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RET. GENERAL  ARNOLD  BRAY   BG     Gordon-­‐Bray’s,   Africa   Command:   Brigade   Commander,   2nd   Brigade   of   the   82nd   Airborne   Division  (Falcon  Brigade),  where  he  changed  command  in  Baghdad  on  6  July  2003.    Assisted  in   The  funding  of  the  NAACP  Award-­‐winning  documentary  “For  Love  Of  Liberty”  ,  an  Homage  to   America’s  Black  Patriots.    Now  a  consultant  to  Dakar  interacQve  and  a  visionary  leader  in     youth  leadership  development.    

TERRENCE COLES   Terrence is Director for Mobile Media Services at OpenX - Mr. Coles is currently heading up global media services and operations for mobile at OpenX Technoligies Inc. for the OpenX Market. OpenX currently runs a display and mobile exchange with access to over 1 Trillion monthly impressions and also provides private exchange technology for partners such a Samsung across all of its platforms(Feature phones, Smartphones, Tablets and SMART TV's) on a global basis.  

KOBY LANGLEY  ESQUIRE   Koby is CNCS Strategic Advisor for Veterans and Military Families. Formerly was Strategic Advisor for Veterans, Wounded Warriors and Military Family Initiatives, he brings a wealth of experience as a decorated veteran, JAG attorney, and special assistant at the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

DARYLE LOCKHART   Daryle  is  a  markeQng  and  communicaQons  specialist  who  has  served  brands  in  sectors  ranging  from  auto  

to entertainment   to   government   agencies,   including   Honda   Motor   Company   America,   The   Walt   Disney   Company,   Sony   Music   Entertainment,   Virgin,   Vibe   Magazine,   NASA,   and   Belk   Department   Stores.     He’s   launched  several  successful  ventures  that  reach  niche  lifestyle  audiences  across  the  world.  He’s    a  cultural   markeQng  specialist,  and  is  largely  known  for  his  internaQonal  (and  someQmes  intergalacQc)  perspecQve  on   business.     He’s   currently   CreaQve   Director   and   Managing   Partner   at   LM+,   a   markeQng   and   communicaQons   agency  that  operates  between  New  York  City  and  Charlo[e,  North  Carolina.  

JANEL MARTINEZ   JANEL   With a focus on news and the under 35 crowd, Martinez develops engaging, daily reports for She also pens the blog, After School Daze: Life After Undergrad, where she delves into the day-to-day issues and concerns of recent graduates trying to adapt to life off campus. Prior to Black Enterprise, the Bronx, N.Y. native contributed to Latina,,, Syracuse Record and The Post-Standard.  

Sherice Perry Dillard Sherice is the special assistant for Broadcast and Specialty Media at US Department of Health and Human Services. She has produced programs such as online townhalls. Her event was an interactive, open dialogue with stakeholder groups and the media to highlight what the health care law, the Affordable Care Act, is doing to improve the health of racial and ethnic minorities.

SANDRA CAMPBELL   CORA  “ TESS”  SPOONER   Tess   is   a   Past   NaQonal   President   of   Tuskegee   Airmen   Inc.,   a   55   chapter   organizaQon   who’s  

charter is  preserving  the  legacy  of  the  Tuskegee  Airmen  and  encouraging  and  assisQng  youth  in   their  pursuit  of  careers  in  aviaQon.      Tess  is  married  to  reQred  Air  Force  Maj.  General.  Richard  E.   Spooner  and  is    a  member  of  the  Air  Force  Arlington  wives.  

DR. ALAN    GROPMAN   Alan  is  an  adjunct  professor  and  Advisory  Board  Member  George  Mason  University.  Past  Chair   of   the   Advisory   Board   for   the   George   Mason   University   School   for   Conflict   Analysis   and   ResoluQon.     Alan   is   also   Colonel USAF, Retired. Ph.D. Industrial College of the Armed Forces and a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of National Security Policy at the National Defense University, He’s also regarded as one of the top subject matter Experts on the Tuskegee Airmen Experience.  

RUBEN GARCIA   Ruben extends business visibility through Social Networks, Mobile Devices, Broadcast Media, HD video production. Ruben has worked at Intel Corporation, Adaptec and Intertrust, and was one of the early Silicon Valley Authoring Tools and Technology Evangelists. Ruben has seeded many companies while paving the way for distributed media, Social Media connected applications, mobile applications, viral video marketing and content management solutions.

SANDRA is  the  Public  RelaQons  director  for  Tuskegee  Airmen  Inc  .    She is also the Manager of the Technical and Administrative Support Staff with the Aircraft Certification Service (Small Airplane Directorate) of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). She was the first African American to direct an FAA Public Affairs Office.. She is an Adjunct Professor with Webster University. Sandra wrote “Follow Your Dreams©,” a monologue about the life of Bessie Coleman, which was captured for broadcast on PBS in 2000. .  

VA MINORITY  DIRECTOR,  BARBARA  WARD   Barbara   was   appointed   as   the   Director   for   the   Center   for   Minority   Veterans   in   August   2012.     Prior   to  

this appointment,  the  Governor  of  California  appointed  Ms.  Ward  to  the  posiQon  of  Deputy  Secretary   of   Women   and   Minority   Veterans   from   2007   through   2011   and   as   the   Bureau   Chief   of   Private   Postsecondary  and  VocaQonal  EducaQon  from  2005  through  2007.    Ms.  Ward  also  served  as  a  member   of   the   Women   Veterans   Advisory   Commi[ee   for   three   years,   and   was   co-­‐chair   of   the   health   sub-­‐ commi[ee.    

