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September 2014

Dakai Maritimes • 打开加东

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Feng Shui CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12 The type of energy Kadri looks to create depends on the use of the room. Her goal for the Casino is to create an environment where people feel comfortable and want to stay in. “Clients may not know why they feel so comfortable or they just want to chill there all night, but they do,” she says. Even in a tightly controlled-space like a casino, where rules and regulations must be followed, Kadri does not feel hampered. “I am very grateful that they’re very open. Even though it’s not a blank slate, there are quite a few creative inputs that they’re open to doing here.”

Left: Every Feng Shui consultant needs a compass. It allows the consultant to know directions of walls, entrances, which impact the flow of energy. 左图:罗盘是风水师从事风水活动不可 缺少的重要工具。风水师用它来分析楼 盘和气 理。


THE CROWN ROOM 现新增百家乐牌桌 Now offering a second EZ-Bac table

还有21点,轮盘和任逍遥。 Plus Blackjack, Roulette & Let It Ride. Meet our Executive Host Team: Oudai Altabbaa, Angela O’Brien, and Trevor MacRae

欢迎访问 casinonovascotia.com Visit casinonovascotia.com

我们的执事团队: Oudai Altabbaa, Angela O’Brien 和Trevor MacRae

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