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Black History Month Tour ‘09


Introduction Dakar Interactive has been a champion in organizing and delivering diversity marketing content, multicultural events and exhibits for over the past ten years. Dakar’ Interactive created the Buffalo Soldiers Education Foundation (BSEF) to manage, develop and distribute intellectual property relating to the African American Military experience. Key accomplishments include organizing exhibits for the Presidio in San Francisco, Juneteenth and representing organizers, sponsors and curators who own priceless physical properties and artifacts. BSEF efforts deliver obvious value for meaningful multicultural diversity marketing programs. The stories, content and artifacts present unmatched value to businesses in search of meaningful deliverables. BSEF provides businesses and advertising agencies with diversity programs that are compelling, sometimes exclusive and unique. Urban marketing and diversity marketing programs are crucial to future growth and success for all businesses alike. As the landscape continues to shift and businesses consolidate in an attempt to improve margins and cost reduction, BSEF will provide priceless content that speaks to mass market consumers. BSEF will ad significant market share with diversity marketing efforts and provide cutting edge solutions for businesses and individuals throughout many simple to complex environments. The Buffalo Soldiers Educational Foundation was created to promote the preservation of the history and the artifacts of African American Military in the Army during the period 1866 to present. BSEF is dedicated to creating global awareness and educating audiences throughout broad markets. Proceeds of this effort will benefit the Buffalo Soldiers Educational Foundation.

BSEF Key Objectives 

Provide holy grail diversity content through efforts that will be first mover presentations about “Truth, The African American Military history”. Structure efforts by assisting in integrating products and product placement campaigns that deliver awareness that history books have omitted in the past with respect to the role of minorities, ‘Buffalo Soldier’ factual information to the masses. We’ll delve into delivering deep seeded passion through our programs as it speaks to the underlying basis of history within our nation, along with freedom. Build rich diversity product platforms for A KEY BUSINESS, and integrate cutting edge components into multi-dimensional vehicles for consumer marketing efforts. Extend global perception for THE KEY BUSINESS client so that THEY CAPITILIZE on the opportunities and TAKE CREDIT for bringing this valuable history into the homes of millions of consumers. Develop and deploy ancillary products that grow legs and become pervasive within consumer markets. Ensure that future products resonate and measure success within their environments as they are consumed or adopted. Build diversity marketing program loyalty throughout vertical markets by providing legacy content efforts that will perpetuate within a consolidated business effort and minimize program cost. Close on educational institutions where accepted program initiatives and invitations are already poised to begin (schools, organizations).

Solution and Proposal 

Create EXCLUSIVE “Buffalo Soldiers” Road Show for the Army This program will distill clear marketing initiatives that demonstrate that The Army “cares” about the AA community and gives back in ways that resonate with its consumers. Develop compelling DIVERSITY MARKETING PRESENTATIONS and COMMERCIALS within the road show that fuel Affinity groups with what is necessary to connect with AA consumers and demonstrate The Army’s high standard of engineering and technology. Build perception to show that The Army is responsible and the primary contributor of the BSEF exhibit. Present The Army to influencers as a brand that “understands them and what’s important to them” by targeting specific groups of “like-minded” consumers. Target industry events throughout different verticals such as technology, sports, entertainment industry. Where appropriate, deploy interactive platform initiatives that will resonate, grow legs and build brand recognition with every consumer that views the programs and conversely extends to friends and families. Create COMPELLING story line and content deliverables that present influential messages. The key will be to create obvious similarity with consumers and historical themes within the exhibit. In other words, as we describe what the Buffalo Soldiers stood for, what their motives were for joining the Army, which included education, steady pay, increased skills, and a retirement.

A Glance at Program Deliverables A branded Army vehicle and a small interactive (10’) tow trailer will function as a “Mobile Museum”. The promotion vehicle and interactive trailer / exhibit will be used to disburse information about the Buffalo Soldier’s Road Show event at various scheduled events. The Road Show will educate the audience of the Buffalo Soldiers and invoke a sense of pride, accomplishment and identification for African Americans.

Prototype for The “Buffalo Soldier” Road Show

In addition to delivering artifacts and information, the Army BS Road Show will provide presentations, video and audio content that will embellish the artifacts and the rein actors. Video screens located in the trailer and vehicle will be used to provide kiosk presentation. The Army vehicle will also provide a hospitality center for VIP’s and a more compelling hub to collect customer information.


