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For Immediate  Release   Kevin  Clark   (310)  466  3123    

Invites you  to  participate  in  a  three-­‐screen  television  discussion  via   Livestream,  Twitter,  and  Facebook  accounts  about  how  Science  Technology  Engineering  Math  Arts   Stewardship  impacts  our  lives  and  how  to  integrate  into  early  childhood  development.   Compton  High  School’s  Drive  to  encourage  S.T.E.A.M.S.   Compton,  CA  –  May  23,  2013  –  Compton  High  School  welcomes  you  to  participate  in  a  discussion  to   close  the  gap  between  economically  challenged  and  privileged  children.    Dakar  Foundation  will  be   unveiling  the  first  phase  of  a    S.T.E.A.M.S  Program,  to  aggregate  efforts  in  to  integrate  Science   Technology  Engineering  Arts  Math  and  Stewardship  into  inner  cities  school  districts  around  the   country.     Compton  High  School  will  be  Dakar’s  first  stop  on  a  tour  of  schools  around  the  country  to  identify  and   drive  students,  teachers,  and  parents  to  participate  in  a  registry  exchange  to  enhance  students  test   score  in  math  and  science,  thereby  increasing  potential  for  inner-­‐city  student  to  pursue  careers  in   STEM-­‐related  fields.    This  discussion  will  be  held  inside  of  the  “The  All  Things  Science  Day  Event  on   the  Campus  of  Compton  High,  in  Compton,  Ca.   The  discussion  will  feature  teen  reporters,  special  guest  and  will  be  hosted  by  actor    Richard  Gant.   The  discussion  airs    10am  -­‐  pm  pacific.    You  can  join  the  conversation  by  linking  on  to   We'll  also  pay  homage  to  the    Fallen  66,    The  World  War  II  Pilots  who  never  made  it  home.    We   believe  its'  fitting  before  Memorial  Day,    Monday  May  27th  2013  to  use  this  forum  to  discuss  the   impact  of  these  young  civil  rights  icons  ,  and  all  men  and  women  who  died  in  the  service  of  their   country.    Dr.  Lorenita  Holloway,  science  department  chairperson  for  Compton  High  School  is  the   great  niece  of  one  the  pilots,  Lieutenant  George  McCrumby.    We'll  discuss  next  steps  to  search  for   families  and  how  science    (genealogy)  will  play  a  part  in  repatriating  the  remains  of  the  men  who   gave  all.   This  event  and  discussion  will  be  used  as  a  barometer  to  measure  stakeholder’s  ability  to  change  the   culture  between  all  concerned  in  providing  all  students  with  the  tools  to  "change  their  circumstances.   We  plan  to  produce  phase  two  during  Compton    “Summer  Bridge”  program  in  July.    For  more   information,  please  contact:  

Dr.  Lorenita  Holloway   Compton  High  School  /Science  Department  Chairperson   (310)635-­‐3881  ext.  67585/Cell  213  324-­‐5859  


Richard   E.   Gant   is   an   American   film   and   television   actor.   His   credits   include   the   films   Rocky   V,   as   a   possessed   coroner   in   Jason   Goes  to  Hell:  The  Final  Friday,  Deadwood,  The  Big  Lebowski,  Babylon  5,  and  many  more   RETIRED  GENERAL  ARNOLD  BRAY  

Brigade   Commander,   2nd   Brigade   of   the   82nd   Airborne   Division   (Falcon   Brigade)   Baghdad   on   6   July   2003,   25   months;   Battalion   Commander   of   the   1st   Battalion   508th   Airborne   Combat   Team   in   Vicenza,   Italy,   from   1996-­‐1998;   Commander   “A”   Company,   1st   Battalion   501st   Parachute   Infantry   Regiment;   and   Commander,   Headquarters   and   Headquarters   Company,   502nd  Infantry  Regiment,  101st  Airborne  Division  (Air  Assault),  Fort  Campbell,  Kentucky.   LT  COL  JEREMIAH  BALDWIN  U.S.  AIR  FORCE,  COMMANDER  369  SQUADRON  

The   369th   Recruiting   Squadron,   commanded   by   Lt.   Col.   Jeremiah   Baldwin,   directs   and   operates   the   recruiting   activities   of   seven   enlisted   accession   flights   with   approximately   75   active-­‐duty   and   eight   civilian   personnel.   The   369th   RCS   is   located   at   Encino,   Calif.,   and   covers   a   1.8   million   square-­‐mile   area   that   includes   southern   California,   Hawaii,   Guam,   Japan   and   the   Pacific.   Its   mission   is   to   inspire,   engage   and   recruit   the   brightest,   most   competitive   and   diverse   men   and   women   for   service   in   America's  Air  Force.  

RUBEN GARCIA,  DAKAR  INTERACTIVE                 Ruben   has  spent  many  years  as  a  proponent  and  visionary  for  Mass  Penetration  Content  Development,  Viral  Marketing  and   Rapid  Market  Visibility.  His  tenure  at  Intel  Corporation  within  On-­‐Line  Marketing  and  Developer  Relations  Group  were  only   the   beginning   in   a   creating   a   trail   of   successful   influential   strategies   that   many   businesses   now   follow.     Over   the   past   10   years   he   has   worked   with   the   Music   Industry,   Broadcast   and   Internet   to   deploy   mass   market   visibility   to   retailers   and   catalog   owners,  yet  with  the  past  two  years  he  shifted  to  deploy  critical  strategies  to  the  largest  school  district  in  Silicon  Valley.    He   currently   deploys   mass-­‐market   solutions   for   these   environments   to   create   growth   and   visibility   in   weeks   with   Social   Media   and  Public  Relations  Outreach.   SONYA  TRAMMEL-­JONES,  U.S.  ARMY  CORPS  OF  ENGINEERS-­LA  DISTRICT                 The  U.S.  Army  Corps  of  Engineers  is  excited  about  the  partnership  with  DoD  and  our  ability  to  leverage  our  scientists  and   engineers  to  provide  STEM-­‐related  expertise  to  military  children  around  the  world.  We  are  committed  to  teaming  with  others   to  strengthen  STEM  programs.   GREG  CHAPELLE,  LIASON  TO  HBCU  U.S.ARMY  

Mr.  Chapelle  is  the  recipient  of  many  awards  including  two  (2)  U.S.  Black  Engineer  of  the  Year  “Special  Recognition”  Awards   (Presented   in   Baltimore,   MD   in   February   1995   and   February   2005),   and   various   Society   of   Hispanic   Professional   Engineer   Awards   (Presented   in   New   York,   NY   from   1992   through   2000).   Mr.   Chappelle   also   has   the   distinction   of   being   the   only   person   in  DoD  history  to  win  two  (2)  U.S.  Army-­‐NAACP  “Roy  Wilkins  Renown  Service”  Awards  for  the  U.S.  Army  (2003  and  2006).  He   has   conducted   science,   engineering   and   mathematics   “outreach”   programs   to   assist   in   the   math/science   education   of   K   through  12th  grade  students  within  the  nation’s  “inner  cities”  from  1989  –  2000  and  2002  to  present.    


Tina  host  a  terrestrial  Television  and  Radio  show  shot  live  in  Los  Angeles,  California.,  and  is  a  certified  life  coach  and  Actionist.   RON  BREWINGTON  ,  TUSKEGEE  AIRMEN  INC.  

Ron  Brewington  is  a  well-­‐known  veteran  entertainment  reporter  in  the  greater  Los  Angeles  area.  He's  also  an  associate   professor  at  Santa  Monica  College  and  a  past  adjunct  professor  at  West  Los  Angeles  College,  teaching  broadcasting  and   journalism.  He  has  also  guest  lectured  at  USC  and  UCLA  Extension.  Recruiter,  U.S.  Navy  Reserve.  

for immediate release  
for immediate release  

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