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Great Minds in STEM Prepared by Social | Impact Consulting, LLC November 12, 2012 Social | Impact Consulting, LLC, a small business enterprise (SBE) certified by the state of California, is a Los Angeles-based full-service consulting firm that specializes in social media, and for the purposes of this proposal is partnering with iPariots, LLC, a disabled veterans business enterprise (DVBE), to provide social media training to Great Minds in STEM. Social | Impact Consulting, LLC founder and CEO Filiberto Gonzalez, leads consulting sessions on social media strategy for government and nonprofit clients, and is the leading social media trainer at the Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM), will lead the following comprehensive suite of social media trainings, all of which are evidence-based training models that are provided regularly at CNM. Based on experience in social media, we propose to facilitate the trainings over the course of three months. In each case, founder Filiberto Gonzalez will provide Great Minds in STEM a) live presentation and b) digital copy of the slide deck that is used during the presentation. Social | Impact Consulting could also provide a hardcopy training manual as a premium item. The following lists the proposed trainings: Social Media Starter Kit This half-day seminar will provide a complete overview on each leading social media platform, and its functionality and practical use by nonprofits. We will present a social media starter kit on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as Pinterest and Tumblr. The training will include an overview of how each social media platform is used in the nonprofit sector and several examples of best practices in social media for nonprofit supporter cultivation and engagement. Social | Impact Consulting, LLC Great Minds in STEM

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Deliverables include: 1.

Clear understanding of how each leading social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) functions for nonprofits;


Case studies on how nonprofits use social media to find supporters and engage donors; and,


Step-by-step processes on replicating best practices.

Facebook Optimized The world’s leading social media platform, Facebook is the alpha and omega in social media for nonprofit supporter engagement. This three-hour seminar will empower Great Minds in STEM to maximize the use of Facebook in order to grow its online community, mobilizing supporters, and fundraise. Topics of discussion are as follows: • Facebook 101: If anything is constant with Facebook, it is change. We’ll begin by making sense of the new Facebook algorithm and how to game it to your advantage; • Best Practices: See eye-opening examples of nonprofits that are getting it right. We’ll dissect their ‘social’ DNA; • Facebook Insights: We’ll take a deep dive into the free analytics tool for Facebook Pages and how to make the most of its rich data; • Facebook Ads: Case studies in paid ads on Facebook to increase Likes, mobilize supporters, and fundraise; and, • Fundraising: Real-life examples of how nonprofits fundraise on Facebook through platforms such as Causes and Fundly. We’ll share Causes’ very own “secret sauce” based on reams of data from successful users.

Social | Impact Consulting, LLC Great Minds in STEM

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Deliverables include: 1. Examples of how to find existing supporters on Facebook. 1. Best practices in supporter engagement on Facebook. 2. Best practices in fundraising on Facebook.

Developing Your Online Voice Not unlike all other forms of corporate communication, your organization’s social media “voice” must be professional and compelling. But unlike a press release, social media for nonprofits works best when it is interactive, engaging, and lax. This 3-hour seminar will focus on a very important aspect of social media for nonprofits: communication style and guidelines. Topics of discussion are as follows: •

Do’s and Don’ts – The same rules of corporate communications do not always apply in social media. We will discuss the basic do’s and don’ts when getting started;

The Voice – The nonprofit’s tone and tenor on social media should reflect its existing style, but be prepared to loosen up under difference circumstances. This section will discuss how to develop an online voice for your organization; and,

Rules of Engagement – We will examine real-life examples of how nonprofits engage supporters, potential supporters, donors, members, critics, and elected representatives on social media, and which would be the best to emulate.

Deliverables include: 1. How to avoid common mistakes by nonprofits on social media. 2. Best practices in dealing with critics or complaints on social media. 3. Communications strategies for each constitute group (i.e. members, donors, elected officials). Social | Impact Consulting, LLC Great Minds in STEM

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Social Fundraising 2.0 Social media is changing the landscape of fundraising and producing new and engaged supporters. This 4-hour seminar will take a deeper dive into how your organization can maximize your social media efforts to expand and cultivate your donor base. Furthermore, this seminar will reframe social media as the driving vehicle behind online fundraising in the shortterm, and, more importantly, as the future of nonprofit fundraising in the long-term. Participants will learn about the latest trends in online and social fundraising, and the use of social data and social fundraising tools to help develop your organization’s social donor profile: an evidence-based profile of the social media users who are most likely to support your organization. In the second part of this seminar, we’ll dive into an overview of social media tools for nonprofit fundraising, and how to use these tools to search through and analyze your social data. Finally, we will take a look at live examples of how to use Facebook Ads, Google AdWords courtesy of Google Grants, and other emerging technologies that will help produce an evidence-based profile on prospective donors and how to find them in social media. We will also look at best practices and evidence-based models on the burgeoning interest in social fundraising. Deliverables include: 1. The tools needed to begin using several social media platforms for fundraising. 2. Turnkey examples of how to develop a compelling social media strategy that is predicated on fundraising and based on your existing donor database. 3. Evidence-based donor cultivation and solicitations on social media.

Social | Impact Consulting, LLC Great Minds in STEM

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Social Media Workshop  

Workshop to be produced insdie of social media week