A Glance at Program Deliverables Prototype for The “Buffalo Soldier” Road Show

A Glance at Program Deliverables BSEF will provide the Army with an exclusive traveling Road Show that is comprised of photographs, memoirs, video, information, displays, audio -clips and most importantly a curriculum of interactive deliverables designed to deliver compelling rich media and client advertising or branding initiatives.

Pocket Museum

The Road Show will deliver a distribution and awareness platform that includes a product named the Pocket Museum©. The Pocket Museum is capable of delivering Video/DVD promotional/commemorative items and will securely transfer the worlds largest archives of Buffalo Soldiers Memorabilia to multiple digital formats for new and existing consumer hand held devices. End-users will benefit from the multiple ways to access, distribute, and interactively engage and consume Pocket Museum content. The museum will be loaded with a slide show of photographs, audio and licensed video clips of period pieces from Hollywood’s portrayal of the “Buffalo Soldiers.

A Glance at Program Deliverables The Buffalo Soldiers Road Show would extend client marketing campaigns by integrating marketing, seeding the passion behind the artifacts and history and supplementing sponsorship or branding efforts through ancillary goods that will be delivered throughout the program and scheduled events. The BSEF web site will provide national media exposure and controlled publicity, along with the integration of our grass roots marketing efforts to stimulate research and awareness. In addition to the Pocket Museum, some examples of promotional goods or merchandise to deployed would be as follows :




We’ll provide a physical distribution platform for premiums including a Buffalo Soldier's timeline calendar/The Army product brochure, interactive DVD, incentives and custom vignettes. The BS Road Show will showcase the larger mission while bringing small pieces of a twenty million dollar exhibit to catalyze marketing efforts that will build positive perception of clients who contribute to the deployment of Buffalo Soldiers education and awareness information.

A Glance at Program Deliverables On-Line On-Line Efforts and Considerations: We will deliver an absolutely profound experience through our on-line properties by extending the exhibit as an actual museum and artifact presentation experience that may extend or mirror the actual The Army BSEF Road Show. We intend on resonating history with an experience that will bond and extend brand awareness with product placement and ad bursts. We will develop and deploy interactive components that will reside within the compelling online environments and objects. We plan to extend our on-line offering by promoting and offering ancillary items that will consist of interactive DVD, audio, video, post cards, lithographs and more. We have the ability to take visitors on a journey or within a virtual museum and position sponsor credits within those environments and therefore build perception on client efforts to deliver all of this priceless historical information and content. Lead Management, Carol H. Williams , online capture and e-mail follow-ups

Education Program Learning Activities Through the efforts of academic historians and organizations across the nation, the role of minorities in the history of the American west is now better known to scholars. The public, in general, and the African American public, in particular, is still largely unaware of the contributions made by African Americans in the military/ Myth, legend, and wishful thinking, along with the lack of attention paid to black soldiers in the west by Hollywood films and television have left modern America adrift in a sea of false icons and bad information, making the history of black military experience simultaneously one of the most popular and least understood aspects of American history. BSEF has created programs to educate and build awareness: • • • • • •

Military Paperwork Exercise (Mathematics) - Students use facsimiles of original Army/ Army forms to estimate rations for a squad in the field for a week. Military Order Writing Exercise (English) - Students read and decipher a General Order and turn it into an order for a Company of “Buffalo Soldiers” Semaphore Signaling Exercise (Physical Education) - Students learn to send messages across the room or across the playground with Army /Army Signal Flags. Map Reading Exercise (Geography) - Students will get to try their hand at planning travel across difficult terrain and seas using a replica maps. Letter Writing Exercise (English Composition) - Students write “letters home” describing their lives in the regiments of Black Regular Soldiers and Sailors Period Learning Exercise (Valuing Education) - Students learn a lesson about the value of education and its importance to “Buffalo Soldiers” from the 1870s from a facsimile “Mac Guffey Reader”

Additional Programs In addition to the mentioned capabilities and efforts, BSEF employs Signature Educational Programs 

Buffalo Soldiers Educational Web Site

National “Buffalo Soldier� Curricula

Buffalo Soldier Learning Institute

Honor Above All Preservation Program

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air and ground military proposal. carol h. williams advertising

deck for the army  

air and ground military proposal. carol h. williams advertising