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Printing photos on canvas is no longer a new method these days. But there are changes in terms of the resolution and types of inks used, as well as programs for the printing process. Taking advantage of these can truly help create good quality canvas print for any type of photograph. Though there are numerous types and styles of photographs you can print on canvas, the following are the most commonly used:

Portraits Portraits are great on canvas and the resulting image looks stunning and classy. A portrait shot in a studio may look flat on regular photo paper. A few enhancements can make the image/s stand out especially when printed on canvas. Larger portraits on canvas are great for long hallways and tall walls. Think of classic frescos, but this time, they're photographs instead of paintings.

Family photos

You will find in many homes family photos of various kinds. There are serious and wacky moments captured forever and they are fun to look at when hanged on the wall. Old photos of your parents and grannies can be mixed in with the latest photos of family members, like a family tree or collage, before they are printed into one canvas. You can also come across digital enhancements that can change color into black and white or sepia for a vintage feel.

Photos of interesting subjects

Anybody who can shoot like a pro can turn any interesting subject into artwork. Even junk can be a good subject with the right angle and precision. You can turn these images into forms of art on canvas with proper manipulations and enhancements. Large formats are great for homes and offices. And you can even sell them to potential clients as art or collector's items.

Travel or vacation photos

When you travel, make sure to take lots of pictures. You'll never know when something potential can come up until you scour all of your shots after your vacation. A vacation in Hawaii, a tour of the Himalayas, a wine-tasting trip to Napa, or an Italian getaway tour can be your best travel photo suitable for canvas printing. Capture the beautiful places and faces as you stroll the foreign streets and make each encounter memorable with a photo or two. Printing them on canvas on high resolution further enhance the natural beauty of the sights and sceneries you've shot. And of course, they're great as wall dĂŠcor and conversation pieces around the home or office.

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Types of photos that make great canvas prints  
Types of photos that make great canvas prints