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Self-Watering Planters DuMor Site Furnishings now offers EarthPlanter Premium Self-Watering Inserts as an option or retrofit for a large selection of our planters. The EarthPlanter system is the perfect solution for any commercial application that wants the beauty of real plants without daily maintenance. · Complete elimination of daily and/or 4-5 day per week watering schedules. · Significant labor savings as customers adjust watering schedules and reduce time associated with planter maintenance. · Uses up to 80% less water than a traditional planter.

Planting Tray for soil-less mixture. Design promotes excellent water retention, aeration and drainage.

· Eliminates the guesswork of under or over-watering containers.

RapidWick™ Watering System delivers the nutrients your plants need, automatically!

· Produces bigger, more vibrant plant growth by eliminating stress cycles.

Large water reservoir allows you to go up to 2 weeks between watering.

· Planting tray depth: 8”, Soil capacity: 1.45 cubic feet, Water capacity: 9 gallons.

Side overflow outlet ensures planter can’t be overfilled.

List price: $165.00

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DuMor Self-Watering Planters  
DuMor Self-Watering Planters  

Introducing an easy way to maintain your planters with a minimum amount of labor! This patent-pending design also eliminates the guesswork o...