simplifying wiring and speeding up jobs.

• Instant feedback makes service calls and new installation a snap – Taco’s switching relays feature external indicator lights that give you immediate diagnostic information.



Good Work Vs Good Looks There are people in the world who believe that you should be judged on your actions and nothing else. They argue that their work speaks for itself and that the “look” of their business is irrelevant. After all, if the customer is happy with the job, what difference does a dirty van or a sweaty t-shirt or a homemade business card make? It’s only the work that counts, right? You probably have some friends who think this way – maybe you even agree with them. Unfortunately, there is a hole in this logic that you could drive your truck through: If two businesses both do a good job (and let’s be honest, there’s always more than one competent player in every market) – but one looks more professional – then customers will choose to do business with the company that “looks better.” In other words, would you rather hire someone who does good work and looks sloppy or someone who does equally good work and looks sharp?

clean. If they’re careful about how they treat my lawn, then they’ll certainly take care when they finish the installation. You may love the burgers at your favorite dive bar, but you probably don’t recommend them to your visiting in-laws. Instead, you steer them toward a different restaurant with good food and a better rating from the health department. In the age-old argument of good work versus good looks, the answer for your business is easier than you might think: You need both to succeed.

It’s not superficial; it’s human nature! We feel better about a company that seems to take pride in itself. If their service truck is clean, that means they’ll keep my house

Printed On 100% Recycled Paper!

AUTOMATION Configure Schneider Electric Motor Control Devices Faster And Get More Jobs Done With SoMove Software. Simple, time-saving and user-friendly, SoMove is a free software program that expedites the setup and maintenance of Schneider Electric motor control devices, including Altivar ™ 32, 61 and 71 variable-speed drives and Altistart™ 22 starters.

Just use a USB/RJ45 cable to connect SoMove software to a PC, and start saving time and increasing productivity with these functions: • Create, save, copy and print configurations in disconnect mode • Compare and transfer an existing configuration to a new device • Save and compare oscilloscope curves • Display a list of detected faults • Monitor real-time display of the device’s status and its I/O

ELECTRICAL Save Big On Material Costs With RACO Large Capacity Outlet Boxes. RACO’s large capacity outlet boxes come in 66.7 and 113.3 cubic inch sizes, providing ample space for Cat 6A and fiber-optic cable blends.

• Minimize material costs and inventory issues – These outlet boxes feature patented TKO knockouts, which offer greater installation flexibility, allowing you to stock just one type of box instead of two or three. • Speed up installations – Both sizes of outlet box come with three pre-installed ground screws that feature combination slotted/Phillips heads.


Part Numbers: 260 263

Reliable Connections Mean Fewer Maintenance Trips. DSG Has All The Blackburn Products You Need For Dependable Distribution. DSG has an extensive inventory of reliable grounding and compression connectors from Blackburn. • Inspections and certified installations made easy – Blackburn compression

connectors feature the Color-Keyed ® application tooling system (with distinct, hexagonal, color-coded dies) that compresses connectors and conductors into a virtually solid configuration for an outstanding electrical bond.

• Versatility simplifies ordering – The broad variety of U.L. and C.S.A. certified connectors will provide solutions to nearly every electrical interface requirement.

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2. The first opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games were held in what European city?

3. What state contains the northernmost point of the lower 48 states?

4. True or False: Fish are cold-blooded.











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DSG Education Connection Fund Awards Five $1,000 Scholarships! DSG has awarded $1,000 scholarships to five individuals who are furthering their education in the trade industries. This year’s winners are: Adam Hoheisel – Hillman, MN Dylan Summerville – Breckenridge, MN Donovan Kristjanson – Grand Forks, ND Joshua Keller – Pierre, SD Justin Wipf – Parkston, SD

To find out more about the DSG Education Connection Fund, visit today!

COMMUNICATIONS Better Security Starts Here DSG Presents A Digital IDView Product Road Map. HD Box Cameras

Enterprise DVR

IV-HDCM-100 (720p)

IV-LP16D1 – 16CH


IV-LP321 – 9CH

Megapixel Cameras

Hybrid DVR

IV-LC-B411MP (Dome Camera)

Analog + IP – CYHB5016/5032, CYHB-5048/5064

IV-LC-D431MP (Dome Camera)


IV-LC-U451 (Bullet Camera)

NVR + Monitor Combo


HD DVR IV-HD418-4 – 4CH

16CH/25CH NVR, 4CH Supports, 1 Panoramic 1080p Camera

Encoders MPEG-4/MJPEG Encoder H.264 Encoder (tri-streaming) HD Encoder (tri-streaming)

IV-HD916-1 – 9CH

PLUMBING Water-saving Products Always Get The Customer’s Vote. Tell Them About FloWise Shower Technology, And Watch It Sell Itself! ®

FloWise showerheads from American Standard can save your customers up to 40% on water usage without sacrificing performance. That’s more than 11,000 gallons per year!

• Innovation and conservation make a big impression – Using a patented turbine technology that pressurizes and spins the water, FloWise showerheads create a drenching shower with as little as 1.5 gallons of water per minute. • Long-lasting performance leads to more customer referrals – All FloWise showerheads are covered by a lifetime warranty on function and finish.

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METERING TECHNOLOGY Badger Galaxy: Bringing The Improved Efficiency Of AMR To Your Desktop. Badger Galaxy is an AMI fixed network radio frequency (RF) system that allows utilities to improve operations – without ever having to leave the office.

• Timelier and more accurate billing information • Unique leak detection and anti-tampering capabilities • Easily accessible real-time and historical data The switch to a fixed network is a lot easier than you think. The Badger Galaxy system: • Integrates into a wide variety of existing metering systems • Works great for all utilities – regardless of size, technological expertise or AMI experience • Simplifies and speeds up installation – receiver mounts in minutes and transmitters come ready to install

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Dakota Supply Group - July 2012 Spotlight