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C High Performance Secondary Wood Processing Carbon Bandsaw Blade 37% More from Your Saw

Discover how Saw37C conquers all with superior performance, precision, durability and range ◀ Superior cutting performance ◀ Longer blade life ◀ Expansive range of sizes and uses ◀ Maximum operating efficiency ◀ Greater durability than its leading rivals ◀ Dramatically reduced operating costs

Quality Bandsaw and Bandknife

Saw37C – the cutting edge of carbon steel bandsaw blades At Dakin-Flathers, we’ve not achieved the status of the largest carbon bandsaw manufacturer in the world by simply dedicating over 100 years to making blades. No, we’ve been refining and reinventing them constantly so that they outperform all other bandsaws in the market.

the grade. Every aspect of each Saw37C blade is under harsh scrutiny. Everything from tooth shape right through to microstructural analysis is inspected in great detail. Giving you the best possible bandsaw blades time after time. So how does Saw37C stand up to such rigorous testing? By creating every blade using industry leading state-of-theart machinery.

Take Saw It’s a collection of some of the most precise and durable bandsaws in the world, designed and manufactured using cutting edge techniques. Produced from superior Western European carbon-rich steel made exclusively for Dakin-Flathers. Using such unique raw steel, enables Saw37C teeth to cut with ruthless precision and to resist ‘blade fatigue’ for longer than other leading bandsaw blades. 37C.

Dakin-Flathers have invested over £10m in equipment, processes and research and development over the last 15 years. Such huge and continual investment in our 24-hour purpose-built facility means our highly skilled engineers work with technologically advanced manufacturing equipment to bring you the best bandsaw and bandknife blades in the world...Generation37.

Our quality control methods are equally ruthless, with stringent checks ensuring only absolute perfection making

Why Saw37C makes other blades look toothless, weak and tired... Unique Metallurgical Properties for Longer Life

That’s why the Saw37C range is a collection of the highest quality and performing blades found anywhere in the world.

Superior Carbon Steel

Want proof? We conducted “run-to-destruction” fatigue tests to expose any weaknesses in our blades. Compared to the other leading brands tested, Saw37C blades outperformed them all proving Dakin-Flathers is a cut above the rest.

Saw bandsaw blades are of the very highest quality in terms of manufacture and metallurgy. Each is created from a single precision high carbon steel strip with unique and unparalleled characteristics and metallurgical properties – developed exclusively for Dakin-Flathers. 37C

3500 3000 2500 2000 1500

The Market

Competitor C

1000 Competitor B

Everything that can possibly be done to extend the life, cutting power and precision of our blades has been done.


Competitor A

Longer life blades mean lower production costs, minimal downtime and longer production runs. The result? Increased productivity and profits – two key benefits for you and your business.



A Cut Above the Rest

Fatigue Testing – Saw37C vs. the Competition

Units - Cycles to Failure

What difference does using such high-grade carbon steel make to a blade? The answer is a world of difference. Firstly, performance – every Saw37C bandsaw has superior cutting abilities, making easy work of whatever each specific blade in the range is designed to tackle, leaving a precise, clean cut. Secondly, the carbides in every Saw37C blade are finely and evenly dispersed during our heat treatment process resulting in teeth that are tougher and harder. That means dramatically improved wear and fatigue resistance resulting in noticeably longer blade life.

Reduced Waste with Accurate Precision Cutting Uniform CNC Teeth Setting For a blade to cut at maximum efficiency and accuracy, its teeth must be set with precise levels of uniformity. The slightest variation in the set of any one tooth can have a dramatic negative impact creating wider, erratic rough cuts, more waste and a compromised overall finish. Amongst many things, one key differentiator between Dakin-Flathers blades and other leading, yet inferior blades is our unrivalled accuracy of set consistency.

Set Consistency – Saw37C vs. the Competition

The facts speak for themselves. By comparing the standard set deviation from the specification of the Saw37C range with three other leading brand blades, you can see from the graph to the left that we achieve 99.5% accuracy of perfectly aligned teeth. Meaning cleaner, more accurate cuts from every Dakin-Flathers Saw37C bandsaw blade.

Saw37C has Every Job Covered One Extensive Range Cuts All Saw37C isn’t a one-off single blade, it’s an entire range that brings all these unique and valuable benefits to a huge number of your production processes.

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Saw37C has a wide range of different blades specifically developed to accurately and efficiently cut anything from wood and plastic right through to non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and brass.

94 92 90 88

The Market

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Competitor B

Competitor A

86 Saw37C

% of Consistency

Our unique process guarantees the optimum degree of set on every Saw37C blade. We can promise this as every blade passes through our rigorous quality checks at every step of the manufacturing process. This culminates in a range of bandsaw blades that straight out of the box cut straighter, harder and faster.

Specialist applications such as furniture production where high feed rates and output is crucial are covered with our thicker gauge 'Furnisaw' range. Incorporating not only thicker material but a variety of different options for tooth configurations and set patterns to maximize performance and productivity. A unique thin gauge material is also available for smaller machines with tighter wheel radii to help eliminate premature breakage.

Nothing else cuts it: Saw37C is the world’s largest range of carbon bandsaw capable of cutting the widest diversity of materials

Friendly Technical Support

Product Range – Saw37C vs. the Competition

When you call you are able to tap into the vast levels of experience that our team have, which includes troubleshooting specific issues that you may be having with your line, and developing solutions to problems.


No. SKU’s


You can use our technical resource to help ensure you get the best possible blade for your application and the best possible results with your blades.


Our Guarantee


Every Dakin-Flathers Saw37C blade you buy is backed by our Gold Seal Guarantee. Quite simply, if you’re not absolutely delighted with your blade, we will replace it or refund you in full.*


The Market

Competitor C

Competitor B

Competitor A



In Summary

Take one look at the product range graph above and you’ll see that Saw37C is the widest range on the market. Great news for you as you don’t get the hassle and inconvenience of dealing with multiple vendors as Dakin-Flathers can be your sole supplier. That makes us the world’s go-to manufacturer for high performance carbon steel bandsaw.

Reliable and Consistent Quality Blade Ultra Strong Welds The weakest point of any blade is the weld that creates the loop. At Dakin-Flathers, to ensure the absolute integrity of this joint, we developed a unique factory welding process of our own. Designed to produce a blade with an ultra strong weld with optimum joint strength and improved alignment accuracy. This factory process creates not only a highly flexible, but super-strong weld, it delivers impressive reliability for maximum operating efficiency.

The Saw37C range encompasses everything you and your business demand from bandsaws, from heavy duty massproduction manufacturer to a lone precision hobbyist. No other carbon bandsaw manufacturer offers such a complete and versatile range. Saw37C gives you... •

Superior cutting performance – cleaner, straighter, accurate cuts

Comprehensive range of sizes – always the correct blade for the job

Greater durability than leading rivals – increased productivity

Maximum operating efficiency – increases your profit

Reduced operating costs – saves you money

Longer blade life – less machine downtime

*Subject to fair usage

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Saw37C Brochure  

Discover how Saw37C conquers all with superior performance, precision, durability and range.

Saw37C Brochure  

Discover how Saw37C conquers all with superior performance, precision, durability and range.