ROBB STEVENSON   Robb is an experiencde design lead for the worlds largest interactive agency, Sapient Nitro, Robb has amassed 14 years of successful engagements in product, marketing and communication strategy and execution. He is a recognized innovator in crafting immersive brand experiences across multiple channels and devices including TV, Mobile, Tablet, Web, Gaming, & Kiosk.





8. Increased knowledge for Social Media Access: Social Media Is the Public Square – Campaigns can't afford to ignore the 66% of all U.S. adults who are regular social media users. Participants will receive the first of its kind how-to manual on the most effective ways to manage each of the major social media platforms. 7. Access to specific audiences: Target Audience – Want to target outreach to Latinos, African Americans, or women? Each group over-indexes in mobile and social media. Learn from industry leaders where and how to reach target groups through social media. 6. An improved method for linking frienship interests: The Friend Factor – A recent report concludes what social strategists have long known: political views from social media friends are more likely to change opinions than mass media. Learn evidence-based best practices for creating your own “social ambassadors.” 5. Archived capture: Digital Swag – gift bag will come filled with Social Gold: copies of all slide presentations. 4. Information that is in the hands of the target audience: Mobile Ready – In 2014, mobile will surpass desktop computers as the primary portal to the Internet. And when you consider that 98% of text messages are opened within minutes (more than double the rate of topnotch email campaigns), you know it can’t be ignored. Learn to create a highflying mobile database in no time. 3. Metric based numbers: Social Data – Hear from tech Dakar Interactive Pundits on using metrics to make the needle in the haystack GLOW IN THE DARK with easy-to-use social data gathering and analysis tips. 2. Cloud based and ready to use info: Turnkey – We’re taking the guessing out of social media. Hear from our strategist on powerful social + digital + mobile platforms; learn all about the latest cloud system strategies, the best in practices mobile registration database that now has a mobile app; and, get the best how-to advice imaginable from our experts 1. Refined contacts--created or refined prospects: All this boils down to 3 conversion indicators: Recruits, Retention, Influencers. Come away with the knowledge and social tools you’ll need to turn these key conversions to build your campaign and get the right prospect.

COMMUNITY TAKEAWAYS By analyzing the level of engagement on your social channel. Metrics like Likes and Followers on Twitter do give a broad indication of your brand’s popularity, but they tell you little else. Clicking ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ is too easy to be a valid metric. You can’t claim a fan base through throwaway gestures; you need to look deeper. Engagement Engagement is far more important to social media evaluation than Likes. Are your fans engaging with you on your social channels? You should be measuring the level of response you’re getting to your posts, as well as the level of conversation generated. This will help you to understand what kinds of posts are interesting your target market and can adjust your strategy accordingly.-Social Media Marketing Program By analyzing the level of engagement on your social channels you can define what to post, when to post it and how to promote that post. If you’re creating content that prompts comment and debate, you’re more likely to convert that interest into sales. Shares Shares are natural partner of engagement. By measuring the frequency, timing and variety of shares, you get an even clearer picture of the success of your content. Shares also provide the opportunity to measure the reach of your content. If it’s being shared, it’s more likely to draw interest from people outside your own fans and followers.Shares, as well as comments, also bear some qualitative assessment. A share from an influencer with a lot of followers can be more valuable than 10 shares from average users. By understanding what content is valuable to influential fans you can really boost your content’s reach. Sentiment Of course comments and shares are of little value, and could be damaging, if they’re attached to negative sentiments. It’s just as important to understand how people are talking about you, as it is to understand how often they talk about you. Social media evaluation is all about improving your social output, analyzing negative sentiment is a great way to find areas for improvement. Referrals This might be the most important social media evaluation metric. Your social channels are important, but ultimately they are just channels. They should always send your customers back to your own site, or another location where they can buy your product. It’s really important that you understand which campaigns send the most traffic and create the most sales. If this sounds like the most basic metric, that’s because it is. But it’s easy for brands to get caught up in other social media evaluation metrics like Likes. It’s vital that you remember all marketing channels, social or otherwise, are about sales first and foremost. It’s important to stay on top of social media evaluation, so you have a constant picture of how to remain successful. The target is to reach as many prospects as possible, for those prospects to get positive messages about your brand and for them to go from prospects to sales. Fulfilling those criteria will mean you have a successful social channel, no matter how many Likes you have.

PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY Central Web Site and Control Universal remote control that provides Management of your portal, web site, content, Social Media Environment posting, Campaign Development, Analytic Tracking and Reporting.

Service that enables businesses to quickly and effectively enhance customer service, business development, public relations and even lead generation. Through these types of communication, businesses humanize their brands, making them seem more friendly and approachable. Video Sharing Service that allows business to broadcast, archive and post commercials, live events, speeches, tours, tutorials and documentaries so that you maximize effective viral marketing and SEO. Photo Sharing Services via Social Media that will allow showcasing events, information, products and give a behind the scenes look at your business. Add extra value of deploying viral images along with SEO while increasing your visibility of what you do. Location Based Social Media Application Deployment Tools : Social media adoption rates among small businesses have grown dramatically this year, and location based services are high on the list of emerging platforms of interest such as Google Places, Facebook Places, Foursquare and SCVNGR which offer the best consumer experience for quickly locating businesses, events, locations or directions. Blogging Platform: as we all know blogs are a MUST HAVE for companies of all types and sizes yet to build an excellent corporate blog, you need compelling content, dedicated writers and, of course, a blogging platform. We provide COMPLETE services to minimize time, cost and effort. Universal Social Media Control Dashboard for quick and easy updating via mobile, pad or browser. Complete Analytics Management and Reporting: Easy to manage and view tools to determine what is going on within your web sites, social media accounts and the Internet in general. Many businesses fail to manage their efforts day to day and assume setting up campaigns or sites are a one time or monthly chore, while in fact it is a dynamic day to day. All Rights Reserved Š Dakar Interactive


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