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June 2014

Dakai Maritimes • 打开加东

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Entrepreneurial resilience makes Halifax a livable, workable and sustainable destination CYNDI SWEENEY Don’t get too comfortable in small circles. That was one message being delivered at the first annual Fusion Halifax Immigrant Entrepreneur Showcase on Apr. 10, 2014. “Get experience, use your skills and network,” said Franziska Broell, Cofounder of Maritime bioLoggers and Oceanography PhD candidate at Dalhousie University. “Know your resources and know where you can get money,” said Broell. The researcher reinforced a theme of resilience, which resonated throughout the event. Originally from Germany, Broell was one of five featured speakers who joined the sun-filled atrium of Innovacorp, along with more than 100 attendees and 16 exhibitors, to help engage and inspire newcomers and local entrepreneurs to stay in Halifax. “We believe if you want your city to be better, do it yourself,” said event organizer Jennifer Liu, director of immigration and diversity at Fusion Halifax, a network of 2,000 professionals focused on connecting, engaging and inspiring 20-to-40-year-old young professionals to make Halifax home. Citizenship Immigration Canada’s

(CIC) Startup Visa program has reached it’s first birthday and Liu said it seemed timely to give back to Halifax and showcase young entrepreneurs who have launched their businesses in Halifax and made positive changes within the local community. Born in Tianjin, China, Liu came to the maritimes with a plan to study international finance. “I realized all Canadians follow their passion, compared to Chinese students...we do whatever makes money after graduation.” Liu (25) graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2012 after changing her degree to study human resources. Liu says she loves working with the positive energy at Fusion and hopes the showcase will become an annual event. “We’re able to shape our city through different programs,” she said. Opening speaker, Shelley Hessian, said Innovacorp provides a face for international students and new immigrant entrepreneurs. As incubation and entrepreneur program manager, Hessian said entrepreneurs in early stage startup, working in technology fields can benefit from the company’s access to capital, business community connections and mentorship programs.


移民创业家:打造理想型城市 译/Christine Qin Yang 2014年4月10日,Fusion Halifax首届 年度移民创业展览会与大家传达了这 样一个理念:切勿沉浸于小圈子的安 乐之中。 Maritime bioLoggers联合创始人、戴尔 豪斯大学海洋学博士Franziska Broell 在展览会上与大家分享了她的观点: “增长你的经验,提升你的技能,使用 你的人际圈。了解自己所拥有的资 源,并思考怎样创造财富。”她激情的 演讲赢得了到场者的共鸣。 在Innovacorp明亮的讲厅中,德国人 Broell作为五位演讲嘉宾之一出席移民 创业展会。到场的还有100多位参与者 和16位参展商。Broell用精彩的演说

说服并激发新移民及创业者继续留在 哈法创业。 本次活动组织者刘佳宁女士表示:“我 们相信,这座城市因你变得更美好, 你的每一步无不影响着整座城市的发 展。” 刘女士担任Fusion Halifax 移民 与多元文化项目主管,她的工作包括 负责与2000多名专业人士建立联系, 帮助20至40岁间的专业人士更好地安 置在哈利法克斯。 刘女士告诉我们,加拿大移民局 (CIC)开启了一项签证项目,已推出 一年,它出现得恰逢时机,让哈法的 年轻创业者们携手当地社区根据政策 做出积极应对。


Stella Tziolas, Entrepreneurs’ Forum, speaker Akram Al-otumi, Jennifer Liu of Fusion Halifax, speaker Franziska Broell and Shelley Hessian, Innovacorp. (L-R). Cyndi Sweeney photo